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2020.10.31 02:12 MeteoXavier Clues, Coincidences, Curses, But No Conclusions.

[10/29/20 - Began at 10:40PM, Finished at 3:34AM]
This is something that will make it a No-Sleep night for me. There are a lot of questions here and I don't have a lot of confidence I will get answers for in the foreseeable future.

I don't know where else to start except to start with personal information I'm not typically keen on sharing. In 2011, I got married to * (name redacted) and our lives had, almost immediately, been hit with paranormal things of a wide variety. I could go into the really bizarre things that happened to us, but it would be better to stick with information that I feel is relevant to what happened tonight. * is extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY, sensitive to paranormal things and forces her to become a practicing spellcaster (I hesitate to use the term "witch") based on her Asian-Hawaiian heritage in order to get any kind of grasp on managing the spiritual things happening to her. Just before our anniversary getaway on 2013, she performed a ritual that was designed to, I'll call it 'dissipate' some spiritual turbulence. There was some concern that the ritual movement itself would have some kind of spiritual splashback, as can happen with even accomplished spellcasters, but we felt confident it would be ok and then went off to our getaway.

Two days later, in the middle of the night just before the morning we headed back home, * saw her father in a dream calling out to her. At that same time, I got a call from her Mom that her father (with whom she had been divorced from for 20 years) had collapsed of cardiac arrest. I had to wake up * and tell her the horrible news. That's when she told me she had seen her father in her dream... as well as what it meant. For a number of reasons, that was THE worst possible thing that could've happened to her, and to us, at that time. We immediately geared up to fly to Hawaii and flew out the next day. By the time we had touched down in Hawaii, he had already died. We stayed in Hawaii for a week, it was my first time meeting her family face-to-face and my first out there at all, but for her it was a traumatizing nightmare. It was *'s job to help Grandma ***, who was the mother of her now deceased father, figure out and go through the horrendous funeral plans and be able to have a service for him before we were due to fly back.

Meeting Grandma *** was among the most significant of her family for me to meet. *'s relationship with all her family is, to put it generously, extremely complicated, and Grandma *** was someone she had a less complicated relationship with. She was a traditional Japanese woman living in Hawaii who was living with *'s father. *'s father... wow. I never got to meet him in real life except to show up at his wake. I never got to talk to him but heard his voice. I don't know what he would've thought of me. The closest I can get to describing *'s father is that he's basically the Japanese-Hawaiian version of Cotton Hill from King of the Hill. He did some horrible things to *'s family when she was growing up, likely was a candidate for several mental illnesses, and is directly responsible for much of the complication in *'s life today. The flipside to that is that he had spent the last 10 years, at least, of his life trying to turn his life around and atone for what he had done, even if whatever his mental instability was never left. At the time he died, he was living in a 2 bedroom apartment with Grandma *** and Grandma ***, it was pretty obvious, had been carrying crushing weights of seeing what her son had become, knowing the things he had done, and knowing now that he was gone before he could turn it around completely.

* could not shed a single tear during the entire week. It was expected of her to be strong, for one reason, and also because a respiratory infection began by the time we got there and got worse as we flew back. * nearly died herself and didn't recover from the sickness until a month later.

That was the week after our honeymoon. If that wasn't bad enough, he also technically died on my birthday.

Describing the event from 2013 is the root of what is significant that happened tonight. You see, shortly after we got home, we got a call from *'s mom, for whom we strongly believe * gets her spiritual sensitivity and "powers" from, that she and her co-worker were in the van on their way to work talking rather snarkily about *'s father when, after mentioning his name, the van and everything in it shorted out completely on the road for what sounded like half a minute. The car stopped, the electricity stopped, the phone shorted out, everything. If you knew this family like I know them, you would quickly think like I did that *'s father was already causing mischief in his new supernal form. Even now, I need to be careful how I refer to him, as he could easily "punk" me in some way as well. *'s brother became the inheritor of his ashes, but soon had to find another place for it as we became aware that weird things began happening to him and his wife at their house as soon as they brought it in. I don't remember what they were (I've been too busy trying to keep track of *'s paranormal attacks) but it's a lot of the very typical haunting/oppression type stuff you see and hear about in modern ghostlore. I don't know where the ashes are now, but they had to be rid of it.

* herself never recovered the trauma of that event. Each time our anniversary came around or each time my birthday would come around she would become particularly dark and depressed, something that was already far more in excess than we needed and something we couldn't get ANY professional help for. That was the moment, I feel, that things for us really started going downhill. For 6 years since then, the spiritual turbulence she felt increased more and more; to the point where she would see spirits and feel attacked by darkness each day for weeks on end. She would have nightmares of her father being possessed by dark forces that would do unspeakable things to her and her family and * would wake up the next day being completely unable to function for almost the entire day. It's like whatever thin layers of protecting she had from this entire dimension of demonic force and soul chaos that exists alongside us were ripped off because it would just go on and on and on. Worse still, it wasn't just confined to us - there were things going on with *'s family in Hawaii that were pretty "what the fuck" to listen to. Some of them involved their having continued spiritual oppression, some talk about family members having supposed "extended" family members no one knew about staying at their houses and supposedly practicing some form of black magic. Learning of this would terrify and depress * even more, knowing things no one else would understand were happening to people who have enormous sway on her emotional stability, knowing no one would help them over there and knowing that there wasn't anything we could do to help them either.

You might be getting the impression that * was losing her ability to function normally, and you would be right. Even without the paranormal stuff relevant to this sub-reddit, * had a challenging road ahead with her physical and mental health. These things were inherited from her Grandma ***. You could say the two were roughly the same person separated by 50 years and each saw a lot of themselves in each other. Grandma ***'s ability to live on her own never recovered after her son, *'s father, died, and she had to move in with one of her other sons who has property in Arizona. She would call from time to time. She barely ever made any acknowledgement of me personally, but that wasn't out of any form of spite, that was part of the social difficulty she had and * had inherited. Grandma *** had a very aloof, hard, and not very warm exterior to those who might pass her by and not know her, but none of that was intentional. If she did open up to you, you would get to talk to a modest, kindly old Japanese lady who had a pretty ***damn rough life and carried the shackles of her difficulties and tragedies everywhere she went because they could not come off otherwise. * is much the same generations later, but her shackles, particularly since 2013, had multiplied in weight and transformed in ways that simply couldn't happen under normal circumstances.

As for me, I had the difficult position of having to keep a foundation of normalcy while things were going on. I'm not spiritually sensitive in the way * and her family are. Although there ARE some paranormal things I would say I have bore witness to, I don't see spirits or know when they are interacting with me. You can imagine and predict how that would play out in daily life. For me, 85% of it I had to just believe no matter how ridiculous it was, but there were times I would get clued in to some things. The most pronounced thing with me is that I have periods of what I would describe as "influence", where it feels like I had a sudden buff in my chances that I could correctly predict, or even unintentionally MAKE, something happen just by thinking of it in the free privacy of my own mind. I'd had moments where several times a day for maybe a week where I would think something like, "this person is probably going to turn to me and say something weird" and indeed that stranger would turn right the fuck around and say something like part of a conversation they were having with someone else and direct it to me (this happened twice), or I would imagine a large hanging sign near an alley I was going down at the grocery store falling down and then, seconds later, that very sign would fall down even when there was no obvious indication it would do so. I can't count the number of times I would be talking to * in the car of one thing or another and have my mind drift off to some cartoon or video game only to have her completely change the subject to that very item I was thinking of.

Skeptics or rationalists may listen to what I have to say there and tell me it's just coincidence everyone has or that married couples start thinking alike after a while or something similar, but I tell you as a (former) rationalist myself - it doesn't feel like simple coincidence. It doesn't feel like common shit I already know and am familiar with like everyone else knows. They are pockets of too much coincidence in too short a period of time.

With my brief powers of psychic acumen, I can predict you have read this far and are wondering what the point is of all this text is getting at. This is a lot of backstory, some of it going as far as meandering, but doesn't have a center, doesn't have a structure. For this, I say to you - in real life, paranormal stuff for those of us who don't get the windows into the other realms that people like * and *'s mom and many others who say they see and feel things that normal people can't only give us clues, coincidences, curses, but no center. If you think this is a lot of reading, you're missing 20x more backstory and really strange, genuinely upsetting stuff that happened to * and myself leading up to the current day.

Here is what I'm getting at.

At the end of 2019, * left me. Not like the normal way most couples do. The last time I saw her, I was kissing my wife goodbye as she went to visit her Hawaii family for the first time since 2013 and would be back on Christmas day. Instead, she announced on her second day of being in Hawaii to everyone that we were getting divorced. A lot of people were shocked, but none more than I was.

I'm going to skip a hell of a lot of associated drama, chaos and potentially good story material on its own accord, and get to this: she planned a possibility of demanding a divorce while away ahead of time, but she had not decided to actually do it until the second day she had been in Hawaii. SOMETHING happened on the plane and I'm still not sure what it was. A man on the plane was touching her leg in a way that I would have done something about if I had been there. She tried to sleep several times and would keep seeing another man when she closed her eyes that triggered a major anxiety episode. When * finally got outside the airport in Hawaii, she literally believed she was going to have a heart attack and die on Hawaiian soil (like her father did) and didn't even meet her family for the first two days she had gotten there. She instead stayed at the airport hotel room, took a lot of offense to me checking in on her because I had no idea what was going on, and after a day of rest decided then and there to divorce me.

To this day, I'm still just as creeped out by the mysterious circumstances that begun that as I am blindsided of the event and life change. What the hell happened? What the hell was this man that she saw when she closed her eyes? How much of that was part of what made the final decision to divorce? I don't know. * doesn't seem to know, either.

Here's the thing, though. After much talk, and after she did calm down some, she told me that what she really wanted to do was restart our marriage altogether. The 8 years of spiritual turmoil, the anniversary being tainted with her father's death, and the fact that, as a single woman below an income line and having some serious health concerns that our state could do nothing about, she was eligible for the state of Hawaii to provide health services that could finally overcome things that truly began the last time she was in Hawaii. "Did you really think I'd be able to [do unfinished business and emotional closure work with my life and family in Hawaii] in just two weeks?" she said at one point, and I can't help but agree. On paper, *'s plan was actually brilliant if brazen. She knew I wouldn't agree to something like this if I had a choice, so she had to take a chance and just do it. If I agreed to go through the divorce proceedings quickly, she would be able to start making progress and we could be back together in as little as 6 months.

Happy ending, right?

No. That plan was made in 2019.

Then 2020 began.

You better believe our 2020 was every bit as awful as all the memes you've seen posted around here and elsewhere about 2020. Even without COVID-19, this probably would've been the worst year of our lives. *'s health, mental stability and spiritual strength have not recovered. There was a time when she had a break from it for a couple months, but now the spirits have found her again. The nightmares begun again. She has to go back to her spiritual work and spellcasting except almost all of her stuff is still here at the house (and she hasn't asked for it, either). I know very, very little of what her life is like over there... and that greatly concerns me. The best way I can sum it up is that the things I knew were terrifying enough, but I'm even more scared of the things going on with her that I don't know about. COVID-19 hit and completely upended the relief of the guidelines we set out. Our divorce took twice as long as we had expected. * has been in lockdown in a house full of people she has complicated histories and relationships with and having to do more manual labor each and every day helping to clean and sanitize the house to protect from COVID than she would be required to do in a week here at the house. One of our mutual friends suddenly died without warning. Another mutual friend had betrayed me and used the DEAD friend as material to betray me with to ruin my relationship rebuilding efforts. My father also was surprise divorced IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FUCKING CANCER TREATMENTS by his wife who we learned did nothing to help him with anything as he has to eat from a medical bag and can't speak (no one saw that coming). The stress of this sudden 2020-year-from-hell switch blew up plans for rebuilding our relationship. I only have a fraction of a chance now, but I'm not even allowed to talk to her anymore. I'm only allowed to send her one email per day (up from 2 emails a week) for which she may not respond to at all for any reason she wants, or if she does, responds with information that pretends we never even met before at all.

I ask again: what the hell happened?

When did this all start? Did it start in 2013 when *'s father died? Did it start when we did the ritual before we left on our honeymoon? Did it start when we got married in the first place in 2011? We DID have a pronounced paranormal event (I may tell THAT story another time) that lasted the entire summer and started in April of that year, but we thought that spiritual turbulence had been done and over with. Did it start with the problems *'s father caused for the family? Did it start with Grandma ***'s tough history that passed down elements of the foundation laid before * and her father?

It has now been 10 months since I've seen *. At this date, one day before Halloween, I have no conclusions to these answers. In fact, I still have new questions coming in.

Something happened just a couple hours before I began writing this, and it's why I'm writing at all.

You see, ever since September started, I've been having a new round of "influence" going on. After nearly destroying any possibility of relationship renewal over 2020, I was just started to rebuild it back up in August. I would get my communication privileges back slowly. I was told to follow some rules until late September and, if I proved myself, I would expect some privileges restored. Instead, for a week she responded to my emails slowly, with unhelpful responses bordering on surreal. Then, in the last week of September, she suddenly responded to one of my emails telling me she is going offline "for a while" and won't be responding to ANYONE for any reason. That's it. She didn't tell me what was going on, she didn't tell me how long she was going offline, or even how I would know if she was back online at all. I panicked. Something new had probably happened. My first thought? I thought Grandma *** had died. I would not have been able to learn if Grandma *** had died anywhere else, but since nothing else had seemed amiss, that was my strongest suspicion for about a couple of weeks.

For this whole October 2020, I have not heard from *. She indeed has not interacting with people online. She posted some spiritual memes on Facebook and a preview of her Halloween makeup, but she did not interact with anyone. Shortly after that, she took down her Facebook profile entirely. This is the first time it's been an entire month since the last I've heard from *, and you may call it coincidence if you want, but for a month I've been having some weird stuff going on over here. Without her. This has significance to me because of Halloween, for not only was it our favorite holiday, but Halloween is also the day we celebrate *'s birthday (her actual birthday is days later, but she has always wanted to celebrate it on Halloween itself). This is the first Halloween since 2011 that I don't get to celebrate *'s birthday or celebrate it at all with * since she is completely offline. By coincidence (there's that word again!) it is also the birthday month of *'s father, *'s mom, and also my cancer-stricken Dad (who thankfully is getting a little bit better).

Tonight, I contacted *'s mom, who I have been during this year to check on her if I haven't heard from her in a while. A couple hours before I began writing this, I learned from *'s mom that Grandma *** had died on October 27th.

To me, that's already disheartening as I wanted to get to meet Grandma *** again, but the fact that I suspected she died in September and did finally die so close to *'s birthday clues me in that my "influence" was back at work.

Don't believe me? Wait until you hear this. There's some legitimate mystery as to Grandma ***'s death. They learned, which I then learned, that Grandma *** had broken her back at some recent point and had actually died in a nursing home - none of which anyone outside the Arizona family knew about. All * and the Hawaii knew was that Grandma *** had wanted to fly out to Hawaii again, they offered to let her stay at the family house, but was not allowed to because they didn't have adequate "care equipment". * and the Hawaii family did not know Grandma *** was injured, and then learned the Arizona family lied about what was going on with Grandma *** before she died.

No one knows the timeline for this, but how long do you think it would take for drama like this to go down? Sounds like anywhere from a couple weeks... to a month, right?

About the same time that I began suspecting something had happened specifically to Grandma *** without anyone else in the Hawaii family knowing anything?

So that's where I am, now, NoSleep redditors. Lots of clues, lots of coincidences, lots of curse shit, but no conclusions. There is no center for this paranormal stuff; because I'm not in the center of it. I can only sit at the sidelines... and hope for the best.
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2020.10.31 00:07 HeisenberGeorge Wishlist/Gameplay ideas by a starter on this thread

Hey everybody! I’m kinda new at this community and I pretty much fell in love with the ideas, concepts and the activity you all perform here, at the start I need to say English isn’t my native language, since I’m from Brazil, so I’ll try my best here... I’m a long date fan of the Test Drive Franchise, I think since Test Drive 5 from the PSOne and I have a long date relationship with driving games and gameplay concepts and I’m here to share some of my ideas, and please be comfortable to speak your mind about what I’m going to say now!
First of all – I think the line of gameplay that TDU and TDU2 had was pretty cool, start from the bottom with some classic and/or affordable cars like the Mustang Fastback from TDU2 or the Alfa Romeo GT from TDU (please we need those cars in the new Test Drive, that Alfa was pretty sick!), also the license requirement was something that draws me back to the oldies Gran Turismo's and in my opinion was a nice touch to TDU2.
Another thing that I think was great and could have a comeback was the car club schemes from TDU at the PS2 version, it was so cool have clubs about specific cars like the Alfa Club, or the speedsters club – that could come with some kinda of benefits like the rookies receive some special livery and as you rank up you unlock special leagues like a Mercedes Championship to unlock and/or get a signature car from that brand or that segment of vehicles. The clubs could also be a place to see some exclusive cars and throws some parties or even some pink slips. Speaking about club ranks, maybe when you become the president you can change some of the style of the club facilities, like put some cars displays, select photos for the walls and promote events like the parties I was talking about. The club mechanics could also go a little bit deeper like you need to bring more people to see the cars, come to the events and even become members. You can try to attract some famous drivers to attract and that generate money to the club and more fame since become a big player in the media and at the motorsport scene was a thing at TDU2.
We really really need a good physics for this game, please focus on something more simulation-esque and like Driver San Francisco – that showboating driving skills that Tanner had was so funny! – I know isn’t the same kind of game but I think Driver nailed the arcade style but the cars doesn’t feel like had weight. Of course cars like a Chrysler 300C or a Lincoln Continental should been able to do all that things like Drifts or easily jump 300 meters of the ground, they need to ride like a comfortable and Softly car when you want and be a mad crazy demon when you floor it.
Talking about customization, we don’t need all that crazy Rocket Bunny widebodys, that’s not the spirit of TDU, we need to be able to choose the variant you want, like if you need a Challenger SRT or a Hellcat, you choose the rims, the body color, the vinyls colors, the interior color, the stitching, maybe what is written on your personal side skirt plate like the Aston Martin's and Ferrari’s. The performance upgrades could be something that you can lead to the brand preparator, like AMG and Brabus to Mercedes and Nismo to Nissan and you buy packages like was on the others Test Drive's but you can also tune at your desire things like tyres pressure, gear ratio, suspension height and stiffness etc.
The cosmetic clinic is pretty much mandatory, we have that since the original TDU! One thing that could be added to the clinic is to choose your body style like be fat or slim or even athletic. That could be worked in some kind of gym but I don’t think that make sense to TDU. We need back the clothing stores with all kind of style you want. If you want to wear your favorite car brand tshirts you can, if you want to stay classy and dress to impress you got it, if you want to be a rich farmer or something more Country be my guest, a rocker style, hip hop style, hipsters, chavs you have them all! And if you want to precisely choose what you want to wear and how you want to wear will be so cool! At least something like Saints Row 2 with lots of options. Maybe the clothes and the clothes stores could be attached to some kind of fame system, if you have enough fame you got some special attires or if you become a member of a club, you get a brand new clothing item of the car brand. The clothes could have some kind of effect depending on what you are doing, for example: if you are in a classic exotic race and you wear some classic race attire or wear some classy suit you got a little bonus for the appearance or you get more fans according to the way you drive and the way you dress yourself. That’s just an idea I had since fashion and racing can be related.
Please, please, please bring back the used car dealer! That was so cool! They can also add some Easter eggs like certain days special edition cars appears like GT4 had. I’ll be a good thing if we had some kind of influence meter with the car dealer owner, like when you build up the relation with him he shows you the “Special Stock” like classic race legends and some of then can have some scratches and some problems so he’ll make those cheaper and store at your garage till you got the parts to get them running. Maybe you can pay a little more to him to get all the pieces and repair the car so you can drive off your brand new classical legend or you can get the car the way that is and you can see if the others dealers have the parts you need. The scrap cars we had in TDU2 can also make another appearance on this system as the act like transplant cars to get parts. Once you have a special classic car and enough fame, maybe you got na invite to some special event or a special club, that kind of progression and the sensation of having something special I think is something powerful thinking about game design and gameplay.
The casino! Also some of the coolest things TDU2 had could came back! The special challenges with the podium car was the cherry on the top of the DLC, see that sick Audi R8 Spyder on the lobby was insane! The slots machine was pretty nice too and the way the casino worked was fine.
Motorcycles! The motorcycle community need some love that TDU and TDU2 doesn’t have to them! We need championships with motorcycles, challenges, rinding in convoy options at free roam online, waypoints to our journey, things like was on Forza Horizon 2 but in this case we can create. Motorcycle customization will be cool too, change the colors, change the exhaust and things like this, but nothing too crazy, things more simple and discreet like the cars, you can also, for example, buy a brand new Ducati Panigale and drop at the Ducati preparator to build a Panigale R or a kind of Moto GP bike.
The real estate and the houses was one of the things that blew my mind when I jumped for the first time at the TDU series, was so cool building your car collection from the ground in your own house that you need to buy with your own money, that take a big step into the simulation and satisfaction ground. The customization was cool too but we need to bring that to a new level, like adding some exterior customization like put some fountains at the front of your mansion, or designate parking spots outside to show off your cars, or bring one of your favorite car to your lounge and display at the center. At the interior we could designate spots to put some bars and some interactive objects would be welcome.
About car selection I don’t think it’s a big problem, we need the iconic sports cars like Audi TT from the 00’s, the Silvias, 350z and that kind of cars at the start and then advances to the Mercedes Slk, SL, AMG GT, X-Class, G63 etc. The modern Hyper and Supercars, the classics like classics rally cars like the Stratus, 034 Stradalle, the Fulvia. Modern classics like the Impreza, the Lancer Evo, Celica, Corolla WRC. And please, bring a whole squadron of SUVs we need the Rovers, the Mercs, the DBX, Escalades, the Bronco, maybe even the new GMC Hummer EV and that Nikola Truck. You all athe Kylo You all at the Kylotonn can ignore this car list, but please give me back the Spyker cars! That sweet and nasty piece of crazy design needs to be at every TDU!
Now about the police, I don’t have problem with them being at the game but that doesn’t make so much sense to me, specially at TDU2, they aren’t so challenging and we are part of a legit competition, maybe we could have some special right to speed at the place – I know this doesn’t make sense in the real world, but I think the police is pointless..
That’s some of my ideas, I know I’m just a nobody but I was just trying to help with something and please everybody give me your feedback, I love to hear what you think about this game, the concepts and ideas you all have!!
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2020.10.30 21:31 herp_derp_101 How do you reconcile medieval attitudes with modern attitudes?

When I was dating my devoutly Catholic ex-girlfriend I felt obliged to learn about Catholicism, so I did. First off, I want to just say that there is so much beauty in it. The way the Eucharist is the source and summit of the faith, the way the Church is the body of Christ, Thomist philosophy, the different structures of thought about grace and free will. I understand why you guys love your Church so much, and sometimes I want to be a part of it.
I also understand how, when thinking like a Catholic and accepting Catholic epistemology, various contradictions between councils and papal statements disappear. There's a lot of beauty in that as well.
And yet, there's so much "weird" stuff in medieval Catholicism that the modern Church seems to ignore, yet not condemn. So many medieval saints practiced self-mutilation to a horrific degree and, if alive today, would be locked in a mental institution (Rose of Lima, Catherine of Siena, for example). And while I'm aware of the good things they did, I can't help but be extraordinarly repulsed by this idea of getting closer to God by attempting to share in the physical sufferings of Christ to this horrific degree. Self-flagellation, scab eating, pus drinking, chain wearing. And yet the Church has never condemned this idea (just look at JPII, Mother Theresa, Filipino Catholics during Holy Week).
And then there's also the other stuff like Catherine receiving the foreskin of Christ as a wedding ring, Bernard receiving breast milk from the Virgin, ecstasies, stigmata, etc. So many writings overflowing with mental illness, misogyny, racism, and superstition. So much stuff that one would attribute to paganism if it wasn't associated with Catholicism.
And while dogma may technically not have changed and doctrines may been further clarified, I find it hard to deny that the attitudes and the spirit of Catholicism have shifted drastically in the past millennium -- so much so that I have trouble believing that Catholics from late antiquity would even recognize the Church today as the same institution. Just as one example, extraordinarily repressive attitudes towards sexuality until JPII seemingly reframed the Church's teachings as sex-positive with Theology of the Body.
I mean no offense, but I hope you can understand how these things appear to a non-Catholic and I'm honestly wondering how you reconcile them. I've found it to be the case that most practicing Catholics I meet in daily life have little knowledge of these things or actively choose to ignore them. My ex didn't really have answers and seemed reluctant to discuss these topics. She always focused on the beauty and positive aspects of Catholicism, and I suspect this "darker" side of the Church may have disturbed her and caused her a deal of cognitive dissonance.
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2020.10.30 19:41 MouseMingle Lift your SPIRITS - and someone else's! So, spread the word - free messaging on all day on Halloween! #dating #NotSoScary #Disney #fun #FreeMessaging

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2020.10.30 19:17 Edgar_Allan_Snoo [SF] Sailing in the Dark

“Fifty-seven, fifty-seven, fifty-seven” Robert chanted as he went about checking the read outs on the electrical master-panel, everything appeared to be in order. “Well I guess that’s the end of the work shift,” Robert said as he climbed back into the living quarters cabin. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining,” he chuckled. He sighed contently and looked out the window, a vast carpet of stars glittered below him. “Completion time of routine work shift: eight hours,” the onboard computer answered back flatly. “Remaining cycle time allocated for sleep and leisure: eleven hours and twenty-two minutes.”
Robert Scheller, Captain Robert Scheller that is, was on year 14 of a roughly 19-year mission. Normally men of Scheller’s... aptitude, did not make it to the officer corps. In fact, Robert had scored in the bottom decile of his military entrance exams. However, the powers that be dictated that Scheller, despite his apparent lack of wit, would not be condemned to the life of an enlisted ensign loading pallets into some freighter bound for a distant star system, or scrubbing the various crevasses of a similarly bound ship. Instead Robert would be a captain, and sole commander of his very own vessel. The powers of fate (or more accurately, the recruitment algorithm charged with creating fleet assignments) had not of course granted Scheller a free pass to the good life. For even though Scheller had been commissioned as an officer, it did so at a cost, he was selected for the un-prestigious “Probe Squadron”. The Probe Squadron, or to use the more derogatory term employed by students of the academy, “Probe Boys”, was a position that few at the academy had their sights on. Considered a dead-end post, the Probe Boys were sent on a series of long missions, beyond the reaches of communications with home, to cartograph, chart, and photograph unexplored routes of the galaxy. Beyond the seemingly unimportant nature of the job, it was avoided by aspiring officers mostly for its long assignment which, brutally, was served in complete isolation. Each probe ship, small in size, was manned by one officer, while the onboard computer handled most of the actual mission. Indeed, most probe boys were known to be completely mad by the time their deployment ended, and for their sacrifice, no glory or honor was bestowed. All there was to show for their missions was some rudimentary telemetry data on some far reaches of the universe that no one was likely to ever visit, study, or care about. As such, the Probe Boys were almost exclusively recruited from the bottom scruff of the academy candidate pool. It proved easier than expected for the administrators to fill such a dreaded post simply by dangling the title of officer in front of candidates that knew that no such title would ever be afforded to them any other way. However, the unsuspecting, even innocent, Scheller, had been elated to find he had been chosen to be a commissioned officer. At the time, he was unfamiliar with the reputation of the Probe Boys. This was, of course, before the probe boys had gained the status of infamy.
“Fifty-seven, fifty-seven, fifty-seven” Robert said softly as he poked at the balloons on the display. The balloon popping game was a particular favorite of his for filling up leisure time. Soon, as he did most days, he grew tired of it. There were only so many games, books, and other diversions loaded on to the ship’s computer. The ship had past the point of being in communication distance of civilization long ago, making it impossible to get new material or communicate with those back home. He set the display down and gazed out the window again, the stars scarcely seemed to move, even though he was surely traveling at some unfathomable speed. “How far are we from the tangential target, Computer?” Robert asked. “Tangential waypoint is approximately thirty-one point six million kilometers out Captain. Expected arrival time is forty-nine point four hours.” “That’s great!” Robert exclaimed, cracking a smile. It had been so long since he had last seen a human face. He thought back to is embarkation day. He had been standing at the terminal alone, most other officers had the rest of their crew with them in addition to the families seeing them off. Robert was alone. He had said goodbye to his mother earlier, tears in her eyes, swelling with the pride that her son of such humble beginnings would wear the captain’s clothes sought by so many young men. “Don’t forget to look back at us every once in a while” were her final words, after the customary I love you’s and goodbye’s. After that Robert shuffled uncomfortably, ready to board onto his craft, when one more figure appeared at the lonely gate to see him off. Admiral Abdella had been a formidable instructor, a senior teacher at the academy that, as others did, seemed to have it out for Robert. At the sight of him, Robert instantly tensed up. It had been many a time that Robert had scrubbed floors in the barracks because something he said didn’t meet Abdella’s expectations. Seeing those gray, wearied eyes, with the flat expression and dark skin brought back memories of answering questions in class while Admiral Abdella’s neutral gaze seared into him. His expression gave away nothing, but the fact that he took the time to even look at Robert after answering a question confirmed within Robert’s mind that whatever he had just said had been wrong, and not only wrong, but so wrong as to personally insult his instructor. The other students would hold back snickers.
“Hello Captain Scheller” Abdella said. “Hello sir, I didn’t realize you would be coming to my send-off, it’s going to be...” Abdella cut him off before he could finish. “It’s not as glorious as the movies make it out to be Robert” Abdella said quietly, “Normally I would say that once you actually deploy, once your life is at stake, once everything becomes real... that it’s your crewmates that you’re really performing for. Country, planet, freedom, honor, those are the values we teach at the academy, but it’s not what runs through your head when all hell breaks loose and you’re trying to fix it. The only reason you keep up the fight is your crew.” “You know sir I’ve always been sort of the more... solitary type, so I really think...” Abdella frowned, the first time Robert had seen him do so, “Robert I want you to look out for yourself out there, more than normal. Flying outside of the communication zone is sailing in the dark. I mean this Robert, it’s essential that you take care of yourself on your mission. You alone are your crew. Even the best of men draw on the wisdom and expertise of those around them, to find that solely within yourself is a rare feat, but that’s the hand you’ve been dealt Robert.” Robert stood uncomfortably, he had yet to truly consider how much his experience would differ from the rest of his graduating class. In fact, before this moment Robert had been somewhat relieved to be a crew of one, after all, it was difficult to fall behind the other officers if there were none. However, Abdella’s words had sparked a rare moment of introspection for Robert, and in this moment only one phrase that had been beat into him at the academy reverberated in his mind with increasing thunder: “The crew is only as strong as its weakest link.”
“Fifty-seven, fifty-seven, fifty-seven, fifty-seven, fifty-seven”, Robert whispered quietly in his bunk. He was apportioned eight hours of sleep in the ship’s master schedule, though he rarely found himself asleep for that long. On this morning he had been awake for the last four hours as he patiently waited for the computer to wake him up to begin another day’s work. He stared blankly at the gray wall in front of him, the number 57 was inscribed on the wall dozens, if not hundreds of times. Each number had been etched with Robert’s fingernails, a few of the characters were crimson with the dried blood of Robert’s hand, which had grown raw from the repetition. Peculiarly no thoughts appeared to pierce through the fog of his mind this morning, except perhaps the undefined question of why someone with so few thoughts to preoccupy one’s mind could find it so difficult to let go of consciousness. “Good morning Captain, standard planetary time is 700, all systems appear normal, vessel is currently on path to manually set tangential waypoint, current arrival estimate is thirty-five point two hours”, the robotic voice remained flat as always. Robert jumped out of the bunk, the fog in his mind began to clear as he set about his daily tasks, his favorite part of the day.
First, he began with asking for status reports, a good captain would always know the state of his ship after all. “Fuel cells normal, thrust operating at 90%, oxygen system normal, gravitational generator normal, navigation system normal...” The computer rambled down the list of checks as Robert ensured that each one was within the prescribed parameters listed in his flight manual. “Well it looks like we’re off to another great start” he grinned. “You know, we’re really achieving something great here Computer, we’re not off fighting some pointless war, we’re doing discovery, the real spirit of space travel. The sun is in our sails, and I know we’re going to do great.” Robert liked to start the day with similarly motivating speeches, as always, there was no response. The computer was not programmed to reply to anything that was not a direct question or command.
Satisfied that his ship was not in immediate peril, Robert stepped into the bathroom cubicle to get ready for the day. Like the walls in every other part of the ship, these too were gray. The cubicle itself was the smallest room in the ship, serving as a head, shower, and vanity. The smile that Robert continued to wear as he went about showering and preparing for his day would normally be described as infectious, infection however implies a suitable host, which unfortunately for Robert, was absent. After all, the computer had not been allotted any personality modules. Following his shower Robert got dressed and then brushed his teeth. The brushing was made easier by the smile he continued to wear. He scrubbed vigorously while staring into the mirror in front of him, it was shattered, with the brown detritus of old dried blood still lingering around the cracks where Robert struck it with his fist eight years ago.
After he was sufficiently clean, Robert stepped into the primary living module to eat breakfast. There were really only three rooms on the ship: a bunk room (which included the bathroom cubicle), the primary living module, and the command module. The primary living module served as the galley, exercise room, and leisure area. It was the only room big enough for Robert to pace in circles, which he often did. This morning he went to the small counter and removed a packet of dried rations. In the very beginning of the journey these rations would resemble food, however, after these initial meals ran out the automated digester on board would process and repackage the waste from the ship into new rations, ensuring that Robert could be fed in perpetuity. These recycled rations resembled a beige, odorless, and tasteless powder which was conveniently vacuumed packed and automatically stocked in Robert’s cupboard to be rehydrated and eaten at a later date. For most observers, the word “food” was ill fit to describe recycled rations. That word had a connotation of feeling and emotion. Your mother would make you “food” on a cold day when you were hiding under the covers with a sniffling nose. Something as sanitized and utilitarian as recycled rations likely met the legal definition of “food” yet failed to properly embody the human element associated with the word. The rations were best described as sustenance, and no more. In fact, recycled rations were rarely employed in any other ships in the fleet. Rather, these larger ships had greenhouses, vat-grown meat, fish farms, and all manner of systems to provide food for all crew members. On these ships, digesters for recycled rations only resided in the escape pods, to be used in the most dire of situations. Everyone at the academy had of course eaten recycled rations at least once as part of their survival classes. Most had questioned how much life would be worth living if they had to survive off tasteless powder for the standard amount of time a rescue mission took in deep space, which at the time, stood at three and half years.
After eating breakfast, Robert looked mindlessly out the window of the living module for the remaining 15 minutes of his allotted morning leisure time. A soft tone then rang to signal to Robert that it was time to begin his shift. He climbed into the command module, which consisted of a swiveling chair and a desk with a few monitors on it. The flight manual was very explicit with how Robert was to go about his duties each day. Fleet command had not been particularly inspired by the crop of young officers that had been picked for the Probe Boys and had subsequently decided to make what little duties they did have as simple as possible. There had been some debate as to whether the probe boys were even necessary given the automated nature of the vessel and mission. It had ultimately been decided that having a man on board could potentially be useful in an emergency or other unusual circumstance do to ground controls inability to communicate with the craft for most of its journey. This was the official explanation at least. Unbeknownst to those outside of central administration was the politics of the decision. Government funding for the fleet was determined by an algorithm that, in part, allocated funding based on the number of manned ships in the fleet. This presented an opportunity to the commanders in which they could increase funding for their various other pet projects by simply fielding a large amount of inexpensive probe ships manned by exactly one crew member. Any mention of this motive was scrubbed from the record of course, and policymakers were none the wiser.
Robert looked at the flight manual instructions as he was ordered to do every day. Step one was to look at the monitor in the top left corner, consisting of power systems. If all readouts were green, no action would be taken, if not, he would flip to the appropriate place in the manual listing what to do. Robert would then move to the right and repeat the process with the two other screens on that row. After he finished with that row, he would repeat the process with the row of three screens below. When the mission planners estimated how long this would take, their most conservative estimate was thirty seconds. Robert, however, took this job very seriously. He began by looking deliberately at the first screen and repeatedly scanning the items on the display until he was absolutely sure that his eyes did not deceive him. After this he would repeat the process with the five remaining screens. All told, it took him fifteen minutes. The screens were all green. There had never been a red light.
After he finished checking the monitors, the manual prescribed that he was to look at the central command read out (a smaller screen mounted in the desk that listed an overview of all relevant details of the flight) for the rest of his eight hour shift. If he registered any abnormalities, he was to look in the flight manual for the prescribed remedy. There had never been any abnormalities on Robert’s flight.
Robert stared intensely at the command read out. A small image of the probe on a map was at the center of the display, the small probe inched slowly across the screen, hardly suggesting the real speed that Robert was moving at. Most notably however, was the direction the probe was moving. The small image was not moving along the primary objective flight path, but instead had veered 40 degrees, inching its way to intercept another craft. Robert had manually reset the flight path some 18 months earlier. Manual overrides of the flight path had been one of the few comprehensive parts of Robert’s training since it was one of the few operations in which the judgement of a human might become useful. Of course, this was normally reserved for emergencies, but no such emergency had been indicated to Robert. The vessel to be intercepted was simply the only manned vessel close enough to be detected by the probe’s instruments. Communication with the ship was futile due to the ongoing wartime communications blackout of deep space vessels. Nevertheless, Robert was determined to greet the crew, even if it meant mutiny against his stated mission objective. He leaned closer to the screen, lightly rocking back and forth in his chair as he trained his eyes on the small probe with laser focus, “fifty-seven, fifty-seven....” he muttered.
That night after finishing work and spending his leisure time listening to music, Robert laid in bed, having turned out the lights an hour earlier. He was thinking back to a time when he was just three years into his journey. At this point mission control had shut off deep space communications due to the war six months earlier. Like the present, Robert was laying in his bed, staring at the ceiling. The bedroom was bathed in a bright pulsing red light, as the computer blared out as noisily as the speakers allowed, “CAPTAIN, PLEASE REPORT TO DUTY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL BE RECORDED AS DERELICTION OF DUTY. THE MISSION PLAN REQUIRES THE VESSEL’S FLAG OFFICER TO HELM THE VESSEL FOR THE PRESCRIBED PERIOD OF TIME, YOU ARE....” Robert had smeared a paste of water and recycled rations across the lights a week before in an effort to dull the pulsing glow. He had not left the bed since. Robert had sat staring at the ceiling that entire time, he had stopped going to the command module for his shifts two weeks ago, prompting the computer to warn him of the infraction. In his bed the few thoughts that rolled across the haze of his mind were always the same, “What’s my purpose here? Why even bother run a ship that doesn’t need me to run it? Sixteen more years of waking up for no purpose. No one to see. No one to talk to. No one to embrace. For sixteen more years.” It had taken a total of two months to return to duty. He had never been late to work again and had executed his duties to the highest quality he was capable of. Yet every night since he still had those same thoughts. He pushed them away.
The next day Robert rushed through his morning routine. An upbeat tune filled the air as he hummed while preparing his breakfast. “Today’s the day we’re going to see them! We’ll have to throw a party or something. Meeting new people should be celebrated after all...” the computer offered no response. Robert climbed into the command module and went through his checks of all the upper monitors before zeroing in on the map display, the ship was 35 minutes from contact with the other vessel. The ship to be intercepted appeared to be some sort of transport vessel, which sometimes went through more remote star lanes to resupply far off bases. Robert had told the computer to perform a standard docking maneuver, in which the probe would automatically match the speed of the other ship and deploy a transfer bridge for Robert to walk across. He looked up at the corner of the screen displaying communications read outs, the vessel was still radio silent. “Commencing lateral stabilization in three, two, one” the computer said flatly as the probe began to fire off stabilizers to align its airlock with the other ship. Robert ran to the window in the living module to see the ship with his own eyes. It was massive. The ship was a fully equipped deep space transport liner, meaning that it was at least a thousand times as long as Robert’s own probe. The long gray tube of the other ship was almost completely smooth, save for a few lit up windows on the upper portion of the ship. Robert craned his neck to try and see into the windows of the other ship but was unable due to the steep angle as the probe got closer to the enormous ship. Cargo vessels only had a crew of ten to twenty, with most of the space in the ship dedicated to tightly packed pallets of supplies. “Docking procedure initiating.” A metal tunnel slowly extended from the probe as it slowed to a standstill (at least in terms of the other vessel, both crafts were still moving at incredible speed). Robert felt a thud as the tunnel hit against the circular outline of the other crafts airlock, and then a low pitch mechanical whirring sound as a hidden motor slowly tightened the two airlocks together. A few moments another loud click sounded across the probe as the motor finished tightening the lock, then a hiss as the tunnel was filled with air. “Docking complete. Bridge is now safe for human entry”, the computer droned. Robert went back to the command module, where the airlock door was behind the chair. Robert stared at the door for a few seconds, before reaching for the wheel to begin opening it. There was a slight pop as he finished cranking the first airlock door open, the equalization of the airlocks was never quite perfect, leading to the pressure of the tunnel and probe to rapidly flow into one another. Robert walked across the short metal bridge to the next door. The door was completely smooth, only the slightest of gaps between the circular door and the rest of the ship even indicated that it wasn’t one continuous piece of metal. Robert held up his captain’s identification card to the center of the door. It clicked open and slowly swung inward.
Inside was a small utility room, EVA suits lined the walls along with large chest containing other equipment, besides these, the room was bare. At the end of the room was a small enclosed spiral staircase leading to the living quarters three stories up. “Hello!” Robert yelled. The crew would not be able to here him from so far below, given that there was another airlock between the end of the staircase tube and the living quarters. Robert walked towards the stairs and entered the spiraling tube in the wall. It was clear to him the staircase was not meant to be used often, as he ducked to be able to climb the steep steps. As Robert climbed, he stopped abruptly halfway up. A black liquid the color and consistency of thick ink had dripped down the steps, where it had dried into a shiny puddle. Robert breathed deeply.
As he rounded the corner, Robert’s skin turned cold and his stomach wretched. Before him were two bodies, a man and woman, piled on top of each other as if they had collapsed while running down the stairs. Their skin was a sickly translucent shade of white, with pools of black goo staining their arms and orange jump suits. Robert shook violently as his eyes drifted up from the bloated feet and legs of the bodies to their faced. Large black proboscises, each one a shiny ink-black color and the size of a small sausage, jutted from the corpses’ mouth, nose, and eyes. The protrusions appeared to be growing from the bodies, with at least a dozen of them jutting in every direction from the mouths, with even more coming from the eyes. The sausages appeared to almost be falling out of the corpses, as if growing so quickly that their momentum would cause them to be shot across the room from the orifices from which they now resided. Robert vomited. Then he turned around and ran back down the stairs, certain that the rest of the crew would be in a similar state to those that he found. Once in the tunnel he shouted “Computer, shut interception vessel door, now!” The smooth metal door slowly swung shut as Robert ran to the probe door and began spinning the manual hatch open as quickly as possible. As the door opened, Robert ran through, then shut it just as quickly as he fell into the command module. Robert lay on the ground sobbing and trembling. He let out a blood curdling scream. “They’re dead, they’re all dead. Just like the others. They’re all fucking gone and I’m alone.” Robert laid on the floor for another half hour until the computer announced through the speakers, “Captain you appear to be away from your duty station, please return immediately to your designated command shift.” Robert raised himself slowly and then dropped himself into the command chair, turning his attention to the screen. “Thank you, Captain. Should the vessel return to original course?” Robert stared at the screen blankly for a few minutes before his vacant expression began to return to normal. “Yes Computer, lets return to the mission course, we wouldn’t want to get too far behind schedule after all.” The small picture of the probe began to move as the craft pulled away from the ship and began to accelerate toward the mission flight path. Robert rocked back and forth in the chair slowly while he stared at the screen. “Fifty-eight, fifty-eight, fifty-eight....”
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2020.10.30 18:09 KieselguhrKid13 Low-Lands Discussion - Analysis Through the Lens of Eliot's The Waste Land

Hi folks! Happy to be leading this discussion, as I'm truly curious to see other people's interpretations of this rather cryptic short story. The following interpretation is entirely my own, based off a close reading of both the story itself and it's inspiration, "The Waste Land". I'll also note, admittedly bragging, that I have an original 1978 Aloes Books printing of this story, which has one of the best covers I've seen, as well as a hilarious back ad page.
Low-Lands in the Context of Pynchon's Work
This story is interesting, especially after having read other of Pynchon's work and, most recently, Gravity's Rainbow. So many of his trademarks are already present in this early work - Pig Bodine, nautical references, his love of the Italian "sf" sound (particularly the word "sfacim"), his Eliot references, his magical realism, his petite women with retroussé noses, his borderline-sentient animals, his odd side characters with even odder names, his use of physics concepts, his love of classical music, his troubled relationships, his focus on the preterite, his layers of reality, even a hint of his anarchism. It's all there in this one short work. That's pretty cool - it makes me think of auteur theory in cinema, where a director not only has a consistent style, they also have consistent themes, ideas, and fixations that unite all of their works. Pynchon has numerous ideas and themes that run through his otherwise highly diverse body of work, and they were there from the beginning.
However, it's also interesting to note what isn't present - paranoia, a "They-system". We don't really see that, yet, which is kind of surprising once you realize it. The closest the story gets is Bolingbroke's paranoia about the gypsies who live in the dump, but that's very different than the paranoia around systems of control and surveillance that Pynchon is so well-known for. There's a hint of it at the mention of the Feds rounding up the "Sons of the Red Apocalypse" but just in passing. It makes me wonder, was he not as paranoid at this point in his life? Were there later events that prompted him to be more cognizant of/focused on the hidden systems of control throughout society, or did he simply choose to not make that a component of this story?
It's also important to note that this story was explicitly written as a riff on Eliot's poem "The Waste Land" and if you're familiar with it, you'll see references to it throughout the story (Eliot's original notes, with annotations, are available here for additional illumination). However, when I first read it I was actually surprised by how much it wasn't like "The Waste Land". While there are clear allusions both in details and thematically, I would go so far as to say that Gravity's Rainbow is a much more thorough and effective response to Eliot's epic work. But I would never have made that connection in our recent Gravity's Rainbow reading group if I had not previously read Low-Lands. This story was what cued me in to the fact that Pynchon is a fan of the poem and, knowing the kind of obsessive need to reference it that the poem causes in people, I was more attuned to it in Gravity's Rainbow. Pretty cool how that worked out. :)
Plot, Style, The Waste Land Connection, and Analysis
In the character of Dennis Flange, we see a man who can't seem to settle into the expected "normal domestic life' he signed up for. He's so disconnected from his job that he skips work by simply calling in and saying "no" and not bothering to listen to the response. He's so disconnected from his wife that on their would-be honeymoon, he went off on a 2-week bender with his friends, and it seems like it's been downhill ever since - maybe not outright animosity, but certainly not love or partnership. This is one of the less overt but significant allusions to The Waste Land. In Eliot's notes on his poem, he points out that the character of Tiresias (the blind Greek prophet who lived as both a man and a woman and who unites the other characters of the poem) plays a key role in the work. Eliot writes, in his notes,
"Tiresias, although a mere spectator and not indeed a 'character', is yet the most important personage in the poem.... What Tiresias sees, in fact, is the substance of the poem."
So what did Tiresias see? A woman who has a man over for dinner (both are clearly lower-class workers, i.e. Preterite) and, after eating, lets him have sex with her though she clearly isn't into it. Afterwards, he "Bestows one final patronizing kiss" and leaves, while she thinks to herself, "Well now that's done: and I'm glad it's over." In other words, a relationship with no real connection of any kind. Elsewhere in the poem, there is a dialogue between an anxious wife and bored husband, furthering this theme.
Notably, these are semi-autobiographical elements as Eliot was in an unsatisfying marriage at the time. He coupled this very personal, intimate form of disconnection and slow decay with the broader socio-political issues faced by British and European society in the wake of World War 1. Eliot described these societies as being in a state of permanent wasting without the ancient death and rebirth cycle to (at least symbolically if not literally) allow the merciful death that was necessary for a renewal and rebirth - or possibly just the release of death - after all,
"April is the cruellest month, breeding / Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing / Memory and desire, stirring / Dull roots with spring rain. / Winter kept us warm, covering / Earth in forgetful snow, feeding / A little life with dried tubers."
Back to the story, after being exiled by his furious wife, Flange finds refuge in the town dump - about as low as one can get. However, there is life even in this literal trash-pit. Bolingbroke, Rocco's friend, lives in a shack in the dump as a sort of watchman, and he offers them shelter for the night. He warns them to ignore the voices outside and not let them inside, but he doesn't think to warn Flange not to go outside himself.
Flange's history in the Navy, and specifically his feeling of connection to the sea, play a key role at several points here. When he first enters the dump, he is reminded of a sea shanty about the low-lands, and the narrator informs us that there is a curious illusion to the ocean under the right lighting or mood, that "despite its movement, [it] has a certain solidarity; it becomes a gray or glaucous desert, a waste land that stretches away toward the horizon". The fact that earlier, his psychiatrist spells out the fact that, thanks to our evolution from sea creatures, the ocean is literally in our blood, would imply that the waste land of the ocean is already inside us and has been since before we were born. This imagery speaks to Flange's sense of increasing isolation, and he literally envisions himself standing on a growing protrusion from the Earth that slowly forms into a small sphere which breaks free of the Earth, leaving him on a planet all his own and echoing the moon's breaking away from the Earth eons ago (the moon's connection to the ocean is, of course, important and brought up repeatedly). As an aside, this imagery makes me think of the wonderful illustrations from the story Le Petit Prince.
Eliot, quoting Wagner's Tristan und Isolde, put it thusly: "Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden, / Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not / Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither / Living nor dead, and I knew nothing, / Looking into the heart of light, the silence. / Oed’ und leer das Meer."
That last line translates to, "Desolate and empty the sea" and is said as Tristan is dying in Wagner's work.
Shortly thereafter, as they sit in Bolingbroke's cabin and share stories, we get what I see as one of the most important lines in the work:
"But the real reason he knew and could not say was that if you are Dennis Flange and if the sea's tides are the same that not only wash along your veins but also billow through your fantasies then it is all right to listen to but not to tell stories about the sea, because you and the truth of a true lie were thrown sometime way back into a curious contiguity and as long as you are passive you can remain aware of the truth's extent but the minute you become active you are somehow, if not violating a convention outright, at least screwing up the perspective of things, much as anyone observing subatomic particles changes the works, data and odds, by the act of observing."
I'll confess, I'm still unpacking it, so I'd love to hear your interpretations of this one. But I think it gets to Dennis's feeling of disconnection, isolation, and how his fantasy of being the lone figure on the desolate and empty sea both sustains, and is sustained by, his general passivity as an individual.
He (like Slothrop in Gravity's Rainbow) consistently just goes with the flow, even passively acquiescing when his wife permanently kicks him out (he also passively acquiesced to his friends taking him on a drunken bender when he was supposed to be on his honeymoon). Mentally, he has paired this lifestyle with his vision of the "gray, glaucous desert" and to confront that, to make an active choice and face that truth, would mean that he has allowed his entire life to go the way it did - that he had a choice all along and wasted it. The "true lie" that his life has happened to him rather than because of him is maintained by avoiding it entirely. This imagery also associates him with the "drowned Phoenician sailor" of The Waste Land (see Section IV of the poem).
Finally, Flange awakes to the call of a gypsy woman and steps out into the dump. He winds his way through the towers of garbage and sets off one of Bolingbroke's booby traps. When he wakes, Nerissa is standing over him.
Flange could be seen as symbolically (or literally?) dying when the tires fall on him. More even than entering the fridge, this is when he becomes fully cut off from his friends and the life he once lived - the path back is literally blocked. After this point, he is led through a winding path and into a secret underworld where the gypsies live, complete with electric lighting and their own rooms. He seems almost to be in a trance, under Nerissa's spell, this whole time. It reminds me of old stories of people being led off into the dark forest by fairies or magical beings only to forever lose their way and be trapped in the spirit's world, and I suspect that's what Pynchon was going for here. The strangeness of the scene is enhanced by the presence of a (sentient?) rat sitting on the bed. The rats name, Hyacinth, is an amusing nod to one of the more prominent flowers in The Waste Land (see the previous block quote for an example).
Here, Nerissa says she was told by a fortune teller (another Waste Land nod, to the character of Madame Sosostris) that she would marry a man who looks like Dennis. When he explains that he's already married, she begins to sob. Here, Dennis faces a choice he can't avoid - go back to his previous life, or embrace the strange unknown of a life with Nerissa and the gypsies under the dump. The final decision is preceded by two distinct statements:
"And then: I wonder why Cindy and I never had a child."
"And: a child makes it all right. Let the world shrink to a boccie ball."
There are several ways to read this last line, but here's my take: a child would have cemented their unhappy, detached marriage. It would have made it "all right" as in a form of acceptance of that domestic life for which Dennis was clearly unsuited. So he for once makes an active choice: Let the world shrink to a boccie ball. He allows himself to face the fear of standing on his little moon that's broken off from the rest of the world, "left sticking out like a projected radius, unsheltered and reeling across the empty lunes of his tiny sphere." He makes the choice to strike out in the Low-lands/Waste Land of his visions rather than avoid it. He actually makes a choice, period. And in doing so, as he had feared earlier when he avoided telling a story about the ocean, he confronts the sea when he looks at Nerissa and sees "Whitecaps danc[ing] across her eyes."
Final Thoughts
Analysis aside, how does this work stand up as a short story: is it good? Do I like it?
Yes, for the most part. It's solid, interesting, and original. The characters are distinct and Pynchon's style is engaging. But having read his later works, it is clear that this was a very early work where he was just beginning to explore not just stories but how stories are told - Low-Lands is rough around the edges and less refined than his novels. But I still like it, particularly the feeling it leaves you with at the end - the sense that there's more waiting to happen, but this is as far as the story will take you and what happens next is a question for you to mull over. It actually reminds me a lot of Haruki Murakami's short stories, moreso even than Pynchon's novels. Murakami's stories also have that unique feel to their endings, which is something I've always loved about them. The first time I read Low-Lands, that similarity surprised me.
This story also is clearly influenced by the style of the time, especially in its portrayal of traditional married life and Dennis's wife, Cindy. Something about how the characters were described, as well as their actions and relationships, reminded me of It's Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up to Me by Richard Farina, a good friend of Pynchon's. However, for it's rather dated portrayal of marriage, Pynchon does make it clear that Cindy is more than justified in her detachment from Dennis and her longstanding resentment of him and Pig Bodine. She comes across a bit like the traditional "nagging housewife" stereotype, but she's also shown to have more than sufficient cause to act the way she does toward her husband - he's a complete lout and his friends are worse. One of my favorite lines from the story is about her: "Cindy came suddenly roaring downstairs like a small blond terrier" - so much description and scene-building in just half of a sentence.
I'm still weighing the ending of the story, and the overall meaning. I feel like, with Low-Lands, Pynchon took the more personal, individual and relational themes of The Waste Land for his inspiration, whereas in Gravity's Rainbow, he pulled extensively from its broader socio-historical and mythological concepts. Both works are certainly enhanced by an analysis of their connection to the poem's themes and imagery.
Discussion Questions
  1. What did you think of the story? Compared to other short stories you've read? Compared to other of Pynchon's works you've read?
  2. Are you familiar with The Waste Land? If so, what are your thoughts on the connections between these two works?
  3. In the end, does Flange find a form of freedom or escape in Nerissa, or has she trapped him, much like a spirit leading a traveler off the path to get lost in the forest? Has he made an active choice, or allowed himself to be led yet again?
  4. Why does the rat, Hyacinth, do a back flip?
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2020.10.30 17:51 throwawaybreakles Taking a break?

Hi! I'm a lesbian My gf and I have been together for over 7 years. We're both young, but we click like treebranches and flames. We've been best friends for over 10 years (the three in the beginning I was dating someone else. oops). We're both starving artists, and we've had our ups and downs with rejection letters, finances, disappearing dads, angry moms and all that. Recently, she's begun feeling too comfortable in her relationship with me. She's worried that she loves me too much- like a sibling. Even worse, she started having feelings for one of her female best friends. Of course I was angry, sad and emotional when she told me, but I also felt sorry for her. She's been crying nonstop every day since she told me, and it breaks my heart seeing her this guilty.
I love her so much, and I know she loves me back just as much. We're both in our late twenties, and the last thing I want is for her to feel like she's missing out on her youth by being with me. I really want her to love and be loved, to taste what life has to offer her, and I don't want her to feel like she's "stuck" with me. The LAST thing I want for her is to look back on her life 50 years from now and think that she has regrets. For years I've been telling her that if she ever needs a break from "us", then I'd be here for her. She's worried she's gonna lose me, not just as a lover, but as a friend, but I really want to have her in my life, one way or another.
All articles, all blogposts, everywhere I've read tells me it's a bad idea. That it's just a "pre-breakup", but I can't imagine that she's having these feelings out of malice or anger towards me. I think she's just inexperienced. It's not my first relationship, the one I had before her was nothing but arguments every day, but I'm her first relationship, and I want her to be happy.
I don't want an open relationship with her. We're both very jealously inclined, and (not that we don't communicate), but I'd want her to enjoy herself without feeling guilty. We've been long-distance before, but we're both very clingy by nature. The bff she crushes on is very free-spirited and independent, so I think maybe she's looking for some excitement. Anything she did while we're on a break I wouldn't hold against her, just as I expect her not hold anything against me. I told her we'd "cross it off our calender, like it never happened". While before she was very against even the thought of it, now she said she'd think about it.
I really just want what's best for her. I guess my question is- Is it a bad idea? Has a break worked for you? What do you think?
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2020.10.30 16:47 spamgarlic Bemani Events Weekly ~11/07/2020 (November 2020 Week 1)

Time-Limited Events

NexChallenge Part 2
Game to play: GITADORA NEX+AGE
Date: 10/14/2020 - 11/01/2020
Mechanic: Play songs from the event folder to fill the gauge.
Rewards: Unlocks the song 「NEX+AGE」. BASIC is unlocked automatically. 10 plays for ADVANCED, 15 plays for EXTREME, 20 plays for MASTER.
Game to play: ノスタルジア Op.3
Date: 10/21/2020 - 11/04/2020
Mechanics: Select 「綾錦をまとう秋の舞台」 on episode selection screen then select the song to be unlocked.
Explanation: By playing songs, you can gain stardust, depending on the unlockable song’s criteria. Playing on Forte Mode gives an additional stardust. You can unlock a song’s chart after a number of stardust
Song Number of stardust Criteria
協奏曲第3番ヘ長調 RV 293「秋」より第一楽章 Normal 12 Play Song 1
Hard 24 Score 750,000 or more 1
Expert 26 Score 950,000 or more 1
Real 22 MISS 40 or less times 1
Total 84 200 or more justs 1
Play in FORTE Mode 1
ハンガリー舞曲第5番 Normal 15 Play Song 1
Hard 28 Score 750,000 or more 1
Expert 28 Score 950,000 or more 1
Real 22 MISS 40 or less times 1
Total 93 200 or more justs 1
Play in FORTE Mode 1
Mission Travel - 『レインボーサマーメドレー!』
Game to play: jubeat festo
Date: 10/02/2020 - 11/05/2020
Mechanic: ???
Rewards: ???
Game to play: GITADORA NEX+AGE
Date: 10/28/2020 - 11/15/2020
Mechanic: Play songs from the folders 「曲名の頭文字が数字・記号~H」 to unlock a song (unlockable in previous events).
Rewards: Unlocks the songs 「DOKI☆DOKI」, 「Let's Dance」, 「多極性ニューロンの崩壊による人間の末路」, and 「Pluvia」
Date: 10/14/2020 - 11/15/2020
Mechanics: Finish courses to unlock songs and stars.
Explanation: Courses can be accessed by pressing 0. Players can choose any course but need to finish that course to select another. After finishing all 3 courses, 「最終仕上げ」 course can now be selected.
Step Song/ Item Mission A Mission B
チャールストン合宿コース (Charleston Training Camp Course)
1 NewAige CHARLESTON EDITION Clear 「チャールストンレッスン」 (Charleston Lesson) Clear 「Break Free ft.Zedd」
2 ★ x5 Clear 「Memories」 Clear any POPS song
3 ★ x10 Get 15 or less BADs on any song Clear 「Majestic」 with 80.000 or more points
4 GHOST KINGDOM CHARLESTON EDITION Clear 「Starlight Kiss」 with 15 or less BADs Clear 「NewAige CHARLESTON EDITION」 with 85.000 or more points
クラブステップ合宿コース (Crab Step Training Camp Course)
1 Majestic CRAB STEP EDITION Clear 「クラブステップレッスン」 (Crab step Lesson) Clear 「Rip It Off (Now) Rip It Off」
2 ★ x5 Clear 「Auto Click」 Clear 「ミッドナイト☆WAR」
3 ★ x10 Get 20 or less GOODs on any song Clear 「NewAige」 with 80.000 or more points
4 Robot Loves Smoked-Salmon CRAB STEP EDITION Clear 「RAVELINE ATTACK」 with 20 or less GOODs Clear 「Majestic CRAB STEP EDITION」 with 85.000 or more points
ネオランニングマン合宿コース (Neo Running Man Training Camp Course)
1 Don't Stop!! RUNNING MAN EDITION Clear 「ステップバリエーション2」 (Various Lessons 2) Clear 「Small Steps」
2 ★ x5 Clear 「リバースランニングマンレッスン」 (Reverse running man lesson) Clear 「Wicked」
3 ★ x10 Get 30 or less GREATs on any song Clear 「smooooch・∀・」 with 80.000 or more points
4 Party Jumpin' RUNNING MAN EDITION Clear 「Fire Spirit」 with 30 or less GREATs Clear 「Don't Stop!! RUNNING MAN EDITION」 with 85.000 or more points
最終仕上げ (Final Finish)
1 about right Clear 5 songs with 10 or less BADs and 20 or less GOODs Score 2000 or more total points
Game to play: DanceDanceRevolution A20 PLUS
Date: 08/03/2020 - 12/07/2020
Mechanics: Keep playing.
Explanation: Unlock CHALLENGE charts of songs by simply playing. 1 stamp per play, total of 28 stamps to collect.
Song Number of stamps
Shiny World [CHALLENGE] 1
Sakura Sunrise [CHALLENGE] 3
Pierce The Sky [CHALLENGE] 5
バンブーソード・ガール [CHALLENGE] 8
HyperTwist [CHALLENGE] 12
Firestorm [CHALLENGE] 16
Lachryma《Re:Queen’M》 [CHALLENGE] 28

Continuous, Oncoming, Monthly, and Weekly Events

Time-Limited (to view with images), Oncoming Events (Dates highlighted in red in Time-Limited Events), Continuous Events. Monthly and Weekly Events (Weekly Ranking, jubeat jboxes) and inactive event templates will be compiled here in this document. Use the outline for ease.
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2020.10.30 15:31 ThrowRA827 I (M38) don't know how to help my wife (F41) who is full of depression, rage, and guilt about our lives. She feels responsible for raising our two kids, running the house, counciling her parents who live with us, and a million other things and she's miserable.

So essentially my wife hates her life and she feels guilty for hating her life and then she tries to be a better mother which ends up with her having breakdowns because she can't control everything.
We have two young kids 4 and 7, the kids are a handful, but not overly so, but she just doesn't want to deal with them. Unfortunately she has been working from home since March and there's no where for her to go to get away from them. I work in the medical field and have to go in every day and some nights as well. I try to do what I can when I'm home to take some pressure off. Dishes, cleaning, clutter pick up, child entertainment, bedtime routines and such. Sometimes it seems like enough, sometimes not and I'm aware I'm not always the best husband, but I do make an effort. It does suck since I work weekends and randomly get called into the hospital some nights, which then of course leaves her alone with the kids again.
Now, her parents also live with us. They're retired and help with the kids. They watch the 4 year old during the day most weekdays and sometimes the 7 year old. The 7 year old is in online 2nd grade and on Tuesday and Thursday her dad watches the 7yo during school all day so my wife can focus more on working from home. This is nice but is causing problems. Our 7yo has ADHD issues and can't focus well (my genes unfortunately) and Grandpa is retired military and not the most patient man. There's often tears with out if the blue our 7yo will have a breakdown because she can't write down a sentence out of no where or all the sudden she can't do math. She has done it all before but will seemingly randomly not be able to do it. I remember similar issues when I was her age. She is medicated for ADHD and it helps, but there are still good and bad days.
Grandpa helping out with online school though has caused an unforeseen problem though. While it gives my wife more time to focus on work, she ends up eavesdropping and hearing her dad be harsh with our daughter to try and get her to focus. Now it's not horrible, but he is a stern mad and apparently it's all triggering memories my wife has of growing up and being yelled at by her dad while he tried to reach her things. My wife the feels awful for putting out daughter through this. But she also knows she can't do it all the time and feels guilty that she can't and additionally she feels even more guilt because she knows how frustrating it can be tutoring our daughter and my wife doesn't want to do it. So sometimes on days her dad is helping our daughter, the back and forth causes her to go into a shame spiral and she retreats to the bedroom under the guise of doing conference calls but really she ends up sleeping all day to avoid problems.
Additionally there's just all the random stuff that goes on with school, like, hey parents, next week is spirit day so remember to give your child a blue shirt to wear, which while not a huge thing, these types of things nickle and dime her stress levels.
But wait, there's more. So since her parents have been living with us, my wife craves this big family experience, which we have sometimes, but for the most part, her parents just stay down in the basement in their mother-in-law suite and don't interact with us. Partially this is so they can have time to themselves, and partially they want to give us space because they feel in debted to us for giving them a free place to stay. But my wife wants to spend time with her parents, she's an only child and very close to them. But unfortunately sometimes she'll go downstairs to see them and it can either go well, or they can erupt into political debates where my wife ends up in tears because she feels like her dad isn't listening to her.
Also while we're going into her parents, her parents, are, well they're lovely people I'll say that. But they're also die-hard conservative baby boomers who are in a codependent marriage of 45 years. I don't share their politics, but I just don't bring them up. My wife likes to bring up topic of the day sometimes and this often leads to trouble. Usually ending with my wife in tears, furious at not her parents, but herself for not being able to control her emotions, and once the tears start, my fil clams up cause he doesn't want to make his daughter cry and is convinced one day we're going to kick him out of the house if he pisses her off one too many times. This is of course not true, but that's his own issue he needs to feel like he's useful to us as a Tennant since he's not paying rent.
Also since Covid has hit, I think my fil has just kind of accepted his fate and has just stopped leaving the house or doing anything other than housework child care, and watching movies on Netflix. He seems ok with this life, but mil is now miserable because she is bored and wants to do something. They say they have watched every movie on Netflix and Hulu at this point, and honestly I believe them because I've never seen them doing anything else when I pay them a visit downstairs. So now my wife feels like she has to counsel her parents marriage. My mil has taken to having cocktails some nights and getting silky drunk. Well fil had two alcoholic parents that both died from liver failure, so he's not really a fan of anyone drinking around him. So that causes fights. Then mil comes upstairs to sneak away from fil cause she's drunk. Which is fun and fine sometimes. However sometimes like last night, mil in her drunken state tries to help my wife in all the wrong ways, mostly by offering unwanted advice. Primarily that she thinks my wife is going through menopause, and this is why she's unhappy. Now granted my wife did just turn 41 so that is a possibility, but mil has been offering this a potential reason my wife is depressed or angry or any number of things for, I kid you not, the last 6 years in a row. It has now become a major trigger for my wife because even if she was going through menopause I think she's determined to never admit it to her mother at this point.
So last night my wife was in a funk. Kids were asleep, I was playing a video game with friends on the computer and my wife basically wandered around the house trying to find joy. She said she ate something, but that only made her happy for a minute, so she watched TV but couldn't find anything she could stand, so she read her Kindle, but that frustrated her and so she decided to just go to bed. Around that time I got off my game as my friends where hitting the hay and her mother wanders upstairs with a drink in her hand. So we go and decide maybe we'll play a board game, which is a shared hobby between my wife and me and her mother is there and attempts, but mostly she was drunk so she didn't care what we were doing. My wife was visibly frustrated with life in general last night and mil tried to start offering advice. Ended on her standard of, well maybe you need to get checked for menopause. That didn't go over well, then somehow it ended on maybe we're feeding the kids too much junk food? Im not sure how that turn happened. That's a whole other trigger cause my wife and I are over weight and the in-laws are determined to make the grandkids not end up like us, mostly by telling us that we're feeding them poorly.
Sigh... But I have more. So my wife is in therapy about once every 1-2 weeks and it's helping but not emensely. For the most part it's just a safe space where she can cry about hating her kids and her life and everyone in her life and how upset it all makes it. Ultimately the therapist has suggested maybe she needs new meds. She's been taking the same antidepressants for over 10 years at this point so it's a good idea. But this means she needs to make an appointment with a psychiatrist who can actually evaluate her. Well that has turned into just one more thing for her to be stressed about. She spent over an hour on the computer running into dead ends yesterday as she tried to find someone she could go see. The best option she ended up getting was a large group where they take over a month to assign you to a doctor and then you have to schedule with the doctor which could take another month, because there's a pandemic and apparently a lot of behavior health workers and busy as hell. So the ball is rolling but it may be 2 months before she actually sees anyone and she's pretty much in crisis mode now. And this appointment or lack there of is just heaped onto the pile of a million other things she wants to accomplish but can't for whatever reason.
And if you want some bonus complexity, my wife and I are swingers. Or at least we used to be, before going to a party with 50 naked strangers wasn't one of the worst decisions you could make for you and your family's health. So we have not done anything swingerish in 9 months and that's a whole nother level of frustration for her. Swinging definitely is an ego boost for my wife. A lot of people pay attention to her, she can command and hold the attention of a room of naked people better than anyone I know. So that's something she loves that she can't have anymore. She has some online only guys she chats with, but she is craving the in person aspect which just isn't there.
Also I have a girlfriend who I see 2-3 times a month just for an afternoon, we take covid precautions and my wife likes her a lot so having an extra person in our bubble to hang out with. I'm really lucky they actually like each other so much as friends. I think my wife definitely wishes she had a boyfriend like that, but so far nothing has really worked out for her in the 3 years we've been open. She has guys she likes but there's usually a 6 month to year timer on her relationships before she moves on. And she's in-between serious relationships at the moment. Covid again doesn't help with the dating game.
Now at this point, some of you might be thinking, hey she needs a weekend away from all her troubles. Well, we've done that a few times. Weekend get aways, or me taking the kids all week or her parents taking them. And she enjoys it. But once real life starts again, she goes into an even worse spiral than she was before the break. Returning to life as normal is so bad that at this point she avoids even going out and getting away sometimes when she has the chance.
tl;dr: my wife seems to hate every aspect of her life these days and everything we try to do to help her either doesn't work, doesn't work well enough, or makes her more depressed and I am out of ideas.
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2020.10.30 04:03 RedditVividVibes Volume 14 review (spoilers duh)

Volume 14 begins with shido and the others at a shrine. As they are at the shrine the spirits are taking and mana arrives. Then we see shido go to school and a special quake occurs and shido is taken out of school to track down the newest spirit, mukuro. They eventually find her in space so they decide to head there to find her. But unfortunately one of the DEM robots appears and they defeat the robot. But it was more than just a robot, wescott reveals himself. And now he is an inverse spirit he has the ability to trap them to a fairytale like dimension. Shido wakes up in the fairytale dimension. After a long time all the spirits meet up and as expected they are all wearing fairytale costumes. The only ones I will be mentioning is yuzuru and kaguya as Hansel and Gretel, Yoshino as little red riding hood, and natsumi as Cinderella. Eventually the decide to head to a castle to escape the fairytale realm. Only the guard won’t let anyone in but natsumi because she is cinderella. They eventually get in and after many chaotic events they realize they can use their angels to escape the realm. It works, and they are free and back onto the ship. They then here mukuro and after the dem appears and are defeated, mukuro agrees to go on a date with shido.
So now I will give my thoughts on this volume.the beginning of this volume was better than the middle in my opinion. The fairytale realm kinda felt like useless filer but it did give me a really nice konosuba vibe, I don’t know why, but it does. And my thoughts on mukuro? I adore her, as you have probably seen my couple of posts about her. She has a beautiful design and is powerful af. Overall really excited for volume 15 and cannot wait to continue the story. That’s all for volume 14, see y’all on my next review.
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2020.10.30 01:25 LegionAparatus1313 I am infatuated with a awesome trans guy. I need your experienced input.

Hello there seduction & PUA community. I need your help with a complicated issue and am here asking for ethical minded non-seductive advice. I’ll put my story in sections and i’ll keep it concise & detailed for you to better understand.
My Personality
I am an introvert with a combination of different characteristics: Low emotional reactivity but once I am genuinely happy about a subject I have what some call a child-like enthusiasm. “Self-diagnosed” autism, inattentive-ADHD, and a social anxiety/clinical depression stemmed from normalized unresolved PTSD. I’m pretty laid back and have low conscientiousness. However I can act agreeable but I don’t really emote it. I try to care through actions but I can easily be irritated and disagreeable. You could say my life is peculiar and has many synchronicities. I’m known more for my idiosyncrasies, intellect, abstract think outside the box brainstorming and my detached clinical, mechanical and very “logical” worldview. Although these aren’t the only dimensions to my character. That is what is remembered more 8/10. I lack stage presence and am not smooth, suave, nor good at eliciting concepts like flirting, advance nonverbals/kino and seduction. I also have a speech disability. I’m 24 years old and never had a girlfriend nor casually dated anyone. I haven’t succeeded with hookups.
My Current Situation
I know that PUA material is controversial. Which is understandable because some advice is not ethical and some are. Now the reason I am posting here is that i’m trying to win the heart of someone I like for a more serious if not at least a casual thing. It’s complicated for me to understand some of the strategies you guy’s teach. But I do my best. So far I believe it’s the best and ethical minded. It’s funny because I decided months prior to be specifically single and to learn how to hook up with women who are mutually looking for meaningless sex. I recently had a “falling out” with someone I was infatuated with. I decided to move on and focus on my personal life. But because the universe is weird to me they coincidentally introduced someone to me i’ll refer to as MB. For context we live in the same apartment complex, work in the same job (kitchen/dining area), and interact within the same social circles. So interacting with one another is bound to happen unless I isolate myself. At first when we met I thought MB was lesbian or non-binary. I was kinda correct because MB identified as agender before. But he identifies as a man. I have no issue with LGBTQ+ community. I fully support them. I just found it more surreal to me because I identify as straight. Also I know GC is about dating strategies to help attract women. But you guys also said these strategies can be universally applied. To my knowledge I don’t know if MB takes testosterone. He just looks effeminate but with a masculine gender expression. It was interesting because he has this interesting balance of qualities people would call masculine & feminine. But it was more so his personality that attracted me instantaneously. Maybe I am pansexual. I dunno but overtime I discovered my “ideal” type and it’s MB. It usually takes longer for me to develop crushes or infatuations with other people. I also found out that he is also gay. Now because I am not smooth and am a weirdo. It was pretty obvious that I like him a lot. My original goal was to just seek out a friendship and only admit my feelings if he asks or when I can’t hide it. So his roommate and also close friend asked me this: Can I ask you a personally question? Sure I responded. Are you gay? It caught me off guard and I dropped my juice. It was embarrassing because she dropped hers as well and someone unrelated to us dropped their food.
So I decided to tell the roommate i’ll call TZP everything I essentially told you in this post. TZP asked because MB was wondering if I was gay. She assured me that everything would be fine if I was honest. And because I had no choice I decided to tell the truth. I decided to go buy pizza for the three of us and MB offered to tag along. I said yes so we can have alone time. To give you a description of MB’s personality he has a similar abstraction and ditzy process I have. We both also seem like functionally depressed people and feel socially awkward. You could say he is more organic, ethical, extraverted, and empathetic than me. He also likes to touch people and can roughhouse. He’s an artistic free spirit, party animal, that loves dancing, photography, sexually liberal, politically liberal, has interesting idiosyncrasies, and is pretty direct (non-superficial). Once we decides to talk I basically told him what I told TZP and you guys. And that hanging out has been cathartic. I even made a poem for MB and he was genuinely flattered, surprised, and entertained. MB is used to my psychoanalyzing and actually engaged in them with me when we talked the first time. But he’s taking a year to discover himself and purpose. Which is why he’s not looking to date anyone. I also asked him out of curiosity if I was his type and he said he didn’t know. But anyhow the friendship didn’t end. Lately I felt as if I was quasi annoying because I would randomly offer to buy him stuff like snacks, drinks or make hot chocolate. And offer to hang out. But he’s declined them because he seemed either not hungry or had the time. From what he told me he’s preparing to go back to this other state for a few days to meet family and next month is the month that his father passed away on years ago. So because of my anxiety I thought I was doing something wrong but he could just be genuinely busy. I think this is true because we still talk and I don’t see any patterns of discomfort. More neutral or positive. Like when I show him random memes or videos he doesn’t try to stray way but talks to me casually. I also don’t naturally elicit strong reactions in extraverts. So that could be it. So I asked my friend for advice and he suggested I should just stay the same and not change myself because he may sense it and perceive it negatively. So later this December it’s his birthday and I planned on doing a surprise party with the help of his friends and family. We will watch a nostalgic disney film he loves, eat s’mores outside and pizza/ice cream.
After the events are over I planned to give him a snow globe and some other presents. And read out the poem to him in private that he’s waiting to hear. After that I was thinking him and a couple of friends could smoke weed and drink Rum. I also have other gifts in mind because christmas is like 5 days away but they are stuff involving his interestx like a geeky wrist watch, winter thermals and a hat. My plan at the moment is to continue the friendship. But maybe I can find out if I can attract him if a possibility exists dating wise. I usually would be fatalistic but I want to be determined. Even if it’s the incremental, long road to success. This could also benefit me more because I am not looking for a hook up. Something potentially mid to long term.
I guess these are my questions I wonder if you can answer: 1. With the personality descriptors and overall reactions I described. How can I attract someone like that with the current interpersonal skill level that I have? Is it through deep conversations?
  1. I don’t want to come off as a indifferent, jerk nor someone that is clingy. I want to show I respect his independence while always making sure I am there for them while not hiding my interest. The optimal balance. So how do I attract someone that is usually busy and independent minded? *for context his phone is messed up and he doesn’t appear to be on social media a lot so everything comes down to IRL interaction. My idea was to still interact but to decrease my presence if I feel as if I am being too aggressive, suffocating or impromptu.
  2. Is there a specific list of links/videos you can reference me that is specifically relevant to my situation? And/his personality?
  3. Can you rate the decisions I made? Like what I did correct. What was incorrect. What could be modified. And what I should stop doing.
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2020.10.29 23:40 TELMxWILSON Netsky - Second Nature LP Out Now! Full Lenght Review & Album Spotlight Release megathread

Buy & Stream

Hospital Records Store
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Netsky - Second Nature Album Review (by u/lefuniname)

Welcome to my second album write-up! As always, I apologize in advance for the Big Wall Of Text that is about to follow.


Does someone like Netsky even need an introduction? Usually I'd say I Refuse to do one, but he's been absent from the scene for a few years and just a few weeks ago we had a "I just discovered Netsky" thread over here, so maybe he actually does need one. Let's go down Memory Lane.
Netsky, named after the computer worm with the same name, is somewhat of a legend of the scene. Pronounced Net-Sky and not Net-Ski, by the way. He started producing around 2009, Give And Take a few months, and was quickly discovered by DJ Hype and Pascal during their search for new talent for their liquid-focused sublabel Liq-weed Ganja Recordings. Releases on Grid Recordings and all sorts of other labels followed quickly, garnering more and more attention in a very short amount of time. Enough attention to get a recording contract with Hospital Records and win the "Best Newcomer Producer" award at the D&B Arena awards in 2010.
That's exactly when things really kicked into full gear for the Belgian producer. Multiple iconic Netsky tunes like Memory Lane, I Refuse, Eyes Closed and Tonight, a collab with Danny Byrd, date back to exactly that year. It was also the year he released his first album, Netsky. Two years later he followed this up with his second album, creatively titled 2. He even started the Netsky Live Band that year. All was well. Sadly you cannot find said sophomore album on Spotify anymore, but I bet you can still find it on Pirate Bay. I mean, you shouldn't do that, just buy it if you want it. I just wanted to make a reference to his track Pirate Bay. You get me.
By the time his third album 3 was released, i.e. around 2016, some people in the scene were becoming increasingly frustrated by the change of direction in Netsky's style. People were clamoring for more "glory days" dnb from him, but he wanted to explore other genres and directions. Some see it as selling out, some as him just doing whatever he wants. After 3, he took it one step further and turned his back on dnb for a while to pursue EDM. Shudder. Just like Pendulum with their Knife Party sideproject, that change of genres didn't come out of nowhere though. His albums have always featured all kinds of different subgenres in the electronic music spectrum, it has always been part of his repertoire. And while I'm not necessarily a fan of the David Guetta, Aloe Blacc and Lil Wayne era of Netsky, I am still happy for him. Must have been pretty wild to go completely out of the comfort zone that was dnb for him (at the time at least) and work with names that big. Also, at least the Prototypes and Toronto Is Broken DnB remixes of his tunes from that time are bangers.
Late March, early April this year, at the (first) height of the lockdown, he posted on his socials that he would release a new DnB album this year. On Hospital Records. Out of f'ing nowhere. 10 Years after his first album, it was time for him to come home. During his series of lockdown streams and various interviews, it became clearer and clearer that it wasn't all a big ruse, he was actually really excited to return to his roots. So excited in fact that he gathered 18 brand new tracks for this new album, making it his biggest album to date.
But can this new album, this Return Of The Lost Son, live up to its hype? As they say in my favorite fictional TV show, let's find out!

Track Breakdown

The album begins with Mixed Emotions. No no, that was not supposed to be a review of the track, that's just the title of it. My emotions for this collaboration with Kiwi producer Montell2099 aren't mixed at all, they are in fact very positive. The stripped-down, laid-back production of it shows that Netsky actually meant it when he said he'd go back to his roots. Maybe not quite back to the 2009 days, but it certainly has that certified Netsky Feeling™ to it. It just feels warm. The beautifulness of this track is enhanced even further by the accompanying music video, which is Netsky's love letter to Aotearoa, more colloquially known as New Zealand. Created together with Montell2099 and some people at the Kiwi radio station George FM, it showcases the stunning landscapes, cultural landmarks and people that inspired this intro to the journey that is Second Nature. (Update from the future: Mixed Emotions is in fact not actually the intro to the album. I'll mention the actual intro further down)
As Netsky himself said in a recent interview with Red Bull Electronica, this album is not about a story or a theme. It's just a collection of all the different musical styles that make Netsky Netsky. And one of those styles is Dancefloor. The first track that really goes into that direction is Destiny, a collaboration with the master of dancefloor himself, Sub Focus. Safe to say, his influences can be felt a lot. It is a bit as if Netsky took the Desire project files and injected his style into it. They even both share the same Des prefix! Okay okay, it probably wasn't anything like that and that prefix part is a bit far-fetched, but it is definitely reminiscent of it. Just like Desire, Destiny also has the same sing-along and festival anthem potential.
Next up, we got the first solo track, I Choose You, a remix of the soul classic Willie Hutch - I Choose You. As mentioned in various interviews over the years, Netsky's parents are big fans of soul, funk and jazz. This is the first of many tracks on this album that make it crystal clear just how much influence his parents' soul record collection had on him and his productions. If you listen to the original and the Netsky version side-by-side, the remix might seem simple at first, but it is just effective as hell. The vocals and the trumpets and just the whole arrangement in general just work really well in a dnb tempo. The happy vibes on this remix are dangerously contagious.
So contagious indeed that Netsky decided to put a stop to them. As mentioned earlier, Netsky has planned to show all sides of his sound on this album. Broken Bottles is the track on which the EDM side of him shines through the most. If you are familiar with the tracks he produced in the last few years (I wouldn't judge you if you aren't), this one is like a DnB version of I Don't Even Know You Anymore with Lil Wayne. Straight up going into Sad Auto-Tune Song territory. That statement alone is probably enough for some fans to throw some bottles. Maybe the song isn't even about alcoholism, but about DnB purists' reaction to the Auto-Tune. However, even if you aren't a fan of the vocal style, you might still get a lot out of this one. While I also really like how the stripped-back piano sections during the buildup set the mood, the drops are where the track shines in my opinion. They emphasize the hurt and anger the protagonist goes through. They also just bang, especially the second one. Probably not for everyone, it's a grower though.
Time for some more collaborations now! First we have Blend with Rudimental, a melting pot of different ideas and styles. We've got the funkiest of the funky basslines, we have trumpets and all sorts of brass, we've got catchy vocals by Afronaut Zu, there's a organ taking us to church, point is, we got it all. Really fun track!
Next up we're diving straight into liquid territory. On Let Me Hold You Netsky and Hybrid Minds combined their strengths into one beautiful vocal-driven anthem. They really pulled all the strings to craft something great here. A forward-moving yet emotional piano, a stunning vocal performance that could probably lead to world peace, and the aforementioned strings that will make you cry effortlessly. My favorite moment comes right before the second drop when the production is stripped-back completely, leaving just the strings and the vocals. It works so goddamn well man. This whole track is a wave of emotions crashing right into you.
You might already know this next one. Look At Me Go, featuring english, I wanna say Hardcore?, producer Darren Styles, feels like Netsky is talking directly to us through the vocal sample. "Look at me jumping between wildly different styles from track to track!" This one is even more wildly different though. Take one part 174 bpm 4x4 beat, 2 parts Psytrance influences and a tablespoon Blood Sugar (it's honestly uncanny) and you get Look At Me Go! Really fun track. That WAKAME WAKAME WAKAME GO vocal will never leave my head. And no, you can't convince me that this isn't what the vocal says.
Over the following three tracks Netsky pivots away from barely-dnb to not-at-all-dnb and shows us what his style would sound like in other genres. Don't Care What People Say is a funk-drenched 80s-themed vocoder love anthem. Pretty much Netsky's take on Daft Punk. Even though this usually isn't my genre, this one really hooked me. Probably because the production on it is clean as a whistle. But, like, not a used one, one that was just recently cleaned really thoroughly. You get me.
You know what's in vogue right now? Chilled out tracks at a tempo slightly slower than DnB with some breakbeats. From The Prototypes to Sub Focus & Wilkinson, everyone that is releasing an album seems to be doing it. Even Gydra and Turno tried their hand at the tempo, but their experiments weren't quite as chilled out. Complicated is Netsky's entry in the series. It starts out seriously mellow, but the drop soon enough introduces a loud but warm bass melody into the mix that spices things up nicely. Not a very complicated tune, but it fits the vibe he's going for very well.
Okay enough of that expedition to the unknown non-DnB lands, let's get back home. Free is the second track of the album that is a reimagination of a vintage soul tune, this time it's Deniece Williams with her smash hit Free. The elements of the original track are all there, but produced and mastered very differently. The trumpets are way more prominent, the vocal has been cut down to the main I just got to be freee part and arranged completely differently. He of course also added things to it, from the small male vocal to the breaks in the buildup and throughout the drop. I can't believe how well that technique of taking a classic soul song and rearranging it into a dnb track has worked on me. Twice now too. Compared to I Choose You, Free is way more mellow, but just as enjoyable.
This next one is special to me. Way back in late March, when lockdown had just started, Netsky completely blindsided us all by releasing I Saw The Future In Your Eyes pretty much out of nowhere. It was the single that kicked this whole album project off and was the confirmation we all needed that, yes, Netsky is actually going back to DnB. And judging by this first single, it would actually be kinda amazing. It gave us something to look forward to in a time where most news were kinda bleak. The track by itself already gives you a sense of beautiful melancholic hopefulness that was emphasized tenfold by the times it was released in. If you are a fan of the Old Netsky™ sound, this track is for you. Amazing vibes all the way through.
One thing I love about Netsky is the cheery cheesiness, or cheesy cheeriness, of some of the lyrics in his songs. I've definitely lost most of you here I think, but I'm not going to back down on this. Something about hearing positive lyrics just makes me smile. For me, one of the most cheesy, positive happy vibes, sing-along tracks on this album is Waiting All Day To Get To You. The vocals are so simple, 90% of the lyrics are already in the title, but damn if it isn't catchy as hell. Those vocals are complimented extremely well by the guitars throughout the song and the heavy but melodic bass in the drop. I'm sorry, but I have no choice but to bop up and down and sing along.
Ew, emotions. Good thing the next track is a true banger, gotta blast those feelings away. Power, featuring the Brazilian funkmaster Urbandawn, will blast your socks off. Maybe the foot too. It'll powerwash your whole body. POW, just like that. But even more than that. Probably why it's called POW-er. In true Urbandawn fashion the funk in this track is palpable, from the signature funky guitars in the buildup and breakdown to the powerful basses in the drop. There's even some fun half-time business in the second drop! The different styles present on this album are honestly insane. Huge track.
Speaking of half-time. The next track on the list, Float starts off as exactly that. In contrast to Power, this one is more float-y though. Okay that was a way too easy joke, I apologize. This one is an interesting one. If I had to keep myself short I'd describe it as a chill spring-time vibe. Also, there's a flute. Speaking of, while listening to the drop I do wonder if someone just misspelled "Flute" while writing the title of this track. Or maybe that similarity was intentional and I'm just stupid. Or maybe it wasn't and I'm still stupid. Who knows! Very very unique track. Won't be the first one I'll recommend, but it's certainly interesting enough. But maybe you, the reader, will love it, who knows? Hey, whatever flutes your boat.
The non-dnb block of the album continues with Dreaming Of U with Elias, arguably one of the poppiest tracks on the album. While not my favorite track of the bunch, I still appreciate things about it. For instance, I love the way the vocal is layered, that high/low layering will always work on me. While it's not groundbreaking, that little drum "dudum" during the buildup and outro is also very lovely.
We're nearing the end here folks. I think we could all do with another soul-track-turned-dnb track, to lift the spirits a bit. Just in time for the literal darkest times of the year we got our summer anthem of the year: Everybody Loves The Sunshine. Just like with the other two soul classics before this one, Netsky took most of the elements of the original by Roy Ayers and transformed them into something new. Something faster mostly. Even though it still sounds simple, I have to admit that this strategy has actually worked a third time on me. I didn't expect myself to like it as much as I do, but here we are. I'm just a sucker for happy vibes I guess.
Finally, we've arrived at the end of the - wait. There's a track missing. Hold On, featuring the prolific UK singer and DnB vocalist legend Becky Hill, should be in here somewhere, right? That's what the website says at least. It's also included in the album mini-mix he just uploaded. But it's not there in the review copy we got? Uhm, well, the 20 seconds I can hear in the mini mix are pretty nice I guess. Best review ever.
Okay but now we are here. The last track. The last frontier. Basic Instinct. Fitting name, because after I finished listening to it my basic instincts kicked in and made me restart the track immediately. Pure vibes. At it's core it's like a more melancholic version of I See The Future In Your Eyes, but it's also much more than that. All the elements come together perfectly to actually make you feel like you've just returned home after a long journey. All the tiny vocal bits, the melody continuing throughout the breakdown after the first drop and smoothly going into the second drop, all the melodies working together during the drop... there's a lot to love here. And I love all of it. Stunning.


There's one thing that defines this album in my opinion and that is diversity. Nearly every single track has a unique idea or sound to it, while still clearly being a Netsky track. It really speaks to his production capabilities that he is able to craft so many great tracks in so many different styles without losing his identity.
Even with all the diversity there's still some reoccurring themes in this album though. His parents' soul influence on him is undeniable on this album, with three tracks being basically DnB remasters of old soul classics. With big names like Hybrid Minds, Sub Focus or even Urbandawn being involved, this is also the album on which he most embraced the dnb scene itself.
My highlights are Let Me Hold You, a track that only got more beautiful the more I listened to it, Waiting All Day To Get To You, whose catchy vocal will probably never leave my head at this point, Power, which just blows me away every single time, and Basic Instinct/I See The Future In Your Eyes, which both just have an amazing vibe to them.
All in all, way better than expected!


Title Length
Hold On (feat. Becky Hill) 3:43
Mixed Emotions (feat. Montell2099) 4:28
Destiny (feat. Sub Focus & Jozzy) 4:03
I Choose You 2:59
Broken Bottles 3:37
Blend (feat. Rudimental & Afronaut Zu) 3:26
Let Me Hold You feat. Hybrid Minds 3:23
Look At Me Go (feat. Darren Styles) 3:46
Don't Care What People Say 3:26
Complicated 3:47
Free 3:21
I See The Future In Your Eyes 4:15
Waiting All Day To Get To You 2:55
Power (feat. Urbandawn) 3:46
Float 3:20
Dreaming Of You (feat. Elias) 3:07
Everybody Loves The Sunshine (feat. Daddy Waku & Chantal Kashala) 3:21
Basic Instinct 3:57

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2020.10.29 16:11 degenerategoblin A Word on Mabinogi

I am not sure if I should address this, since I do not have much standing in the Mabinogi community in general, but something I wanted to address are these two things:
So, I will go ahead and jump right into things, but a little background about me. I am a long time Mabinogi player who stopped playing after a while, and while that makes me lose some form credibility in my post, you are welcome to opt out from reading or if you are interested, by all means continue reading. This is just my personal reflection.
"Should I come back? Is it worth coming back?"
To this day, I am not sure why people ask this question on any community forum for any game, and although some may argue about wasting time, I think that's overthinking, and in general, from my perspective, that seems to stem from something inside that needs to be checked out.
When did the decision to play a game become such great of a risk to calculate? This is not a life or death decision, and no one is forcing any one to sign a contract or their life away. Just play the game. Try it for a few days, or even a few hours. This is enough time to see if the game is worth your time, and if you really can't figure that out, then do more research, like the contents of the game, the end game, the progression, the gameplay later on, the economy, how to generate income in the game, and what freedoms and pleasures in this game that you have that other games do not offer. I feel like this goes for anything in life honestly. And so, what I am trying to say is, just stop asking and just try it for yourself. There's no consequence, well, the only consequence is a bit of time and self reflection. And I feel like individuals who argue that they don't have time to do so, really just don't need to be playing games in general. Either they are doing something in life that has greater sense of purpose or meaning that does not give them the availability to play games or hell I don't know, but if it's the case for the other two points then by all means, continue on with your life. Don't look back and squander yourself with needless distractions. Games are meant for pleasure sometimes just additional pleasure at the end of day, but sometimes pleasure can be held off for what is reality and other priorities, which leads me to my next topic.
"Concerns about the future of the game."
I won't get about the actual contents of the game, because ultimately it's a free to play game, and no duh, there are going to be micro-transactions and other in-game purchases that are used to monetize the game for profit. Obviously in this case, it's gachapon and reforges and other services. But past all that, the real thing to address is that at the end of the day this game is not going away. Even though a miniscule percent of the overall revenue stems from NA, I am sure NEXON plans to milk whatever pennies out of what pockets they can find. I am not employed by NEXON, so don't quote me on that, but come on now, it's NEXON (shameless company). Micro-transactions and gachapon and reforges (eh, not too sure about reforges) are really no big deal, since most of the gachapon can be obtained through trade and gold. Plus, I feel like most of the Mabinogi content can be taken on just by playing the game like how it should be, without ever touching the pay to win option. Obviously it will take a little longer to do end game content, but as gamers, don't we take pride in the long term accomplishment, when we have done all that we could to reach a certain point in the game? MMORPGS are never ending, and because of that they should be enjoyed day by day, bit by bit. At least, that's my philosophy. So now what I was saying in the last sentence of the previous paragraph. If there are real life priorities or something more meaningful in life that you need to do in order to make the most out of your life, then the game can wait. Mabinogi can wait, because at the end of the day, the game will always be here. So, take care of yourself first, and when all is done, come back and play and visit without all the weight that holds you hostage, which often leads to be what I imagine the core representation of outward toxicity in game. Insecurities and burdens internally built up over time, and all unraveled in a game where people are just trying to have fun. Ugh. It happens and that's understandable, but really think, and do what matters most.
There's also things like running out of content to do, and honestly, if that's the case, then all I can really say is wait things out, or find a new game to keep yourself occupied. It's not really anyone's fault at that point. There's only so much the developers can do to push new content, but for sure, something needs to be evaluated at the developer's end if players feel that way. Maybe a big revamp towards the way the game is played, and other things to account for like the style and feel for the population of the game that people cater to psychologically, like the achievers, the explorers, the socializers, and the pvpers. The developers should really be making moves on how to optimize that, instead of all the needless crap. Something I am concerned about is the push towards reaching a certain amount of DPS to proceed with gameplay, which I think was addressed in Rydian's video on why he quit Mabinogi, and all the shadow nerfing. I don't really play the game much anymore to really know what that's like, but I can say at the very least, that must feel pretty alienating and frustrating to the Mabinogi population, because is the game really catered to be fun at that point? But then again, it's NEXON. Sometimes I really wonder if the intention of fun was every really on their mind. Maybe at some point? But I feel a lot has changed over time, especially from what I have heard with all the changes in the ones developing the game. The idea for what really made the game was lost, so it feels too critical to blame them.
Furthermore, bouncing off with the idea of what NEXON plans for Mabinogi future-wise, it's really hard to tell, since I feel like my years as a gamer, Mabinogi has not really been open to the community in the way it should be. Sure it's restricted due to the natural barrier for NA, and there's only so much community leaders can do (if that's the right word for discussion), but when comparing Mabinogi to Maplestory's success, it's like what the hell is going on. There's a key thing that is leaving Mabinogi in the dust compared to Maplestory, and I think it's in the way the game is presented and how the community voices its concerns, and what is being done to preserve the game in a way that keeps the player base. Mabinogi definitely had a player base before, but something went wrong in spite of the introductions of new MMORPGs. Mabinogi could not capture the audience, and compel their gamers to keep playing. I think Mabinogi could had been a more successful game, but nowadays, it feels like nothing can really be done, other than find a new game. Personally, I think what they failed to do was to continue to transform the game overtime, and they also failed to make the game more smoother. The combat is still clunky and feels glitchy, and the way dungeons and missions feel way out of date. I feel like the game could had been transformed into something like the way Maplestory 2 had it's dungeon instances (at least in the terms of the interface) and smooth and responsiveness in combat like the way most MOBA's play. The interchangeable combat set switch options is unique, and I feel like more could had been done to streamline that. Now a days, it's like certain talents are becoming more vital due to the need to reach a certain DPS and also how some skills aren't usable in certain contents. This is alienating and demoralizing to the individuals that prefer some style of gameplay over the other. This is not the Fantasy Life that Mabinogi advertises, and I feel like a lot of beauty is being taken away. Sure erging and spirit weapons offer a way to offset that but there is still a lot more to be done. In addition to this, an engine upgrade is something to take account for too, but there are so many underlining issues already that need to be addressed for the community and the direction the game is ultimately going.
So, what really matters is how fun the game is for the community and how the game continues to tailor and present that fun for the players for years to come. It's like living the 2020s, but the game is still in the 1980s, and we're playing with something so out of date, when so much more can be done.
But hey, like they say, there ain't just one fish in the sea. Plenty of other games to play.
That's all I really have to say. I felt like there was something needed to be said, and while some of this is really just my opinion and ideologies, and maybe discouraging? I feel like the real message here is that if anyone wants to see if anything is worth it, really they should just try it for themselves, and come to their own conclusions. Not the conclusions of someone else. Because really, only you know what's right for you, and while it takes a minute to realize that, it doesn't take a whole lot of action. And I feel like if you don't take action to see for yourself, you'll always be in this spiral of what-ifs or should I have done this or that, and all these endless questions. Just play it Do it. And see how things go.
Now that's all I really have to say now.
Shout out to my mom. Shout out to my dad. Shout out to family. And shout out to the degenerates and incels on Reddit. We stand united and dignified.
Peace. Until next time boys and girls of Mabinogio.
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2020.10.29 10:04 woohzay Goodbye, Clash Royale

Now, before you read this post I do want to point out that I will take any constructive feedback or any criticisms that will be said in the comments. After all, we are all entitled to our own opinions so I would appreciate any constructive comments on this post. Also, I would like to encourage thought-provoking discussions so that I can see how the community feels (about the game in general, let's be real). Also there is a TLDR at the bottom so feel free if you do not have the time to read about my opinions. Anyway,
After watching OJ's video on one of Clash Royale's most recent updates and why is was generally disappointing, it had me wondering whether one of the most loved games that I will ever play, CR , will die. It had seemed that the game is currently in a state where it is clutching at straws, you could say, as backed up by the evidence here. I do know that Trends is probably not the most reliable source of info for how popular something is, but it is quite a good gauge of the interest in CR. If you had noticed, the interest rate is at an all time low based on 29/10/20. Whether it was the lack of content, the repetitive challenges , and most importantly sub-par or even average updates were produced, the game seems to have kept going in a downward spiral.
When I had first picked up CR in 2016, I was still relatively new to gaming and I discovered CR in the Play Store. The minute I had picked up the game, I had wanted to know everything about the game and how to be great at it. Granted, back then I was the type of guy to zap 4 skeletons, but my interest in the game remained very high. I always would log on, play a few rounds of ladder and it was all good and bless. Although sometimes I would get stressed while playing games of CR (which may be partially responsible for the number of gray hairs on my head), I still enjoyed the game and I was a satisfied gamer. The concept of the game was quite a refreshing experience from some other games.
However, I had slowly began to notice that the amount of content being released was getting lower and lower and my interest in the game started slowly fading. I would still play daily but I felt the game was starting to become slightly stale. That time period also coincided with the global release of Brawl Stars, a game which made my love for CR dwindle daily. I stopped logging on daily, as BS was now a major part of my "gaming time". I still constantly watched videos of CR daily but Brawl was Booming. Because of that, I started playing less and this became a vicious cycle of me not even logging on to CR anymore.
What's more, if you took this into a critical point of view, realistically, the last 'major" update before CW2 was actually Season 1 where we were introduced to a whole new economy in Pass Royale. It was heartbreaking to see the game that I loved, just dissolve and fade away. CW2 was a major flop. It caused a ton of burnout and for that one month after CW2 came out, this entire Reddit was flooded with post on " OH, CW2 TRASH I'm leaving yada yada yada". But I gave CR one last chance to redeem itself with Season 16- Shocktober, and despite the feeling of me hoping that the update would revive CR, ultimately, it didn't. Inevitably I was left disappointed.
2 Electric Cards that was just an electric take on a Giant and an Ice Spirit. So much for my hopes and dreams..
After reading all of that you may be thinking that I am being critical, but I really do love the game. With that, I would love to give some ideas to end this post on a positive note.
SOME IDEAS TO MAKE CR GREAT (just my thoughts)
Those are 4 ideas/ suggestions that I have. Sadly, if the game does not do something insane, the game will continue to get less popular and more players will leave.
Clash Royale, I want to say that you should try to follow BS as the game is popular than ever. I still love the game, but I am afraid to say that you have just lost a loyal player. I will still watch videos about you, but I just won't PLAY you. I will still be on the reddit.
TLDR: The game has taken a turn for the worse with lackluster updates causing burnout. I still love the game in my heart, but something has to be done fast.
Cheers for your time and for reading. :) ( You can tell i rushed the conclusion, I was on a time constraint)
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2020.10.29 03:31 ThrowRAnameThief My (35M) ex-wife’s (34F) fiancé (30sM) want to take my last as his own when they get married. It rubs me the wrong way, and I’m afraid it may cause an issue if I don’t handle it properly.

Edit: Title should say "take my last name". Sorry.
Edit2: It has come up a lot that my ex wants to keep the same last name as the kids. This is not the case. She assumed she would be taking his last name and was fine with that. The fiancé is the one who said he doesn't want her to change her name. He wants her to keep it so that he can have my last name.
Edit 3: It also seems worth noting, as it has come up several times, that I DID NOT ask my ex to take my last name or expect it. I was fine with her keeping her own and us just hyphenating the kid's last name. She was the one who chose to take my last name because that was what she wanted for herself. I'd have less of an issue with this if I had insisted she take my name and this same situation arose.
My ex-wife and I met in college, and I was immediately attracted to her free spirited nature and sense of adventure because I was very similar at the time. Long story short, we were together for a total of 9 years and married for 7 of those. We ended up having 2 kids during that time, a son (9m) and a daughter (7f). It’s been about 4 years since the divorce was finalized.
Honestly, we had a pretty good marriage. However, we both realized as we got older that our visions of how we saw our daily lives wasn’t going to mesh. She is just as she always was, attending music festivals, stopping by art shows, or trying some new hobby. I basically became what many might consider “the boring one” who kind of just wanted to have nights in cooking or watching movies, doing projects for the house, or reading books with our kids. Neither one of us faults the other for our marriage not working out. As a result, we are on great terms with one another. This has been wonderful for co-parenting.
However, there is an issue that has recently popped up that I just don’t know how to feel about. My ex is supposed to get married in March to a guy she has been dating for a few years. I’m happy for her! Her marriage isn’t the issue. My issue is with their last names. Weird, I know. Please, let me explain.
When we got married, we went the traditional route most do where she took my last name. This time around, they (my ex and her fiance) decided that he would like to take her last name because he doesn’t like his for some reason. So, what’s the problem? She never went back to her maiden name after the divorce. The guy wants to take my last name as his own.
I know that it’s kind of silly because anyone can legally change their name to pretty much whatever they want. However, the situation just rubs me the wrong way. I understand that my last name became her last name also from a legal standpoint, but the name is my family surname that she chose to share (it may be worth noting that I did NOT push for her to take my last name in any way.) This guy is not part of my family. Let me be clear that I actually really like her fiancé. He is a good guy who I have no issue with being around my kids and who I even just like on a personal level from when we have hung out at activities that revolved around the kids. He will be a great step dad or even a father (if they have a kid of their own), but that doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t part of my family. Additionally, and maybe this sounds petty, but I wouldn’t want anyone to assume he is my children’s father based on the fact that him and my kids all have the same last name, which is not a common last name.
I have talked twice with my ex about this, and each time she has dismissed my feelings regarding it. The first time she basically maintained that it was “just a name” but didn’t really have a response when I asked why they didn’t use her maiden name or just choose a last name they both liked or agreed on if the name didn’t matter. The second time, she told me that he really likes my last name and doesn’t care for his own (this is when I found out why they were going this route.) This issue has been running through my mind more and more as their wedding date, current state of the world permitting, approaches.
I don’t know if I should address this with him also since we are on friendly terms, talk this over with my ex more, or just let it be and accept it. I don’t want this is in any way affect my relationship with my ex as I feel that us having an issue would be bad for co-parenting reasons. Does anyone have advice on how I should handle this? Is it even reasonable, even if it isn’t entirely logical, for someone in my position to feel the way I do? I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do at the moment. Any input would be appreciated.
TL;DR: My ex-wife is getting remarried. Her fiance will be taking her last name, which is my last name because she never reverted to her maiden name after the divorce. It feels weird to me.
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2020.10.29 02:17 mindgameacrobat Weekly Self Improvement General Discussion Thread

As questioned in one of my previous posts: I'd like to propose a weekly or monthly discussion thread exclusive to time we have dedicated to our own separatist well-being.
I have two ideas:
#1. General Self Improvement related to leveling up: career focus, keeping to a routine, health/physical fitness, steps taken to engage in their hobby, etc. This thread may not be necessary as there are dedicated subs such as FemaleLevelUpStrategy, however we would have our wgtow twist of leveling up on our own with as minimal male contact as possible (because sometimes we have careers with men). These posts would be woman centric and not necessarily related to FemaleDatingStrategy ideology. We can use our similar goals as a means to make friends and hold each other accountable. It always helps to find a fellow wgtow walking a similar path in life, with solutions that don't involve men or romance as the answer!
#2. Chilling Our Own Way simply taking time for ourselves, productive or not, free of societal expectations or even ones we have simply placed on ourselves. This is free of leveling up, provided this activity is in the spirit of the sub: free from men. Read a book, describe a place you went, make new friends, share your small wins or something that made you smile today. There is negativity regarding patriarchy and news posts, so a thread like this could balance some heavy energy and keep the spirit of the sub welcoming for newcomers who have not necessarily found radical feminism yet, but still want to go their own way.
Feel free to add or come up with creative names for these threads.
I'll message the mods when we have a good idea of what these threads should be named and focused on, or they can reply themselves if they read this post.
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2020.10.29 01:35 MercuriallyApathetic Libation Finale (Of Roundabouts and Revolutions)

We begin the sunset rite, to mark a conclusion and bring forth an ending.

The sprites met no final, apocalyptic battle by which their vital thread was spent to weave legends into the tapestry.

Rubysprite would remain under the Novikovs' service. It, alongside a scant few ghosts who spoke only singular words, one of them only a greeting, would remain in Lara's orbit for the foreseeable future, and she would welcome their companionship and guidance.

Batsprite would disappear, for minutes and hours and days. Inevitably, Alicia would catch on, that he explored the world when he could, to learn more about it. In his own way, he was a curious sort, insofar that a sprite prototyped with the exploits of Earth's greatest detective can have any attributes ascribed to him.

Herosprite set off to travel across the Land, as ronin are wont to do, aimless save the preservation of justice. Word travels back to Lawclaw every other week, about this ghost who walks among them, skilled in sword and gun alike. Altria has zero surprise about any of this.

Empresssprite would inevitably meet up with Misera, and ended up on Derse as she did. Last Batsprite spoke, they both sat on advisory boards, overseeing Derse's reconstruction. And have spiked Derse's seafood imports, supposedly.

Bearsprite lives with the Sykes household still; he has no need for food, or drink, or board. A babysitter, a companion, and an occasional cleaner. How he gets the dishes done is a bit of a mystery best contemplated on not right this second.

Sylvester wakes from his stupor. He fell asleep in the office again, if the half-eaten sandwich and the empty bottle are any indication. The tuna stinks something awful, aromas mixed with that of dried whiskey and spittle mixed together. The very thought makes his stomach churn.

He scarfs down the sandwich and sees to making himself presentable. Port Diluvian is resuming commerce, and his vigilance will be needed, lest more cats attempt to smuggle in subversive plays to mire the mind.

A droning noise that wasn't there before. He leans over to look up, finding violet shells of metal borne aloft by physics explained in classes he never attended. The carapacians had taken a greater interest in trade as of late. There were even talks of immigration quotas being established, to allow the adventurous among them to work and live on that strange little moon.

The cat wasn't a particularly driven feline, except where mystery lay in wait. He had no particular interest in moving; he could count on the patience of saints where his alcoholism was involved, and he knew this. His talents may be going to waste, certainly, but he could hold down a job here.

Then he wonders about what sorts of problems carapacians had, their inequities and divisions, and curiosity dug its talons into him.

Derse was supposed to be doing poorly, wasn't it? The corruption that was endemic to its workings was purged, but something two thousand police officers were stripped of their badges.


He would leave within the month, his curiosity getting the better of him. A chance encounter with another cat at the scene of a murder, some girl from Port Diluvian who also worked with Alicia for a time, would mark the start of an eventful few years.

Counting sidewalk tiles, alignments of street signs, dates of discarded newspapers, streaks of piss and liquor. Such is the town. Most see these things and leave it alone at that, perhaps even write about it in some book with beige prose that might've been popular if their last name were... something besides Hemingway, the only people who would get this reference would know who the right person is.

In your name we offered four doves, fattened and plucked, and you uncovered the wicked and the decadent and the deceitful whose rot had infected the dream kingdom.

Well, you know one person. You might even ask him when you get home.

In your name we offered an unmilked cow, a year and a day old, and the sour fruits of your search did not lead you astray.

The town's loud. It'll get a bit louder. Rush hour's coming as night prepares its, well, nightly presence. It's a diva like that.

In your name we recited the canticle of preservation at dawn and dusk, and you followed the Daedaelian scion in your quest for the searing light of the Primarch, only to rise anew like the phoenix whose wings burn with a searing light that does not dim.

You're Alicia Martinson, and no one will forget it.

Going home from work so you can catch a pocket fulla Zs before your nightly work. It's hard to tell someone else's story, and unrewarding. Your own story's not much easier as you've come to find, but night's embrace helps the words flow.

You are the Maid of Light, the Hawkshaw, and deceit is only so much wet paper before your radiance. Truth and its descrying is your demense, and nothing will remain hidden against you.

Do people need to hear all the gritty details?

The Upstart Legionary calls the Gilded Legion to attention, on Sapienza's campus. Their numbers are bolstered and bloodied, and more since have flocked to that aureate banner in the wake of the riots. Derse is powerless to enact their will; Prospit's chance has finally come.

"A society is totalitarian when, its structure has become artificial." he says, pacing about the grass. "That is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power, by force or by fraud. This, we have known for all our lives. It has in every respect failed you. Failed us. Failed Prospit."

Silence, as the thousands of students flock around, though plenty of welders, painters, ad assemblers mix with them, the secretive unions behind the wildcat strikes taking a gamble with the Legionary's lot.

"The idea that one carapacian growing fat on his throne from another world can govern, what.Us? We young, bold, proud idealists? What would he know about us? To work our fingers to the bone for our daily bread? To stand by and serve as his cronies and his patsies count their money off of another round of caviar and smoked lamb?"

Agitation from the crowd. The library is still defaced, the institution slow to find the money to fix themselves up after the paramilitary strike. Graffiti and broken windows and what they had hoped weren't bullet casings.

"There is no greater crime than to destroy a nation and suppress a people, who are only trying to preserve that which they were given, to build a happy life from it."

Many is the time he has said these words in this string, in this order. But it stirs the arterial blood hot with a fire not of the stars.

"We stand at the precipice of a new world, with a clean break from the past." He begins to shout, tender vocal cords putting in overtime. "Their hour has come! Their old world of oppression, slavery, and tears will be replaced by the new! A new, bright world of the brotherhood of workers!"

How many quotes has he dropped? How many more will he tear from that scarred skin of the world that one calls history?

He knows the Wanton Quant is moving in the shadows, as she is wont to do. With one hand she moves the Prospitian Royal Army across the Veil, with the other she grabs up investments abandoned by lily-livered Dersite investors. Her peace is a corporate, heartless one, but their aims align in the end.

The roar of the crowd brings him back to that day, the crush of opposing waves as they slaughtered each other in the streets. He trips, mentally, but he cannot falter now. He puts those ghosts aside.

For now, there is a rally to continue. A spark to enflame the light of hope in the next generation.

Saigo Takanaga regards the splotchy horizon with a inquisitorial gaze, willing it to grant him the answers to questions he does not know to ask. It'd been three weeks since Okubo Toshimichi, or Emperor Komei as he went by now, had ascended the throne atop a slew of schemes and stiffs.

Peaches and strawberries came to mind, not borne solely of sunset's colors. Kiyo's son was among those emigrating here in search of fortune; he approached agriculture with a steady, disciplined mind.

"Done for the day?" Kiyo asks.

Takanaga turns around, nodding. "Think so. I'm reconsidering having a parlor at all. If I want guests I'll bring them to the usual haunts."

He had determined to stay here, for the time being. He was learning how to tend a bar, to make and cook noodles, to measure a track gauge. Now he might add building a house to that list. Kido would carry on as he always did, scurrying in the shadows. Satsuma was still technically in the grips of a civil war, bloodless as it may yet be.

A cold clenching in his gut thinks there will be blood. The fallen emperor yet has his loyalists, and the current peace is a frail, flimsy, fragile flake.

But nation-building is not his forte, so. Takanaga walks off to Lawclaw. He and Altria had agreed to grab a bite to eat and apprise each other of the latest developments in each others' lives.

Why the hell do cartographers listen to drunks and mystics? No idea, but anyone incensed by it that live near Sakurajima, more specifically, one of the many who now live in Kagoshima, can wonder that as they live there. The volcanic ash doesn't come this far down. Yes, the fields over yonder are rich and draw in farmers by the hundreds, but why is here falling under that umbrella. Troll lives ten miles out from the Hellespont Sea, no one tells them they live on the coast, do they?

In your name we offered six robins, singular in color and sharp of talon, and while fear and loathing and tribulation gripped you, they too passed.

....there's at least four things wrong with that, but in typical Lawclaw routine, oh well.

In your name we offered two unblemished geese, of evil temperament and bane to small children, and your Hope lit a new path out of the darkness.

Not a day goes by without another hundred moving in through the tower. Rumor is tens of thousands more are on the way. Maybe it's the drunks again. Or the surveyors making shit up again out of boredom. It's not your fault the Incipisphere hasn't evolved to have cell phones yet.

In your name we recited the fifteenth mantra of meditation fifteen times in fifteen days, and you received your provenance come in black glory, sent her to complete the circle.

...what a time.

You are the Knight of Hope, the Cavalier, a hopeless romantic, one who will always want to drink deeply from the well of life, its joys and its sorrows. You accepted who you were, and you are no longer Brisco Hawken, but Altria Vivian.

You open the door to the Red Haunt, expression genuinely calm and jovial.

Upon his seat of power, the Black King rests, empty-eyed skulls littering the steps of his throne. Above him, more skulls are set along pikes that fan out behind his head like an osseous halo, though these skulls still have the skin and the fascia and the muscle. These skulls still have eyes and ears and brains that no longer function, rotting as they are.

The same display is mirrored across each district of the violet moon, across the Veil, and on Prospit. Their crimes are many: wage theft, insider trading, falsified tax returns, undermining regulatory authorities, fraudulent trading, misuse of public funds, insurance fraud, embezzlement, market manipulation, the list goes on.

They had betrayed the King's trust and destroyed any faith the people might have in his governance. Mercy for one's tyrants was cruelty, not clemency, and the Manichet Papers had afforded him a clarity that many spent their entire lives chasing. Crystal enough to see how many thousands had to be put in a cell, or against the wall.

A new affectation, the role of the fell-handed tyrant who wields life and death in the same sword-hand. Fear to force their hands, flush out the decadent, corrupt parasites of the state with the threat of the guillotine. They would either fail and meet their end as another skull to adorn the royal steps, or reach out with olive branches and be thrown in jail.

The damage was nearly intolerable. Derse's bureaucracy was still critical to running the state, bloated and corpulent it had become. The moon would be a madhouse for years to come, with nearly all its experienced leaders rotting, in solitary or in the street.

The King likened it to amputating a gangrenous limb. The rot had to be removed, no matter the cost.

There would be no mercy in his new kingdom. There would be a clean break with the past upon pain of death.

They would sour on him, reverence turned to vitriol as he continued to prune his garden.

And slowly, their thoughts would turn blasphemous, that the Violet Throne must be toppled and new forms of governance found.

He bows his shadowed head as the cardinal finishes stuttering the words and the annulment completes. He snaps his fingers, and the headsman's revolver buries lead in his former wife's cranium. He gives no thoughts to her pleas for forgiveness and renewal.

That was the mistake he made the first time, that he assumed his people would better themselves, without a King to oversee them.

The seeds of rebellion plant themselves in the eyes of his courtiers. The Minister, the Theorist, the Peacekeeper, the Hawkshaw. A pair of cats the Peacekeeper took off the streets, watching with great distress. One of the Reveler's aides that he himself took in. They will go home, furious as a blaze, yet restrained by a pragmatic sensibility that forces them to consider how a world without him will be run, if they put that age-old theory of tyrannicide into practice.

These same, driven minds are sagacious enough to pull it off, too, or learn how to do so. How to move on.


Just as planned.

The moths will return to reclaim their homelands, in the end. So the conclave concluded, after discussions possessed of no small bickering. By their reckoning, it will be centuries before they cover the continent as they did before, centuries that are no longer solely their own.
Carapacians from the stars, bringing words of commerce and exchange. They will have another conclave on this, tomorrow, the wise and the passionate among them gathered on the crags. These carapacians are a decadent, strange lot. They may only bring doom, despite their good intentions; it has happened before, and it may yet happen again.

This is what Gimel understands the other moths of Last Light to understand. Personally, he knows Samech wanted to return, to a homeland he never knew, if only to uncover what was lost to the catastrophe. Whatever Samech desires, he'll probably sway the others to his reason.

For now, however, there are more pressing matters. He has an affinity for the Flame that he did not before, but the Flame is not what it once was, and the umbral forces kept at bay with the Flame have disappeared. The nature of the Flame is changing, much like he is, much like mothkind is, much like the world is.

He takes joy in his youth, that he will adapt and bend to the changing game with ease, as the young do.

The day is fading and night will be upon the world soon, as per the custody battle between dawn and dusk.

In your name we offered nothing.

You are as you have always been.

In your name we recited every threnody of the book of the second necrosaint, and you did not become kindling for the consuming pyre upon which the Children of Time and Perdition were burnt.
You are Lara Novikov, magus extraordinare, and as of late, aspiring bassist.

You will learn in time, how to speak circles around anyone else, for music is a language whose morphemes are not so elusive after all.

You are the Seer of Mind, the Magician, and you may be one of the greatest magi humanity has ever produced, perhaps because you are no longer among their ranks. You are an isle unto yourself, immersed deeply in that endless sea of power.

Speaking of which, where the heck is your bass.

For the first time in two decades, Millicent Plunkett and Vincent Novikov reunite. Not ten seconds pass before she mocks him for his newfound youth.

And here they are. Millicent, who is sometimes Marche, and Vincent. The first circle is a line, now, without August, without Avalia, without Alaric. They share a silent moment of reminiscence, then hours that are loud and filled with many a crack, pithy observation, and self-aggrandizing boast all.

The reunion is shockingly mundane despite themselves. Once, they consider demanding a change of music from the venue. Millicent speaks of her child, and Vincent speaks of his. Twice, they almost come to blows over whose child is superior; this argument will never be resolved. They have loved and lost and lamented and listlessly were. Thrice, they share a look that belies the bond they have both fervently denied; Millicent will always scorn Vincent for not being Avalia, Vincent will always compare Millicent to Alaric and Anya, Marche will always consider Vincent as culpable as August for everything that has come to pass, and yet they would always have Sverdlovsk.

She brushes off the last of the cycle as children, he scorns them for being mindless; but they were children too, once. It is easier to condemn their past than to accept it, that their friends are gone, those bonds forged in strife and sorrow listlessly hanging, and the one bond that yet remains has become a painful, festering, oozing reminder of those lost halcyon days.

What was it all for? Certainly not this.

It is unlucky for a child to have to watch their parent reel from a breakdown, their world uncertain and wibbly-wobbly.

Lara Novikov was not a lucky child that night. Not that she ever was.

Greensfield's roads have grown long in the weeks since, as carapacians and consorts alike flock to the Veil by the tens and hundreds and thousands, skeletons of houses and offices and shops like plaque that clings to the arterial wall.

Many are unskilled, and the question of how to handle their growing numbers is a question left for the new patrons of the Veil's Free Territories. A clade of Void players who lost their home. A ghost and her father who gave away their home. Wayward ascendants and their enemies, whose homes have long since gone.

They make no pretensions of power, simply because they do not want it; all the better as these exceptional few bear little skill in administration that merits it. But the heroic streak in them is a ferocious calling that will brook no temperance.

All they ask is that Aaron stop petitioning to rename Greensfield to Blue Prospit Two.

They are not successful.

Silence. Not a sum zero silence. The grass rustles, the bovillion rustle their wings, the clouds roll by overhead. You've never seen a cloud roll like a crashed car down a mountainside, but everyone else seems to get the memo, so.

In your name we offered three peacocks, bright in plumage and many-eyed, and the hierarch and the spymaster failed to ensnare you in their plots, while the demon laid eyes upon you as you slew in a display of your mastery over your aspect.

Silence like the calm before the storm. But not in the air. No, more...

In your name we offered a sow of one year, overfed with grain made into cakes with oil and wine, and you did not become yet another sacrificial skull on the rotting throne of the decadent or the primeval.

Maybe it's just you itching for something exciting to do. But then you have to deal with people and oh my gosh you're a jade why are you out here. You'd think if anything they'd leave you well alone because of your blood, not pester you about it. Damn high-panted highbloods.

In your name we recited the fugue processional because we could, because we must, because the words came to us that you had defied the behaviors of your antecedents and struck out on your own, and we dared not, we could not, we must not refuse your war against the ascendancy.

Your name is Natali Pathor, and you have no need for false names anymore. You live the simple life, where the hoofbeasts and Bovillion play. This may be the life, but it is not your life, no siree. You long once more for the days of action, for the days of adrenaline and adversaries.

You are the Mage of Breath, the Huntress, and you have hunted the greatest of quarries and came out alive. You mastered Breath, tamed the four winds, and may defeat whosoever stands in your way.

Anyway, time to throw on your boots and your bigass hat to go with your bigass horns— hey, about that hat.

"....fucking hell." Tactas swears under his breath.

The Black King had his wife executed in front of the royal court, one of thousands lined up against a wall and shot; purging competent, if corrupt, bureaucrats and officers across the board is only going to deepen Derse's slump, maybe even bottom out.

And Prospit's radicals have only intensified. "They've a taste for blood, the feeding frenzy will be upon us." They're going to destabilize the moon even further in their pursuit of liberty and prosperity.

The Nostalgic Minister puts out his cigar, ash gathering in the little porcelain bowl on the lacquered table, in one of the higher rooms of the Imperial Palace.

"The King is in a... mood." he starts. "He feels decisive, systematic action eyeing the long term is what Derse needs, even at the cost of the short term."

Tactas knows the sentiment; he's willing to sacrifice an entire generation for the sake of the people. More magnanimous than the standard one, at least, being for the people's benefit instead of Her Immortal Constancy's. "You can't slaughter your way to prosperity. Not in the way he wants."

Kido folds his hands. "Might I suggest an economic separation and rebinding?"

The Minister coughs, prompting a "Let me explain." from the consort. He off-handedly waves yes.

"Satsuma's traders to the outside world still use boondollars, but most of the Land uses its own currency. Other Lands are much the same, I understand it. If Prospit were to have its own currency, it and the rest bound to some slow-growing supply like gold, it would give Prospit a chance to restart, independent as it likes."

The Minister goes silent, deep in thought about the myriad issues this would create.

Tactas follows suit, though he speaks next. "Not enough. It needs an independent body to adjudicate, or it's going to be Derse's bankers playing shadowmaster again. An international, independent bank, led by impartial actors."

The migraine returns, beating a tattoo into the Minister's temple. "This is absurd. The number of things that might go wrong. There must be a better way."

The troll shakes his head. "It's not good enough. The Black King's trying to compensate for being absent for the past few decades, and the Prospitian socialists are already blooded." He doesn't mention how this would keep Satsuma free of Derse's grasp in the long run. He suppresses an appreciative whoop at Kido's testicular fortitude, even now, the bold bastard. "He's been micromanaging the executions and the replacements, hasn't he?"

"Yes. You're suggesting this will placate both parties. I think you're underestimating the amount of work this'll take. There can be no mistakes at this juncture; everything needs to work in perfect harmony. And I should mention about half the people I might suggest for this are rotting in a jail cell or in a grave."

Tactas sighs. Pulls out a chair and slouches in it, limbs languidly acquiescing to gravity's call. "Alright. Let's figure out who'll replace them."

The Minister sighs back, pulling out a new cigar.

"Let me make this clear." Tactas says. "People like Altria Vivian damn near killed themselves to give us this chance. We're going to figure this out. I've gotten your measures. There's no way you'll ever sleep easy again if you walk away from this."

A lesson he took from Altria. With these sorts of people, spirits with thick, jaded, battered shells to protect themselves? They want to do the right thing; all they need is a call to action.

Kido folds a letter and ties it to a messenger pigeon. They will need lunch delivered up here. Possibly dinner too. Perhaps even bedrolls.

Martin scrubs at his bathtub with a frenzy. Dirt and grime is anathema to him, after half the Metro was infested by that... thing. The shadows cast by those verminous pests with imposing mandibles and stingers, discolored lights glinting off their glossy, webbed wings. A disgust like soured oatmeal fills his stomach to dwell on such thoughts for long.

A sonorous, crunchy discordance echoes through the earth. The Metro needs to be expanded, for the monkeys coming from... a giant underground city-land in the shape of a man.

But bananas apparently don't grow on trees, so who is he to complain? Besides, Tyler and his mother could use a house to themselves; the community center is not a sanctuary of first choice for anyone.

Sun's going down. Dad doesn't like it when you keep the back lights on to tend to your garden. Says you can do it later. Plants are more durable than that. You can think of some exceptions, but realistically, you're hungry at night anyway, so. Better get back in, wash up, and get ready for grub.

In your name we offered five crows, brilliant in mind and united in polity, and you neither forgot yourself nor had your strength proved insufficient to retain your convictions and deny the way of the world.

The house is empty. Your sister's in the garage, using the space vacated by your dad's car to test out a robot of hers. This one she spliced together from two of those store-brought do it yourself robot kits for the aspiring learner or whatever marketing said works best these days.

In your name we offered a pair of bulls slain in war, of bloodstained horns and gnashing teeth, and you learned to reshape your station, to wear a mantle that you saw fit for you.

As long as she doesn't set the lawn mower on fire, it'll be fine.

In your name we recited the ninety-ninth psalm upon the ten point tree was made, and you remained strong through wrack and ruin that carried to you and everyone else pain as the vanguard's ruination consumes her, and through her the sum of the lost souls of Skaia were infected with a rot that ate away at their decency.

Your name is Aaron Sykes and you are covered in garden dirt. You are the son of Desmond and Caroline Sykes, brother to Emma Sykes, and are sort of an average dude in many respects, despite your nature.

You are the Heir of Void, the Sentinel, with everything you do the definition of what an Heir of Void does, as it is you. You are it. And oblivion in all its emptiness, in all its majesty, is yours.

As is this garden you've set up, with tomatoes, berries, squash, and herbs, which is nice. The herbs aren't wilting from the heat as much, anymore.

Avalia Hawken finishes writing the eighteenth page of her journal. There is still so much more to be said.

She takes up her blade, a sharp, utilitarian extension of herself. Her descendant understood the coupling of royalty and the cut, yet she suspected in a fight, the elder would be victorious. The hand that brings the edge to bear must be pragmatic, not passionate. The expression of royalty is borne of emptiness, and yet...

To be plain, that is no goddamn fucking way to live. And in this respect the younger lives more fruitfully.

The decade of grief is at an end. Her will is her own again, and she will not squander it for a mastery she does not need; imperial cavalreapers her ass, half of these tin can fuckers barely understand which end of the blade to hold.

She closes her journal and sticks the feather where she found it, on the trisected corpse of an imperial skirmisader. She needs to write in such a way that Altria cannot read this before her appointed time.

There are world other than these; Alternia under a different lens, another side of the same spirit. She will write in their script; Altria will find her way to these other worlds one day, then it is but a matter of finding a willing translator.

She also claimed that she would die in the end.

Avalia smirks as she stands up from the tree stump to be on her way, one step through rainbow, grassy soil at a time.

She'll see about that. If she fails, then Altria will be right. But if she succeeds? Then she will journal her greatest gambit before sending it off to find its way into her descendant's hands.

To escape fate's gaol. The very audacity of it sends her into a giggling fit. It is decided.

She must live to see Altria again, show her how easily a Hopeful Child of Skaia might escape their Judgment.

The powder and the sweat makes her skin crawl, as she bikes down the dirt road to that final loop that set the last of her libations on the road to victory.

Her flesh had crawled around her bones. Dread crept down her spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. Shadows fueled by her fears had loomed around every corner.

That it might all fall apart because she had forgotten one player's entry at the end of it all. Instead, this Althea girl had done it, an unknown element in a solved game.

Fuck, she's tired. The centuries in her prison weren't especially active. She hasn't ridden anything this hard in, well. Never mind that.

A jadeite with inconceivably long horns stares her down as she pedals faster. She waves back. No, didn't work, she doesn't trust her.

She reaches the ranch, a rustic little thing that has that inimitable quality of being a home. She gets off her bike and breathes heavily and deeply, lungs screaming in a chorus alongside her legs, knees, rear, and back.

"Hi there!" she says cheerily, voice unable to keep secret the tiredness of a long journey. "Natali Pathor?"


"Be seeing you." she tells her. A slip of the tongue, though to be truthful would've given it away.

She gets back on the bike and pedals up, cursing the uphill slope between every two-lungsful of air.

No. Her chest is on fire, if her legs stop moving they may never start, and the seat of the bicycle was not made for the rear end of any troll you've ever met. But she's not fading away.

She continues biking, across the dirt road as storm clouds roll over the horizon, until she's sufficient out of view that she stops the bike, staggers off the road, and collapses under a solitary tree.

Tiny globs of rainwater fall on her face, as she stares into the roiling, gray skies, fingers digging into the cool earth under her, unable to focus enough to do more than appreciate the powdery soil that clumps against the meat of her body and the deluge of water from above.

Time passes as she lays there, until her senses and sensibility return in full.

Soaked through, she stumbles over to the edge of the hill. The ranch house is no longer there; the Mage of Breath has entered the Game.

She looks back, on the country road, now desolate, the shadows deep and the thunder strident. She picks up her bike and continues on her way. She has food enough, for a long while. A tent, if she can find a place untouched by the downpour.

Her sense of Time remains, though her ability to manipulate it, step through it in mimicry of Space, has gone dormant, atrophied from at least seventy sweeps of disuse. She's not sure if she can make her way back to the Medium from here, and she never did before Time ended, did she?

And so she returns back to her own loop: a lonely, regretful troll at the bottom of the hierarchy without much of anything to her name.

August Kelsav rides off, fading into the distance as white lightning splits the sky.

Among the bones and the roses and the offered spirits, the sunset rite concludes and the ending comes forth.

So it goes.
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2020.10.28 22:14 BlancheFromage "Soka Gakkai In America": Researchers' conclusions about SGI-USA's age problem, or why SGI-USA is panicking about YOUFF

This is from "Soka Gakkai In America: Accommodation and Conversion" by Phillip Hammond and David Machacek, 1999, from research conducted in 1997. By this time, the excommunication of the Soka Gakkai and SGI memberships was finalized or close to it; the "We Hate Those Lousy Priests" movement, aka "Soka Spirit", had begun in 1991.
SGI-USA members are somewhat older than the US population (Table 4). The median age of Soka Gakkai members is 45 years, compared to the median age of 42 for respondents to the General Social Survey. This difference reflects the concentration of Baby Boomers among SGI-USA members. Respondents to our SGI-USA membership survey are 1 1/2 times more likely than the American public to be in the cohort born between 1946 and 1962. They are less likely to be in either the older or younger birth cohorts. The concentration of Baby Boomers might be accounted for by the timing of SGI's entry into the American religious market were it not for the relatively meager showing of the post-boom cohort. If timing alone were the issue, we would expect members of this younger cohort, popularly referred to as "Generation X," to be represented at least in proportion to their size in the American population.

They are not.

The post-boom cohort comprises 30 percent of respondents to the 1996 General Social Survey, but only 16 percent of all Soka Gakkai members, and only 14 percent of SGI converts. If this pattern holds, SGI-USA members will, in coming years, have a median age even older than at present.
And now 23 years on, that is exactly what has happened - those "old-ass motherfuckers" have only gotten older. Look at any group SGI photo (as here, here, here, here, or here) and think about your first impression of the average age of that group.
The age distribution of SGI-USA members is largely accounted for by a known relationship between religious behavior and the life cycle. That is, people are most likely to convert to a new religion when they are young and relatively free of existing social obligations such as careers and families. Referring once again to the subscription rates of Figure 1 as an indicator of the growth pattern of SGI-USA, two major periods of recruitment and growth appear -- from 1964 through 1974, and again from 1982 to 1990. The dates when respondents to the 1997 SGI-USA Membership Survey first began chanting reflect this pattern (far right column of Table 5). The oldest members of the Baby Boom cohort would have been graduating from high school and entering college (and therefore entering the period in the life cycle when they were most likely to have the freedom to experiment with religion) at the beginning of the first major period of SGI growth. Note that the proportion of Boomers among new recruits to SGI-USA triples from 22 percent prior to 1964 to 66 percent from 1964 to 1975 -- the Boomers' early adult years. Growth slows from 1976 to 1981, when the Boomers were most likely to be getting married and entering full-time occupations and therefore less free to move around in the social world.
The second major period of growth, from 1982 to 1990, reflects the time when the younger cohort were just beginning to enter college, and therefore most likely to be available for recruitment. After 1982, the proportion of new converts who fall into the younger birth cohort is roughly the equivalent of their representation in the US population. It can be concluded, therefore, that the age characteristics of SIG-USA members are partially a function of life cycle patterns in the American public, and it can be expected that, over time, any SGI-USA growth will come increasingly from the Generation X and later birth cohorts.
Except that it hasn't O_O
Even so, the baby Boomers remain over-represented among the most recent recruits, suggesting that the unique countercultural experiences of the Boomer generation are also involved. Indeed, Machacek has shown that Generation X is somewhat more traditional in their religious outlook and behavior in their early adult years than were the Boomers. Where religion and lifestyle are concerned, the Boomer cohort, it seems, was more experimental than those both older and younger, and thus more likely to get involved in an alternative religion. One inference, of course, is that only if another age group comes along experiencing something of what the Baby Boom experienced will SGI-USA once again find candidates especially ripe for recruitment. By no means does this bode disaster,
...though it may...
but it does suggest the likelihood of steadier, smaller rates of recruitment.
What our intrepid researchers didn't learn is what SGI-USA national spokesperson Bill Aiken disclosed in 1999: that there were an average of 1000 new members each year between 1991 and 1999? When the population of the US increased during that same period by 26 million O_O
The fly in the ointment, the spanner in the works here, is that SGI-USA has not remained constant in its self-definition - its teachings, its doctrines, its goals - over time. Our experiences and observations show that SGI-USA has become much LESS attractive and appealing to people all over the world as the SGI's single-minded focus on Daisaku Ikeda has become more and more obsessive.
The countercultural orientation of SGI-USA converts is evidenced by the marital status of members. Compared with the American public, converts to SGI-USA are less likely to be married, though the margin decreases if we add the number who replied that they are currently unmarried by living with a long-term partner (Table 4). The roughly 8 percent of SGI-USA members who indicated that they are currently living with a domestic partner includes both heterosexual couples who have not married, and a number of people who volunteered that they are currently in a same-sex relationship. Furthermore, converts to SGI-USA, compared with the American public, are almost twice as likely to indicate that they have been through a divorce (though we have no way of knowing whether the divorce occurred before or after joining SGI-USA).
While that would, of course, be interesting to know, the fact remains that the higher-than-average divorce rates for SGI-USA members indicate that these are less socially-adept people who have a harder time making an intimate relationship work.
Note that this 2013 study's findings show this situation has not improved - SGI-USA members still have much higher rates of having been divorced and not living with an intimate partner than average for US society. Notice the 16-year difference between studies - nearly a generation. SGI-USA members are still doing worse than average. In 1997, the average of SGI-USA converts who had been divorced was 44%; the average for the US was 24%. In 2013, the average for SGI-USA converts was, again, 44%, but the average for the US population at large had dropped to 23%.
Fully 69% were, at the time they first encountered SGI-USA, neither married nor living with a partner. 2013 study
It looks like the total for the 1997 study, adding up the "Divorced, separated; Widowed", and "Single, other" categories is 54%; this proportion has risen to 69% in just 13 years. Studies consistently show higher levels of life satisfaction among those who are married, so you can draw your own conclusions about the "diamond-like state of unshakable happiness" being enjoyed by these solitary SGI-USA members.
At the time of its founding, SGI-USA was overwhelmingly composed of Asian women. Today, women remain in the majority by a margin of 2:1.
This is a huge problem for SGI-USA's future, as children typically follow their fathers' example with regard to religious observance, not their mothers'.
Indeed, when we asked respondents what originally attracted them to SGI, several of the men quipped, "the beautiful women." This fact notwithstanding, religious intermarriage no longer seems to be a primary means of conversion to SGI-USA. Only five percent of the converts in our sample indicated that they were first introduced to SGI by their present or future spouses. Indeed, as we shall see later, marriage and family life is not a priority for many members of SGI-USA. (pp. 45-49)
WOW! What a dark and foreboding note to end this section on!! Since any religion's best source of new members is its own members' children, this is a dire observation on SGI-USA's future chances.
One of the things I like about these researchers is that they regard joining SGI-USA as a form of experimentation with a new religion, not the "lifetime commitment" SGI wants it to be.
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2020.10.28 15:53 system_player 38.0.0 Observations - Special Boxes

Special Boxes

Event Related

Mickey Challenge:

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2020.10.28 12:43 J-Midori Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol [Episodes 7 & 8]

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2020.10.28 11:02 minamija 12 Top Cat Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

12 Top Cat Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

Cat Tattoos: The Connection Between Humans and Cats

The love story between humans and these furry felines dates back to the dawn of time. Numerous archaeological expeditions have uncovered graves dating back to the Stone Age with cats huddled against their deceased owners. Even today, many cat owners cannot stand the idea of being separated from their beloved tabby, no matter what. It is not surprising that the English word "cat" comes from the ancient Egyptian name for cats, "caute". The Egyptians were devout cat worshipers who believed the animal was an extension of the moon goddess Bastet.She was not only the guardian of the Pharaoh and of Lower Egypt but also the Divine Mother and a warrior goddess who watched over her beloved subjects.
mrokat via Instagram
In a lot of ways, the Egyptians saw cats as a representation of their patron goddess because these were renowned for their great hunting gifts and used to protect the food stores of the ancient Egyptians from vermin and rodent invasions. Cats were so revered in Ancient Egypt that killing one was a crime punishable by death. The pages of the story tell of the tragic and brutal death of a man, murdered by an angry mob after he accidentally killed his own cat. Even the official forgiveness of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII was not enough to save the poor man from his terrible fate.
The idea of associating cats with hunting, protection and motherhood spread to Ancient Rome where cats became the symbol of the goddess Diana. In Ancient Rome, having a cat was supposed to bring good luck to all who shared the home with him and bring them domestic happiness. Even the Nordic peoples took up this idea. Their fertility goddess, Freyja, was not only notable for her beauty, elegance, grace and intelligence, she was also a fierce warrior who protected her people. No wonder cats are seen as a symbol of feminine power and beauty in a caat tattoo! via Instagram
Felines have often been associated with witchcraft and paganism in Europe, possibly due in part to the importation of ideas from Egypt and Rome. Diana, the moon goddess, became a symbol of paganism and witchcraft in the Middle Ages. During this time when the atmosphere was heavy with religious repression, free thinkers, creative expression and pagan practices became outlaws and were considered abominable. Alternative thoughts were seen as the work of a satanic force, and all the symbols associated with them were considered evil.
petromila_tattoo via Instagram
Sadly, cats (and especially black cats) were seen as messengers of the demon and many of the superstitions that we still carry with us today stem from the religious stagnation of the Middle Ages. But one glance at the adorable face of your dear feline will be enough to convince you that there is nothing evil about him.
Cats are free spirits who display great independence and intelligence rarely matched in the animal world. Over the centuries, a collection of stories illustrating their ability to do exactly what they want has been armed. House cats are strange creatures: any minute they happen, they go from rubbing your legs so you are stroking their bellies, to ignoring you superbly. They can be loving and adorable and then totally haughty in the span of a nanosecond. The changing moods of cats have inspired many accounts describing the animal's keen changing abilities.
piinksoda via Instagram
According to legends, cats can change shape and roam freely between physical and spiritual realities, bringing messages to the deceased. In Japan, there is a legend that a cat could "change" a woman's behavior, which is why the weaker sex is often seen as unpredictable and secretive. For many women, this connection to felines is a compliment and a warning against those who would try to dominate or control them. Quite simply, one cannot control a free spirit.
christian_tattoozz via Instagram

Meaning of Cat Tattoos for Men and Women

Cats are more than our furry feline friends. They symbolize a lot of things, including:
  • Female power
  • Luck and prosperity
  • The mystery and the secrets
  • Spirituality and connection with the Divine
  • A link with the afterlife
  • Protection
  • Intelligence and intuition
  • Elegance and refinement
  • Attention
mattdoublem_tattooer via Instagram

Different Types of Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women

Whether you want a lucky cat tattoo, a fat cat image, or even a Felix the cat design on your body, you will find these types of cat tattoos available in all shapes, colors and styles. These designs can represent your favorite cartoon characters, like Garfield, or contain spiritual and tribal elements. Many of these images mimic the natural color of cats (black, white, gray, red, spotted, tabby, etc.) and are sometimes made as a tribute to a great life companion.
kittytattoos via Instagram

1. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Black Cat

When talking about black cats, images of witches, old brooms, and large black simmering cauldrons come to mind. Black cats are, in general, associated with unfortunate changes in fate, and many stories warn us not to disturb the peace of a cat of this color. These cat tattoo ideas come from Celtic culturefor at that time and place the black cats were sacrificed to ward off the demon. For some people, black cats are an omen of destruction, walking silently through the night, which should be avoided at all costs; while for others, the black color of the cat makes it enchanting, mysterious and intriguing. Black cat tattoos are symbols of femininity, mystery and latent power, because of their connections with the unknown and paganism.
rachel.welsby via Instagram

2. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Cat Footprint

The paw prints represent the emotional or mental overcoming of a difficult moment. They symbolize progress and the need to move forward in life. Have you ever wondered why Japanese and Chinese businesses have small statuettes of cats with a raised paw? In Asian culture, it is an ancient symbol of luck that dates back centuries and originates from the legend of Maneki Neko. While there are several versions of the myth, all of the accounts center on the story of a poor fellow suddenly making a fortune after being good to a cat that raised its front paw in front of him. Cat paw print tattoos represent prosperity, good luck and progress.
lewcid_ink via Instagram

3. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Cat Skull

Skull tattoos are often associated with death, destruction, and disease. The mere image of a skull can get on the nerves and upset many people. But, given this animal's strong connection to the afterlife, cat skull tattoos are considered more of a more subtle way to symbolize your understanding and acceptance of the inevitable. In a way, this tattoo is a sign of bravery because it shows that you are not afraid to face your mortality.
billiebentley_tattoo via Instagram

4. Cat Tattoo Design Idea for Men and Women: Cat Eye

The famous sculptor of the USA, Hiram Powers, said: "The eye is the mirror of the soul... Intelligence, will, is seen in the eyes...". Nothing more true has ever been said about cats. The eye of a cat is often seen as a symbol of intelligence, wisdom and a doorway to the Divine. It is considered to be a secret object of mysticism which allows those who are close to this symbol to approach the elements of life in the hereafter. Cat eye tattoos represent your ability to see more things than they really are. You can analyze a situation and see each action as a manifestation of something bigger.
romeo.byr via Instagram
thedarlingapril via Instagram


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14 Best Dog Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020
Tattoo Designs With Ship for Men and Women in 2020
Noble King Crown Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020
Fantastic Eye Tattoo Design Ideas for Men Women
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2020.10.28 06:44 Reason-97 New sidebar for important links + Permanent link for the discord

Just touching base with the page on the spirit of keeping you all up to date as changes are made, as was said a few months ago.
A new sidebar containing a permanent link to the Brand Mains discord has been added. For PC users, you should be able to see the side bar (surprise surprise) on the side of the page. For mobile users, go to the “about” tab and a button with the discord link will appear. RIOT’s going ahead with their plan to remove clubs soon, so I recommend any brand players hoping to stay in contact and who’s going to be losing their club should join.
There’s another link currently to Mobafire to give newcomers quick access to brand guides. While I can add more links to other sites, I currently only have the 2. If you have any ideas for important links you think should be added to the sidebar, please feel free to comment your ideas below.
There was a few other minor QOL changes to the page as well, nothing huge. As always if you see an issue/have improvement ideas, you’re welcome to speak up. And also as always, if you hate something I changed, you’re also always welcome to message me directly and tell me what a bloody idiot I am.
As always, burn it down on the rift, summoners
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