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[CANADA] Lichen technician (closes 4 Aug 2020, requires 2 yr degree + experience)

2020.07.16 02:13 botanisty [CANADA] Lichen technician (closes 4 Aug 2020, requires 2 yr degree + experience)

Visit and search "LICHEN" to view advert.
Location: Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, Alberta
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
RegulaTemporary: Temporary
Closing Date: August 4, 2020
Salary: $1,834.86 to $2,342.88 bi-weekly ($47,889 to $61,149 annually)
Reporting to the Lichen Taxonomist, the Lichen Technician will provide technical support that ensures the production of high quality lichen species data that support the ABMI project. Specific job duties include:
As our ideal candidate, you will demonstrate a high degree of competency in systems thinking and creative problem solving as you effectively implement highly accurate, efficient and creative protocols for specimen identification and data entry. Time management skills are critical in order to cope with the volume of specimens that must be processed within a contractually obligated timeframe. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are required in order to communicate effectively with taxonomists, colleagues and the public, and function well in a team-centered environment.
A Technical 2 year Diploma in a related field plus 1 year of direct experience with lichen taxonomy. A Bachelor's of Science degree is preferred. Demonstrated experience with sorting, drying and packaging of lichen specimens is required. Direct experience with fieldwork, specifically for collecting museum-quality lichen specimens, is required. Familiarity with advanced lichen taxonomic tools such as thin-layer chromatography (TLC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and molecular systematics for lichen identification will be considered an asset. Familiarity with the ABMI project and the institute's field and laboratory protocols will be considered assets. Teaching experience will be considered an asset. Equivalencies will be considered.
This is a temporary opportunity until March 31, 2021, with a high probability of renewal. The worksite is the Royal Alberta Museum in downtown Edmonton. Hours of work: 7.25 hours per day, 5 days per week, with the possibility of some weekend shifts during peak times. The successful candidate must have a valid driver's license and will be required to undergo a security screening. This competition may be used to fill current and future vacancies across government.
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2020.06.04 01:45 AdditionalResident6 PSA: WHAT HAPPENS AFTER CERB? + RESOURCES

CERB maxes out at 16 weeks.
if you were eligible for the very first period of CERB (march 15-april 11), this next period (june 7-july 4) will be your last period of eligibility. this means the final payment needs to last you until july 4.
but, what if you’re still out of work or working reduced hours?
what, exactly, happens after CERB?
we have received no indication that CERB will be extended. plan like CERB won’t be extended, and be grateful when it is. when you exhaust all 16 weeks of CERB, there are three basic options:
i've complied some details for each scenario below.



if you initially applied through service canada for EI/CERB, your claim should revert back to regular EI benefits or EI sickness benefits (whichever you originally applied for) after you exhaust all 16 weeks of CERB. theoretically, you do not need to reapply. realistically, don’t expect this to be a seamless transition.
you could be entitled to up to $573/wk for a maximum of 45 weeks across 52 weeks of entitlement. your 16 weeks of CERB does not eat into your entitlement under EI. for most claimants, the basic rate for calculating EI benefits is 55 percent of your average insurable weekly earnings, up to $54,200. so, even if you earn more than this, you’re only entitled to a max of $573/wk before taxes. how long you’re entitled to EI is dependent upon two things: (1) the unemployment rate in your region at the time of filing your claim and (2) the amount of insurable hours you have accumulated in the last 52 weeks or since your last claim, whichever is shorter.
to continue receiving your EI benefits after CERB, simply continue submitting your bi-weekly reports.
did you receive an extra $2,000 from service canada at the start of your claim? this is an advanced payment. if you received an advanced $2,000 upon approval of your EI application, you won’t receive another payment for the last period, as you’ve already been paid. this means you won’t receive any more money between june 6 and july 4. you’ll reach the $8,000 limit before the start of your last period of eligibility. expect and budget for delays between the end of CERB and the beginning of your EI benefits.


if you applied for a new claim for regular EI benefits or EI sickness benefits anytime after march 15, your claim automatically rolled over to CERB. it is possible to be eligible for CERB but not for EI. say, for example, you didn’t earn the minimum number of insurable hours in your region to be eligible for EI or you quit your job after CERB.
once you exhaust your entitlement to CERB, do not complete any more bi-weekly reports if you are not eligible for EI. this ensures the government doesn’t issue any erroneous payments you are not entitled to and which will be clawed back.


if you initially applied through the CRA for CERB, you may not be able to apply for EI after you exhaust all 16 weeks. this is because all new claims for regular EI benefits and EI sickness benefits made after march 15 are automatically rolled over to CERB—you don’t get a choice. so, applying after july 4 would mean you receive 16 more weeks of CERB which no one is entitled to and which will be clawed back by the government. this is why EI-eligible applicants were directed to only apply via EI, despite the ease of applying via the CRA.
if you applied through the CRA, you have two choices after CERB ends:
  • find a job, or
  • apply for provincial welfare programs.
it is possible service canada will change their system in the future in order to allow claimants who originally applied through the CRA but are EI eligible to apply for regular EI benefits thereafter. this has yet to be seen, however.


if you’ve returned to work, you may still be eligible for EI. if you’re returning to your normal hours any time during an eligibility period for CERB, you’re no longer eligible for that period of CERB, even if you earn less than $1,000. similarly, if you return to work at reduced hours due to COVID-19 but you earn more than $1,000, you're no longer eligible for CERB. this may or may not impact your eligibility for EI.
once you revert to EI benefits from EI-ERB, make sure you report your hours worked and your income earned on your bi-weekly reports. remember, income is earned on the day worked, not when you receive your paycheck, and must be reported as such.
If you earn money while receiving EI benefits, you can keep 50 cents of your benefits for every dollar you earn, up to 90 percent of your previous weekly earnings (roughly four and a half days of work). Above this cap, your EI benefits are deducted dollar-for-dollar.
You are not eligible to receive EI benefits if you work a full week, regardless of the amount you earn. However, this will not reduce the total number of weeks payable on your claim.


to collect regular EI benefits, you need to show that you are ready, willing, and, capable of working each day, even if you have a job to return to. in other words, you must conduct what the federal government calls a “reasonable job search effort”:
You must be looking for a job every day that you are receiving regular or fishing benefits. Document all of these job search efforts for the entire duration of your claim. This includes the dates, names of employers you have contacted and their contact information, the type of work you were looking for and the results. Keep this information in a safe place.
even if you're working part-time, you still need to be looking for a job:
If you are working part time and receiving EI benefits, you must continue to be actively seeking other full- or part-time work and documenting the details of your job search efforts.
and even if you have a job to return to, you still need to be looking for a job:
Even if you have a job to return to in the spring/summer, you are still required to be willing to seek and accept temporary employment, conduct reasonable job search activities and document those activities for the duration of your claim.


the job market is not closed—it's adjusting to the realities of COVID-19. employers are still looking for workers to provide essential services to our country. if you're having a hard time finding a job in your current field or experience, think of how else your help could benefit your community. now is the time to try exploring career options you hadn't previously considered and diversify your resume!
there is strong demand for workers in the agri-food sector, in particular. from harvesting farm fields to stocking grocery store shelves, you can be an everyday hero by making sure fresh food continues to reach kitchen tables across canada! here’s available jobs in the agri-food sector:
and here's job search resources for all kinds of jobs:
  • government of canada job bank you can search telework and work-from-home options
  • indeed during COVID-19 includes resources on navigating a remote workforce and how to navigate business uncertainty during COVID-19
  • your local YMCA job board the YMCA offers a full range of free employment services, including one-on-one mentorship, skills development workshops, and resume reviews
  • government of canada jobs opportunities to work for the federal government. not your quickest option, but a long-term option
this list is obviously not exhaustive. use all the tools available to you, including reaching out to your network.


so, you aren't eligible for EI and you can't find a job. now what? provincial welfare programs may be an option.
the two main types of provincial welfare programs are income assistance programs and services-based social programs. they are a last-resort source of income if all other sources are not enough for you to support yourself. programs are run by the provinces and territories.
note you must also be conducting a reasonable job search effort while enrolled in these programs. programs also provide employment assistance, including job counseling, training, and access to education through various channels.
here's a list of programs by province and territory:

keep in mind that literally everything in this post to do with CERB is subject to change.
questions? comments? concerns? what else do you want to see in this post?
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2020.04.26 05:33 Maiqswaterwalking Top 1000 Japanese Words (Kanji + Romaji + English)

I was tired of coming across impenetrable lists of words or websites that prevented copying so I extracted the top thousand words according to one source and formatted them to easily be input into Quizlet. I took out all unnecessary indicators (such as colloquial, since it would be pointless to actually have to type the word colloquial in quizlet), although I can provide a file with those markers if desired. This is to create the simplest base for flashcards possible. If putting into Quizlet, simply select as many as desired and indicate the colon symbol (:) as a tab in order to separate terms front and back and the cards will be automatically made. Hope this helps you guys.
行く iku : go
見る miru : see, look at
多い ooi : a lot of, many
家 ie : home, household
これ kore : this, this one
それ sore : that, that one
私 watashi : I
仕事 shigoto : work, job
いつ itsu : when
する suru : do, make
出る deru : go out, leave
使う tsukau : use, make use of
所 tokoro : place
作る tsukuru : make, create
思う omou : think
持つ motsu : have, possess
買う kau : buy
時間 jikan : time, hour
知る shiru : know
同じ onaji : same, identical
今 ima : now
新しい atarashii : new
なる naru : become
まだ mada : not yet, still
あと ato : after
聞く kiku : hear, ask
言う iu : say, tell
少ない sukunai : few, little
高い takai : high, tall
子供 kodomo : child
そう sou : so, that way
もう mou : already, yet
学生 gakusei : student
熱い atsui : hot to touch
どうぞ douzo : please
午後 gogo : afternoon, p.m.
長い nagai : long
本 hon : book, volume
今年 kotoshi : this year
よく yoku : often, well
彼女 kanojo : she, one’s girlfriend
どう dou : how, what
言葉 kotoba : word, language
顔 kao : face
終わる owaru : finish, end
一つ hitotsu : one thing
あげる ageru : give, offer
こう kou : like this, such
学校 gakkou : school
くれる kureru : be given
始める hajimeru : start something
起きる okiru : get up, get out of bed
春 haru : spring
午前 gozen : morning, a.m.
別 betsu : another, different
どこ doko : where
部屋 heya : room
若い wakai : young
車 kuruma : car, automobile
置く oku : put, place
住む sumu : live, reside
働く hataraku : work
難しい muzukashii : difficult
先生 sensei : teacher
立つ tatsu : stand, rise
呼ぶ yobu : call, name
大学 daigaku : university, college
安い yasui : cheap, inexpensive
もっと motto : more
帰る kaeru : go back home
分かる wakaru : understand
広い hiroi : wide, big
数 suu : number
近い chikai : near, close
そこ soko : there
走る hashiru : run
入れる ireru : put in
教える oshieru : teach, tell
歩く aruku : walk, go on foot
会う au : meet
書く kaku : write
頭 atama : head
売る uru : sell
大好き daisuki : like something a lot
体 karada : body, physique
直ぐ sugu : at once, soon
飛ぶ tobu : fly
とても totemo : very
誰 dare : who
好き suki : favorite, liked
読む yomu : read
次 tsugi : next
あなた anata : you
飲む nomu : drink
古い furui : old
質問 shitsumon : question
今日 kyou : today
友達 tomodachi : friend, companion
早い hayai : early
どれ dore : what, which
美しい utsukushii : beautiful
いつも itsumo : always
足 ashi : leg, foot
起こす okosu : wake someone up
見せる miseru : show
娘 musume : daughter, girl
楽しむ tanoshimu : enjoy
色 iro : color
みんな minna : everybody
取る toru : take, get
勉強 benkyou : study
できる dekiru : can do, be good at
短い mijikai : short, brief
落ちる ochiru : fall, come down
息子 musuko : son
白い shiroi : white, blank
飛行機 hikouki : airplane
病気 byouki : illness
冬 fuyu : winter
年 toshi : year, age
重い omoi : heavy
胸 mune : chest, breast
払う harau : pay money, respect, attention, etc.
軽い karui : light of weight
見つける mitsukeru : find
忘れる wasureru : forget, leave behind
酒 sake : alcohol, rice wine
どちら dochira : which polite
姉 ane : one’s own older sister
覚える oboeru : memorize, learn
狭い semai : narrow, small
赤い akai : red
着る kiru : wear, put on
笑う warau : laugh, smile
一番 ichiban : most, best
授業 juugyo : class session, lecture
週 shuu : week
漢字 kanji : Chinese character
自転車 jitensha : bicycle
電車 densha : train
探す sagasu : search for, look for
紙 kami : paper
歌う utau : sing
遅い osoi : slow, late
首 kubi : neck
速い hayai : fast
一緒に issho ni : together, at the same time
今月 kongetsu : this month
遊ぶ asobu : play
遠い tooi : far, distant
弱い yowai : weak
耳 mimi : ear
座る suwaru : sit, sit down
右 migi : right
浴びる abiru : take a shower
肩 kata : shoulder
寝る neru : lie down and sleep, go to sleep
消す kesu : switch off, turn off
元気 genki : healthy, energetic
全部 zenbu : all, whole
去年 kyonen : last year
引く hiku : draw, pull
図書館 toshokan : library
上げる ageru : raise, lift
緑 midori : green
腕 ude : arm
ドア doa : door loan word
女の子 onna no ko : little girl
男の子 otoko no ko : boy
私たち watashitachi : we
近く chikaku : near, close to
やる yaru : do, give
かなり kanari : fairly, rather
国 kuni : country
起こる okoru : happen
秋 aki : autumn, fall
送る okuru : send
死ぬ shinu : die
気持ち kimochi : feeling, sensation
乗る noru : ride, take
いる iru : be present, stay
木 ki : tree, wood
開ける akeru : open, unlock doors, windows, etc.
閉める shimeru : shut, close doors, windows, etc.
続く tsuzuku : continue, follow
お医者さん oishasan : doctor polite
円 en : Japanese yen
ここ koko : here
待つ matsu : wait, wait for
低い hikui : low, short
もらう morau : receive
食べる taberu : eat
兄 ani : one’s own older brother
名前 namae : name
夫 otto : husband
一 ichi : one
結婚 kekkon : marriage
親 oya : parent
話す hanasu : speak, talk
少し sukoshi : a bit, a little while
閉じる tojiru : shut, close books, eyes, etc.
時 toki : time, moment
米 kome : rice grain
切る kiru : cut
楽しい tanoshii : fun, enjoyable
服 fuku : clothes
後ろ ushiro : back, behind
嬉しい ureshii : happy, glad
腰 koshi : waist, lower back
日曜日 nichiyoubi : Sunday
昼 hiru : daytime, midday
お母さん okaasan : mother
大学生 daigakusei : university student
終わり owari : end, conclusion
背 se : height, stature
手伝う tetsudau : help, assist
鼻 hana : nose
起きる okiru : occur, happen
載せる noseru : place, put on
悲しい kanashii : sad
しゃべる shaberu : chat, talk
近く chikaku : in the near future, before long
甘い amai : sweet
テーブル te-buru : table
食べ物 tabemono : food
始まる hajimaru : begin
ゲーム ge-mu : game
十 juu : ten
天気 tenki : weather
暑い atsui : hot of weather
太い futoi : thick, fat
晩 ban : evening, night from sunset to bedtime
土曜日 doyoubi : Saturday
痛い itai : sore, painful
お父さん otousan : father, dad
多分 tabun : probably, perhaps
時計 tokei : clock, watch
泊まる tomaru : stay overnight
どうして doushite : how come
掛ける kakeru : hang, put on
曲がる magaru : make a turn, turn
お腹 onaka : stomach, belly
ミーティング mi-tingu : meeting
嫌い kirai : dislike habitual
金曜日 kinyoubi : Friday
要る iru : need, require
無い nai : to not be
風邪 kaze : cold illness
黄色い kiiro : yellow
優しい yasashii : gentle, kind
晴れる hareru : be sunny, clear up
汚い kitanai : dirty
茶色 chairo : brown
空く suku : be empty, become less crowded
上る noboru : go up, climb
ご飯 gohan : meal, cooked rice
日 nichi : counter for days
髪の毛 kaminoke : hair, each single hair
つける tsukeru : switch on, turn on
月曜日 getsuyoubi : Monday
入る hairu : enter
カタカナ katakana : katakana
今週 konshyu : this week
開く hiraku : open books, eyes, etc.
水 mizu : water
あれ are : that over there
二 nichi : two
締める shimeru : tighten, fasten
まずい mazui : bad taste, distasteful
平仮名 hiragana : hiragana
曇る kumoru : become cloudy
触る sawaru : touch, feel
駄目 dame : no good
飲み物 nomimono : beverage, drink
木曜日 mokuyoubi : Thursday
曜日 youbi : day of the week
そば soba : side, vicinity
こっち kochi : here, this way casual
火曜日 kayoubi : Tuesday
渇く kawaku : be thirsty
三 san : three
水曜日 suiyoubi : Wednesday
二つ futatsu : two things
今晩 konban : this evening, tonight
千 sen : thousand
六日 muika : six days, sixth of the month
お姉さん onesan : older sister
直る naoru : be repaired, get fixed
ちょっと chotto : just a moment, just a little
四 yon : four Japanese origin
これから korekara : from now on, after this
考える kangaeru : think, consider
戻る modoru : return to a point of departure
変える kaeru : change something, alter
朝 asa : morning
歯 ha : tooth
頑張る ganbaru : work hard, do one’s best
携帯電話 keitaidenwa : cellular phone
雨 ame : rain
金 kane : money
易しい yasashi : easy, simple
お兄さん onisan : older brother
大きい oki : big
小さい chisai : small
辛い karai : spicy, hot
八 hachi : eight
あそこ asoko : over there
来る kuru : come
前 mae : front, before
五日 itsuka : five days, fifth of the month
いっぱい ippai : full
九 kyu : nine used before counter words
酸っぱい suppai : sour
違う chigau : differ, be wrong
細い hosoi : thin, slender
三つ mitsu : three things
八日 youka : eight days, eighth of the month
高校生 kokosei : high school student
上手 jouzu : good, skilled
強い tsuyoi : strong
七 nana : seven Japanese origin
二十日 hatsuka : days, th of the month
左 hidari : left
二日 futsuka : two days, second of the month
四つ yotsu : four things
暖かい atatakai : warm
ある aru : exist, there is
いい ii : good informal/spoken form
上 ue : up, above
駅 eki : train station
美味しい oishi : tasty
昨日 kino : yesterday
綺麗 kirei : pretty, clean
五 go : five
九つ kokonotsu : nine things
お願い onegai : favor
答える kotaeru : give an answer
先 saki : ahead, first
寒い samui : cold temperature of the air
四 shi : four Chinese origin
三日 mikka : three days, third of the month
下 shita : under, below
大丈夫 daijoubu : all right, OK
大人 otona : adult
出す dasu : take out
父 chichi : speaker’s father
母 haha : speaker’s mother
月 tsuki : moon
妹 imouto : younger sister
冷たい tsumetai : cold to touch
弟 otouto : younger brother
手 te : hand
十日 tooka : ten days, tenth of the month
口 kuchi : mouth
夏 natsu : summer
七つ nanatsu : seven things
時々 tokidoki : sometimes
何 nani : what
人 hito : person
一人 hitori : one person
一日 tsuitachi : first of the month
九日 kokonoka : nine days, ninth of the month
方 hou : direction, side
他 hoka : other Japanese origin
僕 boku : I, me usually used by young males
欲しい hoshii : want, desire of the speaker
万 man : ten thousand
見える mieru : be visible, can see
道 michi : street, way
五つ itsutsu : five things
目 me : eye
八つ yattsu : eight things
止める tomeru : stop a car…. 止める yameru give up
四日 yokka : four days, fourth of the month
夜 yoru : night from sunset to sunrise
来年 rainen : next year
六 roku : six
悪い warui : bad
お手洗い otearai : toilet, bathroom
ご主人 goshujin : someone else’s husband
本当に hontouni : really, truly
自分 jibun : self, oneself
ため tame : sake, purpose
見つかる mitsukaru : be found, be caught
休む yasumu : take a rest, take a break
ゆっくり yukkuri : slowly
六つ muttsu : six things
花 hana : flower
動く ugoku : move
線 sen : line
七日 nanoka : seven days, seventh of the month
以外 igai : except for
男 otoko : man, male
彼 kare : he, one’s boyfriend
女 onna : woman
妻 tsuma : woman
百 hyaku : hundred
辺 atari : vicinity
店 mise : shop, store
閉まる shimaru : be shut, be closed
問題 mondai : problem, question
必要 hitsuyou : need, necessary
もつ motsu : last long, be durable
開く hiraku : open
昨年 sakunen : last year formal, often used in writing
治る naoru : be cured, get well
ドル doru : dollar
システム sisutemu : system loan word
以上 ijou : more than, not less than
最近 saikin : recent, latest
世界 sekai : world
コンピューター konpyu-ta- : computer
やる yaru : give to an inferior
意味 imi : meaning, sense
増える fueru : increase, accrue
選ぶ erabu : choose, elect
生活 seikatsu : life, living
進める susumeru : go ahead, proceed
続ける tsuzukeru : continue, keep up
ほとんど hotondo : almost, hardly
会社 kaisha : company, corporation
家 ie : house, dwelling
多く ooku : much, largely
話 hanashi : talk, story
上がる agaru : go up, rise physical movement
もう mou : another, again
集める atsumeru : collect, gather
声 koe : voice, sound
初めて hajimete : for the first time
変わる kawaru : change, turn into
まず mazu : first of all, to begin with
社会 shakai : society
プログラム puroguramu : program booklet
力 chikara : strength, power
今回 konkai : this time
予定 yotei : schedule, plan
まま mama : as is, still in the current state
テレビ terebi : television
減る heru : decrease, diminish
消える kieru : be extinguished, disappear
家族 kazoku : family, household
比べる kuraberu : compare, contrast
生まれる umareru : be born, come into existence
ただ tada : free
これら korera : these
調べる shiraberu : investigate, check
事故 jiko : accident, trouble
電話 denwa : telephone, phone call
外国 gaikoku : foreign country
銀行 ginkou : bank
十分 juubun : enough, plentiful
あまり amari : not much
写真 shashin : photograph
繰り返す kurikaesu : repeat
種類 shurui : kind, type
意見 iken : opinion
新聞 shinbun : newspaper
文章 bunshou : sentence, writing
目立つ medatsu : stand out, be conspicuous
相手 aite : opponent, the other party
病院 byouin : hospital
厚い atsui : thick, bulky
忙しい isogashii : busy, occupied
薄い usui : thin, weak
川 kawa : river, stream
暗い kurai : dark, gloomy
クラス kurasu : class in school
黒い kuroi : black, dark
バス basu : bus
青い aoi : blue
買い物 kaimono : shopping, purchase
薬 kusuri : drug, medicine
砂糖 satou : sugar
休み yasumi : holiday, break
郵便局 yuubinkyoku : post office
住所 juusho : address
こちら kochira : here, this way polite
財布 saifu : purse, wallet
パスポート pasupo-to : passport
椅子 isu : chair
可愛い kawaii : cute, sweet
お祖父さん ojiisan : grandfather
切手 kitte : postage stamp
涼しい suzushii : cool of temperature
いくつ ikutsu : how many, how old
メニュー menyu- : menu
電気 denki : electricity, electric light
勝つ katsu : win
負ける makeru : lose
建てる tateru : build, erect
日記 nikki : diary
売り切れ urikire : sell out
お巡りさん omawarisan : police officer
目覚まし時計 mezamashitokei : alarm clock
レシート reshi-to : receipt loan word
ティッシュ tisshu : tissue
歯ブラシ haburashi : toothbrush
下りる oriru : go down, come down
洗う arau : wash
パート pa-to : part-time
氏名 shimei : full name
今夜 konya : tonight, this evening
夜中 yonaka : midnight
来週 raishuu : next week
誰か dareka : someone
何 nani : what
今朝 kesa : this morning
寿司 sushi : sushi
履く haku : put on shoes, wear pants, skirt
おじさん ojisan : uncle
おばさん obasan : aunt
お祖母さん obaasan : grandmother
いとこ itoko : cousin
辞書 jisho : dictionary category
朝ご飯 asagohan : breakfast
白 shiro : white
どっち docchi : which casual
そっち socchi : there casual
明日 ashita : tomorrow
明後日 myougonichi/asatte : day after tomorrow
一昨日 ototoi : the day before yesterday
庭 niwa : garden, yard
左側 hidarigawa : left side
右側 migigawa : right side
指 yubi : finger, toe
眼鏡 megane : glasses
鞄 kaban : bag, handbag
あっち acchi : other side, over there casual
大人しい otonashii : gentle, quiet
下手 heta : not good at
厳しい kibishii : strict, severe
一人で hitoride : by oneself, alone
答え kotae : answer, solution
この頃 konogoro : these days, recently
残念 zannen : regretful, disappointing
仕舞う shimau : put away, put in
心配 shinpai : anxiety, worry
外 soto : outside, open air
大切 taisetsu : important, valuable
ちょうど choudo : just, exactly
助ける tasukeru : help, save
勤める tsutomeru : serve, hold a job
連れていく tsureteiku : take along, bring along a person
丈夫 joubu : healthy, sturdy
賑やか nigiyaka : lively, exciting
眠い nemui : sleepy
山 yama : mountain
橋 hashi : bridge
止まる tomaru : come to a stop, cease
降る furu : fall, come down rain, snow, etc.
本当 hontou : reality, genuine
町 machi : town, city
お菓子 okashi : sweets, snacks
緩い yurui : slack, loose
良い yoi : good formal/written form
ようこそ youkoso : welcome greeting
お土産 omiyage : souvenir polite
両親 ryoushin : parents
ウェーター we-ta- : waiter
ウェートレス we-toresu : waitress
絶対に zettaini : absolutely, definitely
ごちそう gochisou : feast, treat
フォーク fo-ku : fork
スプーン supu-n : spoon
瓶 bin : bottle
つく tsuku : be on, be switched on
醤油 shouyu : soy sauce
茶碗 chawan : rice bowl
決める kimeru : decide, agree upon
感じる kanjiru : feel, sense
生きる ikiru : live one’s life
動かす ugokasu : move something
壊れる kowareru : break, break down
復習 fukushuu : review
眉 mayu : eyebrow
客 kyaku : visitor, customer
机 tsukue : desk
風呂 furo : bath
湯 yu : hot water
ぬるい nurui : tepid, lukewarm
風邪薬 kazegusuri : cold medicine
靴下 kutsushita : socks
たばこ tabako : tobacco, cigarette
アイスコーヒー aisuko-hi- : iced coffee
天ぷら tempura : Japanese deep-fried food
肉 niku : flesh, meat
昨夜 sakuya : last night, last evening
流行る hayaru : be in fashion, be popular
連れて来る tsuretekuru : bring a person
方 kata : person polite form
零 rei : zero
雲 kumo : cloud
空 sora : sky
人気 ninki : popularity
兄さん niisan : one’s own older brother polite
姉さん neesan : one’s own older sister polite
平成 heisei : Heisei era
毎月 maitsuki : every month
半日 hannichi : half a day
半月 hantsuki : half a month
なるほど naruhodo : I see, really
つまり tsumari : in short, that is to say
そのまま sonomama : as it is, just like that
はっきり hakkiri : clearly
大変 taihen : awful, hard
簡単 kantan : simple, easy
似ている niteiru : look like, resemble
驚く odoroku : be surprised, be startled
嫌 iya/ kira-i : dislike situational
喧嘩 kenka : fight, argument
遅れる okureru : be late
にんじん ninjin : carrot
ジャガイモ jagaimo : potato
ナス nasu : eggplant
やかん yakan : kettle
話し合う hanashiau : discuss, talk over
残す nokosu : leave, leave undone
ごちそうする gochisousuru : treat, host a meal
合う au : fit, match
当たる ataru : go straight and hit, strike
集まる atsumaru : gather, be collected
場所 basho : place, space
海 umi : sea, ocean
少年 shounen : boy between and years old
孫 mago : grandchild
生徒 seito : pupil, student
高校 koukou : high school for short
年上 toshiue : older, senior
卒業 sotsugyou : graduation
運動 undou : movement, exercise
選手 senshu : athlete, sports player
映画 eiga : movie
英語 eigo : English
手紙 tegami : letter
動物 doubutsu : animal
音 oto : sound, noise
海外 kaigai : overseas, abroad
外国人 gaikokujin : foreigner
帰国 kikoku : return to one’s country
彼ら karera : they
機械 kikai : machine
基本 kihon : basics
今度 kondo : this time, next time
最後 saigo : last
最初 saisho : first, outset
準備 junbi : preparation, arrangement
進む susumu : advance, move forward
直接 chokugo : directly
特に tokuni : specially, particularly
届く todoku : reach, be received
なぜ naze : why
並ぶ narabu : line up, be parallel
運ぶ hakobu : carry, transport
直す naosu : repair, fix
反対 hantai : oppose, object
場合 baai : situation, case
詳しい kuwashii : detailed
いたずら itazura : mischief, prank
お祝い oiwai : celebrate
くし kushi : comb
こぼれる koboreru : spill, overflow
伝える tsutaeru : convey, transmit
膝 hiza : knee
肘 hiji : elbow
枕 makura : pillow
建物 tatemono : building, structure
道路 douro : road
四つ角 yotsukado : intersection
曲がり角 magarikado : corner to turn
警察 keisatsu : police
空気 kuuki : air, atmosphere
スポーツ supo-tsu : sport
チャンス chansu : chance
クリーニング kuri-ningu : dry cleaning
サービス sa-bisu : service, on the house
グループ guru-pu : group
自宅 jitaku : one’s house, one’s home
家庭 katei : home, family
期間 kikan : term, period
年度 nendo : year, school year
経験 keiken : experience, knowledge
安全 anzen : safety, security
危険 kiken : danger, dangerous
注意 chuui : attention, care
成功 seikou : success
努力 doryoku : endeavor, effort
説明 setsumei : explanation, description
地震 jishin : earthquake
手術 shujutsu : surgical operation
火傷 yakedo : burn
課題 kadai : task, assignment
子 ko : young child, kid
確認 kakunin : confirmation
実際 jissai : reality, actual state
国際 kokusai : international used in compound nouns
会議 kaigi : conference, meeting
提案 teian : proposition, proposal
事務所 jimusho : office, one’s place of business
教授 kyouju : professor
世紀 seki : century
あちこち achikochi : all over, here and there
そちら sochira : there, that way polite
あちら achira : over there, that way polite
もし moshi : if, in case of
うるさい urusai : noisy, annoying
固い katai : stiff, tight
深い fukai : deep, profound
面白い omoshiroi : interesting, amusing
全く mattaku : entirely, truly
半分 hanbun : half
普通 futsuu : normal, regular
分 bun : amount, share
文化 bunka : culture
毎日 mainichi : every day
気を付ける kiwotsukeru : be careful about, pay attention to
守る mamoru : protect, observe
もちろん mochiron : of course
やはり yahari : as expected
いくら ikura : how much money
よろしく yoroshiku : one’s regards
どなた donata : who polite
許す yurusu : permit, forgive
分ける wakeru : divide, share
自然 shizen : nature
アパート apa-to : apartment, flat
ホテル hoteru : hotel
パソコン pasokon : personal computer
うまい umai : good at
明るい akarui : bright, cheerful
急ぐ isogu : hurry, do quickly
歌 uta : song
中学校 chuugakkou : junior high school
テスト tesuto : test
ポスト posuto : postbox, mailbox
ハンカチ hankachi : handkerchief
髪 kami : hair, hairstyle
帽子 boushi : hat, cap
被る kaburu : wear, put on on one’s head
ブラウス burausu : blouse
週末 shuumatsu : weekend
先週 senshuu : last week
再来週 saraishuu : the week after next
いつか itsuka : some time, some day
宿題 shukudai : homework
鍵 kagi : key, lock
傘 kasa : umbrella, parasol
乗り換える norikaeru : change, transfer
向かう mukau : face, head toward
本屋 honya : bookstore
お茶 ocha : tea polite
改札口 kaisatsuguchi : ticket gate
晴れ hare : fine weather, clear sky
バス停 basutei : bus stop
曇り kumori : cloudy weather
塩 shio : salt
たくさん takusan : a lot, in large quantity
大嫌い daikirai : hate
中 naka : inside, middle
二階 nikai : second floor, upstairs
無くす nakusu : lose, get rid of
まあまあ maamaa : OK, not bad
黄色 kiiro : yellow color
ランチ ranchi : lunch loan word
魚 sakana : fish
味 aji : taste, flavor
りんご ringo : apple
みかん mikan : tangerine
皿 sara : plate, counter for plates or helpings
コーヒー ko-hi- : coffee
コップ koppu : cup, glass
二人 futari : two persons
止む yamu : stop, cease
九 kyuu : nine
昼間 hiruma : daytime, during the day
いつ頃 itsugoro : about when, about what time
字 ji : individual character, letter
七 nana : seven Chinese origin
お釣り otsuri : change of money
名字 myouji : surname, family name
おじ oji : one’s own uncle
おば oba : one’s own aunt
祖父 sofu : grandfather formal
祖母 sobo : grandmother formal
大事 daiji : importance
見方 mikata : view, perspective
鳥 tori : bird, poultry
犬 inu : dog
返事 henji : reply, answer, response
また mata : again, also, or
年間 nenkan : period of one year
青 ao : blue, green
赤 aka : red color
信号 shingou : signal, traffic light
円 en : circle
非常に hijouni : very, extremely
複雑 fukuzatsu : complicated, intricate
平和 heiwa : peace, harmony
回る mawaru : turn round, go around
若者 wakamono : young person, youth
雪 yuki : snow, snowfall
うまい umai : sweet, delicious
思い出す omoidasu : recollect, recall
聞こえる kikoeru : hear, be heard
借りる kariru : borrow
返す kaesu : return, repay
受け取る uketoru : receive, get
捨てる suteru : discard, abandon
一緒 issho : together, same
遊び asobi : play, amusement
移す utsusu : move, transfer
大きさ ookisa : size, dimension
考え kangae : thought, idea
空港 kuukou : airport for public transportation
出発 shuppatsu : departure, starting
地図 chizu : map, atlas
運転 unten : drive
降りる oriru : get off, land
ガス gasu : gas loan word
必ず kanarazu : without exception, always
カメラ kamera : camera
通う kayou : go to and from, frequent a place
急に kyuuni : suddenly, unexpectedly
サラリーマン sarari-man : office worker, company employee
給料 kyuuryou : salary, pay
曲 kyoku : piece of music
切れる kireru : cut well, be sharp
正しい tadashii : correct, righteous
苦しい kurushii : painful, agonizing
細かい komakai : minute, fine
静か shizuka : quiet, tranquil
健康 kenkou : health
ゴルフ gorufu : golf
コース ko-su : course, route
頼む tanomu : order, ask for
困る komaru : be in trouble, not know what to do
ずっと zutto : all the time, all through
例えば tatoeba : for example
つもり tsumori : intention, purpose
しばらく shibaraku : a little while, a while
紹介 shoukai : introduction
小学校 shougakkou : elementary school
公園 kouen : park, public garden
中学 chuugaku : junior high
成績 seiseki : results, grade
教科書 kyoukasho : textbook, schoolbook
席 seki : seat, one’s place
教室 kyoushitsu : classroom, class
教師 kyoushi : teacher, instructor
試験 shiken : exam
合格 goukaku : pass an examination
数学 suugaku : mathematics
数字 suuji : numeric characters
音楽 ongaku : music
食事 shokuji : meal
壁 kabe : wall, partition
信じる shinjiru : believe, trust
育てる sodateru : bring up, raise
倒れる taoreru : fall over
落とす otosu : drop
代わる kawaru : substitute, be substituted for
タクシー takushi- : taxi
確か tashika : for sure, for certain
立てる tateru : stand, set up
中学生 chuugakusei : junior high school student
売れる ureru : sell, be in demand
着く tsuku : arrive at, reach
決まる kimaru : be decided
飾る kazaru : decorate
殺す korosu : kill
下げる sageru : lower, turn down
贈る okuru : offer, give
訪ねる tazuneru : visit, go to see
打つ utsu : hit, strike
相談 soudan : consultation, advice
玄関 genkan : entrance, door
兄弟 kyoudai : sibling
長男 chounan : eldest son
高さ takasa : height
用 you : things to do
時代 jidai : age, era
位置 ichi : position, location
季節 kisetsu : season
穴 ana : hole
裏 ura : the back, the reverse side
島 shima : island Japanese origin
海岸 kaigan : seashore, coast
ガラス garasu : glass material
自然 shizen : natural
風 kaze : wind
科学 kagaku : science
太陽 taiyou : sun
台風 taifuu : typhoon
北 kita : north
馬 uma : horse
牛肉 gyuuniku : beef
雑誌 zasshi : magazine, journal
小説 shousetsu : novel
大使館 taishikan : embassy
故障 koshou : malfunction, breakdown
温度 ondo : temperature
何か nanika : something, some
向こう mukou : over there, on the other side
真ん中 mannaka : center, middle casual
遠く tooku : far away, at a distance
横 yoko : side, width across
つまらない tsumaranai : boring, dull
素晴らしい subarashii : excellent, wonderful
毎年 maitoshi/ mainen : every year
来月 raigetsu : next month
日時 nichiji : date and time
夕方 yuugata : early evening, at dusk
通る tooru : pass, go through
自動車 jidousha : automobile
慣れる nareru : grow accustomed to, get used to
撮る toru : take a photograph, film
やっと yatto : at last, finally
どんどん dondon : knock, bang
並べる naraberu : line up, arrange
逃げる nigeru : escape, run away
渡す watasu : hand over, give
値段 nedan : price
両方 ryouhou : both
約束 yakusoku : promise, vow
一部 ichibu : part
ラジオ rajio : radio
入院 nyuuin : be hospitalized
ニュース nyu-su : news
旅行 ryokou : travel, trip
用意 youi : preparation
伸びる nobiru : stretch, grow
パーティー pa-ti- : party
ビール bi-ru : beer
早く hayaku : early, soon
番組 bangumi : program
ビデオ bideo : video
増やす fuyasu : increase
振る furu : wave, shake
迎える mukaeru : welcome, receive a visitor
無理 muri : unreasonable, impossible
珍しい mezurashii : rare, scarce
有名 yuumei : famous
喜ぶ yorokobu : be happy, be delighted
留学 ryuugaku : study abroad
料理 ryouri : cooking
野菜 yasai : vegetable
分かれる wakareru : be divided, split off
特別 tokubetsu : special
理由 riyuu : reason, excuse
自由 jiyuu : freedom
方向 houkou : direction, course
残る nokoru : remain, be left over
ビル biru : building
まとめる matomeru : gather together, put in order
流れる nagareru : flow, run
セーター se-ta- : sweater
シャツ shatsu : shirt
洗濯 sentaku : laundry, washing
間違える machigaeru : make a mistake, fail at
アイスクリーム aisukuri-mu : ice cream
乾く kawaku : become dry
冷める sameru : cool off
色々 iroiro : a variety of
持って行く motteiku : take, bring
着替える kigaeru : change clothes
石鹸 sekken : soap
野球 yakyuu : baseball
昼食 chyuushoku : lunch
朝食 choushoku : breakfast
眠る nemuru : sleep, lie idle
初め hajime : beginning
火 hi : fire, flame
西 nishi : west, western
東 higashi : east, eastern
南 minami : south
夕食 yuushoku : supper, dinner
なかなか nakanaka : rather, pretty
励ます hagemasu : encourage, cheer up
涙 namida : tear
夢 yume : dream
職場 shokuba : place of work, office
隣 tonari : next to, next door
マンション manshon : apartment, residential building
エレベーター erebe-ta- : elevator
窓 mado : window
押す osu : push, press down
入学 nyuugaku : enter a school, matriculate
戸 to : door, sliding door
通り toori : street, road
亡くなる nakunaru : die, pass away
夫婦 fuufu : husband and wife, married couple
女性 josei : woman, female formal
森 mori : forest
トラック torakku : truck
レコード reko-do : record
熱 netsu : heat, fever
ページ pe-ji : page
踊る odoru : dance
長さ nagasa : length
厚さ atsusa : thickness
秘密 himitsu : secret, privacy
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2019.12.26 09:51 feerci My story + things are better now! :)

TW: self harm, as well as suicidal ideation, and EDs.
Hope I flagged this correctly.
Also, sorry for formating, I’m on mobile
Hey! So it’s kind of weird finding this sub after everything in my life.
I just need to tell my story to the people here, because 1) I’m still overcoming the abuse I suffered at the hands of my nex, and 2) I don’t think I had ever known a community like this??
Anyway, I’ve always felt like maybe I was exaggerating, and it wasn’t abuse, it was just a shitty relationship. Even though I started seeing a psychiatrist, after a failed therapy with a psychologist, I still sometimes feel like maybe it was never a big deal. And then I end up finding this sub, at a kind of funny moment of my decade.
But I guess I’ll start my story.
Almost ten years ago, I met my nex. I was fifteen. He is four years older than me... a close friend of mine had a crush on him, and since I was a nosy fifteen year old, I decided to check him out and see if he was any good to my friend. I don’t know why I was so boy crazy back then, specially considering how aggressively bi I was... I guess I was overcompensating, ashamed I was attracted to girls. My nex was my neighbor, and I wonder if that was what made the difference for him to chose between me and my friend.
Anyway, obviously this girl and I had a fallout over him, and for the next four years and a half of our relationship I’m pretty sure she was her lover. He was nineteen and we were fifteen.
I would say the honeymoon phase was the first year.
He disclosed his true self when I was in my first year of the equivalent of my country to highschool (16/17 years). I was studying in the afternoon, and for the first time I was studying at a public school. It was a good school, but there were a lot of freedoms I had never experienced before. Still, I always sticked to classes, trying to get good grades so I could switch to morning classes and spend time with my N in the afternoon. I was also implicitly prohibited from smoking and drinking without him (only the drinking, smoking was prohibited altogether).
One day before math class a friend gave me a sip of some soda with this really cheap alcohol. Im a light weight and got tipsy during class. It was whatever and by the time my N picked me up on the bus stop near my house, I was sober, although smelly. He noticed and I panicked so hard, since the last cigarette I had he made such a big deal about. I lied and said I hadn’t drink. It was just a sip. A few weeks later, he is snooping around my fb on my laptop (he had it to do some homework) and saw a comment of the friend in question who gave me the sip (I think that was it; to this day I have no idea if he saw the comment, which was innocent enough, just a joke, messaged my friend and then deleted the messages or WHAT because he had a lot of details on what had been said between me and my friends). He called me in the middle of the night to break up with me because I lied, and after begging he proceeded to accept to talk to me before I went to school (midday) the next day.
I mean, I already have written a lot, so I won’t write every single thing I remember from that day... i just want to share a single moment, which perfectly illustrates our relationship from that point forward.
I was crying, quite pitifully, in his room while he was laying down on his bed, when he suddenly said “okay” and proceeded to pull me in a tight hug. I was crying my eyes out while he stroked my back when suddenly he stiffened and ordered me to get off of him. After I did he told me “just so you know how it feels to get lied to.” From that point onwards, any day I didn’t felt anxiety it was a good day. He used that single event to control me for close to a year. Eventually he didn’t need it anymore, I was completely under his control. Even after I found him with the ex friend I mentioned in bed, half naked. he cried to me and i took him back. That was the first time I cut, also the first time I considered killing myself.
There is an endless list of girls he cheated on me. A few weeks back (note: by this point it’s close to five years since he dumped me) another one came forward, telling me how sorry she was (I don’t get mad anymore, I just feel terrible for this girls, and I do appreciate their honesty).
I had a lot of trouble sleeping during our relationship, I was always worried he was with someone. Towards the end of our relationship, this was specially hard, since I started working on some Astronomy projects in uni, and my nights out looking at the beautiful night sky were ruined by him.
I remember one night, he went out and I stayed (like always) and I begged him to stay, that was the only way I could be certain he wasn’t cheating (or so I thought). He told me to calm down and to “think of our future babies”. He used to talk so much bs about our future.
After he dumped me and asked to be just friends, we would meet every sunday to watch movies and talk. No kissing, no sex, just emotional support while he was dating the last girl he cheated on me with (different to my ex friend, I’m sure he cheated on this new girl with my ex friend too).
I at first, messily tried to move on. I remember the first time I was with someone else, this guy and I had just finished the deed when he called me, drunk, asking to stay at my place. I said no and when he asked why and I told him, he proceeded to harass me all night, calling me a Slut and telling me he never loved me. I called my best friend crying.
After Some months of this, I decided to become low contact with him, since by that point I was sick of being his emotional dump, but I was still hopeful on eventually being “friends”. things quickly improved. I went to a different state to study for the summer.
It had been a year since he had dumped me and I finally felt a little lighter. My best friend (the one I called) and I got drunk and ended up hooking up... it was still a bit messy, but it felt less so. He, my friend, told me he wanted to try it out with me. After thinking about it I said okay but he had to know about my sometimes messy emotional state. I told him he was my best friend, and I felt amazing with him, I didn’t want to hurt him and I would always be honest with him about my Nex and my feelings. I immediately told my nex, still hopeful on being friends, that I was becoming exclusive with my friend.
At first he seemed really supportive, but then he started sending me messages in the middle of the day, telling me he loved me and I was the love of his life. I later found out he was drunk whenever he did this, no matter the time.
I decided to become NC, although I guess it was more like extra low contact. We went to the same uni and, well... his sister was one of my closest friends. We also had several social groups in common.
eventually, however, I got sick of him contacting me with romantic interest even though I had told him to stop; he was also starting to insinuate things about my boyfriend, saying he was disappointed I was a druggy now (I stopped drinking after my 19th birthday because of the panic attacks it gave me, and after turning 20 I started smoking some pot recreationally). I told him clearly to leave me alone, but he would still occasionally try to contact me.
One time he sent me a dm on twitter demanding to know why I didn’t say hi to him at a concert we both went to. I asked him if he was serious. I think he has only apologized to me like twice, and only for cheating and because I busted him. I also developed an ED encouraged by him.
But I don’t think Ill dwell a lot more on specifics. I still occasionally looked him up or asked around. He dumped the girl he dumped me for to be with another girl. I think they’re broken up now, because, remember my close friend from when I was fifteen? She sent me one of those “you can only see twice” images on ig of the two of them A WEEK AGO. it’s almost been a decade. It was random and confusing. My heart did a weird loop when I saw it. It shocks me how he can still get a reaction out of me.
Idk. I’ve been doing better but this end of the decade (the last months) have been weirdly melancholic for me, remembering my younger self and how much she hurt.
Last month my cat crossed the rainbow bridge and my nex tried to use that as an excuse to talk to me. Kind of funny, considering my cat bit him. Seriously, he was the sweetest most gentle cat ever, never to intentionally hurt a person, and he bit him! Lino was so wise.
That’s another thing. My cat loved my boyfriend, my actual boyfriend, my best friend who decided to try it out with my messy butt. And he was there, holding my hand and crying while I wailed on top of my cat. He kissed Lino’s face. I knew he truly loved my cat, not pretending because of me. Im not sure my Nex ever showed genuine kindness and/or tenderness to me, or in front of me. When one of my hs friends passed from cancer, I called him crying, and he refused to go to the service with me because it was late and he hadn’t known my friend (he never knew any of my friends).
I also decided to give my bf, as a birthday present, the last paw prints of Lino (the vet took them after he passed), framed. I was so anxious thinking it was such a trash gift... my nex always wanted material things (which is ok, honestly, i.e., my brother loves cash money as a gift, or games and movies, and I love making him happy), and most of my presents ended up on some corner of his room. Besides, gifts was only one of the ways I competed with other girls, with some gifting him concert tickets or the latest videogame.
What I’m trying to say, I always thought I was a meh gifter where it counted and this year I had outdone myself with a thoughtless trash present. I seriously thought that, even as I was crying from remembering our cat on my way to see him; I even thought that, while he was speechless, I thought he, my bf, hated it!!!! And when he told me it was the best present, with tears in his eyes? I was so overwhelmed.
After so much time, I’m still saddened by how I still kinda feel I deserved to be mistreated so badly by my N.
But I’m also happy nowadays, I can still experience love. Not only with my bf. I was so isolated when I was with my Nex, he would get mad if I talked to my friends about our problems because “they were between us, not us and them”. Now I have close friends, and my life doesn’t revolve around my SO.
Anyway, if anyone read until this point thank you so much.
Finding this subreddit, like I said, was so weird. I feel I can talk more freely about this, and it makes me feel less alone, less like I made it up in my head. Even after all this years.
Thanks to everyone who shared their own story, and I hope my story gives something back to at least someone lol
Edit - trying to fix format so it’s readable
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KP01 300i Digital Bounty Hunter LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $140 OUT OF STOCK
KP01b 315p Pathfinder LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP01c 325a Arbiter LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP01c 350r Lightspeed LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $190 OUT OF STOCK
KP03 Aurora MR Digital Mercenary LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP03b Aurora LN Next Generation LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP03c Aurora MR Digital Scout LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP04 Avenger Stalker Advanced Hunter LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP07 Constellation Aquila Rear Admiral CCU'd to Aquila LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $385 Available
KP07b Constellation Phoenix Rear Admiral CCU'd to Phoenix LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $550 OUT OF STOCK
KP07c Constellation Andromeda SIGNED by CHRIS ROBERTS Rear Admiral LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP22 Cutlass Black Digital Pirate LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP08 Terrapin LTI + Freelancer DUR LTI + Connie Aquila LTI + Carrack LTI + 315p LTI + Dragonfly Black LTI (total current value $1370) [UEE Exploration MEGAPack] Package $1099 Available
KP08b Carrack LTI + Terrapin LTI + Dragonfly LTI (total current value $860) [UEE Exploration Pack] Package $750 Available
KP08c Carrack LTI + Terrapin LTI + Freelancer DUR LTI + Cyclone RN LTI + Dragonfly LTI (total current value $1060) [UEE Exploration Pack 2948] Package $945 Available
KP09 Eclipse + Gladiator + Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI [Top Secret Bomber Pack] Package $750 Available
KP10 F7C Hornet Digital Colonel LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $179 Available
KP11 F7C-M SuperHornet Physical Colonel LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $285 OUT OF STOCK
KP13 F7C-M Superhornet Weekend Warrior LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $245 Available
KP15 F7C-R Tracker SWACS LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package 208$ Available
KP16 F7C-S Ghost Specter LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package 199$ Available
KP19 Freelancer Digital Freelancer LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package - OUT OF STOCK
KP23 Freelancer DUR Digital Freelancer CCU'd to DUR LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $189 Available
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KP21 Gladius C8X Pisces CCU'd to Gladius LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $159 Available
KP12 M50 Next Generation CCU'd LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package 165$ SOLD
KP14 Orion PHYSICAL Rear Admiral LTI Upgraded to Orion includes SC + SQ42 + Physical Stuff Package $650 Available
KP17 Redeemer Redeemer LTI includes SC + SQ42 Package $320 Available
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CH01 DRAKE LOOT AND SCOOT DELUXE PACKAGE 60m Cutlass Black + Dragonfly yellow $185 Available
CH02 PACKAGE - ENTREPRENEUR PACK LTI Prospector + Vulcan + Dragonfly Yellow + Hull B + Ursa Rover + SC Download $650 Available
CH03 PACKAGE - UEE EXPLORATION 2948 PACK LTI Terrapin + Carrack + Freelancer DUR + Dragonfly Black + Cyclone RN + SC Download $745 Available
CH04 SCOUNDREL PACK LTI Caterpillar + Starrunner + Cutlass Black + Hawk + Dragonfly Black + Ranger CV + SC Download $745 Available

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CC01 P72 Archimedes 325a $55 Available
CC02 315p 350r $75 Available
CC03 F7C Hornet 350r $28 Available
CC04 600i Touring 600i Explorer - OUT OF STOCK
CC05 Banu Merchantman 600i Explorer $145 Available
CC06 Carrack 600i Explorer - OUT OF STOCK
CC07 Starfarer 600i Explorer $205 Available
CC08 Aquila 600i Touring $145 Available
CC09 Starfarer 600i Touring - OUT OF STOCK
CC10 Freelancer DUR Argo SRV $29 Available
CC10 Avenger Titan Avenger Stalker $24 Available
CC11 Mustang Alpha Avenger Stalker $45 Available
CC12 Avenger Stalker Avenger Titan Renegade - OUT OF STOCK
CC13 325a Avenger Warlock $28 OUT OF STOCK
CC14 Avenger Stalker Avenger Warlock $40 OUT OF STOCK
CC15 Constellation Taurus Banu Defender $85 Available
CC16 Caterpillar Banu Merchantman - OUT OF STOCK
CC17 Constellation Andromeda Banu Merchantman - OUT OF STOCK
CC18 Constellation Aquila Banu Merchantman $130 Available
CC19 Constellation Andromeda Carrack $330 Available
CC19 Constellation Andromeda Carrack $330 Available
CC21 Constellation Aquila Carrack $250 Available
CC20 Starfarer Gemini Carrack $220 Available
CC22 Constellation Andromeda Caterpillar - OUT OF STOCK
CC160 Aquila Caterpillar $45 Available
CC23 MPUV Cargo Caterpillar $285 Available
CC24 P72 Archimedes Caterpillar $290 Available
CC161 Terrapin Caterpillar $115 Available
CC25 Redeemer Constellation Aquila $80 Available
CC26 Constellation Aquila Crucible $90 Available
CC27 Cutlass Black Cutlass Blue $85 Available
CC28 Constellation Andromeda Eclipse - OUT OF STOCK
CC29 Redeemer Eclipse $65 Available
CC30 Vanguard Sentinel Eclipse - OUT OF STOCK
CC31 Retaliator Heavy Bomber Endeavor $94 Available
CC32 Constellation Aquila Esperia Prowler - OUT OF STOCK
CC33 Carrack Esperia Prowler $40 Available
CC34 Reclaimer Esperia Prowler $40 Available
CC35 Redeemer Esperia Prowler $210 Available
CC36 Constellation Taurus F7C Wildfire $40 Available
CC37 F7C-R Tracker F7C Wildfire $50 Available
CC38 Gladius Valiant F7C Wildfire $80 Available
CC39 Constellation Taurus F7C-M Superhornet $45 Available
CC40 F7C-S Ghost Freelancer DUR $21 Available
CC41 Freelancer Freelancer MIS $90 Available
CC42 Constellation Taurus Freelancer MIS - OUT OF STOCK
CC43 Gladius Freelancer MIS $94 Available
CC44 Banu Merchantman Genesis $65 Available
CC45 Constellation Aquila Genesis $145 Available
CC46 Reclaimer Genesis - OUT OF STOCK
CC47 Avenger Titan Gladiator - OUT OF STOCK
CC48 Constellation Taurus Gladiator $30 Available
CC49 F7C-R Tracker Gladiator $39 Available
CC50 Cutlass Black Gladius Valiant $23 Available
CC51 Banu Merchantman Hammerhead $350 OUT OF STOCK
CC52 Carrack Hammerhead $275 Available
CC53 Hull E Hammerhead $225 Available
CC54 Orion Hammerhead $375 Available
CC55 Reclaimer Hammerhead $375 Available
CC56 325a Hawk $45 Available
CC57 300i Herald $45 Available
CC58 325a Herald $28 Available
CC59 85x Herald $50 Available
CC60 Banu Merchantman C2 Hercules $24 Available
CC61 Caterpillar C2 Hercules $79 Available
CC62 Constellation Andromeda C2 Hercules $159 Available
CC63 Constellation Aquila C2 Hercules $64 Available
CC64 Crucible C2 Hercules $24 Available
CC65 Endeavor C2 Hercules $24 Available
CC66 Hull D C2 Hercules $24 Available
CC67 Nox Kue C2 Hercules $359 Available
CC68 Nox C2 Hercules $359 Available
CC69 Orion C2 Hercules $49 Available
CC70 Nox M2 Hercules $479 Available
CC70b 600i Explorer M2 Hercules $15 Available
CC71 Nox A2 Hercules $709 Available
CC72 Hull B Hull C $195 Available
CC73 85x Hull C $250 Available
CC74 Hull C Hull D - OUT OF STOCK
CC75 F7C-Hornet Wildfire Hurricane $34 Available
CC76 Khartu Al Hurricane $40 Available
CC77 Constellation Taurus Hurricane $59 Available
CC78 Sabre Hurricane $11 OUT OF STOCK
CC79 Constellation Taurus Khartu Al X'ian $35 Available
CC80 Gladius M50 - OUT OF STOCK
CC81 P72 MPUV Cargo $11 OUT OF STOCK
CC82 MPUV Cargo MPUV Personnel $11 Available
CC83 Mustang Gamma Mustang Delta $25 Available
CC84 Dragonfly Black Nox $11 Available
CC85 Dragonfly Yellow Nox $11 Available
CC86 Constellation Aquila Orion $330 Available
CC87 Redeemer Orion - OUT OF STOCK
CC88 Starfarer Polaris $510 Available
CC89 Hammerhead Polaris - OUT OF STOCK
CC90 Hull E Polaris $239 Available
CC91 350r Prospector - OUT OF STOCK
CC92 Constellation Taurus Prospector $11 Available
CC93 Cutlass Black Prospector $69 Available
CC94 F7C-S Ghost Prospector $44 Available
CC95 Freelancer Prospector $59 Available
CC96 Gladius Prospector $79 Available
CC97 Herald Prospector $84 Available
CC98 Retaliator Base Prospector $11 Available
CC99 350r Razor $34 Available
CC100 Buccaneer Razor $49 Available
CC101 Cutlass Black Razor $59 Available
CC102 F7C-S Ghost Razor $34 Available
CC103 Freelancer Razor $49 Available
CC104 Freelancer DUR Razor $34 Available
CC105 Freelancer MAX Razor $11 Available
CC106 Constellation Taurus Razor EX $11 Available
CC107 Nox Razor EX $129 Available
CC108 Nox Kue Razor EX $129 Available
CC109 Freelancer Razor LX $59 Available
CC110 Nox Razor LX $129 Available
CC111 Nox Kue Razor LX $129 Available
CC112 Constellation Aquila Reclaimer $115 Available
CC113 Constellation Phoenix Reclaimer $65 Available
CC114 Endeavor Reclaimer $65 Available
CC115 Redeemer Reclaimer $180 Available
CC116 300i Redeemer $245 Available
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CC118 Freelancer MIS Redeemer $100 Available
CC119 325a Reliant News $40 Available
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CC123 Redeemer Retaliator Heavy Bomber $40 Available
CC124 Vanguard Warden Retaliator Heavy Bomber $40 Available
CC125 Retaliator Base Sabre $35 Available
CC126 350r Sabre - OUT OF STOCK
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CC136 F7C Hornet F7C-M Superhornet - OUT OF STOCK
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CC138 F7C-R Tracker F7C-M Superhornet - OUT OF STOCK
CC139 Banu Defender Terrapin $49 Available
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CC147 Herald Vanduul Blade $219 Available
CC148 Constellation Andromeda Vanguard Harbinger - OUT OF STOCK
CC149 Constellation Aquila Vanguard Harbinger - OUT OF STOCK
CC150 P72 Archimedes Vanguard Harbinger $279 Available
CC151 Redeemer Vanguard Harbinger $45 Available
CC153 Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbinger $45 Available
CC154 Terrapin Vanguard Hoplite $45 Available
CC155 Constellation Andromeda Vanguard Sentinel - OUT OF STOCK
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CC157 Constellation Andromeda Vanguard Warden - OUT OF STOCK
CC158 Constellation Taurus Vulcan $65 Available
CC159 Retaliator Base Vulcan $65 Available
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✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ LTI SHIPS - MIDDLEMAN SERVICE - ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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1917 Trophy PAX Australia 2944 $35 Available
1918 Trophy Gamescon 2943 $152 Available
1919 Advocacy Tools $55 Available
1943 CCU'd 350r LTI $167 Available
1826 [600i Exploration LTI] $480 Available
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2019.09.25 16:14 jabawack81 I need help with a workflow like: CSV -> ... STUFF HERE ... -> Power Bi Embedded + notificaiton

Like from the title I need to create a PoC for a client where some CSV files are loaded somewhere and then at the end I have a shiny graph on Power Bi and a push notification if some KPI change.
At the moment my data are simply CSV with two columns:
date sale
2019/09/01 500
2019/09/02 23
2019/09/03 55
after a week of stress, I ended up with this:
with this configuration, I can load the data into the SQL table and from the desktop Power Bi app I can see the data but when I upload a new file the data inside the analysis factory is not updated how can I make it update automatically.
I have the feeling I'm reinventing the wheel and making it square.
Thank you
submitted by jabawack81 to AZURE [link] [comments]

2019.08.08 17:35 Fehnraal94 NOVICE - Power BI + Typescript

Hello, Reddit. I'm trying to get this plot to handle dates as dates (on my X-axis) I'm using one of Microsoft's visual templates. I can't seem to find any resources for this. Then again, I may not know what to look for. I picked up typescript just a few days ago, and this is a way different beast from what I'm used to. I know a bit of Python, and Python is more... crayons.. typescript is a calligraphy pen.
Below is Microsoft's code for this line chart I'm tinkering with. For some reason it will not allow me to use dates in the X field. If I do, it throws back craziness like 1.4 trillion as the date.
Can any of you guys give me some advice on how to get this thing to handle dates as mm/dd/yyyy instead of this trillion value?
/* * Power BI Visual CLI * * Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation * All rights reserved. * MIT License * * Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy * of this software and associated documentation files (the ""Software""), to deal * in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights * to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell * copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is * furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: * * The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in * all copies or substantial portions of the Software. * * THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED *AS IS*, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR * IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, * FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE * AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER * LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, * OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN * THE SOFTWARE. */ "use strict"; import "@babel/polyfill"; import "./../style/visual.less"; import powerbi from "powerbi-visuals-api"; import * as svgUtils from "powerbi-visuals-utils-svgutils"; import * as d3 from "d3"; import VisualConstructorOptions = powerbi.extensibility.visual.VisualConstructorOptions; import VisualUpdateOptions = powerbi.extensibility.visual.VisualUpdateOptions; import IVisual = powerbi.extensibility.visual.IVisual; import IVisualHost = powerbi.extensibility.visual.IVisualHost; import EnumerateVisualObjectInstancesOptions = powerbi.EnumerateVisualObjectInstancesOptions; import VisualObjectInstance = powerbi.VisualObjectInstance; import DataView = powerbi.DataView; import VisualObjectInstanceEnumerationObject = powerbi.VisualObjectInstanceEnumerationObject; import {visualTransform} from './core/dataTransform'; import { VisualSettings } from "./settings"; import { ChartDataPoint, ChartViewModel } from "./viewmodels/model"; export class Visual implements IVisual { private settings: VisualSettings; private svg: d3.Selection; private host: IVisualHost; private lineChartContainer: d3.Selection; private container: d3.Selection; private xAxis: d3.Selection; private yAxis: d3.Selection; private margin:any; private IT static Config = { xScalePadding: 0.1 }; /** * Creates instance of BarChart. This method is only called once. * * @constructor * @param {VisualConstructorOptions} options - Contains references to the element that will * contain the visual and a reference to the host * which contains services. */ constructor(options: VisualConstructorOptions) { this.margin = { top: 50, right: 50, bottom: 50, left: 50 }; =; let svg = (this.svg = d3 .select(options.element) .append("svg") .classed("chart", true)) this.container = svg .append("g") .classed("container", true) .attr( "transform", svgUtils.manipulation.translate(this.margin.left, ); this.lineChartContainer = this.container.append("g").classed("lineChart", true); this.xAxis = this.container.append("g").classed("xAxis", true); this.yAxis = this.container.append("g").classed("yAxis", true); } /** * Updates the state of the visual. Every sequential databinding and resize will call update. * * @function * @param {VisualUpdateOptions} options - Contains references to the size of the container * and the dataView which contains all the data * the visual had queried. */ public update(options: VisualUpdateOptions) { let width = options.viewport.width; let height = options.viewport.height; let viewModel:ChartViewModel = visualTransform(options,; let offset_x = height - this.margin.bottom -; let offset_y = (this.margin.bottom + * -1; this.svg.attr("width",width) this.svg.attr("height", height); let yScale = d3 .scaleLinear() .domain([0, viewModel.max_y]) .rangeRound([0, height - - this.margin.bottom]); let xScale = d3 .scaleLinear() .domain([0, viewModel.max_x]) .rangeRound([0, width - this.margin.left - this.margin.right]); this.yAxis .call(d3.axisLeft(yScale)) this.xAxis .attr( "transform", svgUtils.manipulation.translate(0, offset_x) ) .call(d3.axisBottom(xScale)) this.handleLineUpdate(viewModel,offset_y, xScale, yScale); } private handleLineUpdate(plotData: ChartViewModel, offset_y: any, xScale: d3.ScaleLinear, yScale: d3.ScaleLinear) { //reversing data in order to apply top z-index priority from first to last elements this.lineChartContainer.selectAll("path").remove(); this.lineChartContainer.selectAll("text").remove(); console.log("plotData", plotData); plotData.dataPoints.reverse().forEach((element, index) => { let lineId = `lineChart${index}`; this.lineChartContainer.append("path").attr("id", lineId); this.lineChartContainer.append("text").attr("id", `${lineId}Label`); let line = d3 .line() .x(d => xScale(d.x_axis)) .y(d => yScale(d.y_axis)); this.lineChartContainer .select(`#${lineId}`) .datum(element) .attr("d", line) this.lineChartContainer .select(`#${lineId}`) .attr("fill", "none") .attr("stroke", plotData.color.reverse()[index]) .attr("stroke-linejoin", "round") .attr("stroke-linecap", "round") .attr("stroke-width", 5) }); } private static parseSettings(dataView: DataView): VisualSettings { return VisualSettings.parse(dataView) as VisualSettings; } /** * This function gets called for each of the objects defined in the capabilities files and allows you to select which of the * objects and properties you want to expose to the users in the property pane. * */ public enumerateObjectInstances(options: EnumerateVisualObjectInstancesOptions): VisualObjectInstance[] VisualObjectInstanceEnumerationObject { return VisualSettings.enumerateObjectInstances(this.settings VisualSettings.getDefault(),options); } /** * Destroy runs when the visual is removed. Any cleanup that the visual needs to * do should be done here. * * @function */ public destroy(): void { //Perform any cleanup tasks here } } 
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2018.11.18 13:52 Seba-Metal 2018.09.29 - Top Yell NEO 2018 AUTUMN (Yuzu, Maaya, Soyo, Miki) (translation + magazine scan)

Today I present you Top Yell NEO 2018 AUTUMN, where Maaya and Miki learn about railroads at the Tokyo Metro Museum and Yuzu and Soyo walk around through Shimokitazawa!
A huge thanks to KaigaiFukei for translating this! <3
First the links to the scans:
imgur link for easy viewing
And the usual Google Drive link for higher quality
And onto the translation from KaigaiFukei:
Sakura Gakuin Special Extracurricular Lesson Part. 1 Yagi Miki & Asou Maaya learn about railroads at the Tokyo Metro Museum.
Experience the transportation machinery and skills around us that that we always use
We use railroads to commute to work and school without thinking about it, but there are lots of things about their history and construction that we don’t know. Asou Maaya and Yagi Miki grouped up to see the Tokyo Metro Museum managed by the Metro Cultural Foundation. They learn about railroads with things like a simulator where you can operate a train!
[picture] Setting off~♪ The entrance is the same as an automatic gate for trains. Kids up to middle school can enter for 100 yen.
[picture] They learned about history from when the first railroads opened in Japan until today from the vice curator. Both of them were really interested.
[picture] Taking pictures with a train conductor pose to remember with. Posing like a train conductor with a Marunouchi Line train that has a beautiful deep red body. Both of them look the part!
[picture] They turned into train conductors from years past with the face cutout boards. A memorial picture with pictures of train station staff in the middle of working.
[page 103]
[picture] Japan’s first trains were colourful and modern. Japan’s first underground railroad train car number 1001. When vice curator explained that “At the beginning, people were curious about the trains so the train stations were filled with people waiting to see the train”, the two of them had expressions of amazement on their faces.
[picture] Timeslip into the Showa era. Old ticket gates that you can go through after putting in coins. Kids who can walk past without crouching rode for free.
[picture] A clean picture inside the train. It’s not really possible to take a picture on the train so taking a two shot is a precious experience.
[picture] The inner workings of the metro is really interesting. The two of them had serious looks on their faces as they looked at the displays in the corner showing the way tunnels are made and the skills used.
[page 104]
Tunnels are dug out by machines this big.
To learn about the metro, Asou and Yagi went to the Tokyo Metro Museum that is next to Kasai station on the Tozai line. Even though they always use the metro, it’s something that’s so close to them that there are lots of things that they don’t know about it. The two of them had expressions of excitement on their faces as they used the real automatic gates to enter.
To guide them around inside the museum is the vice curator Adachi Katsuo-san[?]. Immediately after entering, Adachi-san explained the history from when the first metro was dug out until now as the two of them listened with serious faces. They got a peek at a page in history where women had to take up the role of train conductors to make up for all the men that went out to war. When they saw the face cutout boards, they happily took a pictures with smiles for their memories. The corner with the retro design exhibit of things like Japan’s underground train number 1001 and the turnstile style gate made their eyes sparkle. In the corner that showed how tunnels were dug, the impressiveness of the huge machine used to dig out tunnels left them breathless.
At the corner where you can experience the workings of a train, you can actually sit in the driver’s seat and play with the brakes and open and close the door. You can see their innocent faces as they did this. There is also a model train that operates 4 times a day. It’s a fantastical sight that makes people’s eyes sparkle.
Lastly the two of them watched a real video and operated a train inside a simulator to experience what it was like to be a driver. The two of them really enjoyed their time.
Asking the metro museum vice curator questions directly!
Please tell us the unbelievable parts about the metro.
Maaya: How deep are the underground railroads?
Vice Curator: The depths vary, but the ginza line on display at the museum was the first underground railroad in japan and it ran at the shallow depth of 15 meters. The underground railroads are build in order so as new ones are build, it gets deeper and deeper. The Roppongi station for the Toei Oedo line is 41 meters deep.
Maaya: It’s that different!? So if a new underground railroad is made, it’ll be deeper than 14 meters.
Vice Curator: The station would need to be expanded but it’s possible.
Miki: In Osaka where I’m from, they play interesting music at the stations. Does the Tokyo Metro do that?
Vice Curator: There are various melodies played at the stations. For example, in Akihabara they play AKB48’s “Koi suru fortune cookie”. At Nogizaka they play Nogizaka46 songs.
Maaya: Because they play different songs at different stations, riding the trains there is fun!
Miki: How often is the insides of the tran cleaned?
Vice Curator: They clean it regularly at the end stations and when they’re in the garages. The outsides are also regularly washed at the garages.
Maaya: So they’re always clean.
Miki: When did they have the first female train conductor?
Vice Curator: Not including during the war, the first 2 female train conductors were appointed 21 years ago on the Ginza line. There are more and more now and other train lines also have female conductors.
Maaya: Do you have any tips for how to find things that you dropped?
Vice Conductor: It’s important to remember what time and what stations you got on and got off at.
Maaya: The truth is, I’ve forgotten my backpack on the overhead racks before. When I got off the train, i felt something was off and after thinking a lot about it I realized that I didn’t have my backpack. I immediately went to a staff member and said “I forgot my bag on the train that just left!” and they found it for me. I was really flustered (lol).
Thoughts on the special extracurricular class
Maaya’s School Diary
Today, I learned about a lot of secrets that we didn’t know about and it was really fun. (I was able to become a train driver💗 I wasn’t just able to look at stuff, I was able to touch things with my hands and actually experience things and that it made me become even more interested in trains. It also made me really look forward to riding trains💕 I want to go there again sometime~ You guys should also try going there as well✨
Middle school 3rd grader Talk Chairperson Asou Maaya
(Train conductor💗 Maaya mark)
Speech bubble: Trains have the image of being for boys, but I also thought that the underground trains were really interesting. It was a really good experience finding out and learning various things about the underground trains. Riding the old trains were especially fun. There was a different retro feeling from current times and thinking about how the trains ran made me feel like I went back in time.
Miki’s School Diary
I went to learn about underground railroads today :) (Yaay~💕) I didn’t have much of of an (interest) in trains, but after hearing about them… they became interesting. The funnest thing was driving a train!! It was hard to stop them though… (I failed) I felt like I did well. You guys will become interested as well if you go so please try going~💕
Elementary school 6th grader Yagi Miki
Speech bubble: Being able to drive a train myself in a simulator was impressive. Even though I went past the place where I was supposed to stop, It was a fun first driving experience. To be honest, I didn’t have much of an interest in the metro. But after coming to the metro museum, I’ve become interested in them. So I want to come again at my leisure again and learn lots of things.
Sakura Gakuin Special Extracurricular Lesson Part 2
Because they live in the countryside,【The term they use sometimes also includes anyone who lives outside of the Tokyo/Kanto area】Shintani Yuzumi and Yoshida Soyoka still don’t know Tokyo very well. To help out the two of them, Asai Mayumi, a expert at travelling alone and a writer for various media, shows them how to enjoy walking by yourself with the subcultures of the popular Shimokitazawa!
Shintani Yuzumi & Yoshida Soyoka aimlessly walking through Shimokitazawa
Learning about walking alone as the walk through the second-hand stores and subculture streets
The narrow and interesting streets of Shimokitazawa is the perfect place to walk alone
The two of them normally live in the countryside so they haven’t had much of a chance to casually walk around Tokyo. Despite that, Shintani seems to have aimlessly walked around during breaks from recording by herself. However, Yoshida feels lonely and is unable to make herself go alone. To help the two of them, the expert traveller teacher Asai-san recommended them to go to Shimokitazawa.
“Shimokitazawa’s main street is lively, but the small streets also have stores. The stores there sell second-hand and retro things. Just looking at the stuff is fun so it’s ideal for going alone.” (Asai)
And with that, Shintani and Yoshida start aimlessly walking around Shimokitazawa.
(Page 108)
Unexpected Shimokitazawa Spot 1 Ajito of Scrap[?] Shimokitazawa’s Mystery Building (A “real escape game” that you can enjoy inside and outside of the store)
[Middle right picture] In front of the starting location, the game starts as the two of them read the letter of invitation after Asai-san explains the rules.
[Middle left picture] The two of them smile without intending to after solving the first riddle. However, they had only just started on the path of riddles.
[Bottom right picture] Although it unfortunately started to rain, the two of them were still quick on their feet to try and solve the next riddle.
[Bottom left picture] While they got lost Shimokitazawa as they had never been there before, they solved the riddles one by one with the advice of Asai-san Feeling like she’s become a detective Surprised at the unexpected answer
Walking through the streets as they solve the riddles of the real escape game
The first place Asai-san went to was the Shimokitazawa mystery building. “In recent years, it’s been a popular game to play in the middle of Tokyo. The mystery houses around Shimokita~Shibuya’s “real escape game” and “JELLY JELLY CAFE” where you can play board games’ “Werewolf room” where you play werewolf games are places that I recommend. In both cases, the store takes care of setting up the number of players so one can join the game alone.” On this day, what the three of them tried out is the “Shimokitazawa Riddle Solving Walk” that has Shimokitazawa as the setting for the real escape game. As you solve the riddles, you get to walk around spots in Shimokitazawa that you don’t know about. With an easy-to-read map included, people coming to Shimokitazawa for the first time can have fun without getting lost. The two of them, with advice from Asai-san, solved the riddles in order. “Going to lots of places and solving the the mysteries on the letter of invitation was fun.” (Yoshida) “I’ve done this before at a theme park, but it was my first time doing it on the streets so it was novel.”(Shintani)
[page 109]
Unexpected Shimokitazawa Spot 2 Shimokitazawa Cage In the afternoon, it’s a park that anyone can freely go in to. In the evening, it’s an event park where various events are held within the metal fences.
Unexpected Shimokitazawa Spot 3 Theater-711 Honda Theater Group’s 7th theater in Shimokitazawa. Formerly a movie theater, the seats from back then are still being used.
Unexpected Shimokitazawa Spot 4 The Suzunari Honda Theater Group’s first theater. The legendary small theater that was the reason why Shimokitazawa is called the “Street of Theater”
Unexpected Shimokitazawa Spot 5 Kosho Bi Bi Bi A second-hand book store with a wide selection that is at the center of a subculture. They also have a self-publishing service[?] called “zine”. They are absorbed in choosing a book in order to give each other a book as presents. Shintani, who likes reading books, had a more difficult time than Yoshida, who doesn’t really read books. Their eyes are drawn to all the old books that you don’t see in new bookstores.
Exchanging Books
The book Yuzumi gave Soyoka is “Sayonara Watashi” Soyo has a perfectionist streak and works hard. So she’s the type that sometimes has to do something right no matter what. I chose this book because I think that she’ll be able to be more easygoing if she reads it.
The book that Soyoka gave Yuzumi is “Boku no Hikari Kagayaku Sekai The moment I saw the title, I thought it would be an interesting book. I chose this book because the summary on the back talks about a “real” youthful love mystery that made me want to read it. So I thought I’d borrow it from Yuzumi after she’s finished reading it (lol).
[page 110]
Unexpected Shimokitazawa Spot 6 Second-hand clothing store Stick Out When you think about Shimokitazawa, you think about second-hand stores!
[left picture] Bewildered by all the things she wants Yoshida, who loves fashion, picks out one thing that matches her uniform after looking and looking through the used clothing.
[middle right picture] Posing with cute badges. However, their heads are full of thoughts about choosing used clothes!
[bottom right picture] It’s a perfect match for Sakura Gakuin’s uniform Shintani, who prefers to put on things for real rather than just thinking as it’s faster, trying out clothes.
A walk where you can have fun and not have to worry about others
While playing the real escape game, the two of them checked out the various interesting spots. After the game, they went to the small theater that represents Shimokitazawa for Shintani, whose ambition is to become an actress, and a second-hand clothing store where most of the things cost 700 yen each and is easy on the wallet for middles school students for Yoshida, whose ambition is to become a fashion model. They also exchanged books they bought at a second-hand book store and had a fulfilling time.
Asai: How was the walk through Shimokitazawa today?
Soyoka: There are lots of trendy stores. If it’s Shimokitazawa, I’d like to try going there myself.
Yuzumi: I’ve always wanted to go to Shimokitazawa so being able to walk around there was sfun. It was really interesting how there are stores hidden in places you can’t see from the road. Is there a method to finding interesting spots when walking along?
Asai: I read social media a lot so there are lots of places for me to reference. I write a memo on places that I’m interested in and slowly go through them when I’m free. When you’re out alone, you don’t have to worry about anyone else and you can explore the place you want to go to at your own pace so please try doing it yourself!
Soyoka’s School Diary
Aimless Shimokitazawa walk (in a style like I’ve just gotten off a car with no goal[?]) lol
This time, we walked around the Shimokitazawa neighbourhood. What was waiting in store for us? This time, I, Yoshida Soyoka and student council president Shintani Yuzumi were walking together.
The first place we visited was the “mystery building”. We tried the “solving riddles while walking on the streets” experience. We walked around Shimokitazawa while figuring out the clues of the riddle.
The next place we went to was a “second-hand clothing store”. We did a challenge to get something that matched our uniforms. It was a hard battle going through the overflowing clothes.
Hey Yuzumi-san. Those sunglasses fit you~.
Walking around Shimokitazawa Cage The Suzunari
The last place we visited was the second-hand book store “Koshi Bi Bi Bi”. We thoughtfully picked out books for each other. This is what Yuzu chose for me. →
She chose it for me because “Soyo who has the image of being a perfectionist. Soyo doesn’t show the others her weakness and keeps things to herself. So I hope you’ll read this book on human kindness[?] and lighten up your feelings” (Thank you Yuzumi-san)
Shimokitazawa has lots of interesting places and trendy shops. I want to take my time walking around even more next time~. Everyone please walk around Shimokitazawa as well.
Yuzumi’s School Diary
It’s middle school 3rd grader Shintani Yuzumi.
Today, solo travel pro Asai-san, Soyo-chan, and I went on a location shoot to Shimokitazawa~ It was my first time doing something like this… I was so excited for it that I barely slept last night. The weather wasn’t very good in the morning. The truth is, Soyo-chan and I are rain girls. Lol The weather was good just a moment ago!! As we said “Whyy~!!”, we held an umbrella between us and looks for Shimokitazawa. I was drawn in by the unique atmosphere. It was somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go to so I’m really! thankful to be able to go like this. The theater and second-hand clothes story next to each other had a really good feeling to it. Walking through the streets of Shimokitazawa as we played the real escape game was exciting. Asai-san guided us from the beginning until the end lol. Thank you. I saw stores that I was interested while playing the game… I’m definitely going to come by again sometime.
We talked a lot about the charms of travelling alone and I was able to experience it. Being “alone” is great.
The spoils of war from the second-hand clothes shop
The embroidered patch that Yuzumi bought Embroidered patches are easy to put on and they can change the looks of clothes so I like them. There are also patches that you can put on easily with an iron when you don’t have time. I chose this one because it’s simply just cute (lol).
The jacket that Soyoka bought I heard that we were going to be going to second-hand clothes stores in Shimokitazawa so I started thinking about things that would match with uniforms the night before. It’s autumn so I thought something worn on top would be good. I chose this jacket because of its khaki colour that is easy to pair with uniforms.
Title: Top Yell NEO (トップエール・ネオ) 2018 AUTUMN Publisher: Takeshobo Co., Ltd. (竹書房) Release Date: 2018.09.29 Features: Shintani Yuzumi, Asou Maaya, Yoshida Soyoka, Yagi Miki Buy link: ISBN: 978-4-8019-1622-7 
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2018.08.31 17:18 AstonishingSpiderMan September Mod Post Mod Applications, Scanlation Team, + News Round Up

Mod Applications

Since the end of the Main series, the number of moderators dropped and was cut in half, this was because the loss of interest, not enough time to moderate, didn't feel as invested, etc... There are currently 4 moderators for this subreddit; as the series continues bi-weekly with a sequel, and weekly with spin offs, the anime will be returning. This means we need more help than that which we currently have. You don't have to have previous mod experience or real knowledge of the series it would help greatly but it isn't needed. If you are interested in being a subreddit moderator then apply now:
Click Here to Apply

Subreddit Scanlation Team

A month ago I wrote,
Fear not, we aren't asking for your money or files downloaded to your computer, we aren't even going to ask you to retake a Shakespeare course. We simply ask you all have fun, enjoy the ride, and get used to quality translations from people who actually know the series. If you would like to help in one way however well there is a way. We are looking for a translator to help offset the work on the two that we have. Only a few requirements, but those will be sent to the users who are interested. If you are, then feel free to leave a comment here, 11thDoctr or I will get back to you.
This belief and practice are still there, even today. There will be however some new changes incoming for the scanlation team that we (the team) discussed. For starters, our name will be Sorcerer Weekly (since you know it ties to the series and what not). It took us a while but we fucking knew it was perfect especially since there was no website with that name before. Yes, website.
The second change that is coming is a website since our blog spot got shut down. Which is why we have been doing imgur albums as of late. Fear not, the website is almost done it is still a work in progress with a tentative opening on Tuesday! Since myself and the others are learning about it we will be relying on the help of those who are helping us with the website creation. Since the website is some expense we may have to start looking into adding a donation button that would be completely optional. This is something that is still being decided, we don't want it to seem like we exploiting you all so again it is something we are considering. The funds would solely be used for the purchasing of the chapters and the monthly host service and yearly domain cost. There are more projects Doc and I are working on, so also be on the lookout for those. The website will have more on them when it is live. Ultimately, we have big plans and some fell flat on the discord but we may bring them up here to see if they spark enough of an interest to try them again, this includes doing things along the line of an abridged series, but this requires writers, who in my opinion are far more important than the voices.

News Round Up

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest

Series 3 Fairy Tail Finale


The subreddit has quietly grown, evolved, and improved over the course of my moderating years. We want it to continue to grow and improve, at a future date we will have a demographic survey for the subreddit so we can see some trends and maybe some changes we can do. Feel free to join us on discord.
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2018.01.11 21:26 EggyT0ast Who Are These Character Heroes? Kingdom of Pharm Crew + CG Lasswell

Hello, and welcome to WATCH where I take a look at the coming banner and provide some of my opinions on the units: how they can be used, and general thoughts on whether the units, and their TMRs, are worth your hard-earned goods. Our first banner of permanent units sets the tone for 2018, right?
Note that this rating is based ONLY on the unit WITHOUT their 7-star status. This is because 7-stars are so far out in GL, giving us a LOT of content where you have to use the current set of units, and because we've had a number of units modified as they move to GL and, thus, I fully expect GL 7-stars to be different in some ways.

CGPG Lasswell (5-6 star)

Role Unit Rating TMR TMR Ranking
Icy Hot Finisher A Azure Crimson Soul (Materia): +30% ATK/HP, LB fill rate boosted 25% A
Icy HotPyro Glacial Lasswell, aka CGPG Lasswell, is the first "Season 2" story unit, and comes with a fancy LB animation. He also comes with a surprisingly high HP of 4166 fully potted, but to get that higher you have to equip a greatsword on him for a 30% boost (then it becomes 5415). For ATK, we're at 193 potted, or 1 point higher than Onion Knight. That's... very high. Other stats are pretty normal, nothing special, but for modifiers, there's a couple condition traits:
In addition, he has innate Dual Wield, but limited to Katanas and Greatswords. For some reason, he can equip swords, even though he gets no advantage to doing so. He's basically able to equip the same stuff as Orlandeau, with the exception of Robes, so limiting his equipment to Katanas and Greatswords is hardly difficult, even though it means that his overall 60% atk boost is a little on the low side and completely limited to equipping Katanas. Finally, he's immune to Paralyze, Confuse, and Petrify, leaving only Sleep as a real ailment to worry about (you could put his own Clothes on him for that), and comes with a renamed High Tide as well for the 100% LB fill rate boost. Finally, he has auto-refresh.
PG Lasswell has a number of skills, probably more than any other attacker (certainly more than Luneth), so let's list out the useless ones:
Oh, and two spells, Blizzaga and Aeroga. Note that he does have a 40% chance to counter physical attacks with Mirror of Equity.
For more useful attacks, we have:
THEN, the three unlocked abilities all include a 100% self ATK buff, and for damage, we've got:
Among the useful attacks, you can see that there's an attempt to break and do damage, although the modifiers are... not great. There's no Ice Katana nor Ice Greatsword, and PG Lasswell can't imbue. Moonlight Fall does give him some good synergy with Fryevia/Christine for what amounts to a "free" move from an MP perspective, and the same is true for starting off with Blade Flash-Awakened. Otherwise, on a more general team, you're going to stick with Crimson Flash and then follow up accordingly with one of the unlocked skills.
His LB, though... Here, when maxed, it's a 15.8x 1 hit attack that also unlocks those three special abilities, only here they remain unlocked for at least 2 turns. There's also a -50% ice and fire imperil included. Even if you don't max it out, it's hitting for 13.4x, which is very high, but if you do level it up, the available turns for those finishing moves is also extended. Granted, with his High Tide, getting it to go off is going to be similar to waiting for Noctis's LB to fill up naturally, and whether you want to use other skills to boost that rate, well, PG Lasswell himself, with his bevy of 1-hit, single-target attacks, is not doing much to get that fancy limit burst off. It's high enough of a cost that I can't even say it would be part of a reliable rotation. That said, I expect the way it's designed is that once you get to the point of his LB going off, you should be able to use it and the resulting high-multiplier moves to quickly wrap up any bad guy.
So, you probably have Purple Lightning in your inventory. How does it compare to, say, Virtuous Contract? Well, you lose 38 ATK, but you gain 77, thanks to the +40% attack boost. Unless you're heavily hitting the stat cap, use Purple Lightning, and rely on the greatsword for an element (or go elemental-less and rely on imbues or his elemental attacks).
Otherwise, I'll let the online calculators fight over real BiS. The important thing for PG Lasswell is that he can equip basically the same things as Orlandeau, but functions entirely as a finisher. If you went for and got Cloud, you, well... may not be as impressed with PG Lasswell. Actually, if you have any 5-star physical attacker, you may not be that impressed with PG Lasswell. He has a lot of kit that is useless, with low modifiers, so that if you want to realistically use him in a finisher role, you'll rotate with a 6.25x non-elemental or a 6.5x ice or fire rotation over two turns. Scratch that, the elemental attack is only buffed if you've got another imperil source or you "waste" a turn using Lasswell's own imperil; that first pair of turns, it's "only" 5.375x. Of course, it hits twice, but most physical attacks have the same effect.
I thought he got buffed? He did; you can now access his finisher moves a little more readily, with the elemental ones available after his MP restore move, and his big number non-elemental one accessable after the "baby" version. It still doesn't make sense to use the baby version unless you are worried about MP, since there's still the issue of equipping PG Lasswell with Ice to actually use the imperil. "Realistically," we're looking at a BIS using Fryevia's Needle and getting an ATK of 1116, which, of course, requires you to use Awesome Swordsman since his own DW doesn't cover swords. Swing and a miss, Gumi.
Summary: PG Lasswell is a finisher that's very easy to build. He has a similar setup to Luneth, in that you can get his ATK very high without much investment, and it's easy to get his own katana that gives him an even greater boost. He has high modifiers right out the gate, too, at least on the attacks that matter. The downside, then, is figuring out how to slot in a finisher that only finishes. His equipment options are just limited enough to be annoying, going either without elements or using Crimson SabeDandelga (and ignoring Ice, even though it's still his stronger element) or really gimping his innate stats by going with Fryevia's Needle.

Comparable Units

Veritas of the Flame: If you spend the same amount of time setting up VoF, he REALLY dishes out damage, and covers 4 elements. Granted, it's not easy to get his 10x modifier available, but even normal Heavy Stomp is available whenever. Fixed Dice is also an option.
Nyx: Fewer equipment options, but actually useful breaking skills, high evade, and an always-available 7.2x AOE finishing move (at the cost of his HP) is hard to beat. Again, Fixed Dice has the potential to really ratchet up the damage.
Enhanced Luneth or DKC: Whenever we talk about finishers, we need to include these two, simply because their enhancements should be the standard against which any other finisher is compared against. Especially Luneth. Luneth brings innate dual wield and, with Cut Through enhanced, a straightforward 7x finisher that is easy to use as a finisher. The usual elemental rules apply.
Cloud: The key difference is that Cloud is a doublehand unit and has no elemental affinity, like Luneth. I don't even like Cloud, but he is at least from a Final Fantasy game.

TMR Review: Azure Crimson Soul

Honestly, it's pretty good. It's simply better than Queen's Wisdom and it's unconditional, so you can also beef up units that aren't utilizing masteries. Not a priority, perhaps, due to other ATK materia that provide 40-60% boosts on the single stat, but it's solid. The LB fill rate boost is only 25%, which doesn't account for much.

Jiraiya (5-6 star)

Role Unit Rating TMR TMR Ranking
Hybrid Physical AttackeNinja B Clan Master's Headband (Accessory): +30% ATK/MAG, DEF+12, Evade, dual-wield Katanas S
Jiraiya's base stats start with a fully potted HP of 4037 and a 20% boost to that, bringing it up to an OK 4844; being a hybrid unit like many ninjas, a respectable ATK and MAG of 182/177, respectively. Having a special "hybrid katana mastery" means that putting a Katana on him gets him a 50% ATK/MAG boost, but no other stat passives are in play. For general passives, we've got Molt, like Chizuru, granting a 20% physical evade. He's got a low change to ignore fatal damage, is immune to Blind, Paralyze, and Confusion, and knows how to kill people with Man-Eater+, granting a 75% damage boost for both magic and physical damage against humans. Plus, auto-refresh. It's nice to have 5-star units without so many MP problems, you know?
Anyway, you thought CGPG Lasswell had a lot of abilities? Oh lordy.
Oh boy. Being a hybrid user, unless you are able to seriously max out stats, you're going to see surprisingly low numbers for a lot of these abilities. I'm not even listing the modifier above -- partly because the hybrid calculation uses both MAG and ATK, but mostly because the modifiers are all LOW. For comparison, Fryevia's Frost Flower Blitz is a chaining hybrid move that hits at 8x, and she's almost a year old. That modifier is higher than ANY of Jiraiya's abilities. At least he has a 45% DEF/SPR break.
OK, so what are these two unlock skills?
Alright, he has some chaining partners, and finally some modifiers that aren't terrible. There are more and more units with 8-fr skills, and a ton of units with 10-fr skills. While you might not see huge "perfect chain" numbers, at least he can bring some chaining versatility.
Then, there's his Limit Burst, which is a 14x hybrid Lightning attack that can inflict Paralyze and Stop. As an AOE, it rivals Saint Buster from Veritas of the Light (actually, it doesn't -- hers is behind an unlock skill, not an LB, and it hits twice). But it does at least unlock the same two skills as Kuji Seal.
For BIS, he does actually use his TMR, dual wielding Virtous Contracts. You got 2x2B, right? His ATK/MAG stats will be slightly better than Veritas of the Light, but his multipliers are meh.
Summary: The real nail in Jiraiya's coffin is that he's a physical-focused hybrid user. Hybrid works for Fryevia and Veritas of the Light thanks to their high MAG stat, which not only is boosted due to how MAG is calculated when dual wielding, but also because many monsters have a lower SPR stat. His best moves are locked behind a setup, and the rest of his kit, while plentiful, simply delays the inevitable unlocking of his chaining, elemental moves. On the plus side, you generally do want to build him without elements, since his hybrid moves include an innate element, he can break DEF/SPR, restore his own MP, and since Vacuum Blade is a flat 4x physical move, he's not terrible if you switch over to finishing for a turn.

Comparable Units

Veritas of the Light: Somewhat annoying to build, VoL at least brings high quality AOE chaining right out the gate, and can set up for a massive finisher move. Just generally better multipliers and doesn't dink around with breaks, ailments, and mirage.
Fryevia: Again, Fryevia just comes out with great multipliers on chainable moves. She can also break ATK for 50% and it's AOE.
Dark Knight Cecil: Hear me out. We know that DKC is fantastic against human enemies. Jiraiya also kills humans. His 5x move goes great with his innate killer. Of course, not a lot of human bosses, sadly.

TMR Review: Clan Master's Headband

Essentially, it's Ring of the Lucii -- 30% ATK/MAG, with 10% stacking evade. It also lets you dual-wield Katanas, which is sadly very niche. It works best on Jiraiya, which puts this into the "TMR that should have been part of his kit" territory. That said, you can ignore that part -- 10% evade is fine, and 30% ATK is great. This could let you keep the same stats as Ring of the Lucii without worrying about the Holy counter (even if I otherwise really like that extra 15mp). If Ring of the Lucii is S (or more) this is directly comparable, and not in the sense that it's worse but that it's about the same.

Kaede (4-6 star)

Role Unit Rating TMR TMR Ranking
Choco-Samurai B Samurai Princess's Armor (Light Armor): DEF+50, SPR+32, resist fire/lightning/dark +25% A
Kaede is sort of like a... well... Chizuru on a chocobo. With her HP stat hitting 4790 and ATK a sad 173, boosted up 70% as long as she has a spear, she's got some beefiness and a reasonable ATK stat. She gets slight DEF/MP boosts to her otherwise mediocre stats, which are appreciated. Although she can equip katanas and guns (and, well, bows for some reason), she'll generally be wielding a spear, and given that her elemental affinity is fire, that means Hoemaru + spear for most applications, should you choose to use her.
She comes with Bladeblitz and Finisher for generic abilities. Then, she has a 3-step combo move, Battle Princess's Descent, starting with a 2x ST attack that gives her a 60% ATK buff and unlocks Reckless Awakening, a 3.75x ST attack that buffs her ATK 70%, and then -- you see where I'm going here -- you can wrap it up with Princess of Power, a 4.5x ST attack that gives her an 80% ATK buff. That last buff lasts 10 turns, and is surpassed by numerous other buffing units at this point when we're talking about a single stat. If you want her to buff the party, then you're stuck with her 40% ATK/MAG buff that lasts for 3 turns. She can also cast EccentrickCry of the War Bird on the party, if, you know, you need that?
She can debuff fire via a 2x, AOE fire physical attack, imperiling fire by -50%, and then has a decent chaining move with Halberd Dance that uses some goofy math to be the same as other 4x chaining moves. 6 hits here, 10-fr, so a number of chaining partners (although the number of hits, being only 6, makes this a little on the short side, sadly). Since she's associated with Fire, you could also put her with Yun so that he's not so lonely.
I should also note that her build is REALLY unique in Global, compared to JP, thanks to Tinkerbow. A lot of REALLY niche TMRs suddenly get Kaede up to around 1047 ATK with an Esper, due to Tinkerbow and Leichtpanzer. In fact, Leichtpanzer and Tinkerbow open up a lot of alternate builds, at least for units that can wield bows. But, look at this dual-wield BIS; it's weird!
Right hand: Tinkererbow ATK+102, SPR+20 Left hand: Northern Lights ATK+120 Head: Rider's Helm ATK+28, DEF+60 Body: Leichtpanzer ATK+30%, DEF+38, SPR+30% Accessory 1: Genji Glove ATK+10%, MAG+10% Accessory 2: Desch's Earring ATK+45 Materia 1: Dragoon's Pride ATK+60% Materia 2: Sworn Six's Pride - Wind ATK+50% Materia 3: Adventurer V ATK+40%, DEF+40%, MAG+40%, SPR+40% Materia 4: White Knight's Soul ATK+40% Esper: Bahamut Total: HP:4854, MP:324, ATK:1047, DEF:430, MAG:250, SPR:314
Summary: Well, she's not bad, but as a 4-star attacker she doesn't bring anything new to the table. If you want to fill out a chocobo team, she can ghetto chain with Fohlen and imperil fire for Yun. Her modifiers are on the low end but serviceable, and you can toss weird TMRs on her on Global.

TMR Review: Samurai Princess's Armor

From a DEF/SPR perspective, this is actually BIS. It's similar to Minerva Bustier, but is not limited to females and has different elemental resists, and Fire/Lightning/Dark is surprisingly common among enemies. Of course, being light armor, you lose the opportunity of using Grand Helm on your tank, but it's solid.

Ohga (4-6 star)

Role Unit Rating TMR TMR Ranking
Counter Tank Supreme C Broadminded (Materia): +30% ATK, +10% DEF/HP B
Ohga is a tank, believe it or not, rivaling Gladiolus for highest HP, hitting a max potted 4376. That's further boosted by a 30% passive, so we're at 5688, great for a 4-star unit and what we'd expect for a tank. His DEF, well, not so much -- only 153 -- but hey, I guess Alim/Gumi heard that we like counter tanks, and his ATK is a decent 167. Only decent for tanks, though, but at least he also has an unconditional 50% ATK boost in his passives. That helps, given that he can equip a wide variety of weapons with swords, greatswords, katanas, axes, hammers, spears, maces, and fists. No shields here (samurai don't use shields) and helms and non-robes.
He only does 3 things actively: a 2x ST attack, or a 1.8x AOE attack. That's two things, and I'm not listing their names (you'll figure it out soon enough if you use him). The third thing is a 2-turn 100% provoke, which also happens to buff his DEF/SPR 50%.
Assuming he lives, Ohga then, well... he counters everything (mag/phys). Here's what he counters with:
The better counters have a lower chance of proccing, but, well, he's going to do SOMETHING if he's hit. The problem is whether you care enough to have him do any of those things to the point where you want to include him in your party. If you load him up with high HP TMRs, he might very well survive. The downside, of course, is that whether he counters with something useful (like a break) or just damage. And then, his damage is still not going to be very high, as those modifiers are not great, he won't be built for ATK if he's tanking, and the way counters work is that any given attack will only trigger one counter -- they're a one-to-one relationship. Even then, maxing out his attack you're going to see 1335 ATK on a TDH build, which is pretty blah for a TDH build; even a 4.6x counter isn't going to really do much, since it's only going to hit as a counter.
That said, perhaps you have dreams of building a full ninja/samurai team? Perhaps Ohga's self-taught swordfighting style should've been a little less defense and a little more offense or support? Don't put him on your Ulrica team.
Summary: If you want a counter tank that will, well, counter the hell out of things, Ohga is your guy. Of course, with how counters work, the damage difference will be negligible, and relying on a counter to break ATK/MAG is NOT a good idea. Otherwise, you honestly aren't going to see a tangible difference between him and other counter tanks, since the rest boost their counter chances and damage is not the primary motivator for counter tanks.

TMR Review: Broadminded

Almost the opposite of Hill Digger, this TMR is just OK. A 30% ATK boost implies that this would be farmed up for units that can't get other, conditional boosts. The HP and DEF is, well, fine, but here, Adventurer IV is better in basically all ways.

Otogiri (3-5 star)

Role Unit Rating TMR TMR Ranking
Summon Pool Diluter F Doctor's Garb (Clothes): Blah F
Honestly, I feel like her review can be summarized already with her in-game description. It concludes with "Every place she visited also saw itself tangled in some sort of problem after her arrival, though she was never around by the time these were resolved." Anyway, being a 3-star base means that you won't use her. Even her TMR is bad, being worse from a stats perspective than many free clothes, and the effect is extremely niche. If you plan to use those potions and scrolls we get from expeditions, then MAYBE if you end up gradually pulling 21 Otogiris, you'd find a nice bonus effect.

TMR Review: Doctor's Garment

More clothes, your items are doubled in efficacy. Yawn.


I'll keep this short. Miyuki gains two somewhat useful abilities at 6-stars, specifically Kunai Rain, which is an AOE 1.8x attack that imperils lightning by -50%, and Thundersplit Blade, which is a 3.6x ST attack. Both are 6-hit attacks, and while Kunai Rain can ghetto chain with plenty of units (being 8-fr), Thundersplit Blade is wonky at ~14fr. On the plus side, having wide frames means that she won't break other chains that are going on, in general, so there's that. If you really want to use her. Nothing otherwise notable here.


This banner lets many of us live the "dream" of creating a full ninja/samurai team. A tank, some weird support, elemental chaining and loads of mirage abilities. This banner also has PG Lasswell. Exemplifying the nature of his fancy limit burst animation, the banner is more style over substance. We're starting to see the 4-stars fall off in their effectiveness, with both on this banner not providing much more compared to long-standing 4-stars. Jiraiya is the best unit to date from the Ninja category, able to hit pretty solid numbers for his hybrid damage and with some decent abilities to back them up, but the decision to tie ninjas to hybrid damage ultimately just makes him somewhat difficult to build for many players.
PG Lasswell has some cool stuff going on at 7-stars, but for today, units that provide a single high-multiplier attack need to do more than just that one attack. Otherwise, the comparison to Luneth (who, yes, is still a 5-star unit and requires enhancements) are pretty accurate. For most players, if you're using a physical finisher and can use fire or ice, you're actually going to see some good use out of PG Lasswell today.
That said, there's nothing here that changes the game -- this banner generally is increasing the summon pool without providing any real differentiation. It is the opposite of power creep; it's filler! There is no advantage to pulling for these units in the event, and you will have your work cut out for you fitting them into your team compared to existing units.
Should you pull?: Y'all don't listen to reviews anyway. Either you're going to blow your lapis and tickets or not.
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2015.08.10 04:22 Outt63 [REQ] $525 Loan for Rent + Late Fees + Car Repair - Previous Loan via Google Wallet won't arrive in time

Hello all you generous individuals, and thank you for your services!
TL;DR - I need $525 for Rent/late rent fees vias Paypal so I can use my Paypal Debit Card to put it into my bank's night deposit to clear a Rent check or else I'm going to lose my apartment
Edit:Penn Yan, New York
I currently have an open loan, thread found Here. Just to be clear. This loan was sent via Google Wallet however, and I didn't have my account setup/linked to Bank/have a physical debit card until they sent it. Due to this, it'll take ~2-3 Business days to get my Basnk account linked AND another ~3-5 business days to actually get the funds deposited into the account, and unfortunately I don't have that time to spare, I'm in need NOW, asap! :( I apologize if this comes off demanding or impatient, that's not my intent at all, in fact I'm more worried and fearful I'm going to lose my apartment. This loan I will be refunding to the individual and still following up on interest I owe them at the due date IF I can manage a new loan from another person on this sub. I can show proof of this as well, so I don't have multiple loans open - I know this is allowed, I just want to reassure I'm not trying to just scam for money from tons of folks
Since the first thread, I've had more things come up since the day I posted that, and now I need a larger loan :( On Friday I noticed my car tire was low when I got to work, by the time my lunch rolled around, it was near flat(under 10 psi), so I went and filled it up at the gas station on lunch and it was enough to manage to get me home. Now, a new tire is obviously not $300, but my mechanic allows me to pay on credit and I still had an outstanding bill from my (now ex)-gf's Jeep that I had been just paying off a few bucks per month, until she found a job and was able to pay it off herself(a much longer story not pertaining to this, THAT's never gonna happen and the whole bill falls on me as it's under my name - yay for ex's! /s) So long story short, I needed to pay off half the bill($200) + part of the tires/labor so I could get a new/used pair of tires. I'm able to make it back and forth to work now, YAY!
So, here's the deal. I owe $465 in Rent still, plus late fees I addressed in the original thread if you'd like details. I already have a check that's out there floating that bounced once because I was unable to get the google wallet funds in there in time, and my bank will attempt to clear the check a second time before sending my landlords/landlord's bank a notice of a bad check.
I can offer a 20% interest on a $525 loan due to be paid in increments over the month of Septembeearly October. I am open to negotiations as I'm in a very SERIOUS bind and NEED to get money into my bank account to clear this check. Partly because of my ex-gf and her lack of financial help, everything has fallen on my shoulkders and I just need to get caught up and out of the hole. I get paid bi-weekly via 2 jobs(on off weeks, so I receive a check every week.) My full time job I get 40 hours/wk no questions, so I get a decent sized check from that, and then on the opposing weeks I work just Saturdays at a local electronics store where I bring in just a 14hr paycheck that helps me with gas/food/odds n ends.
This is all negotiable So I'll be paying back ~$630 over the course of preferable 3 checks(I CAN manage 2, but would be easier via 3)
This MUST be by Paypal, as I have a Paypal Debit card so I am able to withdraw it from the ATM instantly, and go put it into the Night deposit of my bank
Let me know any personal info, or security measures you'd like and I'll accommodate, just PLEASE someone help me out :'(
I have 1 confirmed loan from here from the other day that went great, and 14 flair from /hardwareswap for confirmed trades as well to show my reliability
Thank you to those that read my wall of text, I'm sorry for the shit formatting
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2015.07.21 02:37 Jamie-AndersonDotCom How I've made over £23,200 so far in 2015, expect to make £40,000+ in total, and how you can too (UK + IRE residents only unfortunately) (AMA)...

Hi everyone, I’ve been a long time lurker on Reddit so decided it was finally time to register and share something with you guys. I want to give something back as I’ve gained a huge amount from some of the threads in this sub Reddit over the years.
I hope you find it useful as it's been something that's added a great additional revenue stream to my existing projects in 2015 so far.
At first I wasn't sure if /Entrepreneur was the right place to share it but I think that if you treat this like a business, then the general mindset in here is where most people are likely to take action and succeed with it, even though literally anyone in the UK and Ireland can do easily do this.
Before I Get Started You will have noticed we are already half way through 2015, and I was actually intending on starting this thread at the beginning of the year but have been really busy and only just got round to it.
In saying that though, I have been keeping my personal journal up to date on my blog since the start of the year here:
So if you want to catch up with my progress thus far, it’s all explained in bi weekly update reports in that blog post which will bring you up to date.
As of now I’ll be updating this thread at least once a month with future updates so you can get everything you need here. If you can’t be bothered reading my blog post so far (It’s like 7,000+ words or something so I don’t blame you), my current total earned from matched betting so far this year, up to the 9th of July2015, is £23,200.
Before I get in to exactly what I do, and how I do it, I have to add a bit of a warning about who can and can't do this so you guys who can't do this don't waste any more time reading this if you’re exempt...
I know that anyone in the UK and Republic of Ireland can do definitely do this. Unfortunately, American citizens can't at the time of writing due to being prevented from being able to join betting exchanges or online bookmakers. If you're unsure about your country's position on this then you can check the terms and conditions of the various sites before joining them.
Another thing to take in to account is that you can learn the basics about how this works, and also find what all the daily offers are and how to do them without having to do it all yourself. Don’t worry, I will send you off in the right direction at the end of this post.
I personally use a service which has a free membership option, and a paid option. I use the paid option because the staff do all the work in finding the offers every day and also give detailed instructions on how to do each offer, so it saves me many hours of time every week.
For the minimal amount I pay them every month for this great service it is literally nothing compared to the hassle I would have to go through if the service didn’t exist.
I've already reviewed the service and explained exactly how it works on my previously mentioned blog post too ( so to save me writing another 7,000+ words on here about that and how it works, check the blog post out if you want to know more about the website I use for this to make life a lot easier.
You can join the site for free and get the initial training videos/articles and a couple offers to get you going straight away with £40+ profit straight away without having to pay anything.
The support they provide is first class too. There are also currently over 10,000 paying members in the private Facebook group so there’s always plenty people to chat with and get advice from should you need it.
Right, now that’s all out the way, on to the good stuff. I’m going to give you a brief overview of how I’ve made well over £2,000 every month in 2015, completely tax free and risk free. I sometimes feel like I’m a dirty snake oil salesman putting it like that, but it is actually true, I was as surprised as you’re going to be, believe me...
It started when one day in October a Facebook ad caught my eye advertising exactly what I just stated above. Being an internet marketer myself, I always like to check out ads/sales pages/products etc to see if I can get any tips or ideas to improve my own stuff.
At least that was the plan, the next thing I know I found myself signed up to this website and made ~£45 profit within half an hour. Fast forward to now (July 2015) and my total earnings (including last 3 months of 2014) will be well in excess of £25,000 so far.
I have done this, and you can too, by dedicating on average around 2 to 3 hours a day doing ‘matched betting’...
What is matched betting? I’ll break it down in very simple terms for you in the next few paragraphs, but I’m not going to dwell on the basics too much (Don’t worry, you can learn the basics in detail by reading my blog post or by checking out the resources at the end of this post).
Matched betting is the practice of placing a bet with a bookmaker, and then laying that same bet off on a betting exchange (laying means you are betting that outcome to lose).
The result is that regardless of the result of the sporting event (99% of the time it’ll be a football match or a horse race), you will either make a tiny profit, a tiny loss, or break even. This is because you have bet the outcome will be a win with the bookmakers, and a loss with the betting exchange, therefore cancelling each other out.
Where the guaranteed profit comes in is with the free bets that dozens of bookmakers offer new (and existing) customers when they join their website.
By backing and laying with your own money first, you are activating the free bet with the bookmaker, and then by doing the same with the free bet, you can utilise very easy to use software to calculate your guaranteed profit based on this, completely risk free.
Don’t worry if this makes no sense to you whatsoever, it didn’t to me in the beginning either. I guarantee after watching the free video guides on the site I recommend in my blog post it will be second nature within a few days.
This video ( I put on my YouTube channel for my blog readers also explains it in layman’s terms for people who are struggling with the concept.
How to make £2,000+ per month ongoing with matched betting? You may be one of the people reading this who has tried matched betting in the past and made a couple of thousand pounds doing sign up offers and then been stuck because you have been unable to find new offers.
I have heard this from many people who have emailed me after reading my blog post and I have told them all the same thing... There are literally dozens of reload offers available to make risk free profit EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week.
On Saturdays in particular, there are more reload offers available than any one person could actually get through in a single day! It’s just a case of being able to find these offers, and knowing exactly how to complete them to make the guaranteed profit from them that has caused most matched bettors problems in the past.
For those new to matched betting, reload offers come in various shapes and sizes. Some examples being; risk free slots offers, risk free bingo offers, free bets on certain sporting events, and lots, lots more.
There are members of the private Facebook group who make in excess of £5,000 every month just from doing reloads alone, so making over £2,000 isn’t really a huge ask.
Casino, bingo, slots etc Apart from the guaranteed income from doing the matched betting sign up and reload offers, there are also dozens of bingo and casino offers you can do every month to further increase your bank balance.
There are two types of these offers: 1. Risk free 2. Not risk free
Obviously the first type of offer is self explanatory, risk free offers are just that, you can only ever break even and lose nothing, or make profit.
The non risk free offers are offers that have a long term value but there is a possibility that you may lose money in the short term when doing them.
For example, if you complete a bingo offer following the instructions in the step by step videos on the site I use, in the long run the offers will have a high expected positive value. However, it is possible that you may lose money on a few offers in a row, then maybe have a couple of really big wins, then lose again a couple of times, and so it continues...
As long as you understand that these offers have a long term expected value, and you WILL make good profit from them in the long term, then you will be fine.
One thing I will always say to beginners though, stick to the 100% risk free matched betting offers in the beginning before moving on to the high long term value offers.
The other upside of doing these offers, apart from the overall great value long term, is that you are always putting yourself in the position where you can take down a big win.
Last month I had a £500 win on a bingo offer and also a risk free slots win of just shy of £600 (I post the screen shots of a lot of my wins on the blog post updates as I go along).
Also, if you’ve taken the time to read my blog post, you will see I also hit a big £1,500 win on the bingo back in April. That’s my best single win to date. Compared to some of the ridiculous wins that get posted daily in the private Facebook group, my £1,500 win is nothing to get too excited about though!
The best one I’ve seen so far is one member who won £12,000 on a bingo offer, crazy stuff. Another woman in the group hit the progressive jackpot on the same slot machine doing two risk free slots offers 48 hours apart, netting her £2,000+ and £3,000+ respectively!
I’m not saying you should expect to win these amounts, however, what I will say is it is literally inevitable that you will hit high three figure days from bingo and slots wins quite regularly as when you continually put yourself in the position to get lucky and hit the big wins, it’s only a matter of time before you do.
These are just nice additions to your income, on top of the guaranteed income from doing the matched bookmaker sign up offers.
Bankroll size and management Your ‘bankroll ‘ should be viewed as a combination of the money you have in your betting exchange accounts to lay the initial bookmaker bets off with, and the money you have in your bank account to deposit to the bookmakers to take advantage of the free bet offers with.
The same question I’m asked over and over is how much do I need to start with to make £x,xxx per month?
It’s impossible to say, as it all depends on how much time you can commit, how aggressive you want to be with the profit margin on each offer (the more money you have in your exchange, the higher odds you can lay the free bets off at, the higher your guaranteed profit margin per free bet is) and your overall ambition.
When I say overall ambition, I mean that while I am probably one of the more prolific matched bettors out there, there are also thousands of people in the private Facebook group who just like to do this for half an hour a night after work to make an extra £500 or £1,000 per month on top of their salaries.
Going back to what you need to get started, here’s two examples, one being me at the start of my matched betting journey, the other being a friend of mine who I just taught how to do it over the last two weeks or so (Bear in mind it wasn’t necessary for me to teach him over the last two weeks, but due to the circumstances you’ll read about below, he wanted to fast track to a similar stage I am at and start earning heavily from this from the word go).
Starting with myself, I originally started off with £100 in total as I wanted to do it as a step by step follow along type process to help out my blog readers so they could follow along too.
In the end I got sick of having to wait a day or two for the bookmakers to pay out my money before I could carry on with another offer, so I just upped my bank to £300, which doesn’t sound like a big increase, but it meant I could get through the offers laying higher odds so less bets won with the bookmakers, which allowed me to get through the offers quicker and not have to wait for winnings to be withdrawn to my bank account again.
Now that I’ve been doing it for a lot longer, my bank is a lot bigger and usually sits in the mid 4 figures range, which is optimal for me to be able to comfortably do all my offers without ever having to wait for any withdrawals or anything from the bookmakers.
To be able to earn £2,000+ a month from this on a regular basis (as in once you have completed all the sign up offers), then having a bank of around £2,000+ in place is going to make life a lot easier.
It maybe could be done on less but to be honest there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a bank of that size after completing all the initial sign up offers anyway, so this will be no problem for you.
My friend recently got offered voluntary redundancy and took it; he was paid off from his job with just over £5,000 (This was the circumstance I was talking about and why he wanted to learn how to earn big fast). So he used a good chunk of this as his bank and is now absolutely flying and doing it full time and pretty much making as much as I do from it.
The point I’m trying to make is that everyone can do it, even if you only have £50 to your name, you can still get started with the two offers that the membership site show you how to do for free and profit over £40 straight away.
How much time does it take? Another question I always get is how much time does it take?
Again, this one is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. I personally spend around 2-3 hours maximum doing it every day.
However, that’s certainly not every day, some days I can match up my bets in 15 minutes, bagging a guaranteed £100 to £200+ profit in the process, and then get on with the rest of my day/night.
The days where I spend 2-3 hours doing it are the days where I’ll maybe match up a few hundred pounds worth of bets, then move on to doing a bunch of reload offers, slots offer and bingo offers.
The only other time I’ll maybe spend more than 2 or 3 hours doing it is if it’s a Saturday and there are loads of really good high value risk free reloads to do (which is pretty much every Saturday to be fair), this is only because it’s possible to make large amounts of profit on Saturdays as the live horse racing cards and selection of European football games bring with it a plethora of amazing high value offers to sink your teeth in to.
Once you understand the concept and process, which should only take you a couple of offers to get familiar with, it’s very simple to match up a couple of hundred pounds worth of bets in 15 minutes no sweat.
Risk free and tax free Aside from matched betting being some of the easiest money I have ever made in my entire life, it is also 100% risk free, and since gambling earnings in the UK are exempt from taxation, all your profits from matched betting are completely tax free too!
So whether you want to scale this up like I have and make a very good income from the profits, or just add an extra 500 quid to your wages every month, I just think it’s something that literally everyone can do and should be taking advantage of.
Wrapping up this part I’m going to wrap this part up now as I have gone on quite a bit more than I intended to, and I don’t want to hit you guys with information overload.
That’s why I’ve also said in the title this is also an AMA (Ask Me Anything), so once you’ve read all this, checked out the sites I have recommended and got started, please come back here and ask me any questions you may have in the comments.
I am always pretty busy with things but will make a point of ensuring I get round to answering everyone’s questions as soon as I can.
It would also be great to hear from any of you guys that have got started making money with matched betting on the back of reading this too, nothing makes me happier than emails I get from people who have read my blog post telling me how much it has changed their financial situations.
If you’ve got this far then thanks a lot for sticking with me, and as promised here’s a list of resources where you can find out more about matched betting, and also where you can get access to up to date offers along with step by step instructions on how to do each and every one of them:
My blog post and journal which details all my big wins (lots of screen shots) and my progress so far with matched betting in 2015. It also explains private members site which has been pivotal to my success with matched betting, which if you are new to this then I’d recommend you at least join as a free member to take advantage of the very clear step by step videos which will teach you everything you need to know initially, and give you step by step videos on how to complete your first two offers for a guaranteed £40+ profit straight away :
Here’s the link to the video I posted earlier in this post too, again this is just a very basic introduction video but it breaks it down in an easy to understand way:
While the links above are all you really need to succeed with matched betting, here are some other sources where you can learn more about matched betting for free too:
Ok, hopefully I’ve given you plenty to go and get on with now so you can take action and start making some money.
I'm sure you will probably have questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments below. There isn’t much I don’t know about matched betting, but if you manage to ask me something I don’t know, I’ll do my best to find out for you!
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