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Spiritual Mentor With Suspicious Intentions: Tell me, Am I in a Cult?

2020.09.21 05:36 boogiewithbribaby Spiritual Mentor With Suspicious Intentions: Tell me, Am I in a Cult?

I (20F) was pursing a modeling career, and while freelance looking for jobs on craigslist, I saw this Model/Assistant position $25/hr. When I went to go in for the casting, it seemed like a normal scenario for the most part except it was ran by solely one man, headshots, interview, body measurements... I ended up getting the job along with 4 other young females (19-26.) Our boss would have us in one on one meetings between him. He would have me come to our model house (just an apt) from 1:00pm until 8pm talking all about how he see the geometry inside of me and opening up my span on spirituality and the world. I hadn't really had anyone talk to me about this kind of stuff so I was interested, he was saying shit I have never even heard before and I was very interested to learn more. He has this plan to start up a modeling/acting management system and he was training us to be the faces of it and "make us stars." So there was the front end (entertainment world) and the covert end (saving the world.)He would rarely have sit downs with all of us together but when he did it always was just him basically giving lectures while we took notes. One of the girls (19F White) from the jump was inlove with him (40M Black) she said that she previously came from a spiritual background and was in a cult in Belize where they just lived off the land but she said the leader was obviously manipulating people for money and doing sus shit. She went from this awkward country girl to a robotic replica of this man, trying to mock his whole image. She wanted to be just like him and that really weirded me out.
Like from the jump I was skeptical because I just got a job off craigslist first of all to this one guy who barely has said anything about himself at all except he has been in the a FORD models booker, professional photographer, he's been in the CIA, he's done gymnastics, was acting/body doubling, engineering professor, etc. He has a bunch of shit around his belt and literally says he knows just about everything and has been on this world many times. He says he doesnt get sick, he doesnt need sleep and in fact he only sleeps 4 hours a night mostly, hes clairvoyant, he can literally see the particles of heat atoms if he concentrates, he can read minds, he releases pheromones that can persuade people?, he can tell if your having sex, he doesnt have regular human emotions or needs, and after asking "what the hell are you then?" He replied with saying he is an avatar and guru and there are a couple like him in the word and to look it up.
Many red flags went up past me and I always kept my distance and stayed on guard but I truly believed this man could help me with my goals and overall life experience with the knowledge he had. One of our one on one sessions, he asked me if I had heard of Kamasutra or something to that degree. He had a whole lecture on the topic, then told me to unlock the geometry inside of me, in order to be completely conscious, you need the key. Suggesting he was the key, I was just digesting the whole situation so I'm just like"...oh okaay..." awkwardly trying to see his point. He told me to be celibate, eat pescatarian, and no drugs/alcohol, this is like the purification step, so he asked to give him a white tee shirt of mine in a plastic bag, he returned the t shirt back to me, it was cut like a diamond in the back with an arabic? looking symbol in the middle and he told me to put salt underneath the fabric and put it under my bed and sleep with it for 30 days. He didnt bring up the topic again for weeks, or he woud randomly when were alone ask me if the fabric is under my bed, until it was brought up at another one on one between us where i distinctly remember he said, "Look, if the world starts crumbling and I have ONE seat left at the table to salvage survivors, would you be able to take it and leave everything behind?" And i said, well I could leave everything behind, but I would have to share that seat with my partner i could never leave him or just do that to him (21M) because thats who I ultimately would want to do this with. He told me I couldn't save a seat for him and as I'm breaking down crying he like "oh Look i'll give you guys 1 year to see how it goes and if your still together in 1 year I will try to arrange a way to have him safe and salvaged with us." I'm relieved but anxiety ridden because previously ive been told I cannot tell my partner any of this stuff, I cant tell anybody this stuff all covert shit needs to be kept between the circle we have.
So out of curiosity I try to contact the 2 girls who were there at the time (the 2 others were on vacation at first when we all got hired) I texted them like "hey did you guys go over Kamasutra too with our boss like I just wanna make sure were all on the same page, right?" One of them (call her Q 26) says she doesnt know what I'm talking about at all and the other (the girl in love with him, call her H 19) goes " Oh i dont know if we should be doing this conversation over text because we promised our boss that the covert will be kept covert." Q is like "wtf are you guys talking about? boss doesnt talk about that at all with me, its only business in our one on ones and we only talk about how fucked up the world is on the covert end." My heart sinks like wow. H is like yes, actually I brought up the conversation to boss when he brought up our geometrys (he told H & I about us both having that geometry inside us in a 3 way one on one session when we first started) I had always assumed that he was having the same conversations with the other girls too. H says, Look when i came back here I didn't know what i needed until i met him, i realized i just need a MAN, a man who will take care of me and help me be the best me. i been through poverty, abuse, yall dont understand. i know that this is just a test and hes looking for his queen and i want yall to know that i will step up. I'm going to ride til the wheels fall off with this man. so idk ladies you choose what you want to do next before you get in too deep." Bitch i said WHAT?! I could not even fucking fathom that she just admitted her fucking love to this man we just met and is obviously twice your age... Maybe a week before this conversation, he had a group session between me, H & Q, we were sitting at the table in the model house and he tells us to close our eyes. He tells us one by one to say what financial debt you are in and what you want financially. he tells us to hold our hands out. A semi thick block lands on my hands. He tells us to open our eyes and in each of our hands is stacks of cash, bills of 20s. Q & H across from me are giggling and smiling like wow so much money is in my hand this is amazing! He tells us that this money can be acquired, we can pay off our debts easily and financially maneuver our way through the word with his mentorship. I was blown, i've never seen that much money before but I also knew i didn't like that it was almost flaunting this money I basically "wouldnt have if I dont take his mentorship" ya know what i mean?SO then a week later to be having that Kamasutra conversation....I'm like losing my shit. Q ended up leaving and telling him she wanted to go about modeling her own way because she already was signed to an agency. The 2 other girls came back from vacation the same time Q left, so only me & H have had that covert conversation. and only I know H wants to be his fucking queen.(So much little shit has happened between these time periods, even thinking about it drives me crazy so much I just want to get off my chest that had eaten me inside. sorry this is a such a novel)
Months past and were like slowly developing this agency and still having our covert sessions between the girls until one day I go on and gathered 12 models into like a class session weekly where we would discuss the modeling/acting industry & how to be a brand type of classes with photoshoots here and there. H is basically his right hand man, she gets the 411 before anyone else, she gets paid extra because she comes earlier, she dresses in heels and cocktail dresses in an apartment for the classes. It really is a performance. On top of that, boss man set up for her to be a pilates/zumba instructor to add to our business, so she ofcourse dedicates her life to perfection and his satisfication. She did a total body 360, boss gave her tips on mealplan and workouts and she really did look like a new person, very healthy but quickly shredded body and toned everywhere. I can admit I was very envious of that, because ofcourse I came in wanting to model but I dont have the perfect model physique, I wanted that coaching from him and tips to help me achieve similar results but he never got around to giving me that one on one session. H would just come into the room and would say oh boss look i finally got my obliques to start trimming in and giving my that v line and proceeds to open her pants and lift her shirt in front of all of us while he says "wow thats great. great work." While us other girls are like hmph I feel like shit now, Im not getting the results I want but she is...
One of the other girls ended up leaving too, she got pregnant and wanted to pursue that more than stardom. So were left with H & we'll call her N (19), N doesn't know anything about the the covert side but boss started introducing the spiritual topics more after the classes and bringing up the covert operation and N was interested but she was just a bit behind me and H. Eventually N and I had the conversation about my feelings and uncomfortableness around H and what boss told me. She seemed so freaked the fuck out, i felt bad for telling her and scared about what was gonna happen, was she gonna ask boss about it or tell him i told her? I didnt really hear from her privately again, we just continued working weekly like it was nothing.. That is until boss said that he wanted to get N to work on the zumba and pilates too and H & N should be the two faces for the fitness portion of the company. That struck everyone as okay, but boss said he needed to put more time into N so that she could get her body toned and ready like H. This required more one on one time at the model house between N and boss and H started to act weirder and weirder. She became more and more robotic the weeks past and distancing herself when were all together! Boss suggested N go over to H's house so she can get help learning zumba moves and they can workout together... it seemed to be going well to me but then boss and N must've told H that N was going to be the first to consummate So that flipped H the fuck offf, she first did the whole robotic act and N started becoming the right hand slowly, H went mia for 2 weeks. during the time N and boss filled me in on what happened and what they told H, I was caught by surprise but also didnt even understand wtf was going on. Later boss alerts me, H finally responded and were gonna have a meeting with her all 4 of us to see wtf is going on. H comes in totally nonchalantly like nothing even happened. Boss asks her wtf happened, shes referring to herself in third person, shes going circles around the question. I can't believe what I'm witnessing. mania. She wants to proceed with us but she wont acknowledge that shes went mia. Hes like "look at the messages i'm contacting you via email, ive called you, ive texted and you didn't respond." She goes, "well H has emailed you an thats why were here today because we came to the conclusion we needed to be present and we needed to just be ourselves and do what feels right. " were all like, yeah but you didnt respond for two weeks. He says but it delivered cant you look on your phone and see what the last messages are? she refuses to look in her phone. Its so crazy. i cant believe shes acting like this to the guy she worshipped, she took all his knowledge and just flipped the script. She ended up saying she gonna leave and go to costa rica. We only heard from her one time after that where she "just wanted to check in via text." Bro, boss was paying her rent, she didnt even have another jobs besides working with him making less than 1000$ biweekly no taxes being taken out. She was having her rent paid for by him, because her dad moved out, boss bought her a new phone because she broke hers. He paid for her to get certified as a zumba instructor and pilaates instructor and her cpr training. Well.. I had been asking for help and advice on how to relocate myself and get and apt. for me and my partner because i had been kicked out my house, moved into my uncles basement and just miserably depressed. My confidence took hits, dropping out of college because i didnt have the money or transportation, the stress of this job situation, and the underlying thought put into my head that everyone could just be fucking zombies. It all was and still is SO MUCH. boss always kept me on the thread like yes I will get a plan organized because its as easy as 3 months to get you moved somewhere else. man that gave me so much hope, this guy talks about having so much money and just knowing where to put and invest his money. Ofcourse I do not want to take his money or be in his debt, I just want the mentorship on how I should go about this situation and how could you help make this happen especially because I want to do this wit my partner. Boss previously told me he would love to move me,N & H together into the model house so we can all be mind to mind and almost be like monks together but i've already had plans to move out with my partner, and I told him I wouldn't leave without him. None of that mattered to him, nor did he ever give me any advice or money but he paid for her whole rent and phone .Then she just left. I could not believe that shit man. Blew my fucking mind. What the hell was she gonna do next? What the hell was gonna happen next?
Now it was just N & me. I thought it would be less stress now that there wasnt a second boss, now there wasnt competition or weirdness, I actually thought N was human and nice and I jus gotta understand the boss's knowledge & get my shit together. Well I was fucking wrong, this led to boss and N just getting closer and weirder and the cycle just repeated. This hierarchy, and favorism and just not even trying to help me with my own personal goals, like arent you the 40yr man in charge wtf are you doing? One day after work we all leave to catch the train, I go a separate direction so im across the platform, as their train pulls off I see them N go and like cuddle up him and look like they kiss, I lost my fucing head. She is with him, they are doing. WOw. Next thing you know he's Cancelling a workshiftt, that is precious money to me (i do not make that much money despite it being $25/hr because we work 4hrs a day 2/3 days a fucking week), to move "an employee of the company" & public transportation is going to be crazy that day. The next week, I go into the model house, Boss always opens up the door or comes in late to open the door, this time N opens the door...ok.... I walk to the back room and see that it is filled with N's stuff, she has moved into our work apt... He cancelled a day of work to move N into the model apartment.. After a year of countless efforts trying to edge him to help me get my shit together in any sense. I just have fucking had it at this point. The next week at our sit down, they sit in front of me and Boss lets me know that N & him are basically married (because of consummation i presume, also I guess that means N is, in his terms, unlocking her geometry and they had tantric sex, right?) but he moved her into the modelhouse and do I have any questions? with a smile on both their faces. I just lost my shit and snapped at them; i couldn't believe this was happening and felt so disrespected but they both basically didnt even understand what I was saying and it just felt like they were gaslighting me to make me seem like i dont know what i'm talking about. They "want me to join them" but I just dont even fucking understand and if i cant bring my partner then i dont want any parts. But despite how clearly all this troubles me, I just cant put it in my self to leave and not know what happens next with them... i dont know why but I am still SO fucking interested in what he has to say, he does have so much great knowledge that has changed my life but the stress and mental toll it takes on me... its sick...
So much more I can say but I know i've really let a load out here now.... Since COVID hit, its been bittersweet because I hadn't had to go to work or really hear from them at all... I'm really kinda dreading the return of contact with them and idk how to handle going back or what to do next. idk whats going on over at that modelhouse and that always crosses my mind. It all feels like a big asss fucking dream! this other world no one knows about or even would understand. I have not told many people this, and to the few I had revealed certain things to said that i'm in a cult and I can't 100% honestly say that I know if i am or am not in a fucking cult. I just kinda wanna know if anyone else has been through some shit like this, if what he is saying makes sense, where are true pure spiritual mentors? Thanks for reading all this shit if you did, this is a heavy load for me and i didnt know a safe place to release it, idk if this is the space but I've seen other people share some really heavy shit and I felt my need to do this as well.
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2020.09.21 01:47 Batyoyoman [M4F] [Montreal, QC, Canada] [23]Im a shy guy who just turned 23 and I really want to lose my v card.

Hi everyone!. I recently turned 23 and I really want to finally do it. Im a pretty shy person so Ive never really been good when it comes to dating. I tend to turn red pretty easily anytimes a girl talk to me. Its not as bad now but it def was super awful back in high school lol. Look wise I have dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. Im 6 ft (1m90) and pretty average weight wise. Not to fat and not to skinny. Im obviously not a top model but I dont think I look that bad lol. While I was born and raised in Canada, Im from algerian decent (I sadly dont speak arab). I speak french and english and Im currently a full time uni student. With my classes being mostly online I kind of have a lot of free times lol. Im looking for someone around my age (I honestly dont mind big age gap as long as you are 18+). I would really like to do it with someone with experience so I can atleast can be told what to do lol. Well that was a long post but cant wait to chat with you guys!
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2020.09.21 00:54 thegreatpenguintm Just finished my complete Ys series marathon, and here are my thoughts on the series!

Just finished my complete Ys series marathon, and here are my thoughts on the series!


So before anything, hi, I'm theultimategamer95/PenguinTM from Youtube (both names were taken here, sigh), and since around... somewhere between the end of July and start of August (I think) I've been playing through pretty much the entire Ys series, because well... I was bored out of my mind and I wanted to eventually anyway (I DID first start playing the series mid last year, though). Was fun though, I enjoyed pretty much every second of it (with some exceptions, we'll get to that later)! But yeah, I felt the urge to share my thoughts on here now that it's all over, so... here we are. As you can see my tier list is at the top of the page, and I'll be giving my general thoughts on the games, etc below (in the order of the tiering, too). Oh yeah, and I also threw in a pic to flex the achievements I got for the game, too.
I also have Ys 9's limited edition on pre-order for those who care. SO hyped for it!


Ys 8

Should be obvious why this is number one. I DID want to move this down a notch though, if I'm being honest (but won’t). Because:

  • The way the epilogue is executed STILL triggers me to this day (though that credits sequence is perfect and always makes me tear up).
  • After having played through this 3 times now... raids can definitely get repetitive. They're still bearable to play, but still.
  • Half the bosses aren't really that memorable compared to other Ys games imo (and actually fuck Gargantula, Kiergaard and Magamandra on Inferno). There for sure are actual good and fun ones in there (like, especially Io; my 2nd favourite fight in the series), but yeah (can't just be me, right?).
  • Actually who's fucking idea was that final hunt? It's literally just enemy spam galore and not fun at all. Fire that dude.
  • It's basically impossible to grind on Nightmare and Inferno until midgame or so, lol.
  • Not sure if you'd count this as a negative but... As someone who's played this game through on both PC (twice) and PS4, I vastly prefer it on PC because of less frame drops and a faster save/load system.
But yeah, other than that, absolutely fucking amazing game, I gotta say. Positives include:

  • Good story... up until the epilogue, at least (like seriously, it could've been executed SO much better...)). And also, the optional segment in chapter 6 with Dana (the one where you fight Io) still confuses the hell out of me. Her era story should've been over since she sealed herself, right? So why did she suddenly go back to the village after that? Is it non-canon or is it set inbetween a couple of events or what? Or was I just not paying attention?
  • Good characters in general (except Carlan, fuck him), development and interactions. Hummel is my second favourite character in the series; cool guy and busted in battle.
  • Amazing combat (whether you hate the flash move and party system or not, you can't deny it). Man, I still remember the first time I played this game and experiencing the combat for the very first time after washing up on the island... I was in awe at how fast and fluid it felt. Man, take me back.
  • The OST from this game is actually my favourite OST in all of gaming; it's just that good (could listen to it all day, any day. only track I'm kinda eh on is the swamp theme) :)
  • Way better and more exciting open world exploration than Celceta tbh. Celceta's was OK, just... it was far from perfect, let's just say.
  • Bit random, but I'm SO thankful you can open chests, even if you're surrounded by enemies now (well, not QUITE, but it's not far off, and a lot easier now).
  • And pretty everything else, really.

Ys 6

Might get hate for this one but... As for being the first game that used the Napishtim engine, it was pretty simplistic, and I like that (idk, I have a really soft spot for the combat in this game).
  • Really like the bosses in this game (except that wall one, fuck him (Orjugan I think it is)). Probably my favourite Ys game for bosses after 7 (or Origin, idk; 2nd or 3rd place for sure tho).
  • Good characters (imo) (especially Geis, my favourite character in the series tbh) (I also like on how they improved on Terra from 5 (bring her back as a playable character someday pls?)).
  • Serviceable enough dungeons and story, though wouldn't ever say they're anywhere near the best in the franchise.
  • Love how the upgrade system works in this game. Pretty refreshing to only be required to upgrade the swords you have, rather than having to constantly worry about buying new ones.
  • Oh yeah, and I also have quite the soft spot for the OST in this game. Lovely little underrated package.
  • I seriously love the addition of Catastrophe mode. Why doesn't every other Ys game have this (I'm talking Ys 7 and beyond)!? Doing every boss in the series being locked out of items would be interesting :3
Notice how I haven't mentioned any negatives yet, well... Now's the time. Pretty much the only gripes I have with this game are the fact that there's no sprint button (you get used to it as you play, but still), and the platforming is actual ass (everyone who's played this game will know what I mean). The platforming could've easily been fixed with the addition of a sprint button though. So yeah, sprint button is basically the only issue for me, lol.
I play on the PC version of 6 btw, whereas you get warping. From what I've heard, on other versions such as PS2 and PSP, you don't actually get warping and there's a lot of backtracking. Not sure if it's true, but yikes, that sounds nasty (don't think I ever wanna try those versions tbh, even if there is voice acting there).

Ys Origin

  • Actual good characters all around!
  • The tower being the only dungeon kinda reminds me of Persona 3, which is my favourite Persona game. The dungeon of which never gets boring in either game imo (yes, I went there). Especially in this game though, as the scenery keeps changing to keep things fresh.
  • The Roo scenes are genuinely fucking adorable <3
  • The Epona and Hugo love story is actually amazing; pretty awesome how there's actual canon romance stories in an Ys game! Easily my favourite scenes in the game tbh (Epona's death in Hugo's route still hits me hard).
  • In fact, the story as a whole in this game, with all 3 characters, is amazing! Yunica is freaking adorable and Toal is a badass with a pretty feelsy story. Honestly, it does make me quite sad that Toal's route is the only canon one. That being said though, I definitely DO feel like there are events from the other 2 routes that are still canon in Toal’s route, just we don’t get to see them (for example, Hugo with the Hammer in Devil’s Corridor).
  • The bosses in this game are actually amazing all around! Well... with the exception of one or two (and it's not what you'd expect), I'll get to that in a bit.
  • The OST in this game is up there with one of my favourite in the series. Probably 3rd or 4th (Celceta/4's OST is most likely second)? Idk. Really good though.
  • INSTANT ABILITY TO WARP! Thank the Goddesses! Why doesn't every Ys game before this have this!?
  • The "item get" jingle in this game is the best one in the series. Change my mind.
  • Best (MAIN) boss theme in the series tbh. Scars of the Divine Wing is my jam!
  • So those bosses I was talking about earlier. Yeah, one of them is Zava. Why do I hate her fight? It's extremely tedious and slow no matter what difficulty you're on (still a hot villain tho). Period (and I ain't afraid to admit she took me a few minutes to beat on Very Easy with Yunica...). Bet you were all expecting Pictimos eh? Nah, I actually really enjoy that fight. One of my favourite in the series, maybe (yes, I'm serious).
  • And another boss... actually fuck the true final boss. Why? It's unbalanced af on Nightmare and heavily luck based. Fun, but HEAVILY luck based.
  • The fact (fact, haha) you have to play through the game 3 times to get the FULL experience can be tedious (but is definitely bearable, since the game isn't that long).
  • FUCK that demon trap at the start of the game with Toal on Nightmare... Really badly designed. Try it on Nightmare and you'll see what I mean.
  • The game had a pretty nice ending, but I hate that we never got proper closure on Hugo and Epona :(
  • Fuck grinding out achievements in this game, it's just plain painful. So this and Oath were the last to go through in my Ys binge, right (replaying for achievements)? At this point I was pretty burnt out and just wanted it to all be over. So yeah, I honestly just got the easy ones and quit. Err, just look at the achievement lists and you’ll understand the salt. Arena mode is really boring btw, so I couldn’t be bothered.

Ys 7

Now... I really did want to put this in S tier, I really did. This is probably my favourite Ys game in terms of "pure fun", honestly.
  • The game is really fast paced.
  • Spam rolling is extremely fun.
  • This game has the best designed dungeons and probably bosses too (overall anyway, there are a couple I dislike) in the entire series imo (Ys 9 might change that when I play). The Earth Dragon though, holy shit. Still my favourite Ys boss of all time, honestly.
  • Pretty damn decent cast of characters, though not really as good as 8 or Origin. I really love especially how you get to play as Dogi and Geis in this game (just wish Geis was more useful; legit never used him at all apart from skill grinding in my second playthrough (and I played on Nightmare both playthroughs)).
  • Good OST as usual. Not sure where I'd rank this one (again, probably 3rd or 4th; torn between this or Origin being better). "Lost Harmony Among People" is my favourite Ys song of all time though, so there's that (seriously, how can you not love this song?).
  • Best title screen music, easily.
  • People like to give the story a lot of slack in this game (from what I've seen), but I actually really like it. It is as cliche as a lot of people say? Yes, but isn't every other games' story too? Think about it. Just saying.
  • Some really fun skills to use in this game. Aisha/Sigroon's and Adol's Pentagram especially (why did Pentagram never come back!?)
  • Quite like how this game handled the Flash System, with only having Flash Guard that lasts a split second. I do enjoy Ys 8's system a tad more, but it would be interesting to see how other games would use what this game did with it.
  • The "save anywhere" system in this game they introduced is actually a godsend.
  • The ending was pretty neat and heartwarming, but I do genuinely wish there was more to it. Something like... actually show what's going on in the other villages, rather than just explaining it, and actually have Geis give Adol a proper goodbye (since he's probably never returning again (unless Ys 10 says otherwise), RIP).
Now for the negatives... OH BOY, DO I STILL feel sad I can't put this game in S tier.
  • No Time Attack. Every mordern Ys game (which starts at 6, not this game imo) has a Time Attack mode. There is NO excuse for this game not to have it. Because of this I had to make a save right before every boss in my second playthrough, in case I ever wanted to play them again. I can live without a NG+ (since I never actually play NG+ unless it's for extra achievements in this series), but NOT a Time Attack. Actually fuck you, devs.
  • As much as I like using skills in this game, the learn/level up system was done TERRIBLY (I could definitely feel it on my 2nd playthrough). Why do I have to LEARN skills by having a certain weapon equip until they reach level 1? WHY are there 10 levels for each skill!? That's pretty dumb tbh. Thank GOD Celceta and later fixed this. And also thank God there was no "max every skill in the game" Steam achievement, otherwise I would've gone ballistic, ngl.
  • Not really a big fan how you have the option to buy AND synthesize equipment. Just make it one or the other, seriously. Fuck grinding money AND materials. I mean, fair enough for the ultimate weapons, they make sense, but otherwise no.
  • Speaking of materials, the harvesting system sucks. On paper it can be pretty ok but... Most of the time your party members won't even help you harvest the materials, since there'll most likely be enemies nearby and they'll go attack those instead. And if there's NOT enemies nearby, there's still a 50/50 chance they'll just stand there anyway out of laziness. Also yeah, this is something else that Celceta and later fixed; they made it much easier to grind materials. Again, fuck the harvest system.
  • Another thing that Celceta and later improved on was the side mission system. Now I'm not going to say it was straight out bad here but, don't expect me to talk to every single person in each village everytime I visit to check if they have missions or not. Seriously. Once you know where the locations for the missions are after playing through the game once, it ain't so bad, but still.
  • WHY do you not get warping until beating the third temple/shrine/whatever? Bit late if you ask me.
  • And in case you're wondering which bosses I dislike from what I said in the bosses bit earlier... Ghilda Ros (feels like a difficulty spike early game tbh) and The Sea Dragon (hard to predict, moves fast, and is really cluttered in the side cave where you have to attack his back).
  • Really easy to get lost in Altago City on your first playthrough (I know I did a couple times).
Minus the time attack and ending points, the positives pretty much outweigh the negatives here. But yeah, now you see why I can't come to put this in S tier. So close, but not quite there, sadly.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana

  • Some really nicely designed dungeons here, actually. Well, for the most part at least. I have two which I straight up dislike which are the Abandoned Mine and the Lava Zone. Fuck those two. Also I'm kinda 50/50 on the final dungeon... I like how it's designed, but at the same time it's enemy spam galore, eh.
  • The story and writing (the ending of this game actually felt like the most "complete" one in the series thus far tbh (well, between this one and Dawn of Ys)) is where the game really shines imo. So good.
  • The OST is really freaking good in this game! Sadly though, I probably wouldn't even put it in my top 5, nor would I listen to much of it outside of playing the game.
  • Not really a negative point, but the cast in this game is pretty weak compared to other Ys games if you ask me. Outside of Adol, Dogi, Chester, Elena (underrated girl tbh), Fran, Cynthia and Adonis, everyone else is just... "there" for me? Like, they aren't bad characters by any means, just yeah.
  • Some cool bosses, but nothing too mindblowing. Like in 8, half them are pretty forgettable here imo, and... Yeah, I'll get more into this in the negatives. Ones I really love though are that dog wolf guy, Gyvala (Yes, seriously. Looks like a Sonic Rivals boss, ngl) and Galbalan (best final boss in the series imo; really does feel like one).
  • You have to actually unlock Inferno mode... Which can be a pain, since you have to an extra playthrough, but eh. At least it's optional and doesn't provide extra experience to the game like Origin's 3 playthroughs. Didn't actually bother me that much tho, since my first Nightmare playthrough and the second playthrough on Inferno were months apart.
  • UNBALANCED AF! Seriously, whoever designed the difficulty balancing in this game deserves to be fired. This is coming from someone who beat both Nightmare AND Inferno (bonus boss inc) btw (never did manage to beat Nightmare boss rush tho... it’s way harder on patience than you think).
  • I find it hard to believe that Adol survived a 10k ft fall without a scratch after the Chester 1 fight.
  • What the actual hell is that dub? The VAing in this game is laughably mediocre tbh; sounds more like a fandub than an official one. And why the hell do the naration and Galbalan have voices? It just feels... wrong. Though... Elena has a semi-cute voice though, I like Fran's, and Dularn's voice really suits him (her?). But otherwise, could definitely be better, and takes a while of getting used to.
  • Speaking of the VAing, skipping through the dialogue will cause it to echo (in my headphones when there's no BGM at least), and it can be pretty annoying, ngl.
  • And yeah, again, badly designed achievements that try to force multiple playthroughs for the easiest tasks (why?). Ok, so I was fine with Celceta doing this, as you only needed to blaze through the game a second time to get the rest of the ultimate weapons, but this game requires playthroughs on EVERY difficulty for the said tasks in achievements. I just cannot be assed (anyone could do these anyway tbh (except maybe the Nightmare and Inferno playthroughs)). And in Origin... you need to playthrough the game like 8 times overall (literally just straight playthroughs), just because "hey, extra achievements :)". I did the multiple playthrough achievements anyway cause I'm stupid.
  • During the campaign, the Ligaty boss won't even trigger unless you speak to the mayor at some point, which the game does not indicate. Haven't actually tested if you can boss skip with this, but I assume you can't (I did go on ahead a bit, but not too far. Assuming certain story events don't trigger.).
  • Everything else is pretty much mentioned in positives besides certain comments.
Honestly though, despite its shortcomings, I've come to really respect this game and could probably play through it any day of the week (well, as long as those playthroughs aren't so close together that I'd burn myself out). Part of me was saying to bump this up to S tier after replaying it, honestly, and then there's another part telling me to knock it down to B tier because of the unfair difficulty. But again, since I'm torn, I'm leaving it be in A.

Ys 5

I had some good fun with this one tbh. I really do hope this game gets remade someday, preferrably in the Napish engine.
  • Really refreshing to see a "classic" Ys game that decided to finally grow out of the bumper system.
  • No grinding is required! The game is that easy you basically don't need to grind the entire game, if you don't want to, and is awesome. I decided to anyway, since I actually like to grind in Ys games, lul.
  • Quite like the story in this game tbh. And imo it's one of the darkest in the series. Like, you actually get to see people being sacrificed for the ritual (speaking of which happens quite often, by the looks of it)? Damn.
  • Pretty in the middle OST with this one, but there are a couple I really like (I forget the names).
  • The dungeon design in this game is pretty cool, ngl. Nowhere NEAR the best in the series... But for what they were, I did like them :p
  • Only 3 save slots when the Ys 4 games had more (Mask of the sun with 5(?) and Dawn of Ys with 15)... Cmon...
  • Menuing in this game was super weird. Like you could lay the menu out however you wanted and it always changed depending on how you menu. It really is... eh?
  • Can we STOP with the hidden item in the wall thing? I appreciate how Ys 4 never really did this, and they really had to go back to it here? Ugh, just put every item in a chest, ffs.
  • I actually enjoyed the bosses in this game, but they're a bit too easily to be that memorable (until near the end at least), sadly.
  • It's REALLY easy to get lost in Kefin, aka the end game dungeon.
  • Enemy hitboxes are pretty crap in this game. I appreciate the effort, and it isn't completely unbearable for it being the first non-bump combat game, but yeah. I feel a lot of time I should've been hitting normal enemies way more than I was, and they hit me more than they should've, idk.
  • Bit of a nitpick, but it's really easy to fall off narrow ledges from platforming and it triggers me.
  • Minus the initial fire magic you get (and are forced to make), magic is basically useless in this game. Like, the animations are way too long and they don't serve any real purpose. Again, except the fire one.

Ys 4: Mask of the Sun

HEAR ME OUT! Please don't instantly hate me for this. Ok so... The two Ys 4 games were actually the last ones I did my "first playthrough" on. This game is NOWHERE near as bad as people say it is imo. Nowhere near.
  • It's fast paced as HELL and I LOVE it for that! Until this game I never actually liked a classic Ys game with the bumper system (minus Ys 1/2 Chronicles), because idk, they felt too slow or weird to control. This one though, oh, I had fun with this.
  • Say what you want, but the dungeons are ALL well designed imo (well, all except that silver temple thing before the tower near the end, fuck that maze-y place). Like seriously, the sand dunes in the first dungeon was a poggers idea! And the list goes on.
  • The game is pretty linear in general up until again, the silver temple, which I also really like. Usually when it comes to classic Ys games I'd have to follow a guide to know where I'm going. Whereas in this game I just went in on my own, completely blind, and did 90% of the game no problem.
  • For a classic Ys game, the story was ok. A bit better than 5's I'd say.
  • The game actually had an ending, unlike Memories of Celceta, and it's actually decent imo!
  • Bosses are quick and snappy, which makes them fun. I actually wish there was a Time Attack in this one, would've been cool.
  • Good OST. Was nice hearing the original songs that Memories of Celceta took from.
  • Lol at the "all right, no time like the present!" jump moment near the end of the game.
  • Karna and Leeza are DICKS in this game! :(
  • Whilst I did say the bosses are fun, what I do NOT appreciate is the fact that half the bosses in this game have instant kill attacks. They're hard to see coming, too. WHO'S idea was this!?
  • Again, the silver temple place.
  • Only 5 save slots. Would've liked more so I could've replayed bosses more easily.
  • Magic, again, was useless in this game. Like, I don't really care since I probably would have never used it anyway, but just putting this here.
  • I find it hard to believe Adol survived a lightning explosion without a scratch in that one scene...

Ys 2 Chronicles

Yes, I feel this and Ys 1 Chronicles deserve to be seperated, since:
  1. I like them for different reasons.
  2. I like this one better than Ys 1.
  • If it weren't for the maze like dungeons in this game, this would've easily been my favourite bumper combat game tbh.
  • The edition of the magic system was well implemented here actually. Probably the best magic system in an a bumper combat game, easily.
  • I'm surprised at how nice the story was in this game, and how much effort they put into that ending, damn.
  • There are literally NO bad bosses in this game (which I think this is the ONLY Ys game I can say that for). I wish I was joking. Fuck Dalles on Nightmare though; my only complaint.
  • Whilst I did like the level 10 limit in Ys 1, I do appreciate them buffing it to a lot higher in this game; actually gives you a reason to fight stuff.
  • That ice/snow dungeon was really cool tbh (no pun intended).
  • Sleeping in beds was uh... a nice touch :eyes:
  • Again, the maze-like dungeons leave a bad taste in my mouth.
  • A lot of looking up guides to figure out what to do at the start of the game, meh.
  • FUCK that escort mission with the kid in the lava cave. NEVER want to go through that again.

Ys: Memories of Celceta

Oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this one... So originally, right, I did my first playthrough of this game coming right out of Ys 7 and thought it was the most boring game ever and had a lot of beef with it. I cannot stress enough how happy I was to be done with my first playthrough back then. HOWEVER, after playing through the game again (yes, it was a NG+, but it's still something), I've actually come to respect the game quite a bit, for a good number of reasons.
So I've already said what this game improves upon over Ys 7 in my Ys 7 thoughts, so I won't say them again (character limit).
Ok so... What other positives are there? Well...
  • Karna best girl. My personal favourite Ys girl of all time (well, this game's version of her at least). Seems like a fun one to hang out with. She also has really fun combat! Probably the most fun in the game actually. What is it with pierce users being super fun?
  • Frieda 2nd best girl. As well as my favourite DESIGNED Ys character of all time (her EXTRA with Hero Ring on is also damn cool). Second most fun in combat imo.
  • Really like how they handled Leo in this game tbh. Rather than being a Wario-like antagonist they made him a cooler comedic character. Don't get me wrong, I do like Dawn of Ys' version of him, but yeah.
  • In fact, I'd honestly have to say this game does comedy scenes best in general. Had me giggling a few times.
  • Griselda... she's a hot mommy tbh, and I bet she'd make a good dom :3 Far from my favourite girl in the series, but she's hawt. That said I'm sad she never got any romance moments in Ys 8 :(
  • OST is easily one of the best in the series (second place tied with the original 4 games, easily. there's SO many good tracks in here).
  • The SECOND half of the game has some neat dungeons and bosses (keyword: SOME). That tower inparticular was a pretty badass dungeon, ngl.
  • I think the graphics are decent in this game. Except the menus though; they look so basic, it hurts, ugh (too lazy to put this in negatives, but yeah, it is one). Still remember saying to myself when installing this game for the first time though "oh wow, that is one CLEAN looking Adol model". Easily the worst graphics of the modern Ys era, but they definitely have their charm.
  • Ninja running in this game when you unlock the shoes artifact thing is actually AMAZING! This game does it much better than Ys 8 imo (feels barely a bit faster than normal in that game). This might just be my favourite mechanic in the whole series just due to how fun it is.
  • The fact that this game shows you stats for each character's skills is actually really nice. It's such a shame the other games don't do this, because it makes skill builds so much easier.
  • Chasing a Mishy down and being able to access a 3D Roo's nest!? Yes please! I love it tbh. Sorry Ys 2, but yours was ok at best.
  • Spam rolling is still fun, but not really as much as in 7 (though I do appreciate how much smoother Duren's rolling feels compared to Dogi/Mustafa/Cruxie).
  • Holy shit, after my second playthrough I can't get over how they removed the switching during EXTRA attacks feature after this game. I think it's really cool and it makes bosses feel faster, just saying.
  • Combat is actually quite fun in this game... ONCE you get used to it. Again, took me almost an entire playthrough to get used to it. I do like it now though. Again, Karna and Frieda in particular are my favourites to use, followed by Calilica and Adol with Aura Fencer and Duren with Phoenix Kick.
  • The story is pretty ok imo, but pretty average for an Ys game. I will say though the "oh no, the criminal Adol is back!" when you enter a new village gets annoying after the first time.
  • Not sure entirely how I feel about Adol speaking so much in a canon game (I'm talking the memory cutscenes)...
  • There are WAY too many dialogue choices. I do like these but... again, feel they are way too oversaturated, and that they do try to force humor (I did laugh at quite a few of them, but still doesn't excuse the fact).
  • Ok, so despite what I said about the combat in positives, I STILL can't forgive what the game does with the "skill finish", "excellent finish" and "aerial finish" messages and animations whenever you killed normal enemies with them, which... Yeah. They just flat out ruined the flow of things, honestly. And overall the combat just didn't feel as exciting as 7, or even other games for that matter. Again though, after my second playthrough, I DO enjoy it now (to some extent), but again, not nearly as much as the other games.
  • Pls Falcom, NEVER bring that Misfortune ailment back. EVER.
  • Swimming in this game feels like a BIG nono. It's fine in other Ys games, but just feels way too slugish and boring in this game imo.
  • Dungeons in general... at least ones that involve swimming, genuinely suck. Like seriously, fuck dungeons that involve swimming. They feel slow and boring.
  • And speaking of dungeons... the mandatory Slate Fragment collecting in the first couple of dungeons were really stupid. If I wanna blaze through a dungeon without caring for something like this, I should be able to. Surely there are better ways you can encourage exploration?
  • Up until like halfway through the game, the bosses are really hit or miss, but CAN be enjoyable if you really try to.
  • Not really a massive fan of how Flash Guard works in this game. It works like 7's where it only stays active for a split second, but I'm fine with it in 7, it feels like its own thing. Here though I don't like it because the Flash system feels a lot more like 8's, which leaves me comparing this game to 8, and 8 does Flash Guarding way better (if that makes sense). Also I swear in this game you can easily still get hit if you Flash Guard anyway, so it doesn't 100% make you invincible in this game, which can be slightly annoying.
  • Getting 100% map in this game is a major annoyance (wasn't ANYWHERE near as bad in 8). Hugging every possible wall is... just super annoying.
  • That ending... Might the WORST ending I've ever seen in a video game. AT LEAST MAKE SOME EFFORT... Like, even Ys 8's ending isn't this bad... Freaking Mask of the Sun, a SNES game, had a way better ending than this.
  • You do all that work for Rabbit and Pigeon and they don't even get a satisfying ending to their arc. It pissed me off. In a romantical sense, I mean.
  • There's a side quest near the end of the game where you have to kill a certain amount of enemies with probably the weakest sword in existance. If you did this yourself you KNOW how pisstaking it can be; ESPECIALLY on Nightmare.
  • Why is it required to start a NG+ to unlock Time Attack? Why? Just put the shit on the main menu like you do every other game.
  • Hey, you get warping at the start of the game like in Origin! ...LIMITED warping, though. Basically you can warp to any momument that has the same colour as the one you're warping from (and later on they add the same SHAPE rule too... why?). Why not just give us the full package from the getgo? Makes NO sense whatsoever. I hate the fact that it also literally takes HALF THE GAME to get the full one, ugh.
  • WHY should I have to keep constantly switching Duren into my party just to fucking open chests!? WHO thought this was a good idea? Same goes with other party members tbh. Like, for example, it's basically mandatory to keep Calilica in your party in the tower dungeon for her out-of-battle ability. Feel like this is going to be a recurring thing in Ys 9 too for some reason... Which I'm not looking forward to, but hey.
  • TOO MANY TUTORIALS SCREENS FOR ME TO SKIP REEEE (no, seriously, there are a LOT in this game).
  • I'm gonna be honest, after playing through this game a second time months later, the lack of camera control can be annoying in the open world (like, I found myself opening the bigger minimap a lot just to see where about I was). In 7 it felt like everything was placed sensibly with the camera in mind tbh. Fighting the forest super boss is especially annoying because of this (would be a lot easier otherwise).
  • Those early game areas that repeat the same path over and over until you pick the right way... ugh.
  • I really, REALLY do not the weapon/armor enhancement system in this game. Just feels out of place for an Ys game.
  • I wish we got to see that date with Sandra in the endgame :(
Despite its shortcomings though, again, I really have gained quite a bit of respect for this game after playing through it a second time for achievements, not enough for it to be B tier or above, but I originally put this game in C tier, and have bumped it up to the borderline tier.

Ys 4: The Dawn of Ys

Ok so... I DO understand why people love this game so much. Gameplay wise though... Meh. I'm probably gonna get some hate for this one, but whatever.
  • The voice acting (especially for a fan dub) and animated scenes were fucking great.
  • Again, good OST. Was nice hearing the original songs that Memories of Celceta took from.
  • An 8-way movement system in a classic Ys game before 5!? POGGERS!
  • Oh hey, there's actually a decent amount of save files this time.
  • Better story than Mask of the Sun (even though I DID like the one there), and holy shit, the addition of Leo (he honestly reminded me of Wario with those laughs tbh)!
  • That ending especially man... Idk if it's my favourite ending in the series, but definitely in my top 3. SO good. This is the reason why the game is in the borderline tier btw. If it weren't for the ending, it would've been C tier.
  • Karna and Leeza aren't dicks in this game (and are actual good characters now) (comparing to Mask of the Sun)! :)
  • Holy shit swimming as a Roo is amazing! My favourite part of the gameplay, probably. Yes, I'm aware you can also do this in Memories of Celceta, but it feels way too slow there to be enjoyable.
  • Oh no, the return of maze like dungeons :(
  • After transitioning from this game from Mask of the Sun... The gameplay felt way too slow, I'm sorry. Like, both from a control standpoint and recovering health (in Mask of the Sun, it'd recover to max in basically a few seconds; here it takes like a century. by standing still, btw.). Again, I do appreciate the 8-way movement, but yeah.
  • Bosses are fun, but terribly unbalanced since imo they have way too much health (for the bumper system, at least). I'll make an exception here for like the last 4 or so bosses, since they actually feel ok.
  • Takes a goooooood while for you to get warp magic in this game... Which is annoying, because this game isn't anywhere near as linear as Mask of the Sun, whereas I was ok there at the timing you got warping because of it.
  • There's an optional section near the end of the game where you can get the highest tier of equipment from Leo after he dies, but it's a massive pain to do (look it up). Not even worth it anyway tbh, since you'll be fine with the penultimate tier equipment easily.
But yeah... The negatives outweigh the positives here, I'm sorry to say (notice how I only put 1 (or technically 2) minor gameplay positive point down). Apart from the voice acting and animated scenes, I don't like this game as much as other people (yeah I know, my taste is trash, roast me in the comments).

Ys 1 Chronicles

After putting down the og Ys 1 after half an hour of playing (I really didn't care; you'll see why after), this felt really refreshing tbh. I really like the amount of detail that went into this game and Ys 2 Chronicles.
  • So yeah, nice attention to detail. For Ys 2 Chronicles also, but too lazy to scroll up and add it there. Like seriously, feels like a breath of fresh air seeing seagulls fly around in a nicely graphic'd environment in a classic Ys game. Also nice how you can see Adol behind buildings, etc in the overworld.
  • Decent bosses tbh, I like these ones. Well, all except (check negatives)...
  • Good story.
  • Good OST, as usual. One of the least memorable ones for me though, sadly. Probably in like... 7th or 8th place. But still good.
  • Darm Tower is a fun dungeon.
  • Maze-like dungeons that are worse than Ys 2. They're also boring and flat in this game. Again, excluding Darm Tower, which I quite liked.
  • Vagullion (third boss)... Everyone who's played this game will know why he's here. No explanation needed. Dark Fact isn't going here because he's actually a fun boss, even on Nightmare.
  • Whilst I do appreciate what they tried to do with the level cap being 10, would've been nice to actually have a reason to fight normal enemies besides enemy book registration beyond that. Also feels like a boss or two weren't designed with the level cap in mind (on Nightmare, at least).
  • Again, a lot of looking at the guide to figure out what to do. Mainly due to the first negative point I made. And also, the plains can be really easy to get lost in, which is also a pain.

Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga

Honestly not much to say about this game since it isn't even fully translated yet (I think it was menus and a few other words here and there?) apart from the gameplay feels like a really clunky version of Ys 7's engine, which it plays in. Despite that though, I had a blast from what I played of this; feels preeetty freaking fun, ngl. If it was as fluid as Ys 7, probably would've been at least a B. Also, it's fucking cool that you can put Adol against Chester Ys 7 style :3
...Despite the story not being translated though, it does look pretty damn weird from what I've seen.

Typing of Ys

Again, not really much to say for this one either. It's a typing game, and a pretty fun one at that. Really short though (10-15 mins at best) and probably wouldn't ever touch it again unless I've got absolutely NOTHING to do (like AT ALL). But yeah, good for what it is imo. Moving on.

Ys 1/2 OG

As explained earlier in my Ys 1 or 2 Chronicles section, I only played Ys 1 for about half an hour before dropping it due to how slow and weird it felt. Nothing more to say tbh.

Ys 3

It's a sidescroller, and a bad one at that. Please never make another Ys sidescroller again. Thanks. The hitboxes are pure SHITE in this game. Maybe I'm just bad, but never made it past the first dungeon of this game and just dropped it lol.

Ys Strategy

This game doesn’t exist, shush.

Additionally, I have created a Pastebin (link below) with my thoughts on the Ys 1/2 anime, along with some mini Ys tier lists, as I felt like throwing them in. Reason I'm not putting them here is because the character limit keeps cucking me, so yeah.

And finally, in case you're wondering, I played the Ys games in this order (first playthrough wise)

  • Ys 8
  • Ys 6
  • Ys: The Oath in Felghana
  • Ys 1/2 OG (for what I played at least)
  • Ys 3 (for what I played at least)
  • Ys 7
  • Ys: Memories of Celceta
  • Ys Origin
  • Typing of Ys
  • Ys Strategy (for what I played at least)
  • Ys 5
  • Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga
  • Ys 1 Chronicles
  • Ys 2 Chronicles
  • Ys 4: Mask of the Sun
  • Ys 4: The Dawn of Ys
  • Soon to be Ys 9
Yes, I spent a shit ton of free time typing all this out, but whatever.
Anyways... it's been a fun ride tbh. Again, for the most part, I genuinely have enjoyed my time with these games. Might do another binge one day, who knows. If you have any questions, ask them below and I'll get back to you. Peace out.
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2020.09.21 00:22 ThrowRA_33 things feel out of control, at a loss for what to do next

I am going through a really rough time, and I'm not sure that I've ever had a time when I've felt like I haven't been. To cut a long story short, I'm a 24 year old girl who lost her parents at a young age. They were both loving but very chaotic people who weren't exactly role models or good people to lean on for guidance. And the rest of my family isn't close. So I've always been kind of walking around blindly. I've definitely went through some rough patches of deep depression but since leaving my hometown about 4 years ago things have slowly gotten better. The thing is that with the coronavirus, a lot of things in my life have kind of imploded recently and I'm having a hard time handling it.
I had moved in with my bf for a short time during quarantine and it started to open my eyes to how he wasn't really the best match for me. So I moved out. And all of my friends have moved away due to school, covid, having graduated, etc. So I ended up finding a place to rent with this girl I don't know, and I've been so lonely, sad and angry. On top of everything, I've started a new job in the last month and I'm now attending university (virtually) for the first time and getting my degree. Theres a lot on my plate.
And I just feel so chaotic inside. The past few months I've been pushing myself to exercise, to eat healthier, to make schedules to accomplish my goals, to work really hard. And I've never cut off contact with my bf even though I'm very unsure that I want to be with him. I just get scared no one else will want me. I've also tried therapy and I ended up switching to this trauma specialist but nothing feels like it works. All it does is make me feel so exhausted, and I just feel inadequate about my body, my appearance, my lack of close friendships, my lack of family. And my body has started literally aching lately, and I've been having horrible nightmares. Basically, no matter how hard I try I can't seem to find a way to help myself. I understand I might just be pushing too hard. But then I don't like myself when I don't. I guess all I really want is just to find meaningfulness in my life. I want to feel good about the way I look and who I am. I want to find people who actually want to talk to me on a daily basis other than my bf because I don't have a mom or a best friend I can call whenever I'd like. My friends are more of the once a week or every few weeks talk.
Or maybe I don't know what I want. Other than that I need help. Any advice on dealing with all of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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2020.09.20 18:53 Throaway_blabla Girldfriend (28f) said she's happy I'm (29m) not as handsome as one of her ex-boyfriends

On a ride home yesterday we were talking and at some point She said that she's happy that She is not with someone very good looking anymore (because he got approached by other girls all the time). I said something like "well I'm happy this doesnt happen with me" and played it cool. But honestly this still rings in my ears today. I mean, I get it, I'm not a top model or something but I do think that I'm not ugly or something (at least I try to take care of me). Coming from a long relationship with little to no positive feedback and given that men rarely receive compliments in the first place I am a little bit upset right now. I also think that She wouldn't find this funny at all if I would have said something similar.
I don't want to blow this out of proportion and we are quite happy in general and I know that this is at least some what related to my own unsecurities.
But, should I talk about it or just let it go?
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2020.09.20 18:22 th3magicc0nch My (24m) girlfriend (23f) found her texting her old fwb

About a year ago, I started seeing this awesome girl from college. The first few months were amazing, and we had great chemistry. I remembered in the first month or so of our relationship, she started laughing at her phone saying her old FWB was texting her one night, I didn’t think anything of it at the time, and it didn’t bother me at all. A few months later, I see her snap chatting this guy, I asked who he was, she told me he was an ex, but it’s been a long time and that there just friends now. Call me immature if you want, but this didn’t fly with me. I communicated that this made me extremely uncomfortable and that I would like her to stop. She got upset and told me I was Controlling. Eventually, after a long night of arguing, she agreed to delete him. During that argument, I brought up her FWB that she texted that night and wanted to know what was said between them. She insisted it was nothing, but why resist so much if it’s nothing? She gave up and let me read the texts. He hit her up trying to fuck, she never told him she’s in a relationship, also said to him that she missed him during the exchange, and on top of all this, he’s a 35-year personal training who could probably be a model, Not only did my heart hurt, so did my confidence. I asked her to explain; she told me that she was so use to her relationships ending that she wanted to have someone as a backup. It’s been three months, I’m depressed and have anxiety about my body now. I know therapy would help, but I’m not in the position financially to get that right now. I love this girl, but I can’t stop comparing myself to her FWB, she’s even offered me a hall pass, but it makes me wanna throw up cause it feels like cheating to me. Does anyone have advice?
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2020.09.20 16:53 OooohMylanta The Best and Worst Photos of Cycle Sixteen: Round One!

The Best and Worst Photos of Cycle Sixteen: Round One!
WE HAVE COME TO THE END OF AN ERA. Cycle Sixteen marked the last cycle of Top Model that wasn't totally batshit crazy, and it also marks the last cycle for our usual Best of / Worst of surveys.
DON'T FRET, FORUM FRIENDS!!! There will be more surveys to come...and they're going to be super exciting.
BUT FIRST we have to evaluate Cycle Sixteen in all its High Fashion Glory. In putting together the groups and collages for the First Round, I was truly astonished at the quality of the modeling and photoshoots from this cycle, and this is going to be a TOUGH one. Once again, there aren't a lot of terrible photos, but WOW are there a LOT of WONDERFUL ones.

Apparently, they dunked all the contestants in a pool of olive oil and then took pictures.
AH CYCLE SIXTEEN. You had SO MANY girls with INCREDIBLE potential, and overall extremely solid photoshoot concepts. These groups are really competitive, and there will definitely be shots in the Bottom 18 that are still really good just because that's how Cycle Sixteen rolls, apparently.
BUT WHICH PHOTOS WILL MAKE IT THROUGH TO THE TOP 18??? It's going to be a FIERCE battle, no doubt, and we will likely have some OPINIONS in the comments, but I LOVE that, personally. How much of Molly and Brittani's portfolios will make it through? Will some of our early boots with one or two UNREAL shots beat the juggernauts who made it to Morocco???
SIDE NOTE: there are more fewer shots overall than we've had in previous cycles, so a larger percentage of shots will make it through to the Top 18. This is good news since there are so many good shots overall.
OH IT'S SO EXCITING!!!!!! Let's find out NOW!!!!
Thank you all so much!!! Please remember to vote in all the groups! The surveys will close this Tuesday, September 22 at 2:00AM EDT. Have a beautiful day!
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2020.09.20 15:18 crocival Lying, cheating, and so much confusion

(18F, 20M)This is going to be a long story, I’m sorry. The problems all started in May or June I believe. I already had this gut feeling that my boyfriend was cheating on me, but he had given me no reason to believe this. It was just a gut feeling. Fast forward to July we were at a Fourth of July barbecue and he unlocks his phone to show me something, and tinder was open when it came up. I didn’t want to cause a scene so I discreetly asked him about it when everyone else was away, and he told me that he just likes to see funny profiles of people he knew in high school. Definitely felt off, so I made a fake profile and tested him. He failed. He begged for forgiveness, so my dumb soft hearted self forgave him and took him back. After this all happened I had some major trust issues with him and recently he decided we should take a break, however we agreed we aren’t going to be seeing other people and we’re still having sex. I feel ashamed to admit that I’m still having sex with him, but I don’t want him to feel bored of me so I do it. Just a couple weeks ago one of my girlfriends saw him on tinder and it said “recently active”. He had told me he deleted tinder with the first incident so it was upsetting. And it was also upsetting because we agreed that we weren’t going to be seeing other people. This upset me so much I ended up stalking his social media. All of the people he follows are hot girls from his college, or instagram models/porn girls. It breaks my heart. He told me that he had tinder because he “just likes to swipe and look at people” and he “doesn’t interact with anyone”. But on top of everything else that has happened and has been going on it feels like such BS. but I can’t bring myself to let him go. He told me again that he deleted it, but considering he told me that before I don’t even believe him. I feel like I’m at the bottom of his list. It hurts so much to know how bad he desires a lot of women. He was even following a sixteen year old which was so shocking to me. I ended up calling him a pedophile. Which I regret. He was so upset that I called him that. He always denies any wrongdoings. He always tries to find ways to turn things around on me and gaslight me. It breaks me and at times it makes me feel crazy. I don’t know what I should do. I’m in love with him, but I wish I wasn’t. I have so much going on in my personal life because I have an abusive drug addicted dad, and for a while this relationship was the light in my life. Now everything feels so dark and I’m so emotionally exhausted with just everything. I feel as if it was God’s plan to make me live in torment at times. Which probably seems dramatic, I know. But sometimes I’m just in so much pain.
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2020.09.20 05:53 lonestarroad What does Mark Epstein know? I think a lot

Why does Mark Epstein have a modeling agency and why is it still listed as active?
This is from Business Insider
"For decades Epstein has run some of his operations quietly out of a squat Second Avenue residential building owned by his brother, Mark Epstein"
"Since its inception in the early 1980s, J. Epstein & Co. has had only one public client - the billionaire Les Wexner, who apparently gave Epstein the $70 million townhouse he now calls home before their personal and professional affiliation ended in 2007."
"It turns out that the mansion isn't the only patch of New York real estate that Wexner transferred to an Epstein: Mark told Crains New York that he bought the units at 301 East 66th St. in the early 1990s from Wexner. His brother tipped him to the opportunity."
"According to property records and court filings, Jeffrey Epstein has long housed girlfriends, associates, employees, and businesses in a handful of units at 301 East 66th St. There are 200 units at the address, and the majority of them are owned on paper by his brother's development firm, Ossa Properties."
"The postwar white-brick high-rise sits atop a nail salon, a coffee shop, and an Italian restaurant along a traffic-choked stretch of Second Avenue. Topped by a green canopy, the front door opens to a doorman guarding a hallway that leads to a light-filled lobby decorated with two couches and an armchair. Though the building shares a ZIP code with Epstein's townhouse, its share of the neighborhood east of Park Avenue is less upscale, catering more to families and young professionals than foreign heads of state."
"Some of Epstein's activity at the apartment building appears to be business-related: New York state corporate registrations tie 9 East 71, an LLC named after his townhouse, and NES LLC, which owns the townhouse and pays his pilots' paychecks, to the building."
"Over the years, he's assigned units in the building to his house managers, and used two one-bedrooms to house his pilots during New York layovers. In the next-door garage, attached to 301 East 66th St. by a private entrance, he stored a Chevrolet Tahoe."
"Over the years, a number of Epstein's friends have also called 301 East 66th St. home, including his his ex-girlfriend, the socialite Eva Andersson"
"Inside the mysterious Manhattan apartment building on East 66th Street, where underage models, lawyers, and key players in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking circle all live. Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is a frequent visitor."
"Epstein has housed girlfriends, associates, and employees in some of the 150 units at 301 East 66th St. owned by his brother's firm."
"An apartment building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan has been home for years to young models, girlfriends, pilots, and lawyers associated with multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein."
"Almost all the apartments in the building are owned by Epstein's brother, the real-estate developer Mark Epstein. He purchased them from the billionaire Leslie Wexner"
"MC2, the modeling agency Epstein invested in, used the apartments to house overseas models. MC2's founder, Jean-Luc Brunel, had an apartment there."
"Jeffrey Epstein dwelled in some of the city's most exclusive real estate, laying his head in a palatial Upper East Side townhouse and conducting his mysterious business out of a landmarked mansion on Madison Avenue.But it hasn't been all private islands and 7,000-acre ranches for the half-billionaire. For decades Epstein has run some of his operations quietly out of a squat Second Avenue residential building owned by his brother, Mark Epstein, and frequently visited by the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak."
"According to property records and court filings, Jeffrey Epstein has long housed girlfriends, associates, employees, and businesses in a handful of units at 301 East 66th St. There are 200 units at the address, and the majority of them are owned on paper by his brother's development firm, Ossa Properties. While Ossa nominally owns the units connected to Jeffrey Epstein, the aforementioned records and filings show that Epstein effectively controls them.
"New York state corporate registrations tie 9 East 71, an LLC named after his townhouse, and NES LLC, which owns the townhouse and pays his pilots' paychecks, to the building.Over the years, he's assigned units in the building to his house managers, and used two one-bedrooms to house his pilots during New York layovers. In the next-door garage, attached to 301 East 66th St. by a private entrance, he stored a Chevrolet Tahoe."
"The agency that Epstein invested in housed underage models '4 girls to an apartment'"
ÇOver the years, a number of Epstein's friends have also called 301 East 66th St. home, including his ex-girlfriend, the socialite Eva Andersson (who is now married to hedge-fund star and Epstein confidant Glenn Dubin), and his former business partner, MC2 Models founder Jean-Luc Brunel. (According to a Page Six report,the modeling agency was named after Einstein's famous equation, with the missing "E" standing for Epstein. "He thinks everyone is too dumb to figure it out," the paper said.)"
"Then there were the underage models. Many of them were foreign and scouted by Brunel, according to a 2010 deposition given by a former MC2 bookkeeper named Maritza Vasquez. (Vasquez could not be reached for comment but her sworn statement was supported by Epstein's former house manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, whose annotations of Epstein's address bookinclude "Apt. for models" next to the 66th Street entry.)"
"I know that the models were staying in different apartments belonging to Jeffrey Epstein," Vasquez said in her deposition. "There is not only one girl. There is not only one apartment. I believe there were like, two or three apartments. And they were put in between four girls per apartment."
"Vasquez said part of her job was helping to obtain visas for the girls, and she recalled fielding an angry call from Epstein after a model visa application for a 14-year-old, Nadia Marcinkova, fell through. Part of the problem, Vasquez said, was she wasn't really a model."
"One of Epstein's units, previously linked to Marcinko and listed as a mailing address for a number of Epstein ventures, is now home to the studio of Joyce Anderson, a fashion photographer who specializes in headshots and "children/pre-teen sessions," according to her website."
"She's been there since 2007, when she moved her studio from 30 Vandam Street - another building owned by Mark Epstein. (The Vandam Street building, a mixed-use six-story structure in Manhattan's Hudson Square, is also where a company called "Saint Model and Talent" was registered to Mark Epstein in 2005, business records show. According to the New York Department of State's Division of Corporations, it is still active, although there's no public trace that it operates.)"
"Anderson and Mark Epstein made a joint donation to the New School scholarship fund in 2007, and appear to have a longstanding relationship, which is documented in Anderson's social-media posts. One photograph posted to her Facebook account in 2016 shows Anderson's luggage from a road trip, including an athletic bag embroidered with "J. Epstein."
"Barak didn't mention the state of Florida in his statement, but Alan Dershowitz testified in a 2015 deposition that Epstein maintained a suite of guest bedrooms in his Palm Beach home, which were "assigned to people like Senator George Mitchell, Ehud Barak, prominent guests who would stay in his house."
"Barak is now reportedly working to dissolve a limited partnership he formed with Epstein in 2015, saying he didn't realize at the time of their agreement that Epstein's crimes involved minors. A spokesperson for Barak did not respond to a request for comment."
And this is strange:'s-brother))
And here is more about Mark:
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2020.09.20 02:01 Bleep_Bloop_Unlocked [USA - UT] [H] Massive pile of games, guides, accessories, collectibles, and more; great stuff for DS, 3DS, Dreamcast, GB, GameCube, N64, NES, PC, PS1/2/3, PSP, SNES, Wii, Wii U, Xbox OG/360/One [W] PayPal. All sales help raise money for a family member battling cancer.

HELLO ALL!!! I have returned to continue offloading my game collection in to raise money for a family member battling cancer. We already owe a huge thank you to the many amazing people in this sub; your purchases have been a tremendous help. Also want to extend a thank you to the mods that keep this place running. Selling here has been an amazing experience, circumstances notwithstanding.
UPDATE FOR THE CURIOUS: my family member is doing very well thus far. One surgery down and the first round of chemo has been completed. It was utter hell during that time. We don't yet know if more chemo is required, but are optimistic it won't be necessary. A second surgery is planned, possibly in 2021, which may also need its own round of chemo afterward. For now we are just focused on recovery.
PLEASE THOROUGHLY READ the item notes, if applicable. All games are CiB unless noted and all items are coming from a smoke-free home. I did my best to note any issues like missing content or damage. I can add photos for an item once interest is expressed, but please be patient as responding to comments and adding photos will take time. Ask any questions! I am even open for some trading as there are many titles my friends desire and will gladly purchase from me.
ATTENTION MOBILE USERS: please follow the previous suggestion. The reddit mobile site should display all table columns. App users may need to horizontally scroll the tables to see all columns, including the price and notes.
DO NOT SEND A MESSAGE WITHOUT FIRST COMMENTING. It's sub policy and is meant to protect all of us. Plus it helps me best respond to comments in order received.
REGARDING PRICE: Per sub rules, I am required to list a price. However, I had so many items to catalog with limited time available each day for price research. I did my best to factor in the condition and rarity, but I am certain my pricing is off with many items. If you see anything that is severely oveunder priced, please let me know; I won’t consider it threadcrapping as long as you’re polite about it (though I have no control over how the mods feel). If you are interested in an item with a bad price, then please make an offer; I am sure we can agree on a price that will leave both parties happy. I’m here to help a family member, not run a business.
REGARDING SHIPPING: Extended shipping times and delays are to be expected due to the current pandemic. Also, please indicate if you desire a faster shipping rate and/or insurance.
DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS. Ensure the address on your account matches the address you want items shipped to. Helps avoid shipping to the incorrect location.
COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE! Please let me know if you're no longer interested in something so it can go to the next interested party. If at least 24 hours have passed with no response then I may sell the items to someone else. I'm flexible and am willing to work with any reasonable requests as long as you openly communicate.
My confirmed trade thread.
Thank you all! Oh, and f*ck cancer.


Item Price Note
Bejeweled Twist $4 Cartridge only
Brain Age $3 Cartridge only
Crosswords DS $3 Cartridge only
Ener-G Gym Rockets $2 Cartridge only
Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming $6 NO GAME; case, manual, and inserts only
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $3 Cartridge only
My Baby Girl $5 Cartridge only
Nintendo DS Browser $9 DS Lite only version
Nintendo DS Browser $6 DS Lite only version; cartridges only
Petz Nursery FREE Cartridge only; European version; free to whomever is willing to pay for shipping cost and materials
Petz Nursery $3 Cartridge only
Professional Fisherman's Tour $3 Cartridge only
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood $20 Wait, so you mean Bioware making a turn-based Sonic RPG on a Nintendo handheld wasn't just some fanfic fever dream?
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest $15
Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble $30
Wild Petz Dolphinz $2 Cartridge only
Xia-Xia $2 Cartridge only


Item Price Note
New 3DS XL $300 Majora's Mask Limited Edition; CIB; 3DS is in mint condition and was only played once for a few minutes to try out Smash Bros; the box is torn on the back from someone attempting to steal it (long story), but the box is in fantastic shape on the front and sides; includes a universal USB charger that can also charge a DS Lite
Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars $7 Cartridge only
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance $60 Mark of Mastery Edition; the protector case shows signs of use
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games $8
Project X Zone $45 Limited Edition; factory sealed
Project X Zone 2 $23 Factory sealed
Scribblenauts Unlimited $7
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS $17 Only played once for a few minutes
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call $15 Limited Edition
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call $7


Game Price Note
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device $23 Inside a replacement case as the original was cracked; the original case can be provided on request

Game Boy

Item Price Note
Game Boy Color travel case with accessories $35 MadCatz; case has pockets to hold various accessories and 8 games; includes the transfer cable, screen magnifier (with light), joystick, speakers, and the comfort grip with rechargeable batteries (and its charger and splitter cable); not sure if the batteries are good after all these years, but ironically you cannot use the grip and the speakers at the same time and I definitely preferred the speakers.
Game Boy ColoPocket transfer cable $9 Official Nintendo model CGB-003
Game Boy ColoPocket transfer cable $11 Official Nintendo model CGB-003 with a DMG-14 adapter at one end to allow connection between the original Game Boy to the ColoPocket
Game Boy ColoPocket transfer cable $7 Nyko; universal and allows communication between any combination of Game Boy and ColoPocket
Game Boy ColoPocket travel case $15 Official Nintendo Pokémon branded with Pikachu; still has the shoulder strap
GameShark for Game Boy $13 Works in Game Boy and Pocket; can technically use it on the Color, but it's a bit testy due to the battery compartment pushing the game out a bit; label is peeling; includes a Pokémon code book
HandyPak Color $12 This isn't even my final form! Game Boy Color accessory from InterAct; magnifier, speakers, night light, and joystick all in one.
Pokémon Gold $22 Cartridge only
Star Wars $9 Cartridge only; Player's Choice
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back $13 Cartridge only


Item Price Note
Action Replay for GameCube $35 Disc only
Batallion Wars $30
Metroid Prime GameCube game travel case $11 Official 12-disc zippered carrying case
The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition $70
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Master Quest $35 Disc only
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker $55


Item Price Note
Castlevania $25 Cartridge only
Double Dragon III $13 Cartridge only
Double Dribble $5 Cartridge only
Flight of the Intruder $10 Cartridge only
Gumshoe $13 5 screw version; cartridge only; has an old price label on the front that could be easily removed
King's Knight $8 Cartridge only
Little Nemo: Dream Master $10 Cartridge only
NES Advantage Controller $20 Official Nintendo
NES Controller $10 Official Nintendo
NES Controller $6 Hyperkin Tomee; purchased brand new and only used for maybe an hour; I couldn't find my official ones at the time and needed them for a project
NES game plastic clamshell protectors $2 Hard plastic cases to protect NES games; I believe these were officially produced by Nintendo in the 80's/90's; I have 5 blue, 2 white, 1 pink, and 2 purple in stock
Mike Tyson's Punch Out $28 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. $9 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt $10 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. 2 $20 Cartridge only
Super Mario Bros. 3 $14 Cartridge only
WWF Wrestlemania $6 Cartridge only

Nintendo 64

Item Price Note
Bust a Move '99 $30 Includes, game, box, and manual; box has creases from being flattened and some tears on the tabs; could be corrected by a patient collector with an iron; also includes a copy of the manual from the video rental store that used to own it; fun fact: Blockbuster was sued by Nintendo because they did the same thing, forcing them to create their own instruction manuals for game rentals
Castlevania $55 Includes game, box, manual, and Konami postcard; small crease on top of box; manual has some creases but they look like they could be ironed flat; cartridge is in great shape; this is the kind of shape you'd put into a plastic protector and display
Command & Conquer $19 Game and box only; cartridge is in good shape; box has creases from being flattened; could be corrected by a patient collector with an iron; fun fact: game has exclusive cutscenes and missions not included in the original PC version; those levels and scenes are being added to the upcoming remaster
Command & Conquer $8 Cartridge only; has Blockbuster labels and security sticker
Duke Nukem 64 $21 Cartridge only; sticker on the back label and a scuff
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour $45 Includes game, box, manual; small crease on top of box; small inventory labels on the box that could be safely removed with the right cleaner; manual has some bent corners but they look like they could be ironed flat; cartridge is in great shape; overall condition: kicks ass and chews bubblegum; stick this one in a plastic protector for display
Nintendo 64 Game Boy Transfer Pak $15 Official Nintendo; Model NUS-019
Perfect Dark $14 Cartridge only; some scuffs on the Rareware logo
Pokémon Puzzle League $40 Includes game, box, and manual; box has tears, tape, and a sticker from the rental shop that used to own it; manual is in good shape; cartridge is in amazing shape
Pokémon Stadium $109 Includes the box, manual, and Game Boy transfer pak; box is in great shape, but has damage from when the sealing stickers were removed
Rayman 2: The Great Escape $19 Cartridge only; back has a price label that could probably be removed with a little heat and the right cleaner
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire $35 Box and cartridge only; box has some creases but is in ready-to-display shape
The New Tetris $40 Includes box, game, manual, and other doc inserts; box has some scuffs and freys, but still good enough to put on display; one of the inner tabs is torn; cartridge is in great shape, but the front and back labels have stickers from the rental shop that owned it; labels could be removed with the right cleaners and patience, or left on as-is if you just wanna put this on display
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil $4 Cartridge only; has Blockbuster labels on the back and their engraving on the front


Game Price Note
Descent 3: Mercenaries $1 Disc only
Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna $8 Sleeve with the 3 discs


Item Price Note
PSOne Combo $500 Factory sealed SCPH-141; combo pack that includes the white slim PSOne (SCPH-101) Sony LCD Screen (SCPH-131)
Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena $130 No manual; case has some cracks
Car and Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98 $4 Case has crack on front
Chrono Cross $15 No manual; case has some cracks
Coedebreaker for PS1 $20 Disc only; Version 3
Crash Bandicoot $22 Green label
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back $12 Green label
Crash Bandicoot: Warped $15 Holo cover
Final Fantasy Anthology $17 Green label; great shape
Final Fantasy IX $21 Front of case has a crack
Final Fantasy Origins $25 Great shape
Final Fantasy VII $45 Crack on front of case
Final Fantasy VIII $15 No manual
Gran Turismo $12
Gran Turismo $11 Crack on case
Grand Theft Auto $15 Includes map
Grand Theft Auto 2 $15 Inside a replacement case as the original was cracked; the original case can be provided on request
Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London 1969 $15 Collector's Edition; includes map
Metal Gear Solid $22 Green label
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions $14 Crack on back of case
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero $30
Parasite Eve $30 Missing manual; missing bonus disc; cracks on back of case
PlayStation 1 Memory Card $10 Official Sony model SCPH-1020; clear emerald color
PlayStation 1 Original Controller $10 Official Sony original model SCPH-1080
Rally Cross $8
Resident Evil Survivor $46 Inside a replacement case as the original was cracked; the original case can be provided on request
Road Rash $21 Insert and disc in good shape; case is rough and will need to be replaced
Soul Blade $15 Green label
Star Ocean: The Second Story $20 No manual; front of case has a big crack
The Legend of Dragoon $25 No manual; crack on front of case

PlayStation 2

Item Price Note
Amplitude $7 Missing the manual; disc has light scratches that are easily repaired
Chaos Wars $17
Final Fantasy XII $12 Collector's Edition
Frequency $9
Gradius V $60
Grandia III $25 I think the game is in a non-original case; price reduced
Growlanser: Heritage of War $95 Limited Edition; factory sealed
Half-Life $50
Haunting Ground $300
Katamari Damacy $10 Disc has minor scratches; easily repaired
Kingdom Hearts II $10 Shiny insert
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 $13 Scuffs on case; disc, insert, and manual are fine
Odin Sphere $19
Oni $12 Some damage to the front of the case; everything else in great shape; unsure if this is the original case, but it is PS2 branded
PlayStation 2 8MB Memory Card $8 Official Sony SCPH-10020; clear red color
Project Eden $8
Soul Calibur III $15 Includes bonus demo disc
Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity $30 Disc has minor scratches; easily repaired
Stretch Panic $19 Minor scuff on front of case
Tales of the Abyss $30
Twisted Metal: Head On $17 Includes the art book

PlayStation 3

Game Price Note
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster $25 Limited Edition; factory sealed
God of War: Ascension $23 Factory sealed
Heavenly Sword $12
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2 $90 Limited edition; outer wrap was removed but game and contents inside never opened
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix $10 Limited Edition
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix $30 Limited Edition; factory sealed
LittleBigPlanet $8
LittleBigPlanet 2 $10
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 $55 Collector's Edition
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale $7
Resistance 2 $28 Collector's Edition
Resistance: Fall of Man $8
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles $130 Collector's Edition; factory sealed
The Last of Us $13
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves $40 Factory sealed; mine is a first-print black label which appears to up the value? Maybe someone can shed light on this
Valkyria Chronicles $13 Factory sealed
White Knight Chronicles II $15


Item Price Note
PSP 3000 - Hannah Montana Purple Edition $30 BOX AND MANUALS ONLY; has some price labels on the box that can be easily removed with the right cleaner
Crimson Gem Saga $25
Gitaroo Man Lives! $35
Gradius Collection $40
LocoRoco $10
LocoRoco 2 $9
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker $20 NO UMD DISC OR CASE; Limited Edition box; has slight damage on front from something pressing against it during shipping.
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus $20 Factory sealed
Patapon $6
Phantasy Star Portable $30 Factory sealed
Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood $45
Rock Band: Unplugged $10
Secret Agent Clank $9
Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny $20
Star Ocean: First Departure $42 Factory sealed
Star Ocean: Second Evolution ($80) Purchase Pending Factory sealed
Valhalla Knights 2 $11

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Xbox 360 (2 parts in comments)

Xbox One (in comments)

Strategy Guides (3 parts in comments)

Movies & TV Shows (in comments)

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Additional Accessories, Collectibles, Misc. (2 parts in comments)

Still plenty to sell...
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2020.09.20 01:49 sicherer23 Cute sex model girls and their webcams

DOWNLOAD LINK: sex model girls and their webcams

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2020.09.20 00:53 zohnster [S] Zohnster Survivor: The Amazon

Hello everybody! Shall we go with one more season?
Zohnster Survivor this time lands in my land, my country Brazil, and leaves 16 participants divided in two tribes in the Amazon forest. There they will compete for 1 million dollars and the title of soul survivor. For the first time, the two tribes are divided between men and women.
Check it out!


Jaburu Tribe
Alex Wong, 23, gamer (made by u/Survi40r)
Alex is a second generation American and the first in her family to attend high school. Her parents disapprove of her gaming in order to make a living, but she makes more money than they do combined.
Asma Cortéz, 22, tattoo artist (made by u/chia923)
An artist since childhood, Asma began experimenting with temporary tattoos and that is now her occupation. Her parents wanted her to go to law school, which she didn't. She took a few classes before dropping out.
Jennifer "Jenny" Prince, 42, actress (made by u/UltDragon)
Jenny has had a great career as a D-list actress (Not that memorable) and loves to mention it. Jenny is most known for playing that one girl in that alright movie. She is playing the game to (hopefully) reclaim some fame and bring a possible role to her acting career.
June Willis, 28, auto mechanic (made by u/TDSwaggyBoy)
As a kid, people always told June that something's wrong with her. She was always a very adventurous and wild child. She didn't enjoy doing what her parents told her to do, and always wanted to do things her way.Growing up, June was living in a very strict household, one that disowned her when she came out to them as a lesbian. Getting rejected by her own parents like that stung, but June kept on surviving.She went to live with her loving and open minded uncle and aunt, and is now still living with them at 28. She's single and ready to mingle, and is definitely open to a showmance.How well will that work out for her? Let's see.
Lauren Cole, 24, ice cream maker (made by u/Misfit298)
Lauren as always been obsessed with being creative. Everything she puts her mind to, she makes sure she gets it done. When in high school, she was one of the popular girls that joined the cheerleading squad but as time passed, she noticed how the other popular kids would always bully other kids and would question who her friends really were. Her breaking point was when one of her friend’s boyfriends brutally beaten up one of the anxiety kids who she grew quite close to. It was then she realised that she was with the wrong people. So, with that, she quit the cheerleading squad to help the less fortunate kids and cut all ties with the popular crowd. A few years later, she still remains in touch with the kid that got beaten up and enjoys her job as an ice cream maker, making sure other kids have fun and no one feels left out. She plans on using that same strategy on survivor.
Lianna Lippington, 35, chef assistant (made by u/swoldow)
Lip has been a socially awkward girl ever since she was a young child, as when she was six years old, on a trip to the park, she fell down a hill, and that provoked a swarm of wasps, which stung her face, and injected it with poison, swelling up her lips to the extreme. After numerous attempts of surgery, they were unable to revert her face back to it's normal look, so she was stuck with huge lips, plus terrible social skills all throughout school, which led to countless hours of merciless bullying from her classmates. She didn't know what her niche was, and suffered from extreme amounts of depression, until she fell upon the culinary arts in High School. She wanted to fit in as much as she could, but was unable to, however shocked her teachers when she ended up winning a county cooking competition her high school hosted. She eventually gained enough confidence to realize that she is worth something, and now has cast aside her insecurities, and now goes by the nickname 'Lip' as a way to symbolize she has embraced herself. She now works as an assistant to the head chef of one of her town's best restaurants, and is expected to take it over soon.
Malvina Melendez, 20, stastician (made by u/Nahuelfire39)
Malvina is a statistics worker who has a normal life. Malvina's family consisted of her parents and her 5-month-old baby brother. In her past, she was teased and insulted in high school because she was a lesbian, mostly by "popular" girls who teased and humiliated her in different ways. This made Malvina understand what to do and she confronted one of the girls, but unfortunately this added salt to the wound and resulted in a fight, but Malvina still accused the girls and some of her classmates of being homophobic and the girls were permanently expelled from school, while the guys who were bothering Malvina were temporarily expelled as punishment. In many days later, Malvina received apologies from her classmates and they became friends with her, even after high school, Malvina recognized some of her friends in her work.
Marie Cunningham, 32, pharmacist (made by u/Survi40r)
Marie was born to a rich family and she has used daddy’s credit card to get her everywhere in life. She doesn’t have outdoors skills and is just using Survivor as a free vacation.

Tambaqui Tribe
Atif Nasir, 24, fanfiction writer (made by u/chia923)
A superfan of Harry Potter, Atif has gone into writing fanfiction about it. The protagonist of his stories, Bill Moustafa, mirrors his personality in every way and Atif is planning to pull off a magical win in Survivor.
Frankie "Pastor Frank" Degrand, 72, pastor (made by u/Ripecornball60)
He is a pastor that wants to see what the younger church goers are talking about.
Hernandez "Mal Tipo" Ramero, 25, underwear model (made by u/Ripecornball60)
Mal Tipo is an immigrant from Mexico. Wanting to use his ASSets to his advantage, he wanted to become an underwear model.
Jake Jefferson, 26, firefighter (made by u/TDSwaggyBoy)
The younger son of former contestant Jamal Jefferson from Season 1, Jake grew up in a loving, caring environment. Sure, his family was never too well off, but they were trying their hardest to give Jake and his older brother John a good childhood. Jake always aspired to be just like his father. Sure, he had his flaws, but in Jake's eyes Jamal was the perfect role model. A kind man, a good man. After seeing his father perform and actually do pretty well in Season 1, Jake decided to give this game a shot too. He thinks he can do just like his father, if not better.
Kenny Eastwood, 32, guitarist (made by u/Misfit298)
Kenny grew up living the cowboy dream. He lived in Texas before moving to LA to join a band in which he was led guitarist. He enjoys living the high life and makes sure everyone is enjoying themselves. He is really competitive and loves a good challenge. When he was introduced to survivor, Kenny was instantly interested in trying out for the show. His bandmates helped him understand the social and strategic aspects of the game so he is well prepared. He loves the outdoors and loves camping so he feels like he can use those aspects for people to like him. He plans on using his country charm to create social bonds with people however, if he feels like having to betray someone to get where he wants to get, he will not hesitate in doing so. It is time for the next chapter in Kenny’s life and he hopes survivor will be a good beginning.
Mack Jackson, 45, salesman (made by u/swoldow)
Mack has always was a charmer, and has always seen others, especially women, as stepping stones for his success. In high school, there wasn't a single girl who didn't swoon for him, and he used that to his advantage, manipulating them all into doing his bidding, which includes buying things for him, doing things for him, and mostly sexual deeds. After he graduated top of his class from a prestigious school for business, he met a rich older woman at a country club, and immediately began working his magic on her. She fell victim to his charms, and married him, despite knowing her time in the world was limited due to having cancer. Once she died, Mack took her inheritance and immediately moved on to the next woman. Now on his third wife, working as a successful sales rep, Mack wants to increase his bank further and play Survivor.
Martin "Santa" Murray, 71, mall santa (made by u/asiansurvivorfan)
All his life, “Santa” has always strived to bring joy and laughter into the lives of as many people as possible. He didn’t have many family members/friends growing up, so entertaining strangers was very natural to him. For almost 50 years he worked as a television personality, after he stepped away from the spotlight, he started getting mistaken for the big man in red quite regularly due to his long white beard and his infectious personality. So he decided to start working as a mall Santa and enjoys the job very much.
Steve Reynolds, 27, actvist (made by u/Twig7665)
Steve had never known his father, he passed away due to a mix-up with police, and his mother acted abusive towards him his entire life, so much so he ran away at the age of 15, and lived on the streets for years until he was finally able to get a job at age 20. Now 27, he works as an activist against racism and he won't give up until he succeeded in abolishing racism or dead, because that's his main goal in life.


My Thoughts:
So, this was the season I least liked, it was very hard to write but in the end I managed to flow very nice and in general I liked the written text a lot. I loved three people in the game: Alex, June and Jenny. Great winner and great loser in the second place. Mack was a BIG strategist! Definitely coming back.
Winner: Frankie Degrand
Potential Returnees:>! June, Jenny, Mack, Alex, Hernandez, Steve, Jake!<

So, what did you think? The post of the All Stars season will already be updated with the returnees and you will vote for one of this season too, so be sure to check it out by clicking here.
We will be back with another season! Leave your records in the comments. I am very grateful to everyone who is coming, joining their characters and commenting. Thanks!
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2020.09.20 00:30 CripplerJones [USA][H] GBC Consoles; 3/DS, GBA/C, GCN, Switch, PSP, PS1/2, SNES Games & Lots; Parts, Promo Items & Soundtracks; PayPal [W] PayPal; List

Hi! Thanks for checking my thread.
If something appears more than once, it means I have more than one.
Want to see more photos or something that's not pictured? Just ask!
  • Buyer Pays Shipping - However, I have a tendency to round down and would consider covering shipping for larger bundles. Some items and lots include shipping, so keep an eye out!
  • Firm Unless Bundled - Prices are generally firm on most items unless bundled. That said, I'm always open to discussing prices and hearing offers. Keep in mind, I'm not desperate to sell. The easier you make things for me, the better deal I can offer you. Buy more, save more.
  • Packed w/ Care - Individual games will get the "double-bubble" treatment while larger orders and higher-end or fragile items will be boxed. Switch games will typically be shipped in a box, as I've seen too many of them damaged when sent in padded mailers. TL;DR - I'll pack your purchases the way I'd want them packed for me.
  • Bundles > Comment Order - Bundles take priority over single game purchases.
  • No Trades - Not interested in trading at this time. If I have something you want, and you have something I want, we'll just complete two transactions. It's easier that way.
  • CIB Black Label - Everything's CIB and black label unless the description says differently. If it's Player's Choice or Greatest/Platinum Hits, I'll call it out.

[H] Nintendo DS/3DS

💸 🕹️ 📝
$15 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team (DS) Case and game only. No manual or inserts.
$22 Sonic Classic Collection + Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (DS) CIB. Selling as a lot.
$30 Zelda A Link Between Worlds (3DS) New. White label.
Save $7, Get Free Shipping - Buy all of the DS/3DS games above for $60 shipped.

[H] Nintendo GBC/GBA

💸 🕹️ 📝
$50 Game Boy Color Console (Atomic Purple) Stock. See pics for condition. Battery cover is broken. Includes teal battery cover to make up for it. Game not included.
$50 Game Boy Color Console (Dandelion Yellow) Stock. See pics for condition. Game not included.
$5 Backyard Football (GBA) Loose.
$5 Frogger (GBC) Loose.
$20 Harvest Moon (GBC) Loose. Needs new battery.
$12 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (GBA) Loose.
$2 Razor Freestyle Scooter (GBC) Loose.
$5 Rugrats Totally Angelica (GBC) Loose.
$5 SpongeBob SquarePants Legend Of The Lost Spatula (GBC) Loose.
Save $10, Get Free Shipping - Buy all of the GBC/GBA games above for $44 shipped.

[H] Nintendo GameCube

💸 🕹️ 📝
$55 Luigi's Mansion (GCN) CIB. See pics for condition.
$55 Pikmin (GCN) CIB. See pics for condition.
Save $5, Get Free Shipping - Buy all of the GCN games above for $105 shipped.

[H] Nintendo Switch

💸 🕹️ 📝
$32 Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack New. Includes LRG Switch game case protector.

[H] PlayStation 1

💸 🕹️ 📝
$35 Final Fantasy VII CIB. Discs 1, 2, 3: Mild wear. Needs cleaning. Very good condition other than a chip in case (see: Disc 3 tray).
$95 Xenogears CIB. Disc 1: Light wear. Disc 2: Nearly perfect aside from some scratching in the center ring (i.e. not the data area but the part that mounts to console). Very good overall condition. I'm just looking for something closer to new.
Save $5, Get Free Shipping - Buy all of the PS1 games above for $125 shipped.

[H] PlayStation 2

💸 🕹️ 📝
$8 Final Fantasy XII CIB. Light disc wear. Broken manual clip.
$20 Grandia II CIB. Light disc wear.
$18 Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition CIB. Some case wear.
$10 Kingdom Hearts CIB. Possibly resurfaced.
$10 Kingdom Hearts CIB. Possibly resurfaced.
$6 Mega Man Anniversary Collection CIB. Moderate disc wear.
$10 Sega Genesis Collection CIB.
$15 Shadow Of The Colossus CIB. Moderate case wear.
Save $12, Get Free Shipping - Buy all of the PS2 games above for $85 shipped.


💸 🕹️ 📝
$20 Invizimals New.
$15 LocoRoco New.
$15 LocoRoco 2 CIB.
$20 Lumines II New.
$20 Patapon New.
Save $10, Get Free Shipping - Buy all of the PSP games above for $80 shipped.

[H] "Garage Sale" Lots

PS2 "Garage Sale" Lot - $32 shipped
This is a small lot of PS2 games in varying condition, with some being much better than others. VGPC has them at something like $68. I'm selling them for much less due to the shape they're in.
All are CIB unless stated otherwise. Pics upon request. I'll test anything if you ask, and I expect most of them to work fine with a few exceptions, but I'm not guaranteeing functionality on any of these games. This lot is very much sold as-is.
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Someone drew a dragon on the manual. It's pretty rad. Case has some warping. Disc is worn.
  • Mojo - Some case wear.
  • Puzzle Challenge Crosswords & More - 🤷.
  • Splinter Cell - Disc shows wear. Some case wear.
  • SOCOM 3 US Navy Seals [Greatest Hits] - Worn cover art.
  • The Sims Bustin' Out [Greatest Hits] - Very minor disc wear. Some case wear.
  • Tony Hawk's Underground - Top layer damage. Worn disc. Expect to have issues running it, if it runs at all.
  • Tony Hawk's Underground 2 - Loose. Top layer damage. Worn disc. Expect to have issues running it, if it runs at all.
Save $19, Get Free Shipping - Buy all of the individually priced PS2 games plus the PS2 "Garage Sale Lot" for $110 shipped.
SNES "Garage Sale" Lot - $50 shipped
Includes the eight titles listed below. As of this writing, this lot's valued at ~$82 on VGPC. I'm letting them go for much less based on their condition. While these games need a good cleaning (and while Extra Innings has seen better days), they still deserve a good home.
I'll test anything if you ask, and I expect most of them to work fine. However, I'm not guaranteeing functionality on any of these games. This lot is very much sold as-is.
  • College Slam
  • Eek! The Cat
  • Extra Innings
  • Timon & Pumbaa Jungle Games
  • Top Gear
  • Sim City 2000
  • Super Off Road The Baja
  • World Cup USA '94

[H] Miscellaneous

Parts & Accessories
💸 🎮 📝
$7 DS Lite GBA Slot Cover (White) Great condition.
$8 Handheld Console Carrying Pouches Price is for both. Great condition.
$5 N64 Transfer Pak Untested. Priced accordingly. Missing one screw. Sticker remnants on base. Sold as-is.
$1 Plastic Game Case/Box Protectors Price is per protector. Light shelf wear. PS Vita (3), SNES (2), Switch (1)
$25 PS4 Console Box Only (500GB Launch Model) Great condition. Box for launch PS4 (Nov. 2013)
$20 SNES Controller Box Only Good condition. Just the box. Has Mario and Yoshi on it.
Promo Items & Pre-Order Bonuses
💸 🎁 📝
$10 Animal Crossing Tom Nook Phone & Tech Badge New. Best Buy pre-order bonus.
$10 Atelier Trilogy Switch Mini-Case Keychain New. Play-Asia pre-order bonus.
$5 LRG PS Vita Blind Box (No Game) Just an empty PS Vita game Blind Box from Limited Run. Nothing more, nothing less.
$14 Super Turrican Director's Cut Box Only (No Game) Came with Super NT. One of the flaps is creased. Includes SNES plastic box protector.
💸 🎵 📝
$12 River City Girls OST (CD) New. LRG.
$10 Streets Of Rage 4 OST (CD) New. LRG. Two available.
$18 Super Smash Bros. "A Smashing Soundtrack" 2-Disc Set (CD) New. Two-inch crack in back of case.

[W] Wants

I'm interested in buying complete, black label copies of the following games in like new condition or better:
Ape Escape (PS1)
Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1)
Castlevania Symphony Of The Night (PS1)
Chrono Cross (PS1)
Final Fantasy Chronicles (PS1)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1)
Final Fantasy VIII, IX, VII (PS1)
Grandia (PS1)
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete
Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
Parasite Eve (PS1)
Parasite Eve II (PS1)
Star Ocean The Second Story (PS1)
Tenchu Stealth Assassins (PS1)
Tenchu 2 (PS1)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (PS1)
Xenogears (PS1)
Discs should be practically flawless. I'm talking 9/10 or higher (this is what I'd consider nearly perfect). Willing to negotiate based on condition.
Titles that are crossed out I have on the way, but I assume I don't actually own anything until it's in my hands. I'll still consider offers for those items if you have one to sell.
Additional wants:
  • Enter The Gungeon Switch Reserve (Switch) - New/Sealed
  • Sands Of Destruction (DS) - CIB Like New or New/Sealed
  • Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (PSP) - CIB Like New or New/Sealed
That's all for now. Thanks!
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2020.09.19 20:47 kuwaitflourmills96 Psychological wellness Maintenance Is Made Simple

Psychological wellness Maintenance Is Made Simple

Wishing she had never been conceived, Roberta turned into my patient, looking for urgently to improve her emotional wellness. Like the anecdotal George Bailey character, Roberta's downturn and uneasiness had become so solid as to compromise her capacity to lead any similarity to a typical life. Luckily for Roberta, she before long found precisely why the common medication of humor is one of the most remarkable adjunctive medicines for improving psychological wellness, since humor truly pours water on the fire of wretchedness and nervousness. Click here TERAPIA DE CASAL RECIFE

Roberta isn't the only one. The same number of as 35% of all Americans experience the ill effects of misery and tension, the twins that make psychological wellness subtle for millions. Your downturn and tension is exacerbated by your reality - paying attention to yourself as well. As we move into adulthood, we tragically get tied up with the idea that mindful and gainful individuals must be "not kidding." As we commit the greatest error of our lives and consign our humor nature and enjoyable to recreational exercises (on the off chance that we experience fun by any stretch of the imagination), we fate ourselves to all the manifestations of the comparing reality that makes up for the shortcoming - declining wellbeing, rising pressure, expanded agony, diminished vitality, hindered inventiveness, and that's just the beginning.

The uplifting news for your psychological well-being, in any case, is that we realize how to contract your savage earnestness to hardly anything and lessen totally the influence it holds over your wellbeing, essentialness, health, and zing. The normal medication of humor is a unimaginably ground-breaking asset that you as of now have; you've just overlooked how to utilize it to greatest viability. You will before long find that, while not a panacea, the regular medication of humor is a huge tonic for melancholy or nervousness and will likewise supercharge different medicines since it is an astounding adjunctive medication as well!

I have refined the characteristic medication of humor, during my time of clinical practice, into an astonishing solution I call The Fun Factor. In light of what I gained more than twenty years prior from an at death's door fifteen-year-old patient, I made a one of a kind arrangement of standards I call the Fun Commandments, at that point fashioned these Commandments into my Fun Factor remedy and have been endorsing The Fun Factor with extraordinary accomplishment for quite a long time. This report will tell you the best way to utilize only three of my Fun Commandments to turn your psychological well-being near, and increase new bliss, delight, and gratefulness from your life!

Improve Your Mental Health Using My Fun Factor Prescription

Stage One: Always Go the Extra Smile

The primary Fun Commandment I suggest for improved emotional wellness is: Always Go the Extra Smile. This Commandment is doubly accommodatingly for misery and nervousness in light of the fact that in addition to the fact that it provides quantifiable enthusiastic and physical help, yet it additionally is totally heavily influenced by you - paying little mind to your conditions. Since grinning remains absolutely under your influence, it tends to be your most noteworthy asset for utilizing humor's characteristic medication to quicken your psychological well-being.

Grinning produces quantifiable physical advantages you can encounter promptly: your pressure diminishes, your resistance improves, your agony and dissatisfaction resiliences increment, and your imagination takes off. Also, prepare to be blown away. You experience every one of these advantages regardless of whether your grin is "phony." That's right...forcing a grin onto your face livens up your insusceptible framework and helps your disposition similarly as promptly as a certifiable grin. Counterfeit a grin and you'll before long feel all around ok to wear a genuine one!

This is extraordinary news for your proactive position on economical emotional wellness. You have a stunning measure of pre-emptive command over your mind-set - you can, truly, pick more vitality and joy. The key for your utilization of this Fun Commandment in improving your emotional wellness is to begin rehearsing at the present time, so grinning turns into a settled in, routine strategy for getting to the normal medication of humor. On the off chance that you stand by to grin until your psychological wellness has gotten ugly, and misery or uneasiness has grabbed hold of you, it won't be as successful.

Stage Two: Act and Interact

Grinning drives us directly into the second Fun Commandment you'll discover instrumental in keeping up your emotional wellness: Act and Interact. Humor's regular medication works best when we are sharing ourselves and this Commandment will show you how to benefit from the control you've assumed control over your physiology and mind-set by grinning. Acting and connecting is currently simpler for you to do on the grounds that you're grinning more. Not exclusively is your temperament improved, however your grin is likewise a charming greeting to others.

My recommendation is that you harden the intensity of this Commandment by defining a sensible objective with respect to the quantity of individuals you will communicate with every day. These social connections are extraordinary for your emotional well-being, constraining you to trade data and thoughts with someone else. Joined with your duty to grinning, your associations ought to be lovely, in light of the fact that your increased vitality, decreased torment, and brought down feelings of anxiety are alluring to other people.

Past keeping you out of disconnection, there is another motivation behind why acting and connecting with the individuals you experience encourages improved psychological well-being. It permits you to stay away from profound "punctured tires." Spiritual punctured tires happen when you evade, or dodge, a connection that is going to happen normally - you duck into an office to abstain from experiencing somebody in a foyer or you don't pick up the telephone since you would prefer not to converse with the individual calling. This sort of shirking channels and erases your supply of incredible regular vitality and siphons your emotional wellness holds.

Have you ever seen that it ordinarily accepts you twice as much mental and physical vitality to abstain from carrying out a responsibility than you would have used simply doing it? It additionally takes double the vitality to abstain from acting and cooperating with the individuals who cross your way since you are, essentially, saying, "I will the misstep that nature made by placing this individual in my way and I will it by being intellectually and profoundly careless." Mental and otherworldly carelessness have a similar impact as physical carelessness (isn't it unusual how you get worn out in the event that you don't work out?). On the off chance that your emotional wellness can bear to permit this much vitality to be depleted, at that point you have an a lot greater repository than I!

However, otherworldly punctured tires accomplish more than channel our vitality, they are adverse in at any rate two extra ways:

We pass up a communication with an instructor. In the event that nature didn't have an exercise for you, that individual you just kept away from would not have been set in your way. You state that the individual you just kept away from was a negative impact or would've burnt through your time? I realize we have real timetables to keep, yet on the off chance that I am dodging individuals dependent on my prejudgment of them, I'm cutting myself off from my most prominent educators - those exact same individuals.

We as a whole take in resistance from the bigoted, tolerance from the anxious, moderation from the excessive, delicacy from the miscreant, and so on. I am remarkably thankful for those instructors and the exercises they give me.

We make a little, pestering profound drained of deceptive nature, the sort of untruthfulness that shields us from laying our heads down with complete genuine feelings of serenity every night. Our profound punctured tire is brought about by the pothole our evasion made; it is a characteristic result, or manifestation, of our otherworldly deceitfulness. These outcomes mess our lives with mental and psychological weight that further depletes us of our vitality and imperativeness.

Stage Three: Celebrate Everything

The third Fun Commandment which will assist you with utilizing the characteristic medication of humor to energize your psychological wellness is: Celebrate Everything. Commending everything may seem like a great assignment to somebody who's emotional wellness isn't adequate, yet you will discover this aspect of my physician's instructions a lot simpler to satisfy once you begin rehearsing my initial two Commandments. Truth be told, commending everything is in excess of a support step giving manageable emotional wellness. It will likewise turn into your way of life, the more you practice it, since you will appreciate the outcomes to such an extent.

How would you commend everything and in what capacity will this keep your psychological well-being on the rise? The exemplification of this Commandment is found in the old joke about the kid who needed a horse for his birthday. Rather, he found a room loaded with excrement hanging tight for him. In any case, he dove directly into the excrement, joyously shouting, "With this compost, there must be a horse in here some place!"

Snicker as we would, we're brisk to recall that, as grown-ups, we could never permit ourselves such "innocent" eagerness. Why not? Do you understand what is behind such a "grown up," "adult" choice? Your destructive earnestness (paying attention to yourself as well) supports the disposition that a develop grown-up ought not leave herself alone so idealistic and subsequently psychological wellness is imperiled.

We could accomplish more than laugh at this birthday kid's brazen hopefulness - we ought to copy it! When was the last time you experienced an unforeseen heap of compost in your life? You had definitely no influence over the wreck, isn't that so? In any case, you had outright authority over your response to it and this is the way to utilizing festivity to keep your emotional wellness improved!

At the point when you praise everything, the regular medication of humor makes profound, enthusiastic, and psychological well resembling nothing you've felt previously. You will find that your apprehensions become significantly less controlling when you are praising everything since it no longer issues so much how things turn out. Actually, you are truly prepared for anything since you are set up to discover the gift in whatever occurs.

My little girl in-law, for instance, crushed her spirit a year ago. My child, who is regularly my model for the epitome of my Fun Commandments, can tick off a clothing rundown of endowments his family has gotten as an immediate consequence of his significant other's "misfortune." Not that his emotional wellness hasn't been tested, b
submitted by kuwaitflourmills96 to u/kuwaitflourmills96 [link] [comments]

2020.09.19 20:28 Xx_KiK_xX Vol 4 Final Chapter 4 and 5/8

"Ahhh, I know. I know that I always make mistakes, so everyone calls me the trash boss. It's you who call me the most often, Combatant Number Six!"
This is the middle of the wilderness with no shelter.
If we stand in such a place, of course the enemies would see us clearly.
Even if we are not standing in a fixed place, they could see our landing from inside the whole territory of the Demon King's Castle. As Alice said, the demons are gradually gathering here.
In other words...
——Now standing in front of us, is not only the main force of the Demon King’s Army whose number suprasses thousands, and the number of enemies is also continuing to increase.
"Are you serious, Lilith-sama? The opponent is the main force of the Demon King's army. In other words, it has almost all the fighting power. Do you see someone with a big brown breast in the front? She is one of the four heavenly kings of the Demon King's Army Heine of fire."
That's right, Heine, with her arms around his chest, stood at the forefront of the extremely alert and motionless Demon King's Army in front of us.
"It's the competing general written in the report, right? What brown big breasts. Breasts don't need to be big, mine are superbly beautiful ."
After the flat chested boss gave out meaningless information, she and Alice, who had never taken it seriously from a moment ago, prepared to fight.
"...Um, Lilith-sama, what are you doing? And, are you really going to fight them?"
No wonder Rose is so confused.
"This is preparation so that I can attack with all my strength in an emergency."
Although it is preparation, it is not a big deal. Lilith just set up all kinds of heavy artillery sent by the conveyor by her side.
"As for the second question, you ask me if I really want to fight... I just want to say first, let me show you my smartside."
Lilith, who was surrounded by howitzers, said happily.
How did it turn out like this? Are you excited because of the approaching battle?
This gloomy boss didn't really like head-on confrontations like this.
"Hey, Number Six. After installing this, take it to Lilith-sama."
While Alice was speaking, she pointed to a machine that had just been delivered.
"...? Miss Alice, what is this?"
"This is a connection device that can be connected to the satellite even when I am away. Insert the end of the extension cord of this device into the small hole of Lilith-sama."
"That statement! Wait, Alice, your statement sounds horribly wrong every way! Rose, don't misinterpret it. Through the remodeling operation, my body has buried a jack that can be inserted into the tip of this wire. That’s all. This matter is very important. You must keep in mind that there are more holes in my body than ordinary people, and there is no pornographic meaning.”
Ignoring the raging Lilith, preparations for the battle have already been completed.
Lilith picked up the extension cords of the many artilleries cords and kept moving under the white robe.
...I really wonder about what's going on under the white robe.
"Lilith-sama, I will help you plug in the wires too."
"Forget it. If I ask you to help, something bad would definitely happen. Specifically, it's a matter of sex."
Seeing unfamiliar artillery appear one after another, the Demon King's Army headed by Heine gradually increased its alertness.
"Now, Alice. Won't you stop her? It feels like the consequences will be disastrous."
"Lilith-sama hasn't seen you for a long time, and must have accumulated a lot of pressure. To be fair, this big show regardless of cost also has a pressure-relieving effect. Anyway, the opponent is a competitor in the same industry, so let her make a mess."
As expected of an android without blood and tears, her thoughts are cold-blooded.
"...However, the evil points accumulated by Lilith-sama so far were originally used when the earth entered the decisive battle. If so many cannons are used at the same time on this planet, just by replenishing the ammunition, her evil poin would drop to a negative value in a blink of an eye."
Lilith is worthy of being the highest cadre of Kisaragi, and the accumulated evil points is simply countless.
The points earned just by making countless amazing weapons are among the best in Kisaragi.
"These points are important for the battle against heroes and giant robots, right? No matter how i think about it, this is not worth it."
"Yes. It takes quite a lot of points to send weapons and ammunition from the earth... She probably thinks that even if all points are exhausted here and drop to a negative value, it would feel good."
......If you return to Earth when the points reach negative, wouldn't you be punished? Seeing me confused, Alice shrugged. There was a hint of joy in her expression.——When the extension cords of the artillery were finally inserted into Lilith's body. From then and now they've been on guard against us, and the far-sighted Demon King's army began to move.
To be precise, Heine, who led the entire army, came towards us. When Heine came about 20 meters away from us, she opened her mouth and shouted:
"Hey, Combatant Number Six. What are you doing here? What horrible ideas do you have?"
Heine should have understood the ins and outs and she let out an unkindly smile.
"Or did you want find the Demon King while your bait was being driven away by us?"
......She saw through it.
After all, apart from that, there is no reason for us to appear in this kind of place unless we were cooperating with Tigerman's attack.
"I acknowledge your strength... for this reason, if there is finally a battle, I would summon the whole army to fight against you. Don't you call me despicable, if I didn't do this, I wouldn't have been able to defeat a cunning fellow like you. ."
...Why did this guy deliberately give out such a warning?
"... But, as long as you are willing to surrender and exchange Russell of water's personal safety with me, I am willing to negotiate."
Ah, that's it. This guy hasn't given up to get Russell back. Unfortunately, Russell can no longer be saved.
The fact that he has no resistance to women's clothing is proof that he is unsavable, he has also gradually found joy in the process of cooking and laundry for the combatants, taking care of everyone, and being dependent on him.
At the same time--
"Number Six, is she one of the cadres of the Demon King Army?"
Lilith asked, she seemed to be ready to fight.
"Yes. She is the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Army-Heine of Flame."
Upon hearing this, Lilith sent a loud voice over and shouted to Heine:
""Test test. Hey, this the big tits girl, did you hear my voice?""
Heine tilted his head suspiciously when the other party suddenly yelled in Japanese. Then Lilith shouted again in the local language:
"I want to tell the cadre of the Demon King's Army to surrender. This is a warning. Once we go to war, I will turn this place into purgatory in the name of Lilith of Black."
... After hearing these words, except for the shocked Heine, everyone in the Demon King's army on standby burst into laughter.
The Demon King's army laughed endlessly. But after Heine, who was the only one without a smile, raised his hand, the laughter stopped abruptly.
"You don't seem to be an ordinary threat. Hey, Number Six, who is this guy?"
Heine always asked me very vigilantly. I said to her:
"This is my boss. The highest cadre of our organization, Lord Lilith."
"You, the top cadre of your organization..."
Hearing this, Heine was sweating nervously. It can be seen that what she just said was true, and she does recognize our strength.
"After all, there has been an example such as Alice, even if the other party is a child, they should not be taken lightly. Moreover, she is so calm in front of the enemy, which shows that this is not a lie."
Heine increased his vigilance and looked closely at our reaction again. Upon seeing this, Lilith smiled slightly, as if saying that everything was as she expected.
"...How about, Heine of Flame? Do you want to surrender? If I show my true power, my purse would also bleed. If we could negotiate a settlement here, it would be a great help to me."
Lilith showed a lack of energy and seemed to be saying that anything is fine, which made Heine more wary. Seeing the unknown weapon and the appearance of Lilith's cords, Heine was obviously a little confused.
"...If you mobilize so much manpower, just to be pushed back by your opponents, it will damage the reputation of the Demon King Army. Are you still reluctant to surrender?"
"Just return Russell, and then I will let you go...All of them are little girls. The demons have always been strong willed, if they really fight, even I can't stop them?"
...That so, she threatened her. Then it's war. We are an evil organization and have seen countless tragic scenes.
So I spoke:
"—Hey, Alice, did you hear what she just said? Heine, the bastard, actually told Master Lilith to surrender. This fellow is looking down on us, right?"
Hearing my speech that resounded through the wilderness, let alone Heine, even Lilith was shocked for some reason.
"Oh, she has continuously fought me and Number Six in a grueling battle numerous times. She is really desperate. As long as Master Lilith shows her true power, everyone present will evaporate within five seconds. And will never be seen again. Although she is a competitor in the industry, I am still a bit sentimental..."
Alice's next words made Heine pale instantly.... But, how come Lilith's face is pale, is it just my illusion?
"Uh, no, no! Ah, I didn't mean to look down on this lady..."
"Six Six, Number Six, Alice, it's me who is negotiating, be obdient and just sit there!"
So far, I've made up my mind. I will witness this to the end.
"Master Lilith, don't worry about leaving us behind. Although compared to Master Lilith, we are just a nest of chicks, but we can guard you without causing you any trouble."
"Support work is also covered by us. If you are seriously injured, we can also provide you with the most complete treatment."
Regardless of the panic-stricken Heine and Lilith, Alice and I took up arms to ourselves. Infront of the enemy, I don't know to what extent they'd be killed
"Master Lilith is unmoved by such a huge army! Even if we are defeated, you won't back alive! Bastard!"
"Yeah, you are defintely dead. After all, your opponent is Lilith the Black. Her bounty amount is the highest in the world. This is not a vain name."
Hearing how Alice and I clamored, the soldiers of the Demon King's Army gathered indignation.
Seeing our morale skyrocketing, Heine trembled and said:
"Wha wha wha, want to fight? The enemy is infront of you do you really want to fight, you sure you to fight? Are you serious? I've been continously insulted by my subordiantes! I was sent back in a very embarrassing manner because of Number Six. The Demon King Army has already lost it's face since long time ago, so I am not afraid of it now!"
"Come, come, come, come and fight! I won't show weakness in front of my subordinates! But thanks to the Number Six, the majesty of a boss has long since disappeared!"
After the two winked at each other, they breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably--
"Say, say that's the case, after the fight against your Tigerman, we also suffered a considerable loss. We currently cannot be on par, so let's stop here?"
"Yes, yes. Tigerman has already taken action to weaken your power. If I launch an attack again, it will feel like taking his credit. I'm sorry! And our organization has some losses. Today, I can let you go... ..."
I raised the sword to covered the sloppy Lilith, and cursed the Demon King Army behind Heine:
"Oh, don't underestimate Kisaraagi! I will smash all of your miscellaneous soldiers! Alice and Rose, you guys say something too!"
"These people are not worth killing. Let's take them back and use them as experimental samples!"
"I, I'm a Chimera Combatant, a fight is just what I want! There are many people in it that look so delicious, I will do my best!"
The expressions of the two cadres changed from iron blue to panic. Under their gaze, I shouted:
"We are an evil organization, secretly organization Kisaragi! What Demon King Army! Let's go together!"
After getting the cover of her lovely subordinates, Lilith also shouted:
"Don't provoke a war--!"
Following Heine who had accepted her fate, the soldiers of the Demon King's Army rushed towards us together.
"Stupid! Stupid number six! The report said that the cadre named Heine has a psychological shadow on you, so I want to settle it by negotiation!"
"You are still saying this now. You are ready to fight. Who wants to negotiate?"
That's right, the appearance of Lilith surrounded by artillery is what is commonly known as the serious mode.
"I just wanted her to look at my consciousness and seriousness mode, and be threatened! On earth, just seeing my appearance, most of the enemy army would surrender! These weapons are just for an act! In order to save my evil points, I wanted to solve all this in a peaceful way!"
Oh, it was like that
"Master Lilith, this is not Earth. Those people don't understand your serious model."
"Da, damn--!"
The distance from the Demon King Army is a bit far, but not too far.
The army all over the wilderness should be able to kill us in less than three minutes.
Alice used her shotgun to knock down the advancing enemy, and cheered Lilith at the same time.
"Hey, hold on, Creator! You are my maker, let me see your good points!"
"Alice, after the matter is over, I want to talk to you! Number Six being stupid is already enough, you are sensible, and yet why are you so inciting! Do you want to keep me on this planet like this? You coquettish android!"
While speaking, Heine rushed towards Lilith with flames.
"My subordinates can't withstand the radical method, you gave me trouble! Although I don't hate children, as long as I defeat you, I will win! In this situation, I will not show mercy!"
"As expected of an evil organization, we are all suffering because of those mischievous subordinates! Don't show mercy? It's been a long time since I heard this sentence! After all, I am the number one most dangerous person on earth, just by hearing this sentence. Then, I think this trip is worthwhile!"
Heine kept blasting the flame ball, and at the same time rushed towards Lily's chest. Seeing the weapons surrounding her, Heine seemed to have figured out that they were a long-range attack type.
"Hey! What, what is this!"
The flame ball was shot back one by one by a large number of tentacles. After a while, Heine was caught by the tentacle.
"Hahahahahahaha, sexual abuse of evil female cadres is also one of my jobs! Look at number six, I am going to use the tentacle torture!"
"As expected, Lord Lilith, you really understand the heart of a combatant! Next, I'll strip her off before Heine's men!"
"Stop, stop--!"
"You guys take it seriously! Why is that only the trainee combatant who’s trying her hardest to fight!"
Hearing what Alice said, I looked at the front-line and saw Rose was breathing flames to threaten the enemy.
"Ahhhh, it will really breathe fire! Alice, bring her back to earth--"
"You want to say " she can be used as an environmentally friendly and clean energy source", right? When I first met her, I thought about this kind of thing! It's almost time to show your true ability, Creator!"
I used the R-saw sword to hit Alice's orc head-on, and at the same time shouted to Rose:
"Rose, get out first! Master Lilith is coming!"
"Wait! I didnt say it's time for me to be seriious...! Ah, how fucking annoying!"
After Rose jumped back vigorously, Lilith threw Heine, who was entangled in her tentacles, to the Demon King's army.
"Ahhh! damn...!"
The moment Heine who was thrown to the ground, she yelled at her...
All the tentacles that had regained their freedom reached out to the Demon King Army--
"Wha! Wait! Wait...!"
The sudden big explosion and loud noise made Heine whose head was on the ground, yelled out inexplicably.
Heine, who was in a state of chaos, saw Lilith's tentacles shoot countless bullets, electric shocks and heat rays, causing the soldiers of the Demon King's Army to flee everywhere.
"Ahahaha! Oioi, run away, run away! Open your eyes and look at me clearly, this is the power of Kisaragi!"
"Yes! Don't underestimate my creator!"
"Captain and Miss Alice, don't talk behind Lilith-sama!"
Even though several soldiers released arrows and magic on Lilith, they were all blocked by their tentacles...
"This, this, what is this! Retreat.....retreat, everyone retreat!"
Heine, who was still lying prone on the ground, called out loudly, but Lilith, whose head was running at full speed and her eyes bloodshot and red, didn't take it seriously, and shouted loudly:
"This is the final surrender warning! I am only using 10% of my strength. Ah, do you think I'm just bluffing? Saying these words means that I will lose? Very well, I shall show you a part of my full power"
All the Demon King's army led by Heine should have seen the black object that suddenly appeared in the distant sky. Although the weapons that were summoned were only used for bluffing, the transmission devices that could connect to satellites seemed to be real. She connects her mind directly to the satellite, located at the distant high altitude as coordinates, and specifies the transmission path. The depth charge sent from the headquarters of Kisaragy was dropped to the remote ground in this way.
"I will let that thing fall on you in a moment! But then, after you are driven to desperation and self-defeating, you will fight until only the last soldier is left! I repeat! This is the final surrender warning!... If you make my points drop to negative, I will stay on this planet forever! I don’t care! I'll have a good time here living with Six, Alice and Rose--''
Before Lilith finished speaking, a huge explosion of smoke and dust suddenly rose along with a loud noise——
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2020.09.19 19:44 OneSilverRaven Raven Reviews: IxSHE TELL Part 2, Love and War are NEVER Fair.

When looking back on the first part of this review after I had posted it I felt like perhaps I had given the protagonist (Ninomiya Hajime) a poor representation. P-kun, or Protagonist-kun if you prefer, is a term I use to describe a VNs POV character when they are... less then developed. This isn't necessarily a condemnation of a novel (Yukizakura is a pretty good novel with this type of protagonist) but I'd be lying if I said I didn't use the term derogatorily. I am not blind to the fact that the appeal of "blank slate" protagonists in this genre specifically is higher then most, but I think the evidence is overwhelming that more beloved novels have more developed protagonists. Shirogane Takeru, Toomi Yuna, Emiya Shirou and others might not be what most people think of when recalling their stories but their is no doubt in my mind replacing them with a vehicle for easier self insertion would have been a mistake, as each is crucial to the feel of the narrative. Depending upon your opinion of DDLC as a parody of traditional novels you might even reference its call outs of the POV character as recognition that the vast majority of VN protagonists are not only underdeveloped but participate in actions that from an outside perspective they have no motivation to do. So when I reference IxSHE Tell and its protagonist I feel slightly bad about including him on the same list as Takao Ibuki rather then giants like Okabe Rintarou because he has SOME personality at least. So i'll make a compromise, just this once. When I can justify it I'll refer to the protagonist by name, and when he slips into self insert territory I'll call him out for it with P-kun, so if you see me switching back and forth in this review that's why. Part 2 is going to cover my thoughts on the common route and its assets so lets dive right in and talk about the title screen.
IxSHE Tell starts almost immediately upon launch with a loud trumpet filled intro track over a picture of five girls tightly clustered in front of a posh throne. A few weeks ago when I published my first review of HuniePop I commented at length about my personal pet peeve for title cards and this one is... not very good. For starters the characters are much closer together then on the promotional art picture of the exact same scene (the characters even have the same poses) and that tightness clutters the left side of the menu uncomfortably. The picture on VNDB is MUCH better and not only lets each character breath more but puts emphasis on the empty seat which was presumably left open for the reader. The draped curtains in the background and the bright gold of the title clash with the music as the upbeat tempo and almost party like tone conflict with what looks to be a much calmer and upper class if unusual arrangement formed by the heroines. As a group shot, this title card fails to show anything but the most superficial traits of its subjects. I guess you could gather Kozuka is younger then the others from her expression and clothing but her personality doesn't really fit the tone she's putting off with her body language and saying you could guess Yamabuki is a tsudere or Yuuki is confident from their posture is a stretch at bast. Muv-Luv's title card isn't PERFECT but it's a much better example of how things can be done right in a group shot where every character has something unique to convey their personality to the reader. Pretend you've never seen either of these novels before and compare just these two images on VNDB, the list of things you can guess about one game's characters is easily triple the length of the other. So not a great omen for whats going to come but who knows maybe the title card at 100% completion will be better...
In the past year of 201X (Seriously? Mega Man style date? What is this a secret Sci-Fi novel? If you're so worried about accurately depicting a level of technology just leave the year unspecified nobody cares! All you're doing with this is drawing attention to it.) the novel opens with a strange bit of narration in which the student newspaper (presumably) talks about the virtues of P-kun... okay. And tells the reader about him by calling him the hero student council president. So we know this novel isn't compensating for anything out of the gate at least I mean we're JUST the legendary president of the student council it's not like we're also drowning in women or anything...
Anyway cut to an introduction to our first Heroine Yamabuki Yoshino presented with a cute title card claiming she "Can't fully hide her true feelings" so look forward to embarrassing the soul out of her all game. She's okay I guess, her introduction is twenty minutes of nagging P-kun in her capacity as vice president while everyone tells P-kun how great he is and stuff. Then she falls over for a pantsu CG and the whole thing is so forced and unbelievable it comes off as a joke which is REALLY not want I wanted my FIRST interaction with this girl to be like but hey maybe you like seeing strong women humiliated to the tune of epic suspenseful music more suited to a poorly done Lord of the Rings video game then a VN, no judgment.
The rest of the student council, all one of them, is introduced (Hakuwa Shoukichi) as well as presumably the president (Kozuka Yui) and vice president (Ninomiya Aoba) of the neighboring sister school who's name is unimportant enough I'm not going to bother looking it up but it directly feeds its students into P-kun's academy so thats nice. Aoba is P-kun's sister and an adorable brat, she and Shoukichi spend the entire novel as one note characters i'll discuss in detail later but both are pretty enjoyable to have around. For story purposes all you need to know is Shoukichi has a crush on the school idle and does all the student council grunt work while Aoba is three steps down from spoiled rotten and oscillates between totally obnoxious and sickeningly sweet and clingy. Oh and she's friends with Yui I guess.
Speaking of which Yui gets her own title card "Both childlike and mature" (THAT'S not code for anything) and has the best romance introduction in the game. Hajime pulls her aside and tells her that as a fellow student body president he wants to ask her for her advice. He's having doubts what he's doing is the right thing. Today's student council meeting was all about the abolition of the centuries old ban on romantic relationship he had pretty much single handedly championed and gotten passed and how it was going to affect the school. Yoshino, again, his vice president, had originally run against him as a supporter of the ban and still speaks out against it despite working with him diligently as he was the people's choice. Hajime expresses his fears for the future and openly questions if this new freedom will come at the cost of some people's comfort who will now be subject to unwanted advances. Yui's response is so well crafted I can't do it justice in this summery but she asks point blank if she is the only one who knows Hajime feels this way. When he reply's affirmatively she takes responsibility for all his fears, and dismisses them. As the only person who COULD blame him, by choosing not to she makes it so their is now no one who does. Again the scene is MUCH better then this but I still have over half the cast to introduce so take my word for it, GREAT first impression from Yui.
Next comes Yuuki Ayaka, the school idol and two year winner of some beauty pageant. Apparently she's voiced by Oohashi Ayuru who is an idol herself which is a neat touch but her introduction here is UNBEARABLE... Her Heroine quirk is "Fary-Tale ideas of romance" which translates to referring to herself as "Perfect and Kawaii" every third paragraph and rejecting the advances of over a dozen guys, including poor Shoukichi, and some unnamed student directly in front of P-kun and Yui on their walk home. Realizing P-kun is there, she flat out presses her butt on his groin while saying to his face he, as the schools most popular boy, is the only man she could accept the confession of. Which prompts P-kun to freak out internally as he apparently has a crush on her and is a member of her "fan club" whatever that means. Apparently Ayaka and Yui know each other and Ayaka is teasingly warm to Yui's teasingly cold, bet that's going to come up later. Anyway P-kun gets Ayaka to blush after she DECIMATES poor off screen confession bro and the scene ends.
We pick up with P-kun walking home with his childhood friend Hanamori Shiori who I THINK is the front runner for best hair but we'll have to see. Her quirk is "Madly in love, single-minded devotion," and she will oscillate between too shy to function and creepily obsessed with P-kun for the rest of the novel until the romance branches. Her scene here is completely forgettable and uninteresting because the only thing that matters is that you know she's P-kun's childhood friend.
At the dorms Hajime and Shiori apparently live at together with Yoshino (Because THAT'S fair to the other heroines.) a new student is transferring in after the semester already started in true anime style and she immediately latches onto Hajime during their introduction. This is Koshimizu Kasumi, the apparent LOSER of best hair by popular vote which is a darn shame because the indigo tints on her tips are pretty cute, but that's a topic for later. Apparently she knew Hajime, Aoba and Shiori from their childhood where she was really sickly and Hajime would come visit her and bring her the schoolwork she missed. This left such a huge impression on the girl she developed her quirk "Pure, unabashed adoration" of Hajime and now that she's all better and able to go to public school again ten years after they met she's here to reunite with her white knight. Honestly it's a pretty touching story that feels a little rushed but OH BOY wait till we get the resolution to this one down the line it is going to get SO much more painful to read.
But enough of that, it's time to meet the best character in the game Hanamori Yasumasa! Yasumasa is Shiori's little brother, which makes him YOUR little brother by right of childhood friendship, and he's adorable. Your introduction to him is at the last meeting of the club you preside over together hilariously called The Horny Brigadier Brotherhood with the sole goals of creating and maintaining a free, secure network to browse porn at the school and abolish the relationship ban. Today's meeting disbands the group as Hajime steps down from his position as general (Which is weird right I mean can you even be the president of two groups simultaneously in Japanese schools I didn't know that was a thing but regardless) and Yasumasa is the vice president. When one of the members gets too rowdy Yasu threatens to suck him off and I'm going to have to stop this whole review for a second because that one line is my favorite in the whole novel.
Full context, I am a bisexual man. I lean about 60/40 in favor of women and didn't discover this part of my sexuality until I was in college, so the majority of my taste is centered around more traditional media rather then BL or Yaoi, but I do dabble in that as well. Yasu as a bisexual character is something I almost never get to see because in the words of my real life little brother "Japan only has two sexualities it recognizes, straight and fetish." Even setting that aside though for all the LGBTQ+ representation in American and Japanese media the B part of that is actually really hard to find good examples of in media ESPECIALLY male versions. They exist, but in recent years especially what little their is often gets drowned beneath a sea of purely homosexual characters and stories so its harder and harder to find. I can't tell you how excited I was to have this opportunity presented to me to see a good bisexual character because this game has a real chance to positively portray him and might even give the barest note of something between him and Hajime. I wasn't expecting a full romance route or anything, but their has to be a failure route in this game, and THAT is the perfect place to put something. It doesn't have to be flashy, maybe just a confession scene where Hajime, who rejected every one of these five girls, is approached by Yasu who questions him about why he's still single. It could end with a kind rejection, CG optional, or maybe even a kiss after the fade to black if they want to spoil me but this is a golden egg I'm BEGGING you Japan don't waste this...
After the meeting Hajime returns to his room and the narrative shifts to view the three love interests he boards with in the bath. Now I'm by no means a pearl clutching reactionary, but their is literally no reason for this scene to take place in the bath outside of Echii. If you didn't install the H-patch the scene is bland and has absolutely no character sprites. If you did the camera hugs the largest tits in the room as the girls talk. This conversation could easily have been anywhere else in the building but whatever the first CG in this game was an up-skirt pantsu shot so I guess this isn't as egregious as THAT. This does give me a good opportunity though to mention I WILL be including the H-patch content in this review but I'll be sectioning it off as much as possible to it's own subsection. When I eventually get to the romance routes I'll be glazing over everything Echii but this particular scene was kind of unavoidable to mention because Kasumi announces that she is going to confess to Hajime in front of the other two girls... and then immediately gets out of the tub and does it! I don't know why I find that so surprising but we as readers met this character literally twenty minutes ago in and out of game so this is REALLY forward but I guess points for confidence.
Kasumi's confession takes place in P-kun's room and is... a mixed bag. On the one hand her story, that she was a sickly girl P-kun would visited frequently ten years ago to bring homework and spend time with before she moved away for her health thus causing her to motivate herself to get better so she can one day reunite with her white knight is touching and romantic but also feels kind of rushed for a reason I can't quite explain. Maybe its the way she tells the story but I get the sense it would have been more impactful if it had a few more sentences of build up somewhere but for what it is it's serviceable. Hajime, understandably, politely tells Kasumi the two of them just met kind of and while he's flattered she feels so strongly about him he can't return her feelings as of yet because he knows so little about her. So not fully rejecting her but not saying yes either, just a request to get to know her first. Then she trips on him and the camera zooms on her boobs. So that ruins the mood as Yoshino comes in to tell P-kun he's terrible.
The second half of the prologue begins with Kasumi transferring into P-kun's class, because of course she is. the next five minutes are background nobodies saying she's pretty. After a time skip to lunch these murmurs of Kasumi's apparent good looks reach all the way to the third year classes apparently because Ayaka bursts into the class to see her new competition appalled that Kasumi has been here less then 14 hours and has already confessed to her "crush." After establishing that Ayaka and Kasumi are now maybe possibly rivals not only for P-kun's affections but the beauty contest crown as well Yui, who apparently ran all the way from the sister school, bursts into the room, catches her breath, and asks Ayaka point blank if she is also here to confess to P-kun. If all of this is sounding rushed don't worry it is.
Yui makes the kind gesture of apologizing in advance to Kasumi, who without question got to P-kun first, but nonetheless confesses her love in front of the whole class which WAY too embarrassing even for me and I can't help but think this poor girl is going to be RELENTLESSLY teased for this but whatever its cute she's so brave. Hajime gives her the same response he gave Kasumi, stating he wants to consider both of them before deciding, which is pretty cool of him not ganna lie. Kasumi takes it really well considering she's standing right there as it all happens and says she likes the idea the boy she loves is so popular so as many girls can confess to him as possible without bothering her. Everyone acts real mature about the whole situation and honestly the atmosphere of the whole thing is pretty sweet.
Then Ayaka interrupts the mood tripping over herself to ask P-kun out too.
Yeah, this is the worst confession in the game and her reasoning that "We should date because we're popular" is ridiculous. I don't have any jokes about this I just find it really poorly executed, 0 points.
After that P-kun is chased out of the classroom and down the hall by a ravenous group of girls in a brief break for levity before the novel establishes P-kun is apparently remembering arm day because he hoists himself into the student council room through the window, and will do so on a regular bases throughout the rest of the novel. Inside he's greeted by Shiori, Yoshino, Yui, and Kasumi as well as the entire student council important enough to have a sprite. Yoshino, unable to take the second hand embarrassment of the girls who already confessed to P-kun cooks up a ridiculous plan. She confesses her "love" for him, saying she wants to have the most debauched relationship possible to get the romance ban reinstated and end all this chaos. The only important part of this is that no one thinks she doesn't actually like him and just felt jealous so she did something rash. Aoba asks if her brother is going to die tomorrow to keep karmic balance and at this point I wouldn't be surprised if he did.
Anyway somehow this group chooses to be productive after all that and discussion begins on a PR campaign that the photography club, of which Shiori is a part, will be helping with. Hajime is nominated to be one of the models for a series of posters showing a model couple for students to look up to and the remaining girls fight over who will be his partner in the pictures. Everyone has their own reasons for why they should be picked but just when the reader may think they'll be given the first choice of the game Hajime (After a day of deliberation, a visit to the cafe Ayaka's parents own in which she works so SHE can be in on this, a much better and cuter scene then her introduction with Shiori at the dorm, and an admittedly pretty good fake out when Hajime gives a speech to the student body about the right to love in which we get a LOT of time with Yoshino.) just chooses Kasumi and the whole thing resolves... and then Shiori confesses her feelings in front of the other girls in the weirdest, most unsettling way possible.
In a CG where she twists her head to look over her shoulder as it tilts back, Shiori, backed by the most ominous track possible, expresses she has loved P-kun since childhood blah blah that parts not interesting she looks like a total Yandere. Like no joke if this was the only picture you had to go on, which at this point it is, you'd expect this game to devolve into Love Letter at some point down the line it is TERRIFYING! Gotta admit though her stance of "If all it takes to get a yes from you is to get to know each other then I should easily win because I've known you for years." is a pretty good argument. Seriously though I really can't stress this enough she isn't just setting off a red flag it's BLOOD red.
The first of five subsections in the common route opens with P-kun being chased by a hoard of women and a 90's style record scratch sonic movie opening "Yeah, thats me, if you wanna know how I got here we have to go back to-" in medias res. Now because of the way the heart system works my summery from this point on is going to SOUND really surface level and bare but for every scene I gloss over with a sentence it is entirely possible something takes place that may not be important to the STORY but was purely designed to endear the reader to the heroine featured in it. I'll point out any moments I feel are noteworthy but just because not much PLOT happens doesn't mean NOTHING happens alright?
P-kun has a flashback to this morning when Yoshino walked him to school and the two of them were mobbed by a hoard of girls who either want to ask him out or ask him about the girls who asked him out. He runs and abandons Yoshino to the wolves. Good boy Yasu meets up with Hajime for the cross view section which I will cover quickly. Yui's scene is just talking with Moka and getting pumped to go spend time with P-kun. Yoshino deals with the aftermath of being abandoned. Kasumi meets a cat girl and acts cute. Ayaka is swarmed by fans who agree to help her track down Hajime and Shiori has a panic attack. You see what I mean about these summaries? Each of those scenes was probably a ten minute read where not much happens but you're able to spend time with the heroines. I'd love to go line by line and talk about how charming some of these moments are but this review is already a monster so I'm just going to have to move on.
Yasu is being blackmailed into helping the mob of girls but he nobly sacrifices himself for p-kun to escape, fainting to distract them. Hajime ends up at his favorite spot on campus, the Clock Tower, where Ayaka visits him and they have a chat. Apparently Ayaka's fan club is working like a not so secret service to give her an advantage. Which I kind of want to say is cheating but will let slide because the other girls get outside help from their friends later in the novel. Anyway the mob finds them and Hajime flees again, this time to the auditorium where Kasumi gives him a lunch since he probably hadn't had a chance to eat yet and if you don't give her a heart for that you're a monster this is a legitimately sweet gesture. Hajime freaks out that she was keeping the milk she got him between her breasts, must be a Japanese thing because I don't know a single teenage boy who would care. Anyway you can guess what happens, they're found, he flees, this time he's pulled into an unused room by Shiori who sits on his lap, which is somehow NOT a CG but whatever I'm not salty. The title screen has her in a close position to what I imagined anyway. Anyway more girls and more fleeing. (How long has this been going on don't you kids have class to get to?) Now Hajime climbs trough the student council room window again and finds Yui who stuffs him under her desk to prevent him from being spotted and we get ANOTHER pantsu shot which is WAY over quota now and its not even tasteful. Like this is full on up the skirt vag view, for which Hajime is rightfully punished by... being crushed between Yui's thighs... are we sure this is before the Echii patch add ons?
The school day comes to an end when literally every heroine, Aoba, and Moka all end up at Ayaka's cafe (she had invited Hajime their in the earlier scene) and they talk for a bit about who Hajime is going to take on a date. For the first extra scene the reader gets to make that choice. Kasumi takes him to the mall where she clings to his arm, not a great scene but playful I guess. Yoshino runs into her political supporters against relationships and forces Hajime to pretend they are just out together as friends. Ayaka has a truly forgettable scene of walking with Hajime. But the two stand outs are definitely Shiori and Yui. Shiori has a scene I'm guessing is much more sexual in Japan where you measure her cup size, I don't know maybe that's your thing I just can't get over the *squish* sound effect it's like a bad anime skit. Yui calls you Onii-chan for the ONLY time in the novel and asks you to pet her head which is ADORABLE and it is a CRIME this is the only time this happens.
Next day, new batch of hearts.
Hajime runs out of ink for his pen... Theirs a joke here somewhere but I can't quite find it... anyway Yoshino offers him some of hers... god I really feel like I'm missing an innuendo here. Hajime turns her down and runs off to the campus store where he runs into cat girl and Ayaka. Apparently the store needs to sell a whole bunch of noodles nobody wants and cat girl is depressed about it. Ayaka offers to do a handshake event, which I guess is a Japanese thing where when you buy a certain amount of a product you get to touch a celebrity, and volunteers Hajime to be there too, so that's the plot of this subsection. All the girls find out about it and have their own reactions. The cross view section lays out their plans. Shiori skips class to be first in line. Ayaka uses her fame to advertise. Kasumi volunteers to work the store in exchange for four times the necessary amount of noodles to qualify for a handshake. Yoshino beats herself up over wanting to go to the event and not having a good excuse (She's really starting to lean into that aggressively shy personality about romance.) And Yui has a HEARTBREAKING scene where she thinks about how even the short distance between the two sister schools is a roadblock to her romantic prospects because unlike all the other girls she has to run every day to even SEE Hajime and they just have to go to class. She finds out about the handshake event but by then she knows she'll be way back in the line. Oh and Aoba has a scene where she tries to price gouge people and fails miserably, so that exists.
Anyway the actual event takes place and all the Heroines get a chance to interact with Hajime, the scene comes off as a bit comedic with Yui wearing a disguise so the artist can make use of the alternate lab coat outfit she has for no good reason. Yoshino's indecisiveness makes it so she gets in line too late to buy any noodles but Kasumi gives her half of the ones set aside for her day of work. Ayaka cracks some pretty good jokes, and the whole thing ends with a photo shoot for the whole group where Ayaka surprise kisses Hajime on the cheek. And Shiori is there too. Then you get the least interesting extra scenes in the game. I mean they aren't BAD they're just comparatively the worst of the bunch. Ayaka tells you she was embarrassed to kiss you but swears she wants to make your heart flutter. Yoshino acts embarrassed on the walk back from school and runs off. Hajime just kind of chats with Shiori, walks Yui home, and gives Kasumi her "handshake" after she teases you. Nothing terrible just nothing super interesting either.
The next scene is a fireworks festival and the best part of the whole game. I mean it if you could somehow only play one part of this novel THIS is the part you should do it is cute, fun, has great jokes, honestly its better then any of the romance routes so if this review has gotten you interested in the game I honestly recommend a blind look at it you'll have a blast.
The girls get into an argument about who is going to be Hajime's date to the festival and decide to play a game called King to determine the winner and while I would have LIKED to have this scene take multiple paths it always plays out the same way but the jokes here are top notch as the girls all try to one up each other. Theirs a CG of playing the Pocky game with Yoshino and it's adorable, honestly Yoshino kind of steals the show during the game till she passes out peso pon. Eventually the girls all drop out one by one until Kasumi wins and gets the right to your fireworks date. But tragedy! That night she calls Hajime saying she lost a special pendent and just can't leave the house without it. So he tells her to stay put since it's getting dark and goes to the school to look for it.
The cross view this time around has the first of two tied for worst scenes in the game and some really cute moments. Kasumi ruminates on how cool you are for understanding she can't go on the date with you and decides to go to the school to look there even though you told her not to, but she's the outlier because literally all the rest of the heroines plan a big party at Hajime's dorm on Aoba's suggestion. In Yui's scene we see her upset that she lost the game with the other girls and Aoba suggests the party to cheer her up, why the developer decided this scene needed to be done from both Yui's AND Aoba's perspective when Yui would have been fine on her own I don't know but I HATE when visual novels repeat themselves like that it's maddening. The difference is literally six lines of dialogue but to find it I have to sift through all this stuff I JUST read, it's a waist of time. If you want me to have both perspectives, wright the scene in two parts and put one after the other, like Aoba recommends the party and then Yui thinks about what a great friend she is shortly after ANYTHING ELSE but this. Shiori, Ayaka, and Yoshino all get invited and agree to go. Their's also a really nice scene of some random no name guys talking about Hajime and how jealous they are of him but it's not mean spirited or anything they act really casual about it, honestly this might be my personal favorite of the cross fades its just got a really nice atmosphere to it.
Hajime arrives at the school and tells off my boy Yasu for bringing a camera to school to catch couples getting frisky on campus during the fireworks which totally sounds like its going to happen given the recently lifted ban on romance making people lose themselves in the moment but Hajime is a total cock block and tells him to go home. After a long time searching Hajime bumps into Kasumi and just when they're about to lose hope and go home the fireworks start and a glint of light leads Kasumi right to her pendent on the ground. Overjoyed, but sad they missed their chance at a date, they head back to the dorm to find the party in full swing and have a great time. the extra scenes are all post festivities and range from decent to too cute to exist. Yui and Ayaka get walked home, nothing super interesting but sweet. Shiori helps clean things up and you do the dishes together like a married couple. But Kasumi and Yoshino definitely win this round. Yoshino, like a boo from Mario, inches closer to Hajime when he looks away but losses her nerve when he looks at her. Intentionally turning to see what she's trying to do but without looking directly at her he sees her creep up and lock pinkies with him with a triumphant "Yay! I did it!" under her breath. He responds by holding her hand and the two of them clean the outside party area together. Kasumi looks up at the starts and talks to herself about how fortunet she is to have met Hajime and when he approaches her she asks if, just for a moment, he'll let her think of him as her hero as she cries on his chest in relief she still has her pendent. It's not a long scene, but it is incredibly touching.
the next subsection is a party at the dorm, no not the party we just had a different one, this time a sleepover. Theirs a scene with Hajime's teacher who I have purposely avoided speaking about until this point. Rest assured she has been here the entire time I just don't think she's very important. This is the exception however as Hajime runs off to save her from drunk driving and we get the cross view early. Ayaka stresses over what to wear with Moka, a scene we also get from Moka's perspective, same problem as last time don't worry I won't repeat myself. Yui rolls around in Hajime's bed, which I don't THINK is an innuendo in this case but who knows? Kasumi tries to bribe Aoba into giving up information on her brother and gets conned. Yoshino agonizes some more about being in love and Shiori hits her brother while thinking about getting treated like a 50's wife. Hajime brings the teacher back to the party and she kisses his cheek before being murdered off screen by five jealous women.
After ANOTHER scene in the bath involving talk about all kinds of girl stuff it would be inappropriate for me to reveal here due to its private nature Hajime goes to take a bath of his own and all the girls show up in their swimsuits because OF COURSE we need a swimsuit scene this is a VISUAL NOVEL come on! Their is a lot of unnecessary boobs and then extra scene time. Ayaka is outside and reiterates to Hajime her desire to make his heart flutter. Yui sits on the couch with him and lets him pet her. Yoshino also gets head pats. Shiori comes to visit and nearly kisses p-kun and Kasumi burns her sensitive tongue after an indirect kiss. It's all really cute, good note to end the extra scenes on.
The last section of the common route is the Haloween party and this is the point the narrative has been building toward. Tonight, Hajime chooses one of the girls to ask to the dance and finally gets a girlfriend and it is the least interesting part of the whole novel. It's not TOTALLY worthless, Yui and Kasumi get to be pretty cute but 90% of this section is just the heroines agonizing over who he's going to choose. Theirs a subplot about Yui being too busy to go to the party but its resolved quickly and the whole cast ends up together for a little free time and competition that Kasumi and Yui totally win. Something to note in the cross views is my good boy Yasu reveals he's into traps and shows the entire student council, all one of him, a picture on his phone of one. The scene ends with the first and only choice of the game. Who won your heart?
In the previous part I alluded to the fact I would be discussing the entire rest of the game in part 2 but as you could guess from the fact their is a paragraph left in this post I'm going to have to renege on that. I have no intention of stopping here but I'm going to need to make this a three parter at least, I just bit off more then I can chew. Next week, I'll focus on what happens with each heroine when she gets the chance to interact with P-kun by herself. If you're liking this review so far be sure to let me know as I'm putting a LOT more work into this one and feedback is the only way I can know if it's paying off. If you've read the novel let me know what you think of my summery, naturally I had to leave a lot out but I'm curious to see if you would have included something I overlooked or vise versa. Regardless, I hope you were entertained, stay well!
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2020.09.19 19:28 vaginaldischarged Fear: A Vent (scared of DB, not actually there yet)

My (22F) boyfriend 27M says his penis hurts and he showed me so I'd know he wasn't "bullshitting" me. I agreed and as we were talking about it, he admitted he stress-masturbated which made the irritation worse. This is a fearful piece of news for me, especially consider the time I went to his house last week for 5 days that the last two days were just me on top, which I associate with when the guy starts to tire of having sex with me.
I hate this, I am so frightened. I just want a sex partner that makes me feel desired and I guess I could handle porn, even though right now I feel so angy at it even though I know it's truly a neutral thing, but I can't handle one knowingly masturbating while they realize it will worsen their condition, especially since it's not like he's willing to have sex with me while it is in the condition it's in.
I feel like relationships are meant to trap me with some guy that would rather have access to millions of images of other women rather than a man who would like to have sex with me. We're in a monogamous relationship, but it doesn't feel like true monogamy when the guy is willing to sacrifice sex with me for getting off to other people. I can't even do an equivalent because looking at porn doesn't turn me on, if anything, the way things are acted and done disgusts me, and I really need sex with a human. I wish we could either have an open relationship, or he not watch porn since it's obviously a higher priority than sex with me. Obviously the latter will never happen in 2020 and I'm sure I'll get told I'm ridiculous and controlling for even desiring that, so I would never ask or mention that.
This is a pathetic vent so I'm sorry if what I've said doesn't make sense. I just feel so sad and done with feeling 2nd place to porn when I put so much effort in my appearance in part because I love feeling sexual all the time and I want it all the time. People ask me if I am an actress or a model, I get compliments on my appearance in public from strangers often, I get randomly asked out in public, too, but why does it matter? You put effort into yourself and it's like no one cares. Why would they? They can just click on the internet and find another girl who looks like you, only more tailored to your tastes. It's as my boyfriend once said: sex with women is obsolete. I just want a reliable sex partner that isn't pornsick, but that's a very tall order in this day and age, it feels.
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2020.09.19 19:18 Better-Engineering13 Being a teenage girl is a little difficult

Before some grown ass man runs into my comment section (or just anyone honestly) trying to lecture me on “how good I have it” I would ask you to fully read my post before you go off.
I feel like a lot of people, men in particular, don’t understand how growing up as a female can be really difficult because of the stuff we have to juggle with and it bothers me when men go out of their way to downplay young women’s struggles because they haven’t experienced it.
I’m going to put it all on the table and say the main struggle I’ve dealt with being a teenage girl is the infantilization of being a child and the sexualization that just comes with being a teenage girl. It’s astonishing yet frustrating to me how men no matter the age will feel comfortable tearing down, belittling, and sexualizing teenage girls but will also dismiss us like children.
It’s like I’m an object because I’m 100% certain at this point (and I maybe I’m wrong) that adults believe that teen girls should be seen and not heard. My brain is seen as empty but my body is seen as “ready” and I’m judged in that way. What do I mean by this? I can’t get away with what younger children can due to me physical
clothing that’s deemed “too revealing” I’m judged because unlike a prepubescent child my “ready” body makes men feel uncomfortable (so who cares if I like my outfit or feel comfortable in what I’m wearing? The men think I look too grown so who gives a damn about my feelings?) so I need to cover up my femininity for their sake but I’m damn sure not given the same respect as an older woman.
I’m a stupid little girl right? So it doesn’t matter how right I am. To be seen and not heard, controlled without bodily autonomy, and certainly not to speak our minds or face ridicule. What’s funny about this treatment is that the same grown men who will dismiss me as an ignorant child for sharing my opinion they may not agree with are the same ones who eye me when I walk down the street wearing a crop top. The same ones that hold their gaze on me even in a classroom setting. The same ones that feel too comfortable telling a young woman we “look too grown” or to put it even more gratuitously, in some cases even going as far as calling young girls “jailbait” for whatever reason.
What makes it worse is they society promotes this treatment of young girls and men actively participate in it. school girl porn, the rise of the Lolita/Jailbait aesthetic, adults policing young women’s sexuality, “teen girl” porn tabs, America’s history of sexualizing underaged actresses and models, and the commonness of the statement “Teen girls just grown nowadays” are just a few examples.
Look, all I want is humanity and the same basic respect adults are given. I’m not stupid, I’m not an object, and my existence is not up for debate.
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2020.09.19 19:17 Better-Engineering13 Being a teenage girl is a little difficult

Before some grown ass man runs into my comment section (or just anyone honestly) trying to lecture me on “how good I have it” I would ask you to fully read my post before you go off.
I feel like a lot of people, men in particular, don’t understand how growing up as a female can be really difficult because of the stuff we have to juggle with and it bothers me when men go out of their way to downplay young women’s struggles because they haven’t experienced it.
I’m going to put it all on the table and say the main struggle I’ve dealt with being a teenage girl is the infantilization of being a child and the sexualization that just comes with being a teenage girl. It’s astonishing yet frustrating to me how men no matter the age will feel comfortable tearing down, belittling, and sexualizing teenage girls but will also dismiss us like children.
It’s like I’m an object because I’m 100% certain at this point (and I maybe I’m wrong) that adults believe that teen girls should be seen and not heard. My brain is seen as empty but my body is seen as “ready” and I’m judged in that way. What do I mean by this? I can’t get away with what younger children can due to me physical
clothing that’s deemed “too revealing” I’m judged because unlike a prepubescent child my “ready” body makes men feel uncomfortable (so who cares if I like my outfit or feel comfortable in what I’m wearing? The men think I look too grown so who gives a damn about my feelings?) so I need to cover up my femininity for their sake but I’m damn sure not given the same respect as an older woman.
I’m a stupid little girl right? So it doesn’t matter how right I am. To be seen and not heard, controlled without bodily autonomy, and certainly not to speak our minds or face ridicule. What’s funny about this treatment is that the same grown men who will dismiss me as an ignorant child for sharing my opinion they may not agree with are the same ones who eye me when I walk down the street wearing a crop top. The same ones that hold their gaze on me even in a classroom setting. The same ones that feel too comfortable telling a young woman we “look too grown” or to put it even more gratuitously, in some cases even going as far as calling young girls “jailbait” for whatever reason.
What makes it worse is they society promotes this treatment of young girls and men actively participate in it. school girl porn, the rise of the Lolita/Jailbait aesthetic, adults policing young women’s sexuality, “teen girl” porn tabs, America’s history of sexualizing underaged actresses and models, and the commonness of the statement “Teen girls just grown nowadays” are just a few examples.
Look, all I want is humanity and the same basic respect adults are given. I’m not stupid, I’m not an object, and my existence is not up for debate.
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2020.09.19 19:16 Better-Engineering13 Being a teenage girl is a little difficult

Before some grown ass man runs into my comment section (or just anyone honestly) trying to lecture me on “how good I have it” I would ask you to fully read my post before you go off.
I feel like a lot of people, men in particular, don’t understand how growing up as a female can be really difficult because of the stuff we have to juggle with and it bothers me when men go out of their way to downplay young women’s struggles because they haven’t experienced it.
I’m going to put it all on the table and say the main struggle I’ve dealt with being a teenage girl is the infantilization of being a child and the sexualization that just comes with being a teenage girl. It’s astonishing yet frustrating to me how men no matter the age will feel comfortable tearing down, belittling, and sexualizing teenage girls but will also dismiss us like children.
It’s like I’m an object because I’m 100% certain at this point (and I maybe I’m wrong) that adults believe that teen girls should be seen and not heard. My brain is seen as empty but my body is seen as “ready” and I’m judged in that way. What do I mean by this? I can’t get away with what younger children can due to me physical
clothing that’s deemed “too revealing” I’m judged because unlike a prepubescent child my “ready” body makes men feel uncomfortable (so who cares if I like my outfit or feel comfortable in what I’m wearing? The men think I look too grown so who gives a damn about my feelings?) so I need to cover up my femininity for their sake but I’m damn sure not given the same respect as an older woman.
I’m a stupid little girl right? So it doesn’t matter how right I am. To be seen and not heard, controlled without bodily autonomy, and certainly not to speak our minds or face ridicule. What’s funny about this treatment is that the same grown men who will dismiss me as an ignorant child for sharing my opinion they may not agree with are the same ones who eye me when I walk down the street wearing a crop top. The same ones that hold their gaze on me even in a classroom setting. The same ones that feel too comfortable telling a young woman we “look too grown” or to put it even more gratuitously, in some cases even going as far as calling young girls “jailbait” for whatever reason.
What makes it worse is they society promotes this treatment of young girls and men actively participate in it. school girl porn, the rise of the Lolita/Jailbait aesthetic, adults policing young women’s sexuality, “teen girl” porn tabs, America’s history of sexualizing underaged actresses and models, and the commonness of the statement “Teen girls just grown nowadays” are just a few examples.
Look, all I want is humanity and the same basic respect adults are given. I’m not stupid, I’m not an object, and my existence is not up for debate.
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